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The Circle
By PhoenixLament

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Category: Angst Valentine Challenge (2006-1)
Genres: Angst, Humor, Drama, General
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: The girls of Gryffindor rally around each other as if it were a time of war. It was a time of war...but this war was different; they were fighting it against their beloved young wizards.
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A/N: This is an odd little peice placed in Harry and Ginny's Seventh and Sixth year. I overlooked the whole finding horcruxes and breaking up issue for the sake of this, just to tip you off on that one.

Upset and Insight

The circle. It was a place where the young witches of Gryffindor came to express their latest tid bits of information, whether it be homework help, ways to cure a few minor pimples and blemishes, or of coarse the favoured subject; young wizards. The girls, varying in ages eleven to seventeen, sat in the common room after all young men had left the room. They all waited patiently for everyone to assemble themselves as they sat, staring around the room until one of them stood. She was not exactly the ‘leader’ of this group as it were, but more...just someone who stood up. Flowing red tresses pulled back into a messy bun, she sighed as everyone looked up at her.

“Right then. So today being Valentine’s Day, it’s supposed to be special, right?” she asked the room at large. Some shrugged, some let outbursts of ‘exactly!’ excape them. Some just sat there looking miserably at their stocking feet. The girl went on.

“Than why was today horrible? Am I the only one who had a horrible day?” she'd once again asked the room at large, this time getting what she wanted. The girls suddenly broke into a chatter that had never been heard before in the sacred circle. Some swore loudly to the young wizards in which they had a fancy for, while the others just looked angry and sullen. It had been a horrible, horrible Valentine’s Day.

“Well then, who cares to share?” she asked, looking around at the sea of raised hands. Looking about, she sighed and picked on a Fourth Year girl who stood as the red haired miss sat. This girl put her hands to her small hips and gave them all a pouting look that looked well over done to say the least. She gave a sigh before she began her little speech.

“It is supposed it be Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Than why does it seem that everyone had a wretched day? I couldn’t tell you how many things Zachary did to seem such a prat! He never gave any indication at all that he knew what today was!”

“Zachary’s a git, I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if he’d forgotten what day it was by mistake, thinking tomorrow was Valentine’s day,” quipped in a fellow Fourth Year, smirking. The dark haired girl in which who had stood for her speech cackled.

“And I suppose John is any better? He’s so thick he thinks he has a better time riding the staircases than he does snogging you!”

“Oh that’s a whole bunch of-”

“I think we should let Rose go on please,” Ginny said, trying her best to stop this bickering before it went it. “ Go on then, what’d Zachary do?”

“Not a single thing! I have no idea what he was thinking! He did nothing special at all, nothing! And then of coarse I think I know why! I couldn’t believe he was talking to that Hufflepuff girl, Nancy or whatever her name was! I saw them, in the corridor, flirting like mad!” she said, before sitting down in a huff.

“That’s all? Oh I’m so sorry,” Ginny sighed sarcastically. Rose glared.

“If you’re so smart than how did your day do with Harry, hmmm?”

Ginny stood again, and sighed.

“It was like Rose’s, except I did not see him flirting with another girl. On the contrary, he did nothing at all. When I met him in the common room the next morning I was ready. A card, a smile, a hug, proof I’m a girl, you know? And then he just shrugs and we go down to Breakfast like normal. Then the whole day he does nothing at all. Alright, who else?” Hands rose instantly and she picked Pavarti, who stood as Ginny sat.

“Alright, you lot know after Ginny broke up with Dean he...seeked my ‘help’,” she said wryly. Girls rolled their eyes and Ginny gave a snort. “Anyway, today was much like everyone else’s: horrible. Nothing from Dean, only the smallest peck on the cheek. I think at one point in the day I actually found myself thinking something stupid like ‘You missed my lips by a Kilometre you idiot,’ but I didn’t say a thing. But I tell you if looks could kill....”

“Yeah yeah, Dean’d be in the hospital wing with serious injuries, uh huh,” Lavender Brown interrupted, smirking as she sighed.

“Oh? And how did you’re day with Seamus go then, if you’re so smart?”


There were snorts around the room as Lavender stood and shook her head, laughing.
“No, I’m serious! After that whole thing with Ron him and I hooked up at the end of last year. We had a walk around the grounds at break holding hands, he gave a necklace with a heart shaped pendant on it, we snogged in a corridor....”

“Sure this isn’t some made up little fairy tale of yours?” muttered a girl darkly.

“I do think it was real,” she said smiling as she withdrew the pendant necklace from around her neck and held it up for all to see. Mutters of ‘git’ and other dark words floated about like the air they were all breathing into their heavy lungs and heavy hearts.

“I wish I had a day like that,” muttered a First year girl from the couch as she stretched over the back to look at them all sadly. “I do believe no one cares for me at would have been a nice day if I’d been given some flowers, a card or a gift of some sort. He walk me to classes with held hands, caring my books like the Muggle boys do sometimes, and just be there the whole day with me,” sighed the girl as she finished. Agreements sprung around the ‘circle’ before one girl stood angrily.

“So most of us,” she said, shooting daggers at Lavender who could do all but stop laughing. “We had a rotten day, am I right? You know I just wish this certain someone I will not mention for the sake of not destroying the furniture had done something for me as well! But no, it’s the same old story, isn’t it? I should dance starkers on his bed on Saturday, Hogsmeade weekend and all that it is! It’d probably have a great affect on him, wouldn’t you say? Show him what he missed for today?”

Ginny couldn’t help but laugh at the unintended rhyme, but the girl went on.

“You know what? We all deserve better, don’t we? I mean come on; do all the guys have the same idea or something? Do they also have this?” she asked, meaning the group they were having. Girls shrugged as usual.
“Well it’s high time they show their approval of us! Whose with me on the plan to go starkers?!” the girl said, standing on a chair for what she deemed dramatic effect and looked around impressively. To her disappointment, no one volunteered.

Ginny snorted and got to her feet.
“I’m off to bed, before anyone of you come up with another idea get us detention, or worse expelled.”

And with those famous and yet changed words she went off up the staircase and into the dormitories marked Sixth Year. As she lay upon her bed, she grinned. So her Valentine’s Day had been horrible but she knew why: Harry was planning everything for a wonderful Saturday at Hogsmeade instead. Her brother had let this slip to her mere days ago.

Her brother was good for something, now wasn’t he?
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