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Reviewer: Jaqueline Signed Date: 2009.03.17 - 03:46PM Title: Chapter 2


Wonderful, wise and witty!
Brilliant as ever...

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.--Eric B.

Reviewer: Yunchao Signed Date: 2009.03.09 - 11:37AM Title: Chapter 2

I just read this story for judging. Great story! I liked the intricate double deception. Good work as always Spencer.

Author's Response: Thank you. Sometimes the safest, most secure thing to do is to blind them with the obvious. It is up to them whether they recognize it. I really appreciate your reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: sanidad Signed Date: 2009.03.03 - 05:07PM Title: Chapter 2

A very nice challenge entry. It seemed like the type of story that -- as much fun as I had reading it -- was more fun to write. Thanks, as always, for another fun ride in Spenser's universe.

Author's Response: Having fun is what this business is all about. I cannot understand overly dark literature, which is only written for Art\'s sake. It is great to walk away with the story leaving you thinking, and there is certainly nothing wrong with quality writing, but I want to feel good at the end as well. By the way, who is this Art guy anyway? Thanks for reading--Eric.

Reviewer: jennyelf Signed Date: 2009.03.01 - 03:48PM Title: Chapter 2


very interesting tale. I loved the story that Spenser came up with. Very clever. Poindexter certainly got his just desserts! :)

~Jenn :)

Author's Response: I love building up the bad guys, and then watching them go down in flames. I only wish I had made him a bit...fatter. The bigger they are, the harder it is for the kowtowing toadies to steal their wallets. Now where did the Hallows come from? Antidisestablishmentarianism?! Thank you for reading. Eric

Reviewer: jacsmompat Signed Date: 2009.02.21 - 07:41PM Title: Chapter 2

fUNNY AS USUAL. Read for challenge.

Author's Response: I\'m glad that you enjoyed it. The title was Disney\'s quotation naturally, I forget where I saw it recently, but it shot an idea into my head. I\'ve known people like Poindexter, and that made the story all the more fun to write. Thank you for reading. Eric

Reviewer: ginny_lola Signed Date: 2009.02.20 - 03:59PM Title: Chapter 2


Haha, the Queen's aquarium. Good work I loved it =D


Author's Response: Do you think she might have noticed yet? No, we did not harm the beautiful Pacific gobies, or the mermaid younglings in there. Thanks for reading! Eric B.

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2009.02.18 - 11:45PM Title: Chapter 2


Great story! My only question is: Harry flourished the Elder Wand in an early part of the story, and at the end tells us that it's in Dumbledore's tomb. Did he decide to put it there halfway through the story?

Author's Response: The wand that he showed the others was that obtained with Mr. Ollivander\'s help, and then passed on to Poindexter when he crawled out of the catacombs. \"Oops...sorry! It wasn\'t down there after all. I forgot I had it in my pocket the whole time.\" Fred, George and Spenser aren\'t the only mischievous ones. Thanks for reading! Eric B.

Reviewer: stark40763 Signed Date: 2009.02.18 - 07:31PM Title: Chapter 2

Hahahaha! I'm glad that old fop got what he deserved! I'm also glad to see that you've decided to use Spencer in this story, even if it possibly is his last appearance.

Author's Response: The old fop makes us wonder about the accuracy of the curse Harry mentions. Old Spense buddy doesn\'t leave us until he\'s seventy, so you\'ll see him again...unless that torch-bearing mob on my lawn doesn\'t believe me. Thank you for reading.--Eric B.

Reviewer: Broom Rider Signed Date: 2009.02.18 - 10:53AM Title: Chapter 2


I loved this!!! I'm sooo glad that you brought back Brandon. I've loved seeing him ever since your trick or treat story. Did Harry's story in the story really happen? I didn't think so until I saw the curse. I also liked how you left it up to us about whether the academy were good guys or bad guys. Spencer rocks! Poor Ralph.

Author's Response: Brandon LLewellyn has been a favorite since i did my first Challenge story \"October\". I sometimes feel as if he actually exists, and he is standing off somewhere embarassed with the inclusion. Regarding Harry\'s story, I refer you to the explanation toward the end. I thought it was fairlr obvious, but not too much so. As for the Academy...yes. Also, it\'s Spenser not Spencer, and Rolf not Ralph. Maybe I\'m too mean to the character. I\'ve tried to make it up to him in the chapter I\'m writing of my latest. Thank you for reading--Eric B.

Reviewer: Wolfric Signed Date: 2009.02.17 - 01:29AM Title: Chapter 2


That was a bit of fun. Thanks for writing. W.

Author's Response: You are very welcome, and thank you for reading. Eric B.

Reviewer: Trucker Signed Date: 2009.02.17 - 12:05AM Title: Chapter 2


How can I leave a substantive review without mentioning {..} or {..}, or especially Uncle {..}'s {..}? All that's left is to praise your prose, which was perfectly superb, as always. Good luck with the challenge!

Author's Response: Spoilers are a hassle, but Uncle Theodore\'s \"Please, Please Kill Me Now Chili\" is already legendary. Thank you for reading. Eric B.

Reviewer: MinistryMalcontent Signed Date: 2009.02.16 - 08:00PM Title: Chapter 2


Spenser --

Fantastic fable. Made me think more of Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny than Disney, though.

I that's a spoiler.

It was great how that's a spoiler too.

The chili was tasty, but it gave me heartburn.

Look's like another strong challenge entry.

Best of luck!

Tom 2

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked the [spoiler] and the [spoiler]. Did you enjoy how Brandon [spoiler]? Hmm...well, thanks for reading. Eric

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