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A Fairy Tale
By Ides of March

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 35
Summary: A ball, a girl who can't go to the ball, some restless fairies, and a godfather not very trustworthy.
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I don't own these characters. JKR does.
This fic has been rewritten. I have to thank Everett. Ashwinder did the hard work.
This is a fairy tale so expect the unexpected.

Ginny Weasley went up to her dormitory feeling extremely miserable. In only two hours the Yule Ball would start; another damn Yule Ball. She couldn’t help remembering the first one as she heard the sounds in the next room. All the girls were in the bathroom getting ready, but she hadn’t made up her mind whether to go to the ball or not.

First of all, Harry Potter had got up the nerve to ask Padma Patil, and she had said yes. Ginny had been depressed since then. She knew she shouldn’t feel like that. She was supposed to have got over Harry in her fourth year. She had assumed a long time ago that Harry Potter would never like her. But she was having a hard time trying to get over it. This ball was a painful reminder of a wound that should have healed long ago And it was even more painful to recognise the fact she wasn’t as good at hiding it as she thought she was. She had noticed lately that even her roommates avoided the subject of the ball in her presence. They must think she was on the verge of tears about the bloody dance.

“Face it Ginny,” she scolded herself, “it’s true.”

Fine. She didn’t need to go. After all, she didn’t even have a date. Nobody would miss her, little pathetic Weasley with her hand-me-down ugly dress which was already too small for her.

She could keep on dramatising the situation, but that wouldn’t help matters any. She couldn’t go to the dance. She didn’t have anything to wear. And her mood wasn’t about to improve in the dormitory, seeing the other girls getting ready.

Sounds of giggles and cries could be heard from the bathroom, and Ginny couldn’t put up with her roommates any more. She needed to get away from all those depressing matters if she was going to cheer up. She took her cloak and left.

Hogwarts passages were silent, but she knew that in a few minutes all of the castle would become full of laugher and fun. She had to get away. Ginny arrived in the Entrance Hall, and went out, ignoring the shiver the cold sent trough her. She took the path to the greenhouses. It was the perfect place to hide.

The greenhouse was still warm when she entered it. Ginny caressed the leaves of a big plant hesitantly. Finally she approached a little pot she had put near the windows two weeks before, where it would be hidden by other plants. It was a flower which was almost dead. Madame Sprout had told her to throw away the plant, but she had re-potted it, and took care of it every time she had class in the greenhouse, without her teacher noticing it.

Ginny smiled. She hated throwing away things that were still alive. After all, the flower seemed more alive than she was. If there was something she had to throw away, she could start with her own life. Ginny laughed at her thoughts, and started to look for something she could use to fertilise the flower.

Suddenly, something bright and vibrant shot out of the plant, moving in front of Ginny’s eyes. It was a fairy, a flower fairy.

“What are you doing here?” the voice squeaked.

The little thing, no bigger than a bee, looked annoyed.

“I… uh … sorry if I have upset you. I didn’t …” Ginny began to stammer.

“Why are not you in the feast?” asked the fairy.

“I … well, I haven’t anything to wear, or anyone to go with,” replied Ginny.

The fairy looked annoyed. “Of course you’ve got something to wear, and there is someone who is waiting for you. You’ve even got a gift from us in your room. We are grateful for your kindness, but we’re not very happy about you scorning our gift.”

“But …”

The fairy looked furiously at Ginny, and then quickly disappeared into the flower. Ginny looked incredulously at the flower for a moment, but she had seen enough magical creatures at The Burrow not to ignore the advice. Not feeling very happy, she returned to the Gryffindor Tower in time to see her fellow classmates finish getting ready. They were so absorbed in their things that they didn’t notice her, or maybe just ignored her.

Ginny took a shower, and then, opened her trunk and took out her old dress. Perhaps it could be fixed with magic for a while. Then, she noticed something that she had forgotten she had. At the bottom of her trunk there was a pale and thin paper—covered parcel. She didn’t remember putting it in her trunk at all. But she knew what it contained.

She picked it up. It was a simple dress made of silk. She had found it in the attic, many years ago, and had kept it, because the silk was obviously of excellent quality. She put it on, and saw the dress fit her perfectly. The colour, a pale cream, was perfect with her skin and hair. It had been obviously owned by a female Weasley with more resources than her.

She looked very different. The low neckline and the low back exposed a large amount of skin. Well. She could leave her hair free also. It reached down her back as far as the tops of the thighs. She turned around to see the effect. Then, she noticed something over her bed. It was a box covered with flowers. It must be the fairies’ gift. It couldn’t be anything else, because it contained the most beautiful pair of shoes Ginny had ever seen. They had been made to go with her dress. Over the box was a piece which looked like a flower garland. It was too beautiful to be only a decoration, but it was too simple to be a garland. Ginny smiled. It was a necklace, a necklace which fitted perfect with her outfit. She took a last look at the mirror, barely recognizing herself. Feeling more alive that she had in weeks, Ginny left Gryffindor Tower alone.


Sirius Black was sitting in silence. It was one of the things he often did since he had run away from Azkaban.

It was a way of reminding himself that he had to enjoy his freedom. He liked being out, alone, with the stars above his head and the snow under his feet. The cold night didn’t seem to mind him.

He knew someone was waiting for him at the feast. It would be his first public appearance since the recognition of his innocence in the trial that same morning. Tomorrow, the Daily Prophet would give the news, and the Ministry of Magic would give an official apology. But that night he was invited to the Yule Ball. He knew that the moment his feet stepped on the Great Hall, his life would never be the same. He was free to enjoy a feast, to tell Harry he could go to live with him, to meet his old friend Remus, and to see the hated face of Snape, without him being able to do anything.

Sirius sighed and stood. He was about to reach the door leading into the Great Hall from the gardens, when his eyes caught sight of a very odd picture. For a moment, he believed he was at Hogwarts twenty-five years ago. A girl who looked astonishingly like Lily Evans was sitting near the doors. He approached her cautiously. Well, she wasn’t Lily but, wasn’t that the same dress Lily had worn that night? The night he had taken her to the ball and James had become completely jealous? He could swear it was the same dress. But the girl… of course, she was Virginia Weasley, Arthur’s youngest. With that outfit he barely had recognised her. Well, she was as stunning as Lily had been. Sirius approached her.

“What are you doing here? You must be frozen.”

Ginny jumped slightly “Gods, Sirius. You scared me.”

Ginny looked at him and smiled. She had heard the news, and was happy for him. She lifted her hand and Sirius gave her a high five.

“You did it.” Ginny smiled widely

“Yes, I did it.” Sirius couldn’t help laughing.

Then Ginny remembered that Harry had been excited about his godfather’s arrival. Both must anxious to see each other.

“Welcome back,” she said turning her head to look through the door. “They must be looking forward to see you. You should be at the feast.”

“I could say the same about you, Ginny. What are you doing here? Are you alone?”

“Yes,” she said simply. “Why are you outside?”

“Well,” replied Sirius looking at her, “I’m a little embarrassed. It’s the first time I’ve gone to a Hogwarts feast without a date”.

Ginny laughed slightly. “Oh, believe me. You get used to it.”

Sirius gave her a half smile and raised an eyebrow. Ginny didn’t have a date. And Harry was as thick as his father had been. She was gorgeous. Why not? After all, he had always been a lucky man with ladies.

“I think some boys at school are completely blind. You know what, Ginny Weasley? I would be honoured if you would accompany me tonight.”

Ginny looked at him. Hadn’t said the fairies that someone was waiting for her? Hadn’t she been wishing to go to the ball with a dark, handsome and famous wizard? Ginny smiled mischievously and took Sirius Black’s hand.


Har ry was dancing with Padma, knowing he was the most envied boy in Hogwarts, but he was aware that wasn’t feeling the way he ought to. They had been flirting for weeks, and she was officially the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts. Yes, he liked her; every boy in Hogwarts did. But being with her wasn’t as fabulous as he had thought. In addition she has this damned habit of giggling at everything, and that was getting on his nerves.

Yes, of course, Padma was as beautiful as ever, she was a great girl, and her outfit was … wow. But Harry was missing something. Something just wasn’t right

And he was also missing something more, or someone to be exact. Ginny Weasley wasn’t at the feast. Of course, he was only a little worried about her not getting a date. After all, he had known her for ages. Not that she was exactly a ... close friend. But she was a Weasley. Well, she had been always there, and was difficult not to miss that fiery hair of hers. She was also a great Quidditch player. She was clever. And she’d also got that top mark in potions which had earned fifty points for Gryffindor, to Snape’s dislike. McGonagall had been so proud…

Harry closed his jaw when Padma let out another giggle. That hadn’t been so annoying before. Yes, he could remember Padma’s giggles were part of her charm. Like Ginny’s laughter. Yet, when Ginny laughed, the mood in the room changed. Well, Ginny was so sweet, and nice, and mischievous in some ways. Her sharp replies always left her own brothers speechless. And her eyes sometimes were bright, and sometimes deep, and they changed with the light. Well, it wasn’t that he had been looking at her eyes, of course. He only was amused at the way she dealt with her brothers, that was all.

Harry noticed the music had finished and Padma had left his arms. He smiled slightly at her and kept on with his thoughts. It wasn’t so odd he was thinking of Ginny, was it? He should have been friendlier with her; she had looked so crushed about the whole damned feast. Perhaps he was feeling a bit guilty. Yes, that was it. Harry remembered Ginny facing Filch and getting a detention which had been entirely his fault. But she had hidden him, Ron and Hermione in a corridor, and had taken their place.

She had said at the time that she couldn’t let Hermione endanger her chances at becoming Head Girl next year, or that in next Quidditch match Gryffindor was defeated because Harry was serving detention. She’d said also that Ron couldn’t afford another detention if he wanted to get his NEWTs next year. That had been very nice of her.

Padma was giggling again, and Harry couldn’t help but notice how silly she looked. But suddenly, the Hall became silent. Harry saw Dumbledore stand, and Lupin coming his way with a smile on his face.

“Oh look!” said Padma taking his arm. “It’s him!”

Harry looked at the door to the gardens, and his jaw dropped.

Sirius was getting in with the most beautiful woman Harry had never seen holding onto his arm. She was gorgeous, almost ethereal, she was an angel, she was a dream, she was …

“Ginny?” the incredulous voice of Ron came to Harry like a whisper.

Harry felt his stomach drop, and his mouth go dry, and his insides began feeling strange. The couple reached them at the same time that Lupin did. Sirius pulled Harry into a big hug, and then was Remu’s turn. But Harry was caught in Ginny’s eyes, and his body suddenly passed out of is control. Her smile was touching something in him. Involuntarily, Harry’s eyes travelled all the way down Ginny. When his mind registered what he was doing, he tried to get a hold on himself. If he kept on looking at Ginny like that, he would embarrass himself in front of Sirius and Remus. Oh and Padma. But, what could he do? He was lost, he couldn’t help it. His insides were a complete mess, as if something was shaking them. He could barely hear Remu’s words.

“You keep getting the best girl, I see.”

Sirius put an arm around Ginny’s shoulders, and Harry felt a wave of anger pierce him like an arrow. What was he doing? Couldn’t his godfather see that Ginny was, clearly, too young for him?

“It’s because I’m the sexiest,” chucked Sirius. Ginny laughed slightly.

“Aren’t you a bit full of yourself?” she joked, whispering in his ear and putting a hand on Sirius’ shoulder while Sirius put a hand on Ginny’s waist. Harry wanted to yell at his godfather to get his paws off Ginny.

“Why not,? You’re the most beautiful creature here, and your dress is … very special. And you look gorgeous.”

Harry couldn’t believe his ears. Sirius was flirting with Ginny.

“Well Harry,” said Sirius with his arm still around Ginny, “I need to speak with you, but I don’t think I’ll have much time for that tonight.”

As Sirius said this he kept his eyes on Ginny, and Harry felt like killing his own godfather. He had to be joking, hadn’t he? He couldn’t be implying what Harry thought he was implying. He saw them go over to Dumbledore, and his eyes narrowed when noticed that Sirius’ arm was on Ginny’s naked back, and caressed by Ginny’s hair. He found someone pulling his arm. Padma. She looked disappointed. Harry took her and started to dance again. But his eyes never left Ginny.

After a while, Harry couldn’t bear to watch Sirius and Ginny dance any more. They were too close. Obviously, Sirius was a brilliant dancer, and a charming escort, thought Harry resentfully. She looked like she was having the time of her life. The man knew how to treat a lady. That thought did nothing for Harry’s mood.

Now Harry could put a name to his feeling. He was jealous. He wanted to go after them, grab Ginny, and punch Sirius right in the face. He was afraid to examine where that feeling was coming from in too much depth, but it was strong, and it hurt. When Sirius’s face approached Ginny’s lips Harry understood he couldn’t stay there doing nothing. He left Padma mumbling an excuse, and went straight over to the couple.

“Sirius,” interrupted Harry dryly, “we need to talk now. Ginny, could you excuse us?”

Ginny smiled at him, and Harry’s nerves made the oddest sensations course through his body. He watched her walk over to Hermione’s table, and then faced Sirius.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked angrily. “Taking Ginny to the ball, and trying to kiss her? Why don’t you take a woman your own age? You’re …”

“Where are your manners, young man?” asked Sirius. “And what’s happening with Ginny? Why do all the Potter men have to try and steal my girls>?”

“Sirius, you’re making a fool of yourself, can’t you see that?”

“See what? How you can’t keep your eyes off my date?” Sirius was starting to sound angry.

Harry flushed, unable to hold Sirius gaze.

“Ginny agreed to be my date, and she’s having fun, why do you care?”

“I … I don’t care …” said Harry. “But …”

Harry stopped abruptly. Was he really arguing with Sirius over a girl? Harry couldn’t believe what he was doing. But all that rush of emotions was … overwhelming. What the hell was the problem with him?

“You don’t care, Harry?” mocked Sirius. “I’ll tell you what I think. I think you are jealous, and you are scared of your own feelings, and you care for her much more that you’re willing to admit.”

Harry stared at Sirius, speechless, trying to clear his mind.

Finally Sirius whispered, “Damn it Harry! If you want her, what are you doing here? Go get the girl!”

Harry watched Ginny, who was laughing with Hermione, who was explaining something and making figures in the air with her hand. He approached them, slowly, and took Ginny’s hand, enjoying the sensation of having her small and nervous hand in his own.

“Can I have this dance?” Harry asked in low voice.

Ginny smiled, that damned smile, and followed him. Harry put his arms around her waist, and they danced for a while in silence. Harry was all too aware of his hand on Ginny’s skin, and startled by how right it felt. She was stunning, and he was a fool.

He should have asked her to the dance. The idea had kept popping into his mind constantly during last few weeks. And he had been clueless, and completely blind. He had been ignoring her, and all his feelings for months. That was what it meant, all those thoughts he had had lately. It was so wonderful to dance with her. Harry didn’t dare to break the silence. It was almost as if some magic barrier separated them from the other people.

Harry saw Padma staring at them with a hurt expression on her beautiful face. He had forgotten he was with someone. He had done it again. Well, he could apologise tomorrow. After all Padma was only a flirt and he was dancing with Ginny, the love of his life. The … Had he just thought that? Harry interrupted the dance and looked down at Ginny, who was staring at him with concern. For a moment they both stared at each other. Harry felt a wave of emotion fill him

“Could we go outside for a while?” asked Harry, not very sure of what to do.

Harry and Ginny went to the gardens. Harry was scared to death. What had he done? He was in love. Oh yes, he was in love and had ignored that. He had tried to push away his thoughts of her. Ginny had had a crush on him when she was a child. But that was a poor consolation. Ginny wasn’t a child, she was a woman, and he couldn’t believe she still liked him.

“Harry, are you ok?” asked Ginny

Of course he wasn’t. He was stepping in front of her, his hand trying to put his hair in place, and an anxious expression in his face.

“Ginny I … would like to … I mean …”

Ginny was staring at him, and that didn’t help a bit.

“I know that sound strange but…” Harry tried again. “Oh, damn it.”

In some place of his mind, Harry was aware he must be doing the perfect impression of a total prat. But that didn’t bother him so much. No, the most important was to make her understand. She had to understand they were … meant to be.

Ginny was leaning against a wall, waiting for Harry to say what seemed to be so difficult for him to get out. She couldn’t help but smile. Ginny looked at him and made up her mind. Slowly, she lifted her left hand, and reached his shoulder. Then, more slowly she moved closer to him, and put her lips on his.

Fireworks blew up between them as their lips connected. The most beautiful, unbelievable feeling filled both their bodies. Harry put his arms around her waist. The kiss grew deeper when Ginny caressed Harry’s hair. Both surrendered to the sensations, holding the kiss for a long time. When Ginny finally broke from the kiss, Harry was breathless, but ready to speak. His voice came out clear and desperate.

“Oh, Ginny. I love you.”

Ginny’s eyes widened, and she looked like she was ready to say something. But she didn’t have the chance because she fell into the snow.

“Ow! Damn it! Damn fairies. I might have known everything would finish like that.”

Harry kneeled quickly.

“What is it, Ginny? Are you ok?”

Harry couldn’t help but smile when Ginny showed him her feet. She was barefoot.

“I wore a pair of shoes which were a gift from the fairies,” Ginny said repressing a laugh.

“Ginny, everybody knows that fairies gifts are temporary,” chuckled Harry.

“Yeah I know, but they said they would be angry if I didn’t wear them today.”

Harry took Ginny in his arms, and brought her to Gryffindor Tower. When they were in front of Ginny’s dormitory, Harry put her on her feet and kissed her. It was incredible. While he was kissing Ginny, he knew they belonged to each other.

“I love you, Virginia Weasley,” Harry whispered almost praying she’d believe him.

Ginny opened her mouth, but suddenly, her necklace became too small and just disappeared, but let her without air.

“Another gift from the fairies?” asked Harry amused, running a finger over the place where the necklace had been.

“Yes,” said Ginny still breathless

“I think you’d better get into your dormitory before something else disappears,” murmured Harry feeling suddenly unsure.

“Oh no! No more gifts. The dress is mine.” Ginny blushed.

Harry smiled at the sight of Ginny’s cheeks. That was how he wanted them. Then, they heard the sound of people coming into the common room. Harry placed one last sweet kiss on Ginny’s lips.

“Goodnight, Ginny.”

“Goodnight, Harry,” whispered Ginny.

Harry went up to his dormitory, but when he reached the door, he heard Ginny’s voice.

“Harry, I love you too.”


Harry entered his room with a smile, and let his body drop onto his bed. A dreamy expression spread over his face, as the idea of Ginny without any dress played in his mind. And she loved him. She had said it. Damn fairies; they’d nearly given him a heart attack by playing their little tricks on Ginny.

“Has Harry Potter, sir, enjoyed the feast?”

Harry woke from his daydream.

“Dobby! Yes, it was the best time of my life,” answered Harry happily.

“Can I do something for Harry Potter, sir?” Dobby raised his eyebrows questioningly

Harry was about to say no. But something was bothering him. Yes, the dress. Ginny had been amazing, she’d looked absolutely stunning. That dress wasn’t at all a good idea. Harry didn’t think that any man could stand it. He didn’t like the idea of another man watching Ginny in that dress, at all. He didn’t like the taste of jealousy he had felt before. He had to do something.


“Yes sir?”

“Could you steal the dress Miss Weasley wore tonight? Make it … disappear?”

“Well, I could hide it away in some loft. That’s what I usually do, Harry Potter, sir.”

Then he closed his eyes, remembering he had found his love, thanks to a very charming godfather. A godfather who had been very fond of Ginny’s outfit.

“Do it,” said Harry simply, smiling.
Reviews 35

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