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Kissing Under the Latkes
By casually_a_weasley

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Category: Post-HBP, December Engagement Challenge (2006-6)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Rating: PG
Reviews: 20
Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated since 2006 ***

You have to kiss a few frogs to find your fairytale, and the challenges are no different for Ginny and Harry. Christmas is coming, and along with it, the romance that surrounds the holiday. But nothing ever goes to plan. Nosy brothers, a bundle of nerves and an interesting holiday party get in the way of what Harry Potter wants most; Ginny. So what happens when the couple finds themselves in a compromising situation, surrounded by friends and family, and a floating plate of latkes over their heads? Fluff, humour, and a comma-loving author abound.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
While I never knew her, I dedicate this story to Jaq. I had never even talked to her, but she became a legend to me almost immediately. I had heard raves and compliments from and to her, and had seen just what a lover of fanfiction she was. My condolances go out to her family.

May your legend live on.

I'm sincerely hoping that I finish this in time for the deadline, as real life, and university applications, tends to get in my way.Unfortunately I'm without a beta for the time being, so I hope my horrible grammer doesn't scare you too badly.

And of course, I own nothing in the Harry Potter universe, and all of this belongs to the one and only JK Rowing.


Chapter 1: Is That a Package in your Pocket?

The war had ended bitterly, with bloodshed on both sides, and too suddenly for its participants to fully grasp what happened.

The wizarding world was in grieving, unsure of how to rebuild the devastation that had been caused by Voldemort and his followers.

And Harry Potter was a hero.

The Horcrux hunt had not lasted as long the trio had assumed it would. With several already destroyed, and the whereabouts of the rest known, it was easier then they had originally presumed. Voldemort’s arrogance had been his downfall, presuming no one would even dare to go against the Dark Lord; he had grown lax in his protection.

The months had not been easy, when they weren’t traversing across the country, without magic, they were holed up at Grimmauld Place, where Harry was forced to relive stale memories of his Godfather.

The final battle has been surprising. Harry stood alone, his friends detained by Death Eaters; he was forced to face the monster with no one beside him. There was no time for witty banter or pointless threats. Harry pointed his wand, and in a flash it was over. He had taken every feeling, every emotion he had, and with an uttered ‘avada kedavara’, Voldermort was gone and all that remained was the broken body of Tom Riddle.

And so Harry Potter became a killer, and a savoir, within seconds.

October 30th officially became known as Harry Potter Day, much to the honouree’s humiliation. The ‘boy-who-lived’, suddenly became the ‘boy-who-conquered’, and the media became more focused on him then ever.

But Harry refused to become reclusive; he had enough of avoiding the media, and enough of hiding away.

He just had enough.

Several months on the run with Ron and Hermione, who were consistently making googly eyes at each other, had reminded Harry of something over and over again.

Harry Potter was in love with Ginny Weasley.

So here he was, with sweaty palms and his heart thudding a million miles a minute, at a muggle jewellery store. He was in over his head and had no idea what he was doing. In fact, all he knew at this point was he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ginny.

Harry Potter may have been thickheaded but he knew a good thing when he had it.

The little bell at the door of the shop tinkled, and in walked Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Holding hands.

Both teens had finally given into their feelings and gotten together. Now the only problem was getting them apart.

The broom closet on Hogwarts fourth floor was constantly occupied.

Hermione looked incredibly excited to be there, while Ron just looked uncomfortable and uneasy. Hermione bounded up to Harry, practically dragging Ron through the shelves. Hermione stood in front the rows of cased jewellery, a shrewd and calculating look on her face. Ron just grimaced.

“Look mate,” said Ron. “I’m all for you marrying my sister, but I don’t know why you had to drag us along.”

“Well,” Harry sounded just as uncomfortable as Ron looked. “I’m not too good with jewellery, and I certainly don’t know anything about engagement rings. And I only asked Hermione to come. She probably took you so you’d get some ideas,” Harry ended in a better mood.

Ron just scowled.

“This one,” Hermione pointed confidently.

Harry leaned over the class cased and stared at one of the many rings. On a white gold band, sat a sparkling diamond in the centre, surrounded by two blood red rubies. He stared curiously, wondering why he hadn’t caught sight of this one before.

“It’s the perfect ring for Ginny. The rubies are just spectacular,” added Hermione.

“And the ruby means…what?” asked Ron.

Hermione huffed. “You should have taken ancient runes, we learned about all this in third year. It was declared the most precious stone in ancient history, used for numerous ceremonies and in hieroglyphics. It’s also the colour of Gryffindors, Ginny’s hair and is Harry’s birthstone. And it means passionate love,” she said slyly, turning in Harry’s direction, who blushed furiously. “Is that enough for you Ronald?” she said glaring at Ron.

“Yes dear,” piped up Ron. Hermione looked somewhat mollified.

Harry ignored the squabble and turned back to the ring, eager to know if he had found Ginny’s dream ring. He hoped it was enough. He beckoned over weedy looking salesperson, and had it removed from the case. He brought it close to his face, seeing the swirling colours of the ruby and the reflection of his eyes, and figured he’d do no better then this. Confident in his decision, and less confident in himself, he purchased the ring and left the store with the ring secure in his pocket.


Having ditched a snuggling Ron and Hermione, Harry made his way to Diagon Alley, intent on buying a few potion ingredients he’d run out of.

Walking down the cobbled street, he took note of just how many people littered the walkway, compared to last year empty town. The expressions were different too. There was no more fear on their faces, and while the caution still remained, there was an overwhelming feel of joy present on that late December day. Looking at all the happy faces, Harry pulled down his fringe, as everyone in the wizarding world now wanted to meet the great Harry Potter.

He passed by Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes and decided to pop in, laughing at the U-NO-POO sign still hanging in the door. He opened the horridly purple door and was bombarded with loud music and a shower of feathers.

Spitting out feathers, he searched and found the twins laughing their head off at the counter, at some poor middle-aged man who had suddenly turned into a giant bird, and was shedding feathers fast.

“We did have sign saying no taste tests,” Fred admonished.

George finally noticed Harry standing covered in feathers at the door, and shoved his way through crowds.

He smiled mischievously at Harry. “You just happy to see me Harry, or is that a parcel in you pocket?”

Harry flushed, looking down at the bulge in his pants.

“Definitely a parcel George, no one’s ever that happy to see you,” Harry shot back.

“Touché,” added Fred, finally joining the conversation.

“So what is in that package?” George asked slyly.

Harry hesitated. The twins knew about Harry and Ginny’s relationship, heck the entire family did, but he didn’t think letting the twins know about his upcoming proposal was such a great idea. He wasn’t actually sure if he’d make it through the night unscathed if they did.

“Nothing of any importance,” Harry added quickly. He knew the twins weren’t buying it, so he decided to switch tactics.

“So I heard your mother still hasn’t found your stash of Playwitch magazines?”

Fred and George blanched.

“I thought as much.”

“That’s a low blow, Harry,” scowled George.

“There’s no need to resort to threats,” added Fred.

“So then you’ll drop it?” Harry asked hopefully.

“For now,” said a smiling Fred and George.

Harry took what he could get.

“You are showing up at the Burrow, for the Christmas party, aren’t you?” asked George.

“They’ll be some lovely mistletoe hanging up,” Fred added innocently.

“And if it just happens float...” sang George.

“Over to you and Ginny…”

“Well then what’s the harm?” finished the brothers.

“And no one’s the wiser.”

Harry scowled, “and if that magazine box somehow makes it way to the kitchen?”

“We’ll be good,” Fred and George swore in unison.


“Operation Get-Ginny-and-Harry-hitched-by-Christmas a go?” asked Fred, once they had reached the storeroom in the back as soon as Harry had left.

“No doubt,” said George succinctly. “And operation Detatch-Ron-and-Hermione-so-we-don’t-hav e-to-watch-them-snog-anymore?”

“Of course,” nodded Fred.


“Yes, dear brother?”

“We need better plan names.”
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