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Reviews For Cookies!

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2010.04.26 - 10:13PM Title: Cookies!


Hermione is almost two years older than Ginny.

Reviewer: Penny Flamel Signed Date: 2007.09.23 - 10:48PM Title: Cookies!


OOOH, I'LL have some cookies!! I love your stories, this one was really good, especially the innuendo...oh and the colostrum, is somewhat a strange thing to spike cookies with but hey each to their own...i must say i have my own strange fetishes...

Author's Response: Lol thanks for all your reviews. I thought it was funny at the time I wrote it...while munching on cookies ; - )

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2007.05.31 - 03:41AM Title: Cookies!


Wonderful short. Spiked cookies, what will Hermione's semi-evil brain come up with next. Most excellent job! ~Michelle~

Author's Response: Thank you for your wonderful review! It's nice to know someone got the plot right. Maybe it's my writing...

Reviewer: QwayMelqnu Signed Date: 2007.05.06 - 06:51PM Title: Cookies!


I liked the story a lot, but I can't help feeling a bit confused. At the end, I was left thinking that the colostrum meant she was pregnant, but earlier in the story she said, I dont think Im prepared for kids if this goes on." - Why would she say that if she was already pregnant? - Or is she not pregnant and Harry's just a freak for breast milk? lol. But I digress, excellent job on the story overall. And no, I'm full at the moment. Maybe I'll have a cookie later, lol.

Author's Response: LOL I never said it was Ginny's! It was just a slightly-disturbing idea I got while eating those cookies, and I worked in a plotline about Ginny needing a bit more spice in her life from an overworked Harry!

Reviewer: Delani Anonymous Date: 2007.05.06 - 06:35PM Title: Cookies!


I this deserves much more than 3 reviews! What light, delightful fun writing this is. I certainly would like to read more from you; I like your style!


Author's Response: Thanks for your great review, Del! Yeah, I used to write humour like this before I got all caught up with the angsty, 7th Book fics that have invaded my mind! SO, I took a break and...voila!

[Respond: In Review]

Reviewer: Marquis Potter Signed Date: 2007.05.06 - 06:05PM Title: Cookies!


carolquin, unless i'm wrong it means that Ginny is pregnant.

Anyway, great story.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! No, it's not Ginny's (I never said that!), it's just Ginny trying to spice up her s-x life. Don't read too much into it. While I generally love stories with deeper meanings and whatnot, this is as shallow as my writing gets.

Reviewer: GINNY__POTTER258 Signed Date: 2007.05.06 - 03:37PM Title: Cookies!


YAY!!! cookies has been....published? i just woke up.....and i still haven't had a cookie yet so i think i'll have one this afternoon...oh wait it already is the afternoon.....ohhh and i was right about the spelling! YAY ME!....and YAY YOU for writing and posting! : )

Author's Response: Guys, let me introduce you all to my wonderful beta, GINNY__POTTER258. Thank her for the correct spelling of colostrum!

Reviewer: carolquin Signed Date: 2007.05.06 - 03:19PM Title: Cookies!


i really liked your fact i loved it....

but i'm going to sound really stupid and oh well...

i don't get it. i know what colostrum is...but i don't get it in your story.

Author's Response: LOL! Basically, Ginny thinks she and Harry need to spice up their s-x life, so she calls on the vast knowledge of the Know-It-All to help! Don't read too much into it, carol. It was just an idea I got while eating those cookies...

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