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How It Is Up There
By Pilargirl

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Category: Girl Talk Challenge (2010-3), Girl Talk Challenge (2010-3)
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Mild Language
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Rating: G
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Summary: Dreams are strange things. You wake up in them, knowing people you actually don't and speaking about things that you've never spoken about. They're not reasonable, you don't tend to know you're in a dream and there no rationalizing. Here, Ginny Weasley is in a dream with the one and only Lily Potter.
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Author's Notes:
A/N: Please keep an open mind of this one. Consider that I’ve thought of the dream like a normal dream. A normal dream that doesn’t make any sense. I wanted to make it seem to Ginny that she was having a dream like any other night, not a special one where Lily comes to visit her.


How It Is Up There
Pili Rodrguez

Lily Potter had tried not to think about death during her life.

As you can probably imagine, during a war that is a horribly hard task to take on; however, no matter the number of deaths or the number of catastrophes that surrounded her, Lily Potter had tried to keep thoughts of death at bay. She had kept them away when she was six and they had to put her beautiful golden retriever to sleep. She had kept them away when her grandma died of cancer. She had kept them away when two of her best friends were killed in their beds during their sixth year summer holidays, and she even had them away when James’s and her parents were killed while the four of them were travelling towards their engagement ceremony.

Lily could still remember the moment when she decided to stop evading death, to let the thoughts invade their head. It happened when her son’s death became possible. She talked to James about it one night, and they both held each other as they discussed what would happen, how it would be for them, for Harry, if Voldemort reached them.

She never thought it would be that way.

Death was, in a way, nothing. When you die, you feel nothing and after than you don’t fly up to the sky and get greeted by a nice guy dressed in white and wearing a beard. In the afterlife, there’s no ‘when’, there’s no ‘where’, you just ‘are’ and there’s no questions to ask or answers to offer, it just is that way.

It would be strange to explain because there’s nothing to explain. You don’t really think in the afterlife, you don’t do anything, you just suddenly appear and disappear and you never know why exactly, but you just do.

At that moment, Lily Potter had appeared. She had her eyes closed as she watched a scene taking place inside her head; although, it wasn’t really taking place inside her head, in was taking place in a world she was once a part of, a world where a part of her was still growing inside a sixteen-year-old boy who had the weight of the world of his shoulders.


Ginny could feel his eyes on her, shifting around the room, trying to pretend he was just looking around, but always landing on her after a few seconds.

She tried to concentrate on her book and keep her thoughts about that dark-haired boy far away; it should’ve been easy, especially when her boyfriend’s hand was resting on her thigh.

“Let’s get out of here,” Dean’s voice whispered in her ear. “Your brother’s throwing me deathly glares and Harry looks like he’s about to go on brother mode too.”

She rolled her eyes: brother mode: That’s all she’d ever be to Harry, his best friend’s sister and after the friendship they had created, a sister of his own, just like Hermione.

She turned around to look at Dean angrily. “Maybe they wouldn’t be looking this way if your hand didn’t move an inch closer to my arse every second!” she snapped.

Dean frowned and took his hand to his hair. It had been over two months and Ron wasn’t any closer to getting used to the idea that he and Ginny where an item; god, even Harry had been treating him different; as if six older brothers weren’t enough, now Potter had decided to join the club.

Ginny sighed and put the book down, it was useless to try and concentrate, her head was filled with other thoughts. She knew it was probably best to assume that she had finally become friends with Harry and that that’s all she was going to be; she knew she had to believe that all the attention she was getting from him was completely platonic, that it had nothing to do with Harry having any feelings for her.

She turned around to say sorry to Dean, just to realize that he had already engaged in yet another football vs. Quiddich conversation with Seamus. She sighed again and stood up, sitting beside Hermione, who had taken the sofa opposite the table were Harry and Ron were playing chess, or more like pretending they were playing chess as they looked at what Dean and she were up to.

“You know, you could’ve taken a picture, it would’ve lasted longer,” the red-head spat, especially at Ron but also looking at Harry from the corner of her eye.

Ron huffed. “You’re not the centre of the world, Ginny, we were playing chess.”
Ginny glared at him.

Ron gulped noticeably, but took part of his Gryffindor courage. “Don’t glare at me, that guy had his hand wondering far too high.”

“That’s exactly why I told him to keep his hand to himself a second ago! I’m not disabled, Ron! I can look after myself!” Ginny told him angrily.

“Well...I-I don’t agree, if you could, his hand would’ve never gotten there in the first place,” Ron spoke his thoughts out. “Right, Harry?”

The three of them turned to look at the boy-who-lived, who suddenly looked like he would rather be the boy who hadn’t.

Hermione eyed him carefully, Ron looked at him with a look that said: Agree with me, I’m your best friend, and Ginny looked at him with curious eyes, wondering what his next step would be.

“I-I guess,” they boy answered.

Ron smirked, sending Ginny a clear told-you-so look.

“Fine by me, not like it matters to me what either of you have to say,” Ginny said angrily. She stood up and turned towards the girls’ dormitories. “I’m going to bed.”
She was so angry that she was pretty sure her face matched her hair perfectly. She hated this, she wanted him to say the complete opposite, to tell Ron that she could handle herself.
But that would only mean that he thinks well of you, not that he likes you.

“Urgg!” she shouted to herself as she made her way up the stairs.

“Goodnight, Ginny,” Harry said as she made her way up. She chose to ignore it, she was angry at him, but she couldn’t help but realize the guilt in his voice, guilt that gave her hope; hope she didn’t want to have, but that she loved anyway.

She reached her dormitory and put her pyjamas on without a moment of hesitation. She wanted to sleep, to let the fantasies of her dreams invade her, leaving reality in the background, a background that was too far away to even consider it twice.

She rolled the covers up to her neck, loving the warmth of her bed in mid January and, as her head hit the pillow, her eyes closed, and in a matter of minutes, she was asleep.


“Ginny,” a velvet voice spoke. “Ginny, wake up.”

Ginny stirred but didn’t wake up. She mumbled something in her sleep but her eyes didn’t even flutter.

“Ginny...” the voice continued. “God, she’s worse than James.”

The woman felt herself smile as someone else’s feelings ran through her; James must be watching her.

“Ginny,” the older red-head tried again. She finally sighed and sat back on the bed. The younger girl moved her hands, obviously trying to grab something; as she realized she couldn’t find what she had lost, her eyes opened and then she let out a pretty vulgar word and she closed her eyes again, as quickly as she possibly could.

“Hum...” the young girl whispered as she opened her eyes slowly and stretched her neck. She looked around her with a raised eyebrow.

The older red-head smiled. “Hey, Gin...”

Ginny stretched out as she sat up on the huge bed. “What time is it?” she asked as she looked out of the window, the sun was shining in a way which probably meant that it was past midday.

“Just a little over 6am,” Lily spoke as she stood up and sat on Ginny’s bed. The older witch was wearing a high-neck red jumper and a short black skirt.

“James is so gonna get angry when he sees you wearing that,” Ginny laughed as she made her way out of her bed. She felt strange, like she had woken up in the wrong place, she just laughed it off and decided she was probably still sleep. Somehow her head didn’t really feel like thinking at that moment.

“If he can be a dick by looking at Alice’s breasts, then I can have guys staring at my legs,” Lily said. “What are you going to wear?”

Ginny laughed without really knowing why, it was as if she was on auto-mode. “How about this?” she asked as she picked out an informal dress that she had never seen before.

“Darling, chartreuse is not your colour. Try emerald,” Lily advised her. The minute the words left her mouth, Ginny’s dress changed to emerald and suddenly appeared on Ginny instead of her pyjamas.

Ginny felt something telling her that this was strange, but, once again, her brain didn’t seem to want to think about it so she literally switched it off.

“Harry’s eye colour looks great on you,” Lily suddenly said as they walked down to the main hall. Ginny could not remember how they had gotten there. As they walked in, they found that the great hall looked like an extended version of Madam Puddifoot’s.

Ginny looked around and she could see Harry, Hermione and Ron sitting at a table 20 metres away from them. She and Lily sat down at the first table they saw.

“I think I’m going to make James think that I kissed the whole Quiddich team, that’ll teach him about looking at my best friend’s like that,” Lily said. Ginny suddenly spotted James speaking to Sirius; strangely, the two of them were sitting on the staff desk (which was decorated with black and pink hearts), doing a potion.

They saw her and waved; she waved back and then turned back to Lily. “The reserves included?”

Lily nodded.
“You’re gonna kiss... just how many boys is that?” Ginny asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Seventeen.” Ginny felt something was off about the answer, but she let it go. “But I’m not going to kiss them, silly, I’m just going to make James think I did.”

Ginny nodded absently as she watched, from the corner of her eye, as McGonagall turned Snape and Dumbledore into eagles, ferrets and lions, all at the same time.

Suddenly, about a hundred owls flew in. One of them dropped a newspaper on their table and Ginny unfolded it, on the front page a photo of Harry kissing her was shown; she couldn’t help but smile at the sight.


Underneath it there wasn’t any writing, there were just curved hand-made lines, the typical ones you see when you draw a page from a book.

“You’ll help him win the war,” Lily said as she took the newspaper, Ginny saw that all the other pages were white, there was nothing written on them.

Ginny shook her head. “He doesn’t need my help.”

Suddenly tears started falling down her eyes, but she wasn’t crying; she didn’t feel like she was crying. Lily leaned over and cleaned them off.

“You won’t be able to be with him. He’s strong, but not strong enough to have you distracting him when he’s saving the world,” Lily told her making Ginny look offended. “But you’ll need to be with him in another way, you will need to make sure that he knows; that he knows that you want him, that he knows that he’ll have you when he wins.”

Ginny nodded, not knowing why, she still felt Harry only loved her like a friend or a sister.

“No, he doesn’t really know yet; he doesn’t really understand yet, but he will, and when he does, you’ll be ready. But you can’t let that stop you from living your life, you’ll come together when you’re ready, and you’ll fall apart when you have to... life isn’t fair, something that came because there was an accident that caused human beings to appear, life is planned, set... it’s already done, everything is already done for us before we’re born, but it’s up to us to let it take its way or die when we try to stop it,” Lily said. Her speech was too long for Ginny to even think about the fact that the older red-head had basically read her thoughts.

“That’s why you and James died,” Ginny suddenly said, and then she realized that they were dead, that they were Harry’s parents and they had died ages ago.

“Depends on how you see it, maybe James and I were meant to die, or maybe we died because Harry was meant to die... either way, it doesn’t matter, you and he can live the happy ending that James and I didn’t completely reach,” Lily confessed.

Ginny felt like crying.

“I want to help him, though, how is it alright to just let him go... all on his own?” she cried with a broken voice.

Lily smiled. “Not on his own; he’ll have your brother and his sister with him and he’ll have you and a thousand others with him too, in his heart. That’s Harry’s power after all, his heart... and you need to take good care of it because each day he gives you more of it and neither one of you even realizes it.

“Now listen to me, because you and my son need to get together soon enough... You need to continue being you, laugh with him, be there for him, make him be there for you and, when you feel something push you towards him, don’t think about it twice.”

Ginny smiled. “I will.”

Suddenly, Ginny realized she was dreaming and everything became a little more blurry. She started thinking, rationalizing.

“I’ll tell him I saw you, he’s going to be so happy!” Ginny exclaimed.

Everyone in the room turned to look at her and smiled sympathetically. “I wish you could,” Lily said.

Ginny became confused and suddenly the room started disappearing as a Howler shot down from the floor and Molly Weasley’s voice echoed around the room as it started disappearing.

“Ginny Weasley, how dare you disturb people who are meant to be resting in peace, have you no ma...”

The strong voice faded to the background and Ginny gave a little jump in her bed as her eyes sprang open.

She looked around her dormitory, a smile appeared on her lips, and before she could think of anything that had happened she went back to sleep, the dream disappearing from her memory in a matter of seconds.


A few months later:

Ginny saw him entering the room with surprised eyes and look around until he caught her eyes. She saw the beautiful emerald colour joined with the joy of just discovering that they had won.

She felt a rush of adrenaline and ran towards him, ready to give him a huge hug.
As she ran towards him, she heard a voice coming from the back of her head: when you feel something push you towards him, don’t think about it twice.

She smiled, and as she reached him, their lips found each other and she felt like a huge pressure had been lifted, a pressure she hadn’t even known was there.


“Told you!” Lily Potter exclaimed as James sulked and Sirius stamped his foot.

“I thought he was going to do it when he realized he wouldn’t see her in the whole summer,” James moaned.

“I thought he wasn’t going to do it, he’s rubbish at deciding things. You don’t how many times I’ve jumped in his head and tried to get him to make a move. Man, I even sent an image of people dancing the conga to his head when the girl and that twat of a boyfriend broke up and... Nothing!

“He didn’t want to lose a friend,” James defended his son.

“He won’t, he’s only gained the love of his life.”

“And all thanks to you, Lillykins! I’m sure that makes you feel-”

Sirius stopped mid sentence when Lily smacked him across the head, a knowing smile on her face and joy dancing in her eyes. For once, as much as she hated it, Sirius was right...Lily Potter was amazing, no matter what life she was in,
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