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Reviews For Excess Baggage

Reviewer: fresh_pickled_toad Signed Date: 2020.09.26 - 08:33AM Title: Excess Baggage


No Review

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2016.06.17 - 07:55AM Title: Excess Baggage

Very fitting that Scabbers was killed by a cat

Reviewer: pleurocoelus Signed Date: 2014.09.08 - 02:06AM Title: Excess Baggage

I must admit that I am quite curious about the map and the secret that it revealed.

Reviewer: Hawk29 Signed Date: 2013.02.21 - 12:47PM Title: Excess Baggage


I enjoyed the story a lot, though the outcome was never a surprise to me. I've always known Crookshanks was capable of dark things.

Thanks for writing it!

Reviewer: butterfly Signed Date: 2011.01.20 - 03:59AM Title: Excess Baggage


No Review

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2010.06.05 - 10:06AM Title: Excess Baggage


Worthy of Arthur Conan Doyle. Good "who done it". Where is the story about what is hidden in Godryc's Hollow?

Reviewer: Mary weasly Signed Date: 2010.04.16 - 04:04PM Title: Excess Baggage


No Review

Reviewer: Abraxan Signed Date: 2009.06.25 - 08:23AM Title: Excess Baggage

Cute story! The only problem is that HARRY didn't have an alibi! He was alone in the compartment and asleep for part of the trip, and since the time of death had not yet been established, the kids couldn't say for SURE that all of them had alibis at the time of the murder. To make Harry's alibi airtight, he should have never been alone. Other than that, cool story!


Reviewer: lunalily Signed Date: 2008.11.18 - 03:18PM Title: Excess Baggage

add more to this story please

Reviewer: The Seeker Signed Date: 2007.05.04 - 04:56PM Title: Excess Baggage


Hi Cel,

This is the last story I haven't reviewed, so this will make up for that grievous oversight!

Loved how you started the story, with Wormtail's pov. The staccato rhythm of this section mirrors Peter scurrying around in his animagus form. And it was so appropriate that Crookshanks caught him, though your description was subtle enough not to reveal that fact. Well done! Loved the Agatha Christie-Orient Express construct and the Arthur Conan Doyle comment.

We couldn't have a cwarbeck written story without your delicious humor. Ron's emptying his pockets of the loot he "borrowed" from Filch was hilarious -- handcuffs, a magnifying glass, the velvet bag. Do these specific objects refer to another mystery? I certainly wouldn't put it past you.

Other highlights included the several H/G "Crookshanks, I mean, not Dean," exchanges which were both funny and foreshadowing. Ginny's "Smart as a whip, that one," plus her conclusion that the killer was still on the train. Harry capitulating to leading the investigation only after seeing the trust in G's eyes; the effect G's proximity had on H (Two-Sided Quidditch, anyone?); both of them saying "bite marks" at the same time; and G's understanding arm/hand squeezes at the mention of Sirius's name. Ginny's "Wormtail was Scabbers?" was made even funnier because I could imagine what she did to Ron afterwards. Best of all was the exchange at King's Cross, the parting kiss, and especially Ginny's well planned last comment "Dean and I are just friends, nothing more." Just wonderfully fun and evocative writing, Cel.

I can't help suggesting that "little gray cells" would have been all that was left of Scabbers/Peter if he hadn't transformed into human form after Crookshanks caught him.

I'm glad you're making progress on other projects and look forward to seeing the results. Also, thanks for the very quick and much appreciated response to my previous review. Getting responses like that -- and all of yours are appreciated -- makes reviewing that much more enjoyable. Thank you!

Author's Response: Jim, you're reviews are just so wonderful that it makes me want to write (come on, brain!) just so I can get you to send me more! :)
This story, especially Peter's POV, came to me quite clearly one day, and it kind of wrote itself. (Those were the days - LOL). Maybe it was the fact that Murder on the Orient Express was one of the very first Agatha Christine books that I read and it left such a big impression on me on how words can be used to distract and bemuse the reader from finding out the truth until the very end. I was trying to get in the "little grey cells" line in, but I couldn't imagine Harry with a moustache, a bald head and a Belgian accent. Hee.
I am glad that you picked up G's subtle contributions to H's belief in his sleuthing skills. She really is the best thing that ever happened to him, isn't she? Thanks again, and here's hoping that I can actually finish my WIP so I can get another fantastic review from you!

Author's Response: Gah, of course I meant "your reviews" and not "you're reviews". LOL. I need a beta for my review responses.

Reviewer: generalricky Anonymous Date: 2007.04.25 - 05:52PM Title: Excess Baggage


cool mystery story - i really liked this especialy the beginning. and you do a very good job of writing ron.

Author's Response: Oh thanks! I'm happy that someone's still reading my old stories and liking them!

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Reviewer: jamdown_hp_addict Signed Date: 2006.11.20 - 04:13PM Title: Excess Baggage


No Review

Reviewer: GINNY__POTTER258 Signed Date: 2006.10.15 - 03:34AM Title: Excess Baggage


cute fic :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: acciobook Anonymous Date: 2006.07.24 - 04:11PM Title: Excess Baggage


This was really cute. Enough mystery to be kind of serious, but enough humor (I LOVED Ron's neverending supply of stuff he took from Filch) to make it lighthearted and fun.

The little hint of romance was the perfect touch at the end.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. Wasn\'t Ron cute? He simply couldn\'t resist taking his revenge on Filch, not when the reason for his detention was something as outrageous as \"excessively loud chewing\"!

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Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 02:50AM Title: Excess Baggage


Judged for competition.

I've read all of your Silver Trinket stories, and now I'm glad to see that you're back writing challenge fics as well. Wormtail -- it's been a while since he's appeared. It's bittersweet how Wormtail appears to be on the road to salvation and then he's killed. Then again, this story could almost be the start of a full-fledged 7th-year fic, with Harry using Wormtail's clue to travel to Godric's Hollow and discover what Voldie has hidden over there. (Perhaps a Horcux?)

The killer -- how clever! So it looks like you put the CROOK in Crookshanks, as the cat finally kills the rat that he's been pursuing since PoA. I wasn't sure who the killer was until you finally let the cat out of the bag (okay, bad pun intended).

Overall, excellent fic and one of my faves thus far. I definitely wish you luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: This challenge appealed to me because I\'m a huge fan of Agatha Christie, so I decided to try my luck with my \"little grey cells\". I\'m glad you like it, and it\'s very flattering that you think it could be a prologue to a 7th year story - I wish I could write one of those but I generally suck at adventure stories! Thanks for the review and the bad puns - which made me laugh!

Reviewer: lecook4 Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 12:59AM Title: Excess Baggage


Read for Judging. Good luck with the competition.

You had me for a while, because I just knew it was going to be wormtail. I guessed about crookshanks at the beginning so that was no surprise but it was a great read. Loved the Seamus and Lavender scene in the beginning.

Author's Response: I wanted someone to discover the body in a dramatic fashion, and who better to do it than Lavender Brown? Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: ginnyrosepotter Signed Date: 2006.06.29 - 12:21AM Title: Excess Baggage


That was great! Very creative. Good luck in the challenge :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!

Reviewer: AshesHinny4ever Anonymous Date: 2006.06.28 - 02:32PM Title: Excess Baggage


I loved this story. It was so cute! I always knew that cat would be evil...*shakes head* so sad.. lol
“Smart as a whip, this one.”
hehe Ginny...
Ron was so funny with his handcuffs..I was like what the hell is he doing? I really did like this story. You write such good stories...
“He’s quite dead, isn’t he? How remarkable.” haha Luna is
Also I agree with Hermione, Ron turns red ALL the time. Ok thats enough of My reveiws that tend to be very unorganized and sort of just everywhere lol...kind of like my room. Well I hope you have something new up sooon!! Ohh and also sorry it took awhile for me to reveiw..I haven't been on this site recently becuase..I'm afraid I started liking another ship more *tear* but I got mail saying you had a new story so I had to come read lol. Talk to you soon!


Author's Response: Hi Ashes, how are you? Thanks for reviewing. I\'m glad that you liked Ginny\'s line - I liked that one myself!

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Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2006.06.25 - 12:43PM Title: Excess Baggage


Great story. Quite a bit more direct than Josh's story, but then just about everything is more direct than his stuff. I really enjoyed the h/g interaction: that period of being 'close but not quite' is always entertaining. I can't quite picture Ginny sharing a compartment with Lavender and Parvati at all, but I can accept it.

Crookshanks killing Scabbers makes so much sense. The randomness of it all makes it all the more entertaining.

Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. As to Ginny sharing a compartment with Lavender and Parvati, well, she didn\'t stay long, did she?

Reviewer: Chreechree Signed Date: 2006.06.24 - 11:32PM Title: Excess Baggage


Oh, I'm so glad so many people ended up reviewing. I've decided I feel weird being one of the first to review anything I beta-ed. It's odd coming back and reading this after working on Josh's story. So very different. Yours is much happier to say the least. I still think having Crookshanks kill Scabbers was a wonderfully creative idea. How funny that the kids don't want to fess up to anyone. Ah, I can see it now. Crookshanks is thrown into Azkaban. He sharpens his claws on the Dementors' robes. Irritated, they "accidentally" let him escape to a new life... Good work, Cel.
~ Christine

Author's Response: Hehe. I like that mental image - Crookshanks in Azkaban. The Dementors would probably stage a union strike since they\'d be the ones being drained of their happy thoughts. Thanks again for the beta. BTW, notice that no one\'s picked up the Grease 2 reference? :)

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