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Reviews For Educating

Reviewer: Mistress of Potions Signed Date: 2010.12.03 - 12:11PM Title: Chapter 1

This is possibly the best explanation of war that I've ever read, and I'm old enough to have seen the Vietnam War, first person. Thank you.

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.11.17 - 09:23PM Title: Chapter 1

Wow... Well done I must say though I have a one feeble remark of I don't know for sure of your making Harry look so old and feeble at age 77 I mean Dumbledore was 150 ish or at least that is what JK said at one point though dates don't line up. I mean I don't think Harry would already be this far off at 77 but that didn't even take that much away just a point that made me wonder what is up though maybe an injury from war made him this way. I will say your whole Harry realizing that he was made for war and that he is truly good at statements were great. And I couldn't help but see that a there is a storyline there if you would seize it. I don't know guess I am trying to make excuses for you to write more since your one of the better ones on here and the most realistic by far.

Reviewer: Mistress of Potions Signed Date: 2008.03.31 - 04:53PM Title: Chapter 1


Well done, thank you. They'll never know unless they go.

Reviewer: BeyondRedHorizons Signed Date: 2007.10.26 - 03:31AM Title: Chapter 1


I agree with the previous reviews; on the other hand, I find myself wondering whilst reading through the story what it has to do with Harry Potter.

As much as I appreciate the message you're trying to convey with this story, it was not a story that - in any way - benefited from the use of JK Rowling's characters. You could easily have replaced 'Harry' and 'Ginny' with, say, Tom and Sally or Bartholomew and Kaitlin and the story would have had the same effect. It wasn't about Harry, or Ginny, or Harry and Ginny - it was basically an extended treatise on the horror of war placed in the mouth of a 'Harry' who bore no resemblance whatsoever to his canonical counterpart.

Author's Response: I understand your views. Perhaps I should have mentioned that the events talked therein were not taken from Canon evidence, but rather, mainly, through my Dark Wars universe, where the British Empire is an active participant in the events of the Second War.

Reviewer: DarkLady Anonymous Date: 2007.07.04 - 12:02AM Title: Chapter 1


Wow... I... Wow..

Great. Fantastic. Awesome.

I can't describe it...

I loved it.

Great job.

[Respond: In Review]

Reviewer: griffindorechicky101 Signed Date: 2007.02.22 - 02:16PM Title: Chapter 1


thas awsome time for the sequel

Reviewer: lecook4 Signed Date: 2007.02.21 - 11:26PM Title: Chapter 1


Once again, you've pulled the reader in and given them a glimpse of the foxhole during a long night of restless dreams and debates. You give us clear visions of the the true face of war, and its not pretty or grand. It's both hot and cold. Life becomes gritty, harsh and yet exhilarating with discovery of the beauty of everyday things. The sky, a flower, the face of a boy or girl take on new meaning as you try to push aside the hideous destruction you've witnessed. War is, of itself, a kind of Zen, in that you can't appreciate good without first knowing evil, love without hate, beauty without ugliness. They are the same and yet opposites.

I continue to look, with expectation, for more from you.

Reviewer: knightsbridge Signed Date: 2007.02.21 - 01:29AM Title: Chapter 1


I think my review for Songs Of War can just be switched over here, only this time you visually took us into the heart of a warior, and all of its glory and pain, and horror.

Thanks for waking us up, yet again.

Reviewer: ginnyp_harryp Signed Date: 2007.02.20 - 11:53PM Title: Chapter 1


WOW! This was VERY powerful! And I loved the ending...

Reviewer: Elementum Signed Date: 2007.02.20 - 08:39PM Title: Chapter 1


Wow, I really liked it. very realistic. "Before you advocate for peace, fight a war, so that you know what you are talking about." That was my favorite line. =) I'd leave a longer review, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the positive review. I actually never truly noticed how much \"quotable\" material that phrase had until I read it once over afte reading this review, but I agree; it does make quite the statement. I figure I put it in due to my channeling my frustration towards what I call \"trigger-happy hippies\" into my writing.

Reviewer: animegodess Signed Date: 2007.02.20 - 07:55PM Title: Chapter 1


Great job. A good story with a good message.^^

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