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Mind Over Murder
By L_J_4eva

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Category: Hogwarts Express Challenge (2006-3)
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Death
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 6
Summary: When a peaceful trainride takes a wrong turn.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the other characters.

It was the day of Dumbledores funeral, and Harry had had just broken up with Ginny. He had just left her there, crying, orrible about tand was now walking twords the Black Lake. He felt horrible about it, but in his mind he knew that it had to have been done.He was there because he didn't wan't to be on the train until it was almost time to depart. He had delt with enough pointing and wispering in his life, but this was different. He had thought Dumbledore would help him when it came to Voldemort, that he could always teach him what he needed to know. Ron and Hermione offered to wait with him, but he just wanted to be alone. "Looks like you got your wish, Potter!" he thought out loud, sore about breaking-up with Ginny, so she could be safe. Part of his brain thought it was stupid, that he should go back out with her, but the other, stronger part, said that would've been selfish.

He glanced at his watch and realised it was about time for him to head to the train. He had got to the the compartment where they had planned and found Ron comforting Hermione just like at the funeral. Just as he sat down, Luna and Neville were at the door asking if they could sit down with them. Harry just said "sure". Soon, the country side was moving by as the train sped by. Harry was staring out the window, while Neville was reading one of his books on herbology with one of his plants, and Luna was reading the new edition of the Quibbler, while Ron and Hermione left for Prefect duty. Neville had to leave to go ask Seamus a question, and while he was gone, the Trolly Lady came by, but no one wanted anything.Neville came back awhile later, after having a long disscution with Seamus.

After a while, when Harry was just about to get up, Ron and Hermione burst in the door and Hermiony hastily said, "Quickly, Harry, come to the prefects compartment." Harry got up and left behind a confused Neville and suprised Luna.

"What- What's going on- Why do I have to go?" Harry fired off questions while walking down the hallway.

"Sorry, but no time to explain, mate." Ron said as they passed compartment after comparment.

Then, they reached the Prefects compartment, and when they opened the door, there was all the prefects, talking and arguing to each other. Hermione had to yell over the crowd to be heard, "Every- Everyone- Everyone Shut-up!" Everyone stoped talking instantly and Harry was really afraid of what had made Hermione act like this. "Ok, everyone," Hermione started, "we've got Harry now so we can start the investigation."

"Investigation?" Harry asked immediatly. "What investigation?"

"Well, there's been a- a- a murder." Hermione said softly.

"What, a murder? Who was it- anyone I know?" Harry questioned.

"Well, we don't really know, thats why we brought you here." Ron explained, "He was dressed in Death Eaters robes, so we voted you in charge, because you've had the most expirence whith them."

"Well, I'm not much of a detective, but I do have my book about auror tips and spells, and that might be able to help me," Harry muttered, "I'll take the case."

"Good, mate. I knew we could count on you." Ron said with a smile as every one was clapping.

"Well, if I'm going to be investigating then, were's the body?" Harry asked.

"Follow me then." said Hermione as she stepped out the door followed by Harry, Ron, and a few others. She walked alittle ways and turned left into the Trolly Lady's supply room. Apperently, she had been out when the murder had happened. They were right about the Death Eater, he was dead on the floor, face up. He looked familiar to Harry, but he couldn't exactly place where.

"Alright, Ron can you get my Auror book?" Harry asked, taking charge,"Hermione, can you transfigure me some crime scene tools?"

The both nodded and got to work, when Ron got back, Harry quicly flipped to the crime scene section. After a moment he said, "Here, this should do the trick, Veneficus appelo!" And instantly, letters not unlike the ones that Tom Riddle produced, shot from the end of his wand. They spelled out: Rodolphus Lestrange. Everyone inhaled sharply, now Harry knew who he was, he had escaped from Askaban during the mass break-out. He found that he had been killed by way of the Cruciatis Curse, while under the body-bind jinx. He had been torchered to death. He had discovered this by the signs his Auror book told him to look for, like magical residue. On the body he found a red hair, the same shade of red as Ron. At this he immediatly snaped at a confused Ron, "What's this for Ron? Why was your hair found on the body?"

"What, I really don't know how that got there, honest I truly don't know." replied Ron angy at Harry for doubting him.

"Oh, sorry then, I'm just wondering why would he want your hair?" Harry said explosively.

"Um- Harry, maybe he took fo polyjuice potion?" Hermione interjected, trying to defuse the situation.

"Why would he want to be Ron?" Harry said, slowly cooling down.

"Well I am your best mate- or at least I thought I was." said a hurt Ron.

"You still are, I just jumped to conclusions." Harry said realise how hurtful he was to blame Ron.

There was a silence for several minutes, until Hermione broke it by saying that they needed to hurry before the train stoped. They continued until they found stink sap on him. They thought about all the people on board. It soon struck Harry that there only one person on board that would have had the plant to produce the stink sap: Neville Longbottom! He thought to himself, "No way, this isn't some thing Neville would do, it must have been an accident, anyways when would he have had the time to- wait a second what a bout the time that he left? He left for longer than just a 'question'!" Harry just started to put two and two together. "Neville," he muttered.

"Huh," the other two said, confused.

"It was Neville, I'm sure of it." Harry said.

"Doesn't sound like Neville to me, mate." Ron said exchanging looks with Hermione.

"But it was, the clues are obvious; The stink sap, Neville leaving for longer than just a 'Question', Rodulphus Lestrange, and the Cruciatis Curse. It makes perfect sense." Harry explained, hoping it shed some light on his discovery.

Hermione was in the middle of thinking about what he had said when she exclamed, "Harry, you're a GENIUS! Even I would have never thought of that!" She reached out and hugged him. If it was enough for Hermione, then it was good enough for Ron. They started on their way back to the compartment to talk to Neville.

When they entered Harry talked peacfuly to Neville about what had happened and what they had come to realise. At first he stayed calm and said he didn't do it, but the more Harry talked, the more he felt the pressure, until in the end he finally cracked. Whith tears in his eyes for being a murderer, he explained how it happened, "Well, iwas really gonna go ask Seamus a question, but i saw a slight show of a sock, out of midair. At first I thought it was my imagination, but i saw another time slip of a shoe. At this point it was moving tword the Trolly Lady's room, so I followed it. When i reached there, I realised, that this wasn't a student, but that it was a Death Eater under an Invisibility Cloak. I ran in and cast the full body bind jinx on him. I found that he was Rodulphus Lestrange, the husband of Belatrix-" he stopped short because of his sadness on that subject. "So I gave him the same treatment he and his wife gave to my parents. To explain the stink sap it must have whiped of while I removed his invisibility cloak which I stashed on the storeroom shelves."

He left everyone speachless. In the end the tied him up until they arrived at the station, were the aurors could take him until his hearing. "Well that was the most exciting train ride ever!"
said Ron happily.

"It sure was!" said Harry as the all went their seperate ways.
Reviews 6

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