Snow globes, knitted gloves, and Ginny by AnHPsuperfan

Summary: Harry spends Christmas with his favorite person in the whole World. The snow keeps falling and he is thoroughly infatuated.
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1- Snow globes, knitted gloves, and Ginny.
Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Afterglow
Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - One of the best

Chapter 1: Chapter 1- Snow globes, knitted gloves, and Ginny.

Author's Notes: Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I had this idea for a short scene and wanted to post it, hoping it would take your mind off what’s happening in the World for a few moments. My intention was for you to read on Christmas’ Eve. I hope I did it on time. Here in my country it’s still only afternoon.
I plan on releasing a companion piece to this, tomorrow. Please, if you liked it, leave a review. What makes me even happier than writing is knowing that someone eles enjoyed it too. And the community in this website always leaves long, caring reviews that I love. Stay safe!

Harry’s feet make a scrunching sound hitting the cobbled street filled with patches of snow. It had stopped snowing an hour ago already but the temperature was cold enough that the streets were white. The wind hit his cheeks, the only part of his body vulnerable to it. He wore his hood over his head and the knitted gloves Mrs. Weasley had made for him. His breath was forming in the air ahead.

There were some few stragglers out on Christmas’ Eve, facing the weather, to delight themselves in the picturesque scene. Most were eating dinner at this hour, either at their warm homes, or in one of the restaurants in London. Just as he was thinking about it, one of the local restaurants caught his attention, on the other side of the street. It looked like an Italian one, with wooden tables and traditional decoration.

‘We could eat there, tonight.’ Harry always loved to try new places to eat in the Muggle world and Ginny was his most loyal companion, sharing his excitement and adding to their list of favorites. He continued on his way, imagining what dish they could try out.

He adjusted his jacket a little tighter as the temperatures seemed to drop. The sky was cloudy and snow was threatening to fall again. A couple ahead was seating in a park bench, the girl on top of her boyfriend, to protect themselves from the chilly night. Though, as he looked a bit closer, maybe it wasn’t only for that purpose... Their faces were quite close together.

An image came unbidden to his mind of Ron and Hermione, where he left them, at Ron and George’s apartment above WWW. He decided to pay them a visit before meeting Ginny, but twenty minutes in, his best friends engaged themselves in an argument. That he was used to. What troubled him was what came after, when they started to make up. He put on his jacket and gloves and decided to take a walk to the place where he was to meet his girlfriend.

He did love that his best friends were together, as long as he didn’t have to see the more intimate moments. He got uncomfortable by that with any couple, actually. Unless it envolved him and her. Ginny.. with her soft lips and beautiful hair.

A smile spread on his face, his cheeks stretching, seeming frozen by the cold. In just a few moments he’d get to see her in person again, feel her hair through his fingers, taste her smile. Two months was way too long to be without her. Definitely.

The first flakes of snow started to fall, landing timidly on his face. He didn’t feel bothered by it, though. His mind was someplace else. Harry watched serenely the shops and cafes closing their windows and doors to protect from the snowy wind. One of those shops took his mind from flowers, red and warm brown eyes. It was one of those gift shops where you could buy trinkets to give to someone dear. Just in the shop window, there was a snow globe, containing a little house with trees and flowers. He went in, Ginny would love that. Her interest for Muggle things rivaled her father’s and she loved how they had things so similar to the Wizarding World, and yet, used no magic.

Five minutes later, Harry payed for the gift, and took it in a little bag, checking his watch and picking up his pace. At any moment now, she would Apparate in a side alley nearby and walk to the corner they chose to meet. The snow was falling a bit more earnestly now, but he practically didn’t feel it. Looking ahead, to the end of the street, she wasn’t there yet.

He arrived at their spot, passing an electronics store, and coming from the other street, horizontal to his, was the face he was looking for.

She smiled, her eyes shining under the white woolly hat. Her gloves were white too, also made by Mrs Weasley’s capable hands. Her hair was loose, the reds accented by the white, snow flakes attached to the ends of it. In no time at all she was pressed against him, arms around his neck and he was taken by a wonderful, flowery smell, so uniquely Ginny’s.

Her nose and lips pressed to his neck, his face buried in her hair, while his arms wrapped around her waist, and he felt happier than he felt the last two months. They separated just to press their lips together. His were chapped by the cold, but hers were soft, protected by the lip gloss she loved. Her gloved hands held his face in place and he almost took his own gloves off, just to run his fingers through her hair then and there.

“Hi.” she whispered, after breaking apart.

“Hey.” Harry caressed her cheek, out of breath. “Everything ok with the Portkey?”

“Uhum” she smiled.

“I have something for you.” Harry picks the globe out of the bag and hands it to her.

“It’s a Muggle one!” She exclaims after examining it. “I love it. It’s so cute.”

“I thought you would.” Harry grins.

“Thank you.” She kisses his cheek “Ron and Hermione are at his apartment?”

“Yeah” Harry makes a face.

Ginny laughs “I get it you stopped by, then?”

“Very briefly” he confirms, hands in his pockets.

“Thought so.” She smirks. “Are we eating at your place?”

“Actually, I found a new restaurant on my way here where we haven’t been before. And it was open.”

“Oohh one of those cosy, traditional ones we like?” Her eyes sparkle.

“Exactly like it.” He says, proudly..

“Lead the way” She extends her hand and they start their way back.

Ginny nudges him. “Do you think, later, we could have a —“

“Hot chocolate?” He interrupts.”There’s a cafeteria across the street where we’re eating. Think I don’t know my girlfriend?” He nudges her back, jokingly.

“That sounds great. But I was thinking maybe we could have it at your place?” She glanced at him, innocently. “I told my mom I was sleeping at Hermione’s tonight. You know, Apparating all the way to Ottery St. Catchpole is really tiring after a Portkey to London.”

“It’s definitely tiring.” Harry says, mock-seriously . She laughs. He loved making her laugh, it filled his heart with warmth even in the cold snow. “There’s no other way then, we’ll have to drink hot chocolate and keep each other warm tonight.

She agrees and leans into his side. He wraps his arm on her shoulders and pulls her closer.

“So, how is Julie?” Harry continues their conversation. Julie was Ginny’s teammate and roommate at Holyhead.

“She was laughing happily at my expense when I left.” Ginny huffs.


“I may have gotten a calendar just to count the days until I saw you today.” She whispers, just loud enough for him to hear. Because this kind of thing she certainly wouldn’t say in front of her brothers, or her parents, or any of her friends, for that matter. It was certainly embarrassing. And Harry would take the mickey out of her the whole Holiday season. But she would hand him this opportunity, for only she knows also how good this piece of information made him feel.

He does it. He teases her, cause she wouldn’t expect any less of him. As for the deeper meaning, it didn’t have to be spoken out loud.

“You can’t blame her. That’s pretty cheesy, Weasley.”

“That’s pretty rich, Potter, coming from someone who bought me a gift and planned the whole evening before we even met.” She half smiles and half smirks in a way so completely adorable, he can’t keep the goofy smile off his face. Internally, he thinks he should try and play it cooler than that, but honestly, he wasn’t a 16 year old teenager trying to find the courage to ask her out anymore. She had him completely infatuated by her. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Afterglow

Author's Notes: Hi again! I intended to post this sooner, but just finished it now. Anyway, Merry Christmas. This is based on the new song “Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran but it’s also a companion piece to the first chapter. Thank you for reading it, especially the ones who took the time to leave a review. I may have thought of doing a third chapter, with their Christmas lunch at the Burrow. But it depends on how many people like it so far. I’m not sure about it. So, please, tell me your opinion, if you’d like me to write it or not. Have a good read!

The light of the morning started to hit his face in an uncomfortable way. He tried turning around and going back to sleep, pulling the covers over his head. However, his mind soon caught up to the fact that there was something or, rather, someone missing on the right side of his bed. Her flowery smell still lingered on the sheets.

That’s all the incentive he needed to get up and brush his teeth. Soon, wearing a long sleeved thin pajamas and barefoot, he exited the bedroom and headed to the living room of his new apartment. He tended to use light clothes even in winter to go to sleep, never was one to feel cold at night. Ginny, however, put on her thickest socks and fluffy pajamas to go to sleep and still, got as close to him as possible, to feel his warmth. He loved the winter.

When walking to the living room/kitchen, he already sported a big smile on his face and what he found, made his heart swell. Sitting on one of the wooden chairs of the kitchen, into his little porch, enjoying the early rays of sunshine, was his beautiful girlfriend. He may have been biased, but the scenery really looked breathtaking. Her feet were perched on the edge of the chair, one arm holding her head, elbow supported by her knees. The light from the sun caught on her face and her red hair, making the strings shine in tones of gold and red.

He came up from behind her, after standing there a feel minutes admiring her. She seemed to be on her own little world. His arms wrapped around her from behind. He leaned his head down to giver her a kiss on her own hair..

She startled at first, but soon calmed down, knowing it was him.

“Hey” she smiled softly. “You were so silent. Didn’t ee you come in.”

“Huumm.” He murmured over her head. “You’re gonna laugh at me, but I was actually admiring you from the living room.”

She laughed. “It does remind me of the romance books Hermione lends me to read, but I still think it’s sweet.” She grabs his hand. “And you should definitely never stop saying those things to me.” She kisses his knuckles.

Ginny grabs her wand from one of the vases and summons another chair from the kitchen. His porch has a little collection of green plants and herbs, which he cultivates to make the potions he needs for his work as an Auror. They’re always well cared for, thanks to Neville and the knowledge in Herbology he shares with Harry.

Before Harry joins her, Ginny says “There’s more coffe in the jar on the counter, if you want.”

She’s holding the red mug he bought just for her when she first started spending some nights in his apartment. He bent down and gave her a lingering kiss to the lips, brushing his nose against hers lightly after, just to feel her scent.

Heading to the kitchen, he felt the cold floor beneath his feet. The only place where it was warm, was on the porch. He grabbed his dark green mug, the one he bought the same day he bought hers, and served himself to some coffee. The smell enveloped the whole room, completing the early morning air.

Ginny pulled her chair closer to him when he sat down and the two stayed in comfortable silence while sipping their coffee. Her head positioned herself on his shoulder and the hot liquid and the sun kept him warm. The moment was complete peace. None of them needed to say anything to know this was as intimate as the night they spent together in his bedroom.

If the streets had been less filled than usual the evening before, this morning they were positively empty. It was 7 o’clock, if that, and the families were probably opening presents in front of the tree and the fireplace. His and his girlfriend’s would be exchanged, by common agreement, at Christmas lunch with the family. The snow from the night before had still not melted and had accumulated on top of three Muggle cars stationed on the street.

“Did you eat something?” Harry passed his hand languorously on Ginny’s leg. She grabbed his arm and hugged it to her lap.

“Nah, too full after the dinner yesterday. The pasta was delicious” She licked her lips “And a few hours later, mum will serve lunch for about forty people.”

Harry laughed. “She certainly likes to fatten us up.”

“Fatten you up, you mean.” She smirks. “Teddy and Andromeda will be there, right?”

“Of course. They wouldn’t miss it.”

“Have you bought his Christmas gift?”

Harry nods.

“What is it?” Ginny asks excitedly. When it comes to presents, it’s nearly impossible to keep something hidden from her. Surprises too, for that matter. Harry found it adorable.

He cleared his throat. “I bought him a kid’s toy broom.”

Ginny laughed openly. “You mean the one Andromeda specifically told you not to get?”

“It wasn’t like that.” Harry defended himself. “She told me it would be my responsibility and she wouldn’t be very pleased.”

Ginny nodded, encouraging him to go on.

“But it’s Christmas. And Sirius gave me my first broom as my godfather. Teddy is three now, and I think it’s my duty as his godfather to give it to him.” He finished timidly.

“That seems like a good enough reason to me.” Ginny says softy.

“Besides, I will be responsible to teach him to ride it.”

“What? You’re crazy, Harry Potter, if you think I won’t help little Teddy Bear ride a broom. I am a professional Quidditch player, after all. He needs to learn from the best.”

“Sure, love, whatever makes you sleep at night.” He teases her.

“Prat” She hit his shoulder lightly. He felt the urge to whoop with the image of Ginny and him teaching little Teddy to ride a bike.

“So, what time are you thinking of going there?” Harry asked her, just to contain himself and get his thoughts elsewhere.

“Maybe ten or eleven. But we’ll have to coordinate the time with Ron and Hermione. Mum doesn’t need to know I spent the night here.”

“I don’t get what’s the problem with that. You are an adult now.”

“I know, but she’s starting to cave, actually. Though she may not be pleased that her only daughter chose to spend the first night back from Wales at her boyfriend’s instead of her parents’ house.” Ginny rolled her eyes. “Even if you are her favorite son.”

Harry’s cheeks flamed, and he felt emotional, as he always did at hearing that.

“We’ll just talk to Hermione, then. No reason making your mum upset.”

“Of course not. Especially because you are completely scared of her.” Ginny comments offhandedly.

“I’m not!” Harry protests indignantly.

“Oh you so are.”

“And how do you figure that?”

“Last summer, you totally snitched on Ron and George after she put you under her radar.” Ginny burst out laughing.

“That’s because it wasn’t my fault!”

“Sure, sure, Potter. Whatever makes you sleep at night.” She pats his cheek.

“What about that time, where I stood my ground about out sleeping arrangements?” Harry continued with their joking argument.

“You mean when I did all the talking and you stood there, giving the puppy dog eyes?”

“That’s not how it happened, Weasley, and you know it.”

“Oh, right, you may have included a thank you in the end.” She laughed, her eyes sparkling mischievously at him, her legs on his lap and her body twisted on the chair.

He loved mornings with her.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - One of the best

Author's Notes: A/N.: I’m back!! Lol. I know it’s way past Christmas and I haven’t updated in a month. But I had a spot of inspiration and read your reviews that asked for one more chapter, so I wanted to give you one more. Thank you for the lovely reviews. Now, please, find that Christmas spirit in you and read on! Tell me what you think, later. I’d love to know.

They arrived at the Burrow at a decent time, despite the fact neither of them felt like getting up from their comforting corner. And that was after they flooed to Ron’s place and picked up his best friends in the spirit of keeping their little scheme going. Molly Weasley was the first to greet them with hugs.

“Oh, dear. It’s so good to see you! You’re looking so good.” Molly squeezed him tightly. “If a little thin, I suppose.”

Ginny pushed his foot playfully at that comment.

“So, how was your girls’ night?” Molly asked Hermione and Ginny.

“It was great, mum,” Ginny answered swiftly.

Hermione started talking from beside her. “Oh, Mrs. Weasley, we had so much fun! First, we listened to the Weird Sisters on the radio, then we ordered a pizza, had some red wine...”

His best friend had a little problem when telling lies. She can’t let the subject drop. Instead, she made the lie even bigger by telling little details, afraid the person would catch on to it. Harry was used to it. Ginny seemed very frustrated, judging by the eye-roll she gave him behind her mother’s back.

Harry made his way to the gardens, lest he starts cracking up. Ron followed behind.

In the Weasley’s traditional ways, the brothers were all crashing the tables in competition instead of settling them for lunch.

“If it isn’t my two favorite little brothers.” George turner to them, releasing his table, which narrowly missed Charlie’s foot.

“Shut up, George,” Ron grumbled. Harry’s heart, however, seemed to lift at the term.

“How have you been, Harry? I don’t even have to ask you, Ron. You’re everyday at the shop, pissing me off.” George said.

“Don’t worry. I’m off to see my favorite older brothers anyway.” Ron retorted.

Harry ignored the brothers’ squabbling, used to it already.

“I’ve been great. Crazy busy at work. But happy that Ginny’s back around.”

“I bet you are.” George gave him a wink, that made him blush to the roots of his hair. “Anyway, Harrykiens, make sure to pass by the shop one day. We can grab lunch. I’m too tired of having lunch just with Ron everyday.”

Harry was about to reply to that, when a little bundle came racing towards him.


“Hey, buddy.” Harry gave a huge smile and lifted his godson up, kissing his cheeks and his blue hair. “You excited for your Christmas gift?”


“I bet you’ve forgotten all about old uncle George here.” George made a sad face to the three year old.

“No! Unca George! I ‘member you!” Teddy giggled.

“What about this, Ted?” Harry said. “Go say hi to all the family and, when you get back, I’ll give you your gift before everyone else’s.”

The little boy’s eyes lightened up and he started running to the Weasley brothers.

“You sure know how to handle him, mate,” George said.

“Harry!” Andromeda appeared from the house and gave him a hug.

“How are you?” Harry asked the woman, who had quickly become part of the family.

“Good, good. With my hands full, as you can see. Hi George!” She started to greet the Weasley sibling.

Andromeda hadn’t come alone to the gardens. Standing with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, was Ginny. Harry knew the only reason she came out was to see Andromeda berating him for his choice of gift. He didn’t buy for one second her pretense of greeting George nonchalantly.

Harry wasn’t stupid though. He waited a few seconds, until Teddy appeared in front of him, hair disheveled and pleading eyes.

“Can I have my gift now, Unca Harry?”

So he took it from his pocket and enlarged it, handing the broom to his godson

The shape of the gift said it all. George knew what it was. Teddy knew what it was. And Andromeda knew what it was. But she wasn’t about to take it from her grandson, who was jumping in joy.

She only gave Harry a warning look and said “You know what the conditions were. It’s in your hands now.”

Harry smiled brightly at her while Teddy ripped out the papers. “Of course.”

Being a family of Quidditch, soon all the Weasley siblings were around, checking out the broom and offering to help Teddy ride it. Well, all except Percy, who was fitting Harry with a disapproving glance. Ginny took the lead, though.

“I’m his unofficial godmother. So, Harry and I will help Teddy for his first ride. Later, you can help him..” She gave them all a stare, daring them to disagree. The brothers grumbled between them, but none of them dared intervene.

Harry thinks he fell in love with her a little bit more, then.

After a whole hour of Teddy rushing around the garden giggling, going from one uncle to the other, Molly announced lunch was ready. Teddy’s first try with Harry and Ginny had gone smoothly and Harry somehow felt a bit closer to Sirius after doing it. Later, all the Weasleys had started to give their advice and his godson wanted to go always faster.

The table was set, with delicious holiday food and Harry’s stomach growled from his place beside Ginny at one end of the table. Conversation already flowed effortlessly around everyone, bringing joy to their meal. In front of Harry and Ginny, Hermione was telling them about a new breakthrough at work, Ron by her side, looking at her with a dreamy complexion at her enthusiasm.

Down the table, sat a very pregnant Fleur and Bill, facing an also pregnant, Audrey and Percy. The women were sure talking about their babies while the men seemed to discuss work, Bill stopping between sentences to feed their two year old daughter, Victoire.

Next to the toddler, sat Teddy, babbling nonstop, while Andromeda tried to get him to eat, beside him. Molly was cooing at the little boy, on Andromeda’s other side.

In line with Harry was also George, Angelina and Charlie, the latter talking about a brand new story from the dragons’ reserve. Arthur sat at the very end of the table, with a proud look on his face.

All in all, it was a beautiful scene. Harry felt that they all fit perfectly together. Ginny squeezed his tight under the table while he was taking it all in. She always knew what was on his mind.

With their bellies full, Mrs. Weasley declared it was time to exchange gifts. The adults, at least. Victoire and Teddy weren’t able to wait for theirs. In the middle of it all, Harry discreetly whispered in Ginny’s ear.

“Can we go somewhere more private? I’d like to give you your gift alone.”

Ginny nodded and grabbed his hand, taking him to the stairs while the rest of the family was busy exclaiming over the Christmas surprises.

“Ooh, I hope you’re going to do something unapproved by my parents!” Ginny exclaimed, excitedly.

“Ginny!” Harry hissed, appealed.


“The whole family is just inside the next room.”

“So? That never stopped us before.” She shrugged.

Harry shook his head, exasperated. He fetched the rectangular box in his pocket, hoping it wouldn’t ruin her expectations.

“I was thinking something more material,” He said.

Ginny’s eyes shined at the box and proceeded to unwrap the decorative paper. Harry knew it would mean the same to her no matter the value of the gift. She just loved Christmas presents.

“Harry!” Ginny exclaimed. Inside the box was a necklace with a delicate golden Snitch hanging from it.

“I was gonna give you a Quaffle. But for some reason the Snitch is more beautiful. And then I thought about how the Finals when you ever played as a seeker was the day we first kissed and-“

Ginny interrupted him with a warm kiss, her eyes shining as she pulled away

“ It’s perfect. Can you put it on me?”

He brushed her long, red hair to the side and clasped the necklace around her neck.

Ginny smiled “In this case, I may have something for you too.”

She enlarged a gift-wrapped box. Inside, was a beautiful picture frame, the borders all knitted in a pattern of gold and red, with his number 7 on one corner. The picture was of him and Ginny on one of their broom rides, teasing each other good-naturedly.

“I myself knitted it. Hermione took the picture for me.” Ginny said.

“I love it. Thank you.” He hugged her. “ You are good at this knitting thing, Weasley.”

“Don’t even start.” She laughed. “Only for you, Potter.”

‘And that’s why he loved it so much’, he thought.

A few hours later, the afternoon was turning into early evening, and the family was returning each to their houses, little by little. Harry and Ginny were assigned the duty of taking care of the tables and chairs outside.

They were piling the chairs in a corner with a few flicks of their wands, when it started to snow abundantly. The young wizards fastened their paces, becoming soon drenched. When they finally went for cover, Ginny’s hair was dark in some places, where it got wet and Harry’s was covered in white.

She passed her hand through his black locks, the gesture sending small tingles of pleasure down his body. Leaning a bit closer and grasping his neck, she murmured, “ I may have another Christmas gift stored for you.”

“Hmmm?” Harry hummed, his senses filled with her flowery smell.

“I told my mom there’s no way I’d let my boyfriend spend the holidays alone in that apartment, while Ron had George for company in the shop. She hesitated a bit, but said nothing, which I’ll take as a yes.”

“You’re joking?” Harry stared at her hopefully.

“I’m all yours for the next two weeks, Mr. Potter.”

He grabbed her by the waist and twirled her around, not caring that they were, again, under the snow. Her laughter filled the air.

It was, no doubt, one of his best Christmas ever.

The snow was falling and he was hopelessly in love.

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