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You Could Call It Karma
By Love4aseeker

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Category: Post-OotP
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG
Reviews: 5
Summary: Ginny reflects on a very good and bad day all involving how good Karma can be. *Edited
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You Could Call It Karma
By Love4aseeker

You could call it karma, you know "what goes

around comes around", or you could think like one

of my best friends , Hermione, and say that it's just

a coincidence. But I like to think of it as more of

God looking out for me. Ever since I've been small

my parents have taught me of God, Jesus, and all

things Holy. We went to the little Catholic church

in Ottery St. Catchpole every Sunday. It was our

routine: Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to

church, come home, eat lunch, and last but

certainly not least, we'd say something from the

Homily that we thought was especially moving.

Even though this was our daily routine, I never

truly understood. But now it's clear that God is

always there, even if it's only to knock some sense

into that certain guy, He's there. Oh, but you don't

even know who I am, do you? I haven't introduced

myself. I'm Ginny Weasley, Ginevra when my

mum's angry with me, but normally just Ginny.

Plain old Ginny to some, The only Weasley girl for

generations, the youngest Weasley, the younger

sister to the six slightly intimidating older brothers,

or as most of the boys at Hogwarts called me: The-

pretty-redhead-Weasley-girl-who-I' d-like-to-go-out-

with-but-I'm-afraid-t hat-I'm-going-to-be-hexed-to-

next-year -if-I-even-look-at-her-funny. But the worst

of all names was:my best friend's younger sister.

Yes, pity me if you must, that was how the great

Boy-Who-Lived thought of me. After four years of

this torture, I began to think of him as the Boy-Who-

Couldn't-Be-Blinder. But, alas, my dear friends,

the worst was yet to come.

I can still remember the day as though it were

yesterday. I had come down the spiral staircase

from the girls' dormitories to tell Hermione

Granger of something of great interest, when I

spotted THEM. Yes, my dear friends, the worst had

come. I saw Harry Potter with-with-with HER. It

pains me just to say think of the horrid sight. Can

you even imagine who he was with? Yes, yes,

you've got it. Wait, what did you say? Hermione,

you think it was? Oh! No, no, no! No, it was

Lavender Brown. Can you even guess what they

were doing? No, I don't suppose you can.

Imagine! Thinking Hermione was engaging

in 'activities' with Harry! That's the last time I ask

you a question of such importance! Really-what's

that? Get on with the story, you say? Well, if you

insist. I was so shocked that my jaw dropped to the

floor, luckily being of such self-control, I managed

to pick it back up and not rush over to them, pull

Lavender off of Harry, slap Harry across the face

multiple times, or start crying. And I mean heart-

wrenching sobs, not watering eyes, but oh-so-loud-

and-hard-to-ignore-sobs.So I did the only thing I

knew how to, I got on my knees crawled around

the sofas, only peeking up to see if they'd noticed

me until I reached the portrait hole, where I swiftly

stood up and dived through the portrait hole. But

you know what those dreadful founders neglected

to put on the wall? No, I guess you don't.They

forgot to put up a sign saying: No Diving;Shallow

or No Water. I mean how could you neglect such

an important part of the castle? So while I lay

outside the portrait hole crying my heart-

wrenching tears, Harry and Lavender either heard

while they were,er, participating in 'activities' or

they came up for air, and they heard me. They

both ran to see what the trouble was, but Harry

made it out first. And in that moment chocolate

eyes met emerald and in that moment, our souls

seemed to mesh as one, oh wait, that's not

how it went. Can you tell I've been reading too

many romance novels? Here's how it went: "Ow,

ow, ow!" I said, very intelligently, might I

add. "Ginny? What are you doing?" Harry asked,

because he's a dimwit. "What does it look like I'm

doing, dimwit? I fell and now I'm crying in pain.

Honestly, such a moron," the last part being said

under my breath. Obviously choosing to ignore my

comment, he rolled his eyes and said," I meant

how did you fall?" "Well, isn't it obvious, Harry,

darling?" Harry and I both looked up and said at

the same time,"Huh?" I guess he's not the only

dimwit. But I must say I make a cuter one. "Well,

obviously, she was spying on us, and so as not to

be caught she fell out the portrait hole," Lavender

said, like Harry should have seen that from the

beginning. "Hey! I don't spy! I came downstairs,

thinking that maybe Hermione would be there,

and you both were there and I tried to get out

before seeing something I definitely didn't want to

see," I said, rather indignantly. Funnily enough,

both Lavender and Harry's faces turned rather red.

Harry's was more of a blush, while Lavender

seemed to be swelling with anger. "Well, I, never!"

Lavender exclaimed. Turning to Harry, she saw he

was embarrassed and said, "Well, obviously my

boyfriend's ashamed of me, and his best friend's

sister is trying to get him out of the relationship!"

Lavender exclaimed, very shrilly. "Boyfriend?" I

asked, very curiously. "You didn't tell your friends

that we're dating?" Lavender asked, turning on

Harry. "Well, actually, I didn't know,myself," Harry

confessed. With that, Lavender slapped Harry

across the face, and said,"I would say that we're

over, but since we obviously didn't have anything,

there's nothing to be over with!" She yelled,

stalking out with a huff. "Well, I'm glad that's over!"

Harry said. I turned my head so fast, I could've

given myself whiplash,"What!?" I asked. "I didn't

like her, but she was a good kisser," He said, very

thoughtfully. "Do you mean, that you led her on

because she was a good kisser?" I asked. There

was a new name for Mr. Potter: Boy-Who-Uses-His-

Good-Looks-To-Keep-Gi rls-On-A-String. "I didn't

lead her on!" Harry insisted. "Whatever, are you

gonna help me up or what?" I asked, while my

head I was doing cartwheels. "Oh yeah, sure. You

know,Ginny, you're bonkers. You didn't have to

dive out the portrait hole, you could have sat

quietly and waited for your turn," Harry said, very

playfully. Was Harry flirting with me? Well, if he

was, I'd just have to flirt right back. Wrenching my

arm from his I asked," Excuse me? But what makes

you think I'd want a turn, Mr. Potter?" It seemed

Mr. Potter had lost his nerve, because he started

mumbling apologies and things of the sort. Ha!

That's what it feels like to be made a fool

of! "Relax, Harry, I was only joking."Playfully

lifting his eyebrow, he said," So you would like

a turn?" "Maybe, I would." Who was this crazy girl,

and why was she taking over my body? Ginny, the

flirt, was not a role I usually played. Ginny, the

stutterer, was way more up my alley. "Hmm, well it

seems your turn's about to come," he said, huskily.

And before I could think, Harry was leaning for our

very first of many kisses. Yes, God was definitely

looking out for me that day.
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