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Penname: Katie27 [Contact - ]

Real name: Katie

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Ok, well, there is so much to say about myself! Hmmm....where to start....

I found fanfiction during my home stay after I had my thyroid removed due to Thyroid Cancer. I was bored and thought I should search Harry Potter, never knowing how many results I would get off those two words. I became a member on after a few months of reading (during which I had read about 50 stories). I never thought I would write, but in May 2005 I posted my first chapter of Harry Potter and the Summer That Should Not Have Been. It was well recieved and fueled me to keep going. I had many, many errors, no beta, and no plan. The story only lasted 12 chapters but shortly after I started another one, which I have recently finished, that lasted 37 chapters and is my baby! I found that writing kept me going and was an outlet for my emotions. I have made many friends through HPFF and hope to make ones here. My writing has become much better that is was when I first began and I hope to continue to progress.

I am attending Mansfield University where I plan to major in History with the hopes of moving to England and persueing something there. My roomate is a close friend of mine, Krista, who is almost as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am (she is more into the Ron/Hermione stuff and adores Rupert Grint).

I am obsessed with Harry Potter. On one wall in my room I have over 250 pictures and articles of or relating to Harry Potter. I have merchandise and of course all the books and some other Harry Potter related books. I just got a tattoo of a phoenix, which I did for its symbolism and how is pertains to my life.....but of course it is also for Harry Potter. I know everything there is to know about Harry Potter, though I might slip up at times.

Feel free to contact me at Also you can talk to me directly at HPluvrgrl4evr (screen name). I am on at crazy hours....sometimes at 2am!


My Ships:

Harry/Ginny: duh! My all time favorite ship ever...they are just meant for each other!

Ron/Hermione: they may fight a lot but that is what makes them good for each other!

Remus/Tonks: They are good for each other despite the age difference. And so cute together!

My Hated Ships:


Harry/Hermione: just wrong, so wrong.

Harry/Luna: Not right....weirdness!

Charlie/Tonks: they are cute, don\'t get me wrong, but I think they are too much alike...

What I Look For In A Story:
1) More than a few chapters (I prefer 10 or more)
2) A decent summary
3) I always look at reviews previous readers had left
4) I never read one shots....only if asked through email or if you are my friend/roomate Krista

Beta-reader: No

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