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Reviews For Scrooge

Reviewer: minne Signed Date: 2012.04.14 - 09:34AM Title: Chapter 3


That story was just totally awsome :-)

Reviewer: cloisginnyharry25 Signed Date: 2011.04.24 - 02:36AM Title: Chapter 3


wonderfull story althought ginny may try to kill the twins

Reviewer: HarryGinnyMustLiveOn Signed Date: 2007.06.20 - 04:34AM Title: Chapter 3


This is a great story. It's really pretty. I like how you've modelled it on a Charles Dickens (?) story. I can't wait to read some more of your work.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Victor Aagaard Signed Date: 2007.06.18 - 07:31PM Title: Chapter 3



Author's Response: I take it that you liked it :) Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: hms42 Signed Date: 2007.06.18 - 01:02AM Title: Chapter 3


No Review

Reviewer: Zoltan42 Signed Date: 2007.06.17 - 09:05PM Title: Chapter 3


No Review

Reviewer: Sir Ollivander Signed Date: 2007.06.17 - 07:53PM Title: Chapter 3


Edited for spelling: Auror, Lavender

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2007.01.28 - 02:26AM Title: Chapter 2


Yay! I'm glad that you updated! I know, it's too bad sometimes RL gets in the way. But at least you're able to update now.

Harry and Ginny go ice-skating together, but the day is ruined with the news of Moody's death. Then Harry decides he needs to break up with Ginny again, but this time she gives him an ultimatum. That is a good idea -- if he doesn't really want to be with her, he should let her go.

I wish to comment about Zoltan42, who's wondering why Ron and Hermione are apparently married when it's only their seventh year at Hogwarts. On one hand, Zoltan42 has a point, but then again, part of the confusion stems from the controversial challenge parameters. We are told that Harry is supposed to propose to Ginny during his seventh year -- and most people feel that H/G are much too young to be married. I suspect SilverPhoenix feels that if H/G are old enough to marry in this fic, then so are R/Hr. Furthermore, many couples elope during a war, including Arthur/Molly. So I don't blame SilverPhoenix at all -- if anyone's to blame at all, it's the challenge writers.

Fred and George's prank is to make Harry fall asleep -- it's ironic that Harry remembers the late Moody's words about being careful while drinking when it's too late. Which also makes me wonder how Moody died -- was he poisoned? Of course, I know the twins won't really kill Harry.

Obviously it's too late to win any awards for the challenge, but I will give you a much higher score than I did the first time -- I'm scoring this as a fic on its own, not as a challenge entry. I look forward to reading the next chapter, which you may post whenever you have time in your busy life.

Author's Response: Ah, you are my favorite reviewer, but you give me far too much credit! I\'m usually half-asleep when writing anymore. I\'m not really thinking deep into things like I used to, though I should be. I\'m glad you liked it so much! Thanks for the review. Hopefully I\'ll get it up THIS weekend--I tried to last weekend but I think my computer was having issues because the chapter looked as if it wasn\'t posted, so I was going to wait to do it until I figured out what was going wrong. No promises, but hopefully I can get this cute little fic out of the way asap. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2007.01.28 - 02:16AM Title: Chapter 2


Pretty good job on the 2nd chapter. I won't mention the mistake that the reviewer before me did, as that has already been brought to your attention.

You wrote in Ginny's eyes as grey, in canon they are brown. Small thing, I know, but distracting. You might also want to watch your word choices. Some of the ones you put did not fit what you were trying to get them to mean. I don't have an example, sorry.

All in all, though, great job. Keep up the good work.

By the way, sarcastic answers to a review...really discourages future reviews. When I had asked you before if there was more to this story... I did not know if you were new to the challenges and forgot to mark it complete. There were a couple for the challenge that had to go back and mark it as complete. It wasn't an unreasonable question.

Author's Response: Are Ginny\'s eyes brown? Sorry, I don\'t pay much attention any more. I haven\'t read the books in at least a year. As to word choices--they probably don\'t. I find that with less and less time to do fanfiction it gets later and later when I write it and I\'m usually half asleep by the end. My apologies--it made sense at the time. I\'m glad you liked it. Ah. No, I am not new to the challenge. I\'ve done a few before and actually got an award once, much to my pleasure. I thought YOU were being the sarcastic one, asking if it was complete or not and answered accordingly. My apologies. It\'s difficult to tell ones mood when you cannot see their face. Thanks for the reviews, and again, my apologies.

Reviewer: Zoltan42 Signed Date: 2007.01.28 - 01:52AM Title: Chapter 2


I'm not sure of your time line. Chapter 1 Harry stated he was 17, which means this is the only about six months after the end of HBP. However, you stated "Hermione and Ron had already arrived from their own home not far from London" which would indicate they started a relationship, got married, and got a house -- all the while I would assume helping Harry look for the Horcruxes. (I assume they are married because I don't really see their parents being all that crazy about they living together at such a young age, whether they are adults in the wizard world or not.) This seems a lot to have happened in such as short time, not to mention being very rushed.

Author's Response: Uh yeah, about that...Jim McGuffin delivers a very nice response to that confusion, though he gives me more credit than I deserve. I think I myself was a little confused when writing the chapter. However, I like his answer and will stick to it. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Larry Signed Date: 2007.01.28 - 01:32AM Title: Chapter 2


Well Harry has learned his lesson the hard way. I love the twins, they are my kind of people...looking forward to the next update. Great read,and a 10 too.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m really glad you liked it! Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Larry Signed Date: 2007.01.28 - 01:30AM Title: The One Ring


Poor Harry, been there, done that. A nice start and a good read.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad you liked it.

Reviewer: GINNY__POTTER258 Signed Date: 2007.01.19 - 04:55AM Title: The One Ring

there was only one chapter this time so i wan't able to miss any! : ) that's both good and bad
good- no missed chapters bad-don't get to read the rest of the story...even if i have to go back and re-read it all over again...please still continue this story though! i'll try my hardest not to skip another chapter i promise!

Author's Response: I will finish the story--I promise. I won\'t leave so many people hanging on a story begun and not completed. My ethics/morals don\'t sit well with that because I know how it feels when that happens. Anyway, I\'m glad you liked it--thanks for the review.

Reviewer: GINNY__POTTER258 Signed Date: 2007.01.19 - 04:10AM Title: The One Ring


great chapter it's so unrealistic to have harry find the perfect ring so quickly so that's good! it's a shame that you didn't finish though! : )

Author's Response: I know. I will finish it though. Just obviously not for the challenge.

Reviewer: kmagarden Signed Date: 2007.01.12 - 08:23PM Title: The One Ring


reading/reviewing for challenge. Ohhhh, I didn' t notice this wasn't complete before I started reading. You are off to a really good start! I enjoyed this chapter - even if you didn't get it completed for the challenge, I hope you take the time to finish, I'd love to see how it turns out!

Author's Response: Yes, I know, I\'m a bad person and didn\'t make the deadline. I\'m sorry. But, I will take the time out to finish it. I\'m glad you liked what I have of it so far!

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2007.01.11 - 10:30PM Title: The One Ring


Judged for competition.

Well, this fic is off to a good start. It's funny how Harry takes Ron/Hermione along with him to go engagement ring shopping -- even if Ginny's own brother knows nothing about her! LOL! And in the end, they just go off snogging somewhere. He's right -- he should've left them back at home. LOL!

But I am disappointed that you were not able to finish the fic by the deadline. You did warn us in an earlier review that you were busy with your finals, but I was hoping that you'd be able to finish the fic during the Christmas holidays.

I'm rating this fic 5/10 -- a half-finished fic only merits half the points. But good news! On January 20th, after the winners are declared, the challenge category will be open again, and you'll be able to update this fic. I've read some of your other fics, so I know this one will be good as well. Fred and George haven't appeared yet, and with a title such as "Scrooge," I know this will turn about to be a delightful parody of Charles Dickens's class. I'll definitely be looking out for an update on this soon!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you enjoyed the beginning--and I was very sad that I couldn\'t make the deadline. Breaks are just as busy for me as the school year--minus summer break (well, sometimes. Most of the time I take summer classes to get ahead in school or so I can take more performing arts courses). I\'ll certainly finish this story. I\'d liked the idea, and it\'s a short write, so I\'ll finish it up. I hope you review again! I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2007.01.09 - 02:21AM Title: The One Ring


Judged for Challenge.

Was there supposed to be more to this story?

Wishing you best of luck in the competition.

Author's Response: Um, yes, there was supposed to be more to this story, hence the \"Complete: No\" in the full story summary. This story just didn\'t make my top list of priorities unfortunately and didn\'t make it to the deadline.

Reviewer: Keira Azul Signed Date: 2006.12.31 - 11:05AM Title: The One Ring


Judged for Challenge

Good start -- I hope you get the rest in before the deadline (I always wait until the last minute - procrastinators unite! :) ). Good Luck.


Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked the start--I\'m quite sorry I didn\'t make the deadline.

Reviewer: carolquin Signed Date: 2006.12.26 - 07:41PM Title: The One Ring


this chapter is being reviewed for judging purposes...

nice start but you have a contradiction in your story:

“What use are you if you don’t know things like that? Why did we even bring you along?” She turned to Harry. “Why did we bring him along?” Harry shrugged.

“Because he’s Ginny’s sister and knows her really well,” he said. Hermione huffed.

according to this sentence, ron is a girl

Author's Response: I give a heavy sigh as I read the third review that mentions my mistake. It was an accident. I was tired. I wrote this chapter during finals week. I will fix it--thank you for pointing out the error so I can edit the story and fix it. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2006.12.26 - 11:13AM Title: The One Ring


A Muggle jewlry store is a definite twist, and it opened up some possibilities as well. The explanation that Harry wanted to give the gentleman was a good analysis of the cultural differences that they are facing, and an accurate one as well. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with a bit of time for their engagement. One point...I think that you wanted to say that Ron is Ginny's brother, not his sister (paragraph fourteen). This was a nice start. Thanks and good luck. Eric B.

Author's Response: Oi. Everyon\'s been pointing that out. I haven\'t even had time to check this site until today, but obviously it is a glaring (and annoying) error. I was tired when I wrote this. Considering I wrote this chapter during finals week I think I can be excused as long as I fix it. I best get on that. I\'m glad you like it so far--thanks for the review.

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