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I am a big HP fan. I got into the books when I was in 7th grade. At first I had no interest but then I sat down and read the first book...the rest is history.

I like the stories with H/G with fluff; where Harry comes out with his feelings for Ginny rather than taking a long time to do it. Stories with happy endings , where there is conflict but also hope that it is resolved, and stories where the bad guys always get what is coming to them.

I dislike the stories where Harry goes through heartbreak, suffering, and betrayal by friends. Where others say Harry is too dangerous to be around all the while they are in just as much danger from Voldemort because they too cowardly to stand against him. Stories where Harry watches others be happy and live life, while he is left on the sidelines ignored and is treated only as the "weapon against Voldemort" and not a human being with feelings, so they are indifferent to them. Stories where anger, grief or fear lead to characters acting against him (i.e. blaming Harry for Voldemort's actions) and when the good guys, such as Harry and Company, never seem to get a break. That still does not stop me from reading them and hoping that all the other characters realize the error of their ways and all comes out good in the end.

My favorite challenge is the "when Harry met Ginny" challenge since I like fluff stories as well as action/adventure. I wrote one story while in school and have been deciding whether or not to join SIYE, and now here I am!

Couples I like
H/G- they were made for each other. I am starting to think that JK had Ginny get taken to the Chamber and have her life personally affected by Riddle like Harry so he has someone whom he can relate to and spend his life with.
R/Hr- Both have their problems and they complement each other. One hardworking and studious, the other carefree and fun loving.

Though Ron can be dense, thick and become jealous and hot tempered due to his financial situation. He becomes jealous of what Harry has: fame and money. All the while Harry wants everything that Ron has: Family and normalcy.

Hermoine has too much respect for authority figures such as Dumbledore and Snape even when the former forgets to treat Harry as s human being and the latter lacks any human decency whatsoever. She reasons that since they are Professors, they should be respected no matter what. What she has in book smarts she lacks in social skills. She, like Dumbledore believes that since they have vast amounts of academic knowledge it makes them knowledgeable about all aspects of life and us always right, which is not true. She also puts Dumbldore before Harry. Always ready to do what he says even when it affects Harry knowing he will not like it, but going along with it thinking "it's for his own good." She needs to think for herself and not what adults tell her.

R/T- Tonks can bring Remus out of his "I'm a werewolf BS. Again, like R/Hr, they complement each other the same way.

Couples I hate
Ginny/Dean- Cannot see them together. He cannot be the BF that Ginny needs. Dean is just a regular guy who thinks like a regular guy, unlike Harry who always thinks with his heart, which Ginny is attracted to. Dean's gentlemanly gestures only infuriate Ginny rather than flatter her. I also cannot see Ginny with any other guy except for Harry. The two of them just click. She understands what Harry is going through and treats him as a person, not the boy who lived or the chosen one. Harry understands Ginny being the youngest and being left out and/or ignored when there is a situation. He values her input and treats her not as a little girl that needs to be sheltered but as an equal.

H/Hr-Cannot see that happening either. Hermoine has a tendency to nag and has this air of superiority about her that is kind of infuriating. Just because she is book smart does not make her the authority about everything else in life, Harry does not need that in a relationship.

R/Lav- One big mistake. Ron just used Lavender to fulfill his hormonal needs. By the time he was finished and tired of it all, she had become attached enough to be hurt when they broke it off. Ron was very selfish when it came to Lavender as he did not feel anything for her but she was just a means to get a snog and revenge against Hermoine for going out with Krum. Real low.

New stories coming soon! (or as soon as I can get around to writing them)

Harry: Old Man Potter

Teddy Lupin and The Return of Tom Riddle

Dumbldore's Avengers

The History of Teddy Lupin (currently in progress)

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Harry Potter and the War of Realities by Imperator 277 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 24]
Takes place after Harry’s conversation with Dumbledore’s portrait in DH. Harry Potter has just done the impossible: Destroyed the most evil wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort. After the final battle, Harry is looking forward to a good meal and a long night’s sleep. But what awaits him is not an easy slumber. Rather, another quest that will pit him against an evil that may prove to be far more sinister than Voldemort. The defeat of this new enemy is of vital importance. Everything hangs in the balance, including the survival of Harry’s closest friends, family and himself.
PG - Post-DH/AB - Drama, Fluff, General - Warnings: Mild Language - Words: 21496
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