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Reviewer: juice14 Signed Date: 2009.08.15 - 05:34AM Title: Chapter 1


Wow! Ok this is one good piece! You pulled a good twist with the 3 words. Also a ring made of pure love? Priceless plot device! Respect and kudos!

Author's Response: These story about killed me to write. I\'m glad it\'s still enjoyable to read. Thanks!

Reviewer: Artistand Signed Date: 2008.11.25 - 11:36PM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: hms42 Signed Date: 2007.07.16 - 03:35PM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: Aethonan Signed Date: 2007.04.23 - 03:57PM Title: Chapter 1


This was really well written. Good plot line. The whole thing with three different rings for his "family" was absolutely perfect! Keep on writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I do think Harry thinks of R/Hr as his family - and of course, they will be when everyone gets sorted out and marries the right person. :) Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: MalfoysMinx Signed Date: 2007.02.05 - 09:08PM Title: Chapter 1


This story made me beam from the inside out :) Two words: SHEER PERFECTION!* ++ Lois

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it. It was tough to write!

Reviewer: Keira Azul Signed Date: 2007.01.20 - 12:58PM Title: Chapter 1


Congratulations!!! I'm so happy you were recognized in the challenge!

I told you that I would come back and really review your story, so here I am. After reading it again, it made me want to go back and read the other Wallpaper moments for the millionth time. They have always been some of my favorite stories, and this one is no exception. I loved the idea of gold floss - where did you get it from? And the howler at the end of the story was perfect Molly. But the real kicker for me was that very last sentence. Even reading it for the second time I got choaked up. Harry really deserves a home and a family...I hope that JKR sees that and lets him finally gives him his happiness in a way as beautifully as you have done.

Congratulations again,


Author's Response: Hi Meg, that\'s so sweet of you to return with a review! To answer your question about the gold floss - I just used the alchemy symbolism I had researched for Red is the Heart and went from there. I\'m glad you liked the three words - I don\'t know if I conveyed enough of how content Harry was with her there (you know - telling not showing) but I do think those words will be the fulfillment of all of Harry\'s adventures. At least they had better be. *glares at the doomsday HP fans* Thanks again, Meg!

Reviewer: GINNY__POTTER258 Signed Date: 2007.01.19 - 05:41PM Title: Chapter 1


Absolutly great story! i loved it it was so cute and fluffy it was perfect! : )

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it and thought it was fluffy. I usually like less angst with my fluff. :) Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Keira Azul Signed Date: 2007.01.18 - 10:38PM Title: Chapter 1

Judged for Competition:
I'm with Chreechree...this site eats reviews like they're candy....I KNOW I reviewed this when I first read it, and I came to see how you responded and POOF! It wasn't there! And speaking of candy...yum, that's all I have to say about this story. I love love loved it, and in fact, I'm going to read it again -- WHICH by the way is a magnificent feat given how many friggin' entries there are this time around. After I read it again, I'll tell you what in particular I liked about it. :)

Author's Response: I\'m glad you don\'t mind re-reading this - that\'s always a good sign for a challenge. Bless you for judging - it\'s a big job.

Reviewer: Chreechree Signed Date: 2007.01.18 - 07:25PM Title: Chapter 1


Judged for Competition
Some background: I swear I think this site eats my reviews sometimes. On more than one occasion my review number total has dropped by about 30. When I inquired about it, the explanation had to do with authors pulling their stories from the site. Sure, but 30 in one go? Now, I KNOW I’ve left reviews for the Wallpaper Moments trilogy as I review pretty much everything I read on this site and ALWAYS review something I adore that much. I wanted to look back at my review to see just how effusive I was, and nothing there for any of them. Fine. I’ll go write new ones (after I’m done judging). I have read those three stories countless times, as they really struck a chord with me. Seeing that you combined a sequel (even if it doesn’t include the equally excellent Red is the Heart) with the challenge got me terribly excited.

This didn’t disappoint at all, although I was a bit startled when he gave Hermione a diamond ring, just considering the implications that go along with it. Hard for poor Ron to compete with that. Still, I certainly understood why Harry wanted them as his family to have those rings. Harry has the sweetest spirit. Not only was I laughing at the twins’ note about no wallpapering, but I almost fell over when Harry said “they’ve irked you long enough”. Hee hee hee. That one was clearly for your fans. For me, that’s what made reading this so much fun, that you brought back so many of the wonderful touches of the first story without it feeling like a challenge piece. I love it that they wallpapered again, even if briefly and that the paper was beige again. Most of all, I love it when they find each other. I might have some different ideas on their separation, but regardless, it hurts me that they’re apart and am always pleased to see them reunited. For Harry to conclude that she is family and she is home for him was pure pleasure to read. You deftly wove humor, angst, longing, and a bit of fluff together to make a remarkable piece. I absolutely adored it.

Was that effusive enough?

On a more personal note, I’ve been getting to know Sherylyn a bit the last few days. She’s a doll and has probably gotten a bit more than she bargained for by getting involved with my crew. She’s pulling no punches though and settling in nicely with our insanity.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you for such a nice review. It made me a little teary, to tell you the truth. I dug up the wallpaper world because Jacq liked those stories and remembered them. She was always so encouraging to the newbies - and I was waaay new back then. Anyway, it\'s good to know that you recognized the \"irked\" line and some of the other parallels I slipped in there. I do like the symbol of home and hearth for H/G since that is all Harry has ever wanted no matter how powerful he becomes or how many adventures he has had. LOL - on the diamond. It\'s a weapon - it can cut glass. But it\'s true, unless Ron gets her a swiss army knife circlet, he won\'t be able to compete. ;) Thanks so much for reading (and judging - it\'s a big job) I\'ll pass your kind words on to Sherry. I guess the secret is out about what a wonderful person she is.

Reviewer: Yunchao Signed Date: 2007.01.13 - 10:17PM Title: Chapter 1


Very good story, I like how you listed the bonus lines at the end, it really makes a judges job easier haha. Keep up the good work and Good Luck!


Author's Response: LOL about the lines. I do that for all of my challenge stories so future readers will know that this was a challenge story and why certain things were included. Thanks for reading and judging - it\'s a big job.

Reviewer: kmagarden Signed Date: 2007.01.11 - 11:18PM Title: Chapter 1


reading/reviewing for the challenge. OK, I gave you some time off to write the challenge. But now you really need to get back to NZC, I'm dying for an update.

Oh, I think I got sidetracked there. . . Sorry (LOL)

Really, really loved your story. It can stand alone, but since I've already read the original WPM, this was exceptionally outstanding. Loved it. Caused me to feel all mushy goey. :o)

Great job!

Author's Response: Bless your heart, the next chapter should be posted today! I\'m glad this story made you feel mushy goey - that\'s a wonderful reaction to fluff! ;) Thanks for reading and for being a judge - it\'s a big job.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2007.01.10 - 03:47AM Title: Chapter 1


Judged for competition.

So this fanfic, which is obviously post-HBP, is in the same universe as "Wallpaper Moments," which is pre-HBP, which is in the same universe as "Red is the Heart," and yet you point out that this fic is not in the same universe as "Red is the Heart." As I've said before, I've long given up trying to figure out which of your stories are in the same universe!

It's been a while since I've read the original "Wallpaper Moments," and much has changed since then -- indeed, back then I was not completely convinced of Harry/Ginny, and we kept having debates about fluff. By now, of course, I've been turned around on the matter and can fully appreciate the symbolism now. "Ginny, please don't be dead," a line from the original story -- echoes of the Chamber, and now it's Harry's biggest fear. And of course you go back to the alchemy symbolism that was previously discussed in your original fic and the relevant 'Quill thread.

I think Fred and George's plan to get H/G together was interesting -- Portkeys. And it actually worked, for Ginny arrives at the how where Harry is, and they begin to wallpaper the house -- again.

I enjoyed the proposal as well, with more parallelism: "You're asking me in July to go out with you in October?" vs. "You're asking me now — in my sixth year - to marry you when I finish Hogwarts?" And so H/G will finally enjoy their lives together, once they get married and they go on their honeymoon to New Zealand -- oops, wrong universe again!

Overall, this was a great story. It is a solid one on the redlightspecial fluff scale -- this is obviously a pure fluff fic. You were one of Jaq's favorite authors, and I know she'd have loved this fic just as much as Harry admits he loves Ginny in this fic. Good luck in the challenge, and I assume that now this is over, we'll be seeing Part III of "NZ Chronicles" very soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for you lovely, long review, Jim. This Wallpaper Moments was truly a trip down memory lane for me and you\'ve just reminded me of some to other things (you were a Harry/Cho shipper at one time) Anyway, I found this incredibly hard to write, so I\'m glad none of that shows. I saw that you also wrote a story for Jacq. That was really nice of you. And I will read that as soon as possible. I just finished the next chapter of NZ Chronicles. It should be up tomorrow. Thanks again!

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2007.01.09 - 03:03AM Title: Chapter 1


Viewed for Challenge Judging.

Very well done. Good luck in the competition!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Frelling Signed Date: 2007.01.06 - 07:33PM Title: Chapter 1

Very well done, as always. So nice to see more action in the WPM verse! I really liked your incorporating alchemy into the story; I feel that the entire series is about the alchemy of the soul and this fic fits right in with that line of thinking. So sweet, so well characterized. Reviewed for judging, but I'd have read and reviewed this regardless.

Author's Response: The alchemy metaphor just works so well in JKR\'s universe, I think. After all, that was the title of the first book! Thank you so much for reading this and for judging - it can\'t be an easy job - and you have a lot to read!

Reviewer: jacsmompat Signed Date: 2007.01.05 - 12:18AM Title: Chapter 1


Mary thank you so much for honoring Jaqs last request to enter this challenge. She would have loved your story as i did. good luck in the challenge.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for reading. I\'m sure this is very hard for you - especially now that the shock is wearing off. Don\'t be a stranger - this will always be Jaq\'s home on the internet.

Reviewer: Rhetor Signed Date: 2006.12.30 - 01:14AM Title: Chapter 1


Mary, you would still manage to be romantic if you were contemplating the end of the world and the cancellation of Days of Destiny.

I think that making Harry realize his desire to marry Ginny because of his fear that he's already lost her was a good choice. While it always makes me squirm to read scenes where lovers speak to cross purposes and hurt each other without meaning to, it's also very satisfying when they finally burn their way through their discomfort and their fear and say what they feel.

Another good choice was deciding that Fred & George's efforts to put H&G together were actually making them feel worse by reminding them why they must be apart. It added depth to a Challenge spec that could otherwise potentially make a story pretty gimmicky.

I liked so many little touches here. I liked the nod to the Patented Daydream Charm that you slipped in; I liked the older brother telling the little brother the difference between sex and love. Of course I adored that ring. "The blood sang in his veins" is a line everyone who's ever been in love will appreciate. And I especially liked Molly's lowering her voice in the Howler, and why.


Author's Response: Well, I hope it turned out romantic, but I don\'t have a lot of perspective on this story right at the moment. I don\'t like characters speaking at cross-purposes either - but there had to be a little conflict. :) I\'m glad you liked the ring. I do like thinking about what sorts of mythical, symbolic objects JKR\'s world will support. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: thehbp Signed Date: 2006.12.28 - 01:09AM Title: Chapter 1


Thanks for submitting an entry to the December Engagement Challenge. I have read your story for judging but you can make changes and edits until January 31. If you do make any changes please drop me a quick note just so i know to re-read your story. Thanks again for participating and great work. You have really well written fluff in the story. Nice but not to sugary,


ps. i am putting a score of 5 for all entries as i read them. they do not represent how i feel about a story, just a common rating i am submitting for all stories. = )

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and judging - it\'s a big job.

Reviewer: brad Signed Date: 2006.12.23 - 10:16PM Title: Chapter 1


Good story! Maybe a little contrived in how you had Harry stay away from the Burrow - I would have thought nothing could stop Mrs. Weasley from having Harry to Christmas :-). And if he was so much in love with Ginny you'd think he would have turned up, even if the place was full of Weasleys; it wouldn't take much to say 'excuse me, I'd like to speak with Ginny alone'. Just a little bit of embarrassment for the girl he loves. Or I reckon Harry could have just apparated a few hundre metres away from the house at midnight when Mrs. Figg left, far enough away to mask the apparation noise, but still allowing him to adhere to his original schedule.

Anyway, who cares about the nit-picks, the idea was to get Ginny to materialise at Harry's doorstep for another round of wallpapering!

I was a bit taken aback at how Ginny demanded the ring from Harry. Quite a change, from the dispirited, despondent, shivering slip of a girl from just a single page earlier to the impertinent pushy little thing merrily making such a demand. Hmmmph. Those three words certainly had an effect! But I'm not sure I like the idea of Ginny becoming so bossy so FAST and, too, sort of 'pushing' Harry into his sudden proposal. I guess I should re-read the original (excellent) trilogy to place the characterisation of your Wallpaper!Ginny back in my mind. Once I recovered from my shock over the proposal - I took a lot longer than Ginny! - I very much enjoyed their happiness. And the twins' remarks about the dangers of 'wallpapering' was an excellent comedic touch (what would fanfic writers do without them?).

Cheers, thanks for the story, Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: I would characterize Ginny as confused and anxious and a little angry when she sees Harry again - not despondent. (Although I\'m despondent without coffee) Ginny doesn\'t push him into an engagement - she claims something from him, just as she did in the first WM - in this case it\'s the ring around his neck which is much more modest than the ones he gave to Ron and to Hermione. In fact she protests when he puts the ring on the wrong finger. It\'s good ol\' impulsive Harry who comes up with the marriage idea. And, yes, Harry staying away from the Burrow was contrived. It\'s a challenge fic. where the guidelines require some sort of blocking action. LOL - *I* think they\'re too young to be thinking marriage - but that\'s what was required. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: UnorthodoxConvention Signed Date: 2006.12.23 - 09:48PM Title: Chapter 1


Sweet story. Well-written.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: ginny4everandalways Signed Date: 2006.12.23 - 12:52PM Title: Chapter 1


A great story, that was well set up. I loved everything about it, the plot, the howler, the wallpaper, it was a great tie in to your previous story. It was an absolute pleasure to judge your story! Keep Writing!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it. I wanted to acknowledge Jacquelyne\'s ties to my writing past - and Wallpaper Moments seemed like the best place to start. Thanks for reading!

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