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Harry Potter and the Sorceress of Love
By beeinthebonnet

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Category: Alternate Universe, Post-HBP
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Minerva McGonagall, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: R
Reviews: 10
Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

Harry has a horrible dream about Ginny and is removed from the Dursleys. Here we embark upon the next book in the series from my point of view.

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Author's Notes:
Harry is stuck at the Dursleys and his Aunt Marge is visiting with a new friend. He has a dream about Ginny and awakes at Grimmauld Place.


Chapter One Voldemort in Surrey

Chapter One

Voldemort in Surrey

It was a windy day. One of those cold winds that just seemed to never end. Harry had thought two or three times since having an awful lunch with the Dursleys, Aunt Marge, and her “friend” Sigmund Marchbanks, about going for a stroll. Maybe he would go to the park, just to get away from the house for a while. He decided against it since he had outgrown his coat and he’d be hung by his toenails if he wore his school robes. Especially with the present company in Aunt Petunia’s meticulously cleaned home.

Aunt Marge was absolutely dreadful when it came to Harry. She treated him like the algae that grows in a fishbowl and hasn’t been cleaned in a long while. Still, this visit seemed worse than any other because of Sigmund’s presence. She had announced at lunch that on February 28th, she would become Mrs. Sigmund Marchbanks.

Harry praised Merlin to himself. He knew he’d be at school finishing out his final term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He also knew that the Dursleys would never send for him to attend the wedding. Aunt Marge would never hear of it anyway. Harry pictured Aunt Marge in a wedding gown and choked on his own saliva. Gross, he thought. Udderly disgusting, a cow in white.

Harry’s thoughts shifted to school. He wondered just how much the school would change with Dumbledore gone. On top of a new headmaster, there would be a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He prayed that they would not bring Dolores Umbridge back as Headmistress. Could she have completely healed from her centaur attack in the Forbidden Forrest? I suppose that she could have, thought Harry.

He slowly drifted off into a deep slumber. Harry began to dream of Ginny Weasley. They were in the Room of Requirement, snogging on an elaborate four poster bed adorned in wall hangings and bedding in shades of green. Ginny stopped kissing Harry for a moment and looked into his piercing green eyes with a relaxed expression.

“I love you Harry,” she said. “I have since the first time that I saw you at King’s Cross station. I know that I was a young girl then, but even then I didn’t dream that I could ever be wrapped in your arms just the way that I am now.”

“Ginny,” Harry started. “You have grown to be more beautiful than a brand new snitch.” Ginny giggled. Leave it to Harry to make beauty comparisons with Quidditch.

“But you know that I can’t be committed to you right now, not until Voldemort is dead. He’ll use you against me…………….”

Ginny was writhing around in pain. She looked like she was under the Cruciatus Curse. Harry began casting spells left and right, trying to release her from her immense pain. She was fading and nothing he tried seemed to work.

Suddenly Harry fell back with horrible pain coming from his scar. He came to long enough to start scratching at his forehead. The pain was so immense, he felt that he was passing out. He fell back on the bed next to Ginny who was still curled up in pain and could remember no more.


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“Harry knows but he doesn’t know exactly that Voldemort is near. We need to get him and his things back to headquarters as soon as possible Alastor.” said Nymphadora Tonks.

“I agree,” said Moody. “You and Remus collect Mr. Potter and all of his belongings and go. I’ll memory charm his aunt and her friend. Then I will explain to the Dursleys that we are taking Harry with us. I will have them explain to their company that he stayed at his school over the summer. They will never remember Harry being there.” said Moody.


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Harry woke in his usual room at Grimmald Place. He looked scared at first until he realized his surroundings. Then he relaxed, touching his scar. It still ached and he began to remember his dream.

“Ginny!” he exclaimed. Harry ran out the bedroom door and down to the kitchen. There he met Order of the Phoenix members Tonks, Moody, and Lupin.

“Where is Ginny, what am I doing here, and how did I get here?” Harry asked so quickly it took the three of them a few moments to compute the questions that were thrown at them.

“Harry, please sit down and we will explain it all to you,” began Remus Lupin. “Tonks and I were patrolling for Voldemort’s whereabouts when we realized he had just arrived in Surrey. Tonks apparated here to tell Moody. He felt that we should remove you from Number 4 Privet Drive since you are unable to use magic due to the Decree for Underaged Wizardry.”

“We notified the Dursleys and modified the memories of your Aunt Marge and her friend Mr. Marchbanks. They think that you are attending summer classes at that muggle school your Uncle Vernon told them about. We feel that Voldemort had plans of using the Decree against you. A protection has been put in place over your family even though your Uncle was completely against it.” added Moody.

“What about Ginny?” asked Harry. “I had a dream that she had been put under the Cruciatus Curse.”

“The Weasleys are all fine. They will be here in a few short hours to keep you company. We feel that you should spend the rest of your holidays here for the time being. At least until we can find out what Voldemort is doing in Surrey for sure, “ explained Tonks.

“Very Well,” said Harry. “At least I will have Ron to keep me entertained for a while.”

Harry walked out of the room and stopped to think. What on earth could Voldemort be planning. Afterall, he always has more up his sleeve then anyone else ever knows. He never told his followers his plans all at once. Voldemort always told certain parts of his plans to a mix of his lackeys. He had been smart to do that from the beginning. After all, he only got bits and pieces of the information that they needed from their double agents. Besides, he knew that he would never want to perform that many Unbreakable Vows. That, and the fact that he would more than likely be dead if he performed them as so many people would have snitched. At least that is what he wanted to think.
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