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Reviewer: pleurocoelus Signed Date: 2014.08.29 - 06:03PM Title: Ginny Again

Nicely done!

Reviewer: Emlyn Signed Date: 2011.09.01 - 01:55PM Title: Ginny Again

Interesting story so far. There is still the mystery of the Polyjuice to solve. Will be interesting to see how things go from here. Slight changes to canon here and there. Wondering what kind of differences they will make.

Author's Response: As with any fan-fiction there will be slight changes in canon. I am creating my own story of what I think was going on with Ginny during the time we didn't see her in book six, but I am trying to keep it parallel with canon as much as possible. In fact the mystery of the Polyjuice potion is solved in by reading the Half-Blood Prince thoroughly. :) Thank you for reading and thank you for your review.

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2011.08.31 - 02:27PM Title: Ginny Again


excellent chapter, very pleased to see an update from you
I'm sure Ginny feels better for letting out all that bottled up emotion and anger :)

Author's Response: Things are certainly starting to look up, but there are still a lot of bottled up emotions swimming around this plot. :)

Reviewer: Macsr71 Signed Date: 2011.08.31 - 02:24PM Title: Ginny Again


Great fun, wondering when Ginny is going to realize the Lily really is her inner voice speaking to herself (unless you really do have Lily communicating from the dead - and you know, that's kind of creepy)

Author's Response: You are quite an observant reader... Thank you for reading and your review!

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2011.08.31 - 12:07PM Title: Ginny Again


So that's what happened in the portrait hole? Great chapter and I really think you've captured Ginny's personality. She tries to be a good girlfriend and mend things until she's just pushed to far and then...BAM! Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Well if you recall, the reason Ginny lost her footing in the portrait hole wasn't really because Dean had pushed her, it was because Harry did on accident, as he was leaving the common room under the invisibility cloak to talk to Professor Slughorn. Poor Dean just had terrible timing, and because she couldn't see Harry, Dean was blamed. Poor chap.

Author's Response: Also thanks for reading and I always appreciate reviews! :)

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2011.08.31 - 11:01AM Title: Ginny Again


Some punctuatin checking would be a very god idea.

Author's Response: I know, I'm having a hard time editing. It's so much easier to edit someone else's work, gah, I read and reread and somehow mistakes find their way into my brain farts. haha. I'm in the market for a beta. If anyone knows of someone or would like to help me out, please let me know. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: yentila22 Signed Date: 2010.09.08 - 11:34PM Title: Somewhere Between Beginnings and Endings


This is a wonderful story and i am glad that you will finish it. Your Harry is so cute around Ginny.

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2010.09.08 - 07:06PM Title: Somewhere Between Beginnings and Endings


Poor Dean, but he was never going to win.

Hope your moving was fina and you're writing to update soon.

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2010.09.08 - 06:54AM Title: Somewhere Between Beginnings and Endings


a really good chapter but there are quite a few spelling and grammer mistakes. Perhaps you should consider getting a beta to help with them?
Aside from that, I really liked the development between Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I noticed the atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes I made in this chapter too, right after I posted it. I wrote it over a long period of time, through a very hectic move, and I admit when I finished it I didn't do as thorough a job editing this as I should have. I'm kicking myself for it, now. But at least it's up. I promise to do better with the next one.

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2010.09.08 - 06:42AM Title: Discoveries and Detention


another lovely chapter. I actually burst out laughing at Harry's antics in this one
well done

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2010.09.08 - 06:34AM Title: Silly Grins, a Row, and a Dream


wow, what a chapter. I've just stumbled upon this story and I'm glad I did since it seems to be really good
I find it interesting and good that you've given Dean real feelings for Ginny in this story, but I still hope Ginny ditches him big time :)

Reviewer: Yunchao Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 02:52AM Title: Discoveries and Detention

Good job. I really liked how you portrayed Dean's feelings towards Ginny during this time within the canon. I think too many times, he is just labeled as a sort of fling of Ginny's but it's very nice how you gave him real feelings and made the decision for Ginny to break up with him such a hard one for her to make. I've just read this story for judging. Thanks for writing!

Reviewer: Lord Dreadnault Signed Date: 2010.07.08 - 08:46PM Title: Discoveries and Detention


(Judged for challenge) Your ability to write dialogue and fit a balanced narrative of day-to-day life into a story is extremely enviable. Your grammar, punctuation, etc seem to be in excellent shape as is your overall voice. Good luck. :)

Reviewer: Yoodle15 Signed Date: 2010.07.05 - 09:11AM Title: Silly Grins, a Row, and a Dream


No Review

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2010.06.26 - 09:03PM Title: Discoveries and Detention


A few typos around, but nice story overall.

Update soon, please!

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2010.06.25 - 04:34PM Title: Discoveries and Detention


Harry didn't even wait up for her after Quidditch practice? Hmmm, I would have thought he'd do that.

Author's Response: Well as Harry is still very worried about Ron's opinion of him fancying Ginny, Harry would have thought that waiting up for Ginny would seem suspicious. Not to mention that he shares a dormitory with Dean and Ron, and they're both on the Quidditch team with him, I'm sure that questions would have been asked. Of course Harry would have liked to have wait for Ginny, but he's still fretting over what Ron will think.

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2010.06.25 - 04:24PM Title: Silly Grins, a Row, and a Dream


Very intriguing. Dean probably has the right of most of it--except Ginny wouldn't ditch him like that.

Reviewer: carolyn jinn Signed Date: 2010.06.25 - 10:16AM Title: Discoveries and Detention


Good story.

Dean is one character that is not one of my favourites, so lets hope their ending is quick and a 'mutual' decision. Ginny may be a bit confused with her feelings but I don't think 'thick' describes it.

Hermione does, sometimes, have good advice for others. ( It's just too bad that she doesn't take her own advice.) If Ginny is having second thoughts about her relationship with Dean, maybe she should end the relationship.

I can't wait to see what James and Lily have to say to her.

Reviewer: Comet Moon Signed Date: 2010.06.25 - 10:04AM Title: Discoveries and Detention


Another great one

Dean's still alive? Surprising.


Ja ne


Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2010.06.24 - 05:19PM Title: Discoveries and Detention


Really nice!!! Please make Dean's ending very public and very rude. sorry personal again. Full marks.

Author's Response: Thank you. And Dean's got it coming.

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