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Be sure to read all archiving rules and guidelines before submitting a fan fiction. To review these, you may visit the Help section. Please know that these rules are crucial to your story getting accepted. If you don't follow the rules, your story will be deleted.

Reports of any violations of the SIYE rules are appreciated. You can report these to the SIYE staff by e-mailing a staff member. Any violations can result in the deletion of stories, accounts, and revocation of privileges.

If you accept the rules, please choose from the categories below and please be sure to place your story in the proper category. Here are the category descriptions:

Pre-OotP: These stories take place before or during Order of the Phoenix.If the story is canon up to the point at which your story takes place, the AU tag is not needed.For example, if your story takes place starting from the Chamber battle but, to that point, the reader might as well have read the books, it is not AU. However, if Harry was raised by McGonagall and some Muggle named Frankerilla, then the story is AU.

Post-OotP: These stories take place starting at any point in Half-Blood Prince.As long as the story is canon up to the beginning of Half-Blood Prince, the AU tag is not necessary.

Post-HBP: These stories take place starting at any point in Deathly Hallows.As long as the story is canon up to the beginning of Deathly Hallows, the AU tag is not necessary.

Post-DH/AB: These stories take place starting at any point after Deathly Hallows, though starting during or just after the final battle (The Flaw in the Plan) is also acceptable.As long as the story is canon through Deathly Hallows, including the various battle deaths that occur, the AU tag is not necessary. Stories that fall into the fanon category of EWE (Epilogue, What Epilogue?) should be labeled AU.

Post-DH/PM: These stories take place after the Epilogue in Deathly Hallows. While it is unlikely that the AU tag would need to be provided for stories in this category given its size and strict guidelines, there are cases where it can be used.If you are unsure whether your story should be in this category and AU or in the Post-DH/AB category, please do not hesitate to ask the site staff.

Post-Hogwarts:definition, an AU category wherein the stories take place after Hogwarts (or at least after Harry’s graduation), but one or more books are ignored.Due to the nature of this category, the AU category is not necessary.

Alternate Universe: Here it is, the grandmaster category that has spawned legions of flame threads and controversies in story sites throughout the interweb [sic].As stated at the beginning, though it bears repeating: Any story written by someone other than J.K.R., or otherwise authorized by her, is AU.However, it would get pedantic and frustrating to have every story written be labeled as such. Therefore, here are some guidelines to help you decide if your story should be categorized here:

  • Your story rewrites the Harry Potter saga from the very beginning, including (but not limited to) Lily and James’ fates on Halloween, Harry Potter’s upbringing and/or Harry Potter’s familial relations (ie: he now has a sibling).
  • Your story significantly modifies early First Year events. Eg: Harry never befriends Ron and Hermione on the train or Harry is Sorted into a different House
  • Your story follows canon to point, and then changes facts before the beginning of your story. Eg: A Post-DH/AB story in which Lupin/Tonks/Colin survive; A Post-OotP story in which Ginny never went to Hogwarts; or a Post-HBP story that has Harry in Slytherin.
  • If your story is a ‘Missing Moment’ type of story, yet ends differently than canon might allow (ie: Harry and Ginny kissing in his 3rd year,) this does not necessarily warrant an AU categorization as the story held to canon up to its beginning.

Holidays: Stories centered around the observance of a cultural or religious holiday such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, etc. This does not include vacations, breaks, trips, etc

SIYE Challenges: These stories are written in response to an SIYE Challenge or contest.These may or may not be AU, depending on the rules of the challenge. As a result, it is not necessary to label these stories AU, though you may if you feel the story is significantly different enough from canon outside the posted rules of the challenge to warrant it.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: It is possible that you may run into trouble when uploading or copying and pasting from Word documents.

Submission Rules

The following are the rules for submitting fiction to the Sink Into Your Eyes fan fiction archive. By posting a story here, you are signifying that you have read and reviewed these rules and are committing to abide by them.

1.General Rules
2.Entries Not Allowed

General Rules

  1. SIYE is a shipper archive for Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley fan fiction. Stories submitted for posting on SIYE must feature Harry and Ginny as the primary couple unless prior arrangement has been made with the SIYE Administration.
  2. SIYE reserves the right at the staff's discretion to reject stories which are deemed to be hostile to the Harry/Ginny ship.
  3. SIYE shall not be held responsible for the retention of any material submitted. The author is solely responsible for maintaining a copy of their submission.
  4. Each submitted chapter must be of 1,000 words or more. Author notes, quoted text or lyrics, summaries, etc do not count towards this minimum.
  5. When submitting stories, ensure that your chapter is correctly formatted, with a full blank line between paragraphs.
  6. Your story will be declined if we find canon spelling errors or an excessive amount of general SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) errors.
  7. Ratings only apply to the story itself and any author notes. All openly visible material must be suitable for a general audience.
  8. Your story summary must be relevant and is subject to the same rules as the story text in terms of formatting, spelling, and grammar. An uninformative, irrelevant, or incorrect summary will cause your story to be rejected.
  9. No markup of any type, including HTML, is permitted in your summary. If found, they will be deleted without warning or notification.
  10. Titles must be presented in title case, with all words (except prepositions) capitalized unless a prior arrangement has been made.
  11. Stories must be correctly rated. While chapters may be individually rated, the highest rating represented must be applied to the first chapter as well, to ensure that the story as a whole is correctly rated.
  12. Your story should be submitted for the correct category. If you have trouble deciding on the right category, contact a staff member for advice.
  13. Your stories should be single entities; all chapters of a single story should be submitted as part of that story, rather than posted individually.
  14. The predominant language of your story must be English. While other languages may be used to add color, they should not be integral to understanding your story. Both American and British English are acceptable, but usage should be consistent.
  15. If your submission is not accepted, you must make at least the changes the archivist has specified before resubmitting. Do not re-submit without making the required changes. We encourage you additionally to take the opportunity to improve your story as far as possible with additional proofreading and editing.
  16. SIYE is a privately owned site, and publication of fics here is a privilege, not a right. Your story may therefore be rejected on plot, characterization, or any other grounds if the archivist deems any element of it to be incompatible with the aims and standards established by the site owner. In particular:
    • Canon characters should be recognizable, not simply original characters with the same names.
    • The depiction of self-harm is prohibited.
    • The use of illegal drugs by characters is prohibited.
    • Authors should exercise good judgment in the depiction of sex and violence. Sexual or violent content should not be gratuitous or overly graphic.
  17. If you feel your story has been rejected unfairly, you may contact the SIYE Administration to appeal the decision.

After validation, your story remains subject to all content rules that applied at the time of its publication, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your story continues to adhere to them. The staff conducts periodical reviews of stories on the site, and if your story is found to breach the rules for any reason (including post-validation changes or erroneous validation) it may be removed or hidden until it is corrected.

Entries Not Allowed

  1. No lists, unless incidental to a traditional narrative.
  2. No chat, email or IM-style stories, though incidental sections in those formats may be used where appropriate within a much larger narrative.
  3. No 'script' type entries are allowed
  4. All chapters must be stories. Non-fiction elements - polls, challenges, notes, essays etc - have no place there. Author notes must be in the "Author notes" box or appended to the end of the chapter, and must be accompanied by a chapter meeting all other submission criteria.
  5. There can be only one copy of your story on SIYE. Don’t post duplicates.
  6. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If we find any plagiarized work, it will be deleted without warning.

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