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Reviewer: Ginnys twin Signed Date: 2012.10.02 - 05:18AM Title: Nosh and Natter

I understand that you've had a hard time this summer but have you got any idea when to may get the next chapter up as it has been almost 6 months since your last update and I really love this story :) xx

Author's Response: Hi.
The next chapter is 4200 words, and I still don’t like it! I think that I’ve finally figured out why. I hated the opening, and nothing seemed to follow smoothly from it. I’m currently working on a complete rewrite.
It hasn’t been six months, has it? Four, maybe five? Blimey!

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2012.08.24 - 12:16AM Title: Nosh and Natter

I'm sorry to hear about your personal issues. It's completely understandable that real life can, and often must, get in the way. There really is no need to apologize, the fact that you pumped out three individual stories on your fan fiction page while all of this has gone down is nothing short of amazing and after all you aren't getting paid to write these. In regards to your job, well that certainly sucks a lot, but if the worst does happen might I suggest looking into writing professionally? You certainly have the talent for it.

Author's Response: Thanks.
The Luna/Rolf story and the Al Potter one (my first ever next-gen) have been almost written for a long time, so they were easy to finish. The Theodore Nott story was a by-product of the next chapter of H&P.
I’m off to Italy (Naples/Pompeii/Sorrento) next week for two weeks (paid for before the job issues came up) but I’m hoping to get something (H&P?) ready before I go.
I’m not sure that I could make it as an author, especially as soft-core BDSM porn seems to be what’s selling at the moment. ;-\

Reviewer: rbrt_emmer Signed Date: 2012.08.22 - 01:31AM Title: Nosh and Natter

Hey, just curious as to when we can expect an update? I have very much enjoyed your one shots on but I'm eager to see more of this story.

Author's Response: Long story.
Lots of unrelated real life things have been happening:
a hospitalised mother (mine), a trip to Sweden (planned), an upcoming holiday (planned), a desperate attempt to get the next chapter of H&P complete, the possibility that I'll be out of work by February (definitely not planned), and a plot bunny about a vampire character.
The bottom line is that the next chapter (Fireworks) remains a 2000 word draft, although the next chapter of H&P (6000+ words) should (finally) go to Amelie over the weekend. Sorry for the delay. :-(

Reviewer: lamhaat shaw Signed Date: 2012.07.07 - 04:32PM Title: Nosh and Natter

well neil... when will we have the next chapter?? come on, please don't keep us waiting! please update it as soon as you can.. can't wait to hear more about the party.. a great chapter and an even greater story :)

Author's Response: Still waiting sorry. -N-

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2012.06.30 - 11:08PM Title: Nosh and Natter


Is there a chance of an update? The last one was dated 30 May and of course, there was the validation problem in early June. I was hoping there would have been an update since the update and the validation are 2 different things. And even if there are problems with the validation, I was hoping there would be an update in the pipeline. Well, it is just a hope as I understand that there is real life too. It is just that I am kind of hoping to read something that always cheers me up considerably.

Author's Response: Hi
Crikey, over a month later and still no update, sorry.
I've had a few personal problems and that has meant that I haven't had as much writing time as I'd like.
I've cranked out a few (not Harry/Ginny) one-shots (which take less time). I have also been working hard on Hunters and Prey. I'm fairly confident that you'll see it soon. However, in two days I'm going to Sweden for a week so it will be later this month before you even see H&P.

Reviewer: swede Signed Date: 2012.06.21 - 07:10AM Title: Nosh and Natter


It is always a pleasure to read new chapters from you, regardless of which story they appear in. Since all your stories describe the same 'universe' there is almost always a bit of 'bleed' between them but this chapter is a veritable bloodbank of crossover! I love it!

Speaking of crossover, I'm actually quite annoyed with how well you keep Lavender true to JKR's depiction of her in this. In Tales, Bare, Brown, Moon(s) and the MLT stories you have, in her, managed to create a very likeable character with some truly awful traits. But we only like her because we 'know' what's going on inside her mind don't we? An outsider like Jacqui would probably only pick up on the obvious, and rather obnoxious, traits that JKR first described. Things like 'squeee! my bestest friend!' and bossing poor Mark around. So while I admire how this chapter described her from Jacqui's POV it annoys me that I now wonder why I even like her. :-)

In general this party and Jacqui's POV is a really great move since it lets us look at familiar characters with new eyes. We readers gets to see how you envision first impressions of them, and, in some cases, that makes us re-evaluate them. Which is a really cool thing.

I must admit however that I'm starting to miss the action. It doesn't have to be 'Harry-wrestling-with-werewolves'-action but even busted tires, schoolgate confrontations and (verbal) progress on the werewolf-murder case have been missing for two chapters now. Which isn't very long but as the next chapter is likely to be another 'party' chapter I'm just ... missing it, a bit.

Finally; Can I ask if you're aiming for a particular length for this story? You don't have to answer but you mentioned somewhere else that Hunters and Prey was to be about 17 chapters long which made me wonder if you have similar plans for your other ongoing stories.


Oh, and it is really sad that Mark had to wait from the end of 'Brown' to the epilogue of 'Beard Hunters' to hear Lavender say what he wanted. But I couldn't be bothered to register at MNFF just to say that. :-)

Author's Response:

There is, I hope, a lot of depth to the minor characters, as a direct consequence of my writing stories about them (at least, some of them).

Jacqui, in case you haven’t noticed, doesn’t do pink and frilly, which means that even Lavender’s appearance is enough to annoy her. I like “my” Lavender, and I hope that she is true to JKR’s character, because she is bossy and girly, and yet (as in DH and on several occasions in earlier books) she is prepared to fight on the side of right.

The next chapter will be another party chapter and the most action you’ll see will be a couple of minor confrontations, after that the full moon approaches and Harry gets very busy. There will be more action, and not the action Harry wants, either.

This was planned to be about 24-25 chapters. It is now looking like it will be 30-32 chapters. Hunters and Prey was originally planned for 16 chapters, is now definitely 17, and may possibly be 18, but as the remaining three chapters are looking like they will be 6000+ words each, I may be able to keep it to 17. Aurors and Schoolgirls will probably end up at 24-25, but I’m not certain as it’s been a while since I looked at it. Epithalamium will be as long as it is. I look on it as a collection of one-shots, interlinked by the fact that they are all about Harry and Ginny’s wedding. Rather like Tales of the Battle was 25 interlinked stories rather than a “novel”. I’ve no idea how long the sequel to Hunters and Prey will be.


Reviewer: 2TsMom Signed Date: 2012.06.16 - 09:01PM Title: Nosh and Natter


It seems every chapter makes me think of something I need to go back and re-read in another story to put the pieces in place. I need a flowchart to keep up with all the relationships. I'm sure you have one. Perhaps one day you'd be willing to share it? Have you mentioned Dean or Seamus and their wives in any of the other stories? The only thing I found led me to believe Frankie Thomas was related to Romilda Vane? I like Dean. I hope Frankie isn't like Romilda. I think everyone else I found in the stories. I'm just wondering if their wives were magical or not.

I love every word you write.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I've got a flowchart, and a spreadsheet. :-D Perhaps, one day. Dean has been mentioned fleetingly, as has Seamus (usually by Lavender). You're right, Frankie has appreared in Aurors and Schoolgirls, hanging around with Romilda. You haven't seen Seamus' wife before.
Thanks again :-D

Reviewer: alterdream Signed Date: 2012.06.16 - 08:41AM Title: Nosh and Natter


Fabulous chapter! George's story was something :)

Author's Response: Thanks. george has wanted to tell that story for some time. -N-

Reviewer: Emlyn Signed Date: 2012.06.13 - 03:16PM Title: Nosh and Natter

i love the allusion to the Sting - how apropos. Poor George. It must be so hard for him. Love the description of the little girls and their stare down contest. Somehow I pictured Andromeda as being more down to earth and friendly - after all, she turned her back on her family and married a Muggle-born - plus she's Tonks' Mum!!!! Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Poor George is surrounded by friends, but sometimes it isn't enough. The girls will be back next chapter, as will Andromeda.

Reviewer: Silas Signed Date: 2012.06.13 - 12:13PM Title: Nosh and Natter

Right time to guess the couples, James and Annie along Al and Violent appear in Centuries chapters 5 and 6. The final pair is Florence and Hugo who are a couple in chapter 5 of Tales of the Battle. Am I right?

Author's Response: Violent? Interesting typo :-) Perhaps I should have been awarding prizes. -N-

Reviewer: 83gemini Signed Date: 2012.06.13 - 08:44AM Title: Nosh and Natter

I think's it's pretty sad that I know who the couples are...but the last is the basis for one of the better moments from "Tales of the Battle."

Author's Response: Okay, so you're the second person to get the couples names right (the first was by pm). -N-

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2012.06.12 - 01:43PM Title: Nosh and Natter


As always, this story is tremendously enjoyable. I like your attention to details--like how Rolf is uncomfortable about interrupting Harry because even if he is dating Luna, Harry is still intimidating to someone who doesn't know him well. George's responding to questions in character, Andromeda's stiffness and sad remembering of Ted, etc.

I am intrigued by your comment in another review that there are 3 future married couples in attendance among the kids. Al and Mrs. Al is pretty easy with her unique name. James and Mrs. James seems to follow the pattern of his parent's marriage(if I am correct and I may not be), but I am trying to figure out if Mr. Lily is at the party or if there is some other couple that I am missing. Poor Al is going to have quite a mother-in-law. :-) If I'm right. I don't think Mr. Lily is there based on what I remember of the guest list but nice puzzle.

Thanks again.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

'But, Luna! He's Harry Potter!' :-D I think that Harry will always have that effect on some people. More George and Andromeda in the next chapter (if you know what I mean).

If I was to tell you that I said couples, not married couples, and that one of the stories is not on this site, would that help? Al and his mother-in-law, that would make a great story, but not yet.


Reviewer: Mistress_Lrigtar Signed Date: 2012.06.12 - 10:25AM Title: Nosh and Natter

I'm sure you figured it out, but I meant to say 'Andromeda's disdain' :) And while I did think it was kind of odd, I liked the drama it added to the scene. I have a feeling Jacqui is going to be figuring things out sooner rather than later at this rate.

Author's Response: You're right, I guessed. Jacqui (and Mike) seem to be very good at rationalising what they see. You'll simply have to wait to find out how long it takes. :-D -N-

Reviewer: jittybug0123j Signed Date: 2012.06.12 - 10:07AM Title: Nosh and Natter


I was so excited to see this chapter up! This is a wonderful story and I love how it's written!!

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: ravenclaw_girl101 Signed Date: 2012.06.12 - 02:11AM Title: Nosh and Natter


Great chapter, as always :) Was it just me, or did Teddy not go to the party with Andromeda? Anyways, keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thanks
It wasn’t just you, Teddy is now eleven and at his first year at Hogwarts. Perhaps that's why Andromeda is so grumpy.

Reviewer: GinnyP7 Signed Date: 2012.06.11 - 11:46PM Title: Nosh and Natter

I can't ignore a challenge, so I'll give this my best shot: we've long suspected Jacqui of having some wizard blood as did her mother Jane Wake who could see the Shivering Stone. We also know that James' wife in later life is named Annie; that the family has held on to and still lives at Drakeshaugh since Al and his wife live there many years later in "Centuries". So, you know my guess (A.C.). What I cannot imagine is whether the magic will be extraordinary and leave the Muggles gaping at Jacqui and her family or be something that can be easily explained away as a childhood tantrum. Knowing how clever you are at inserting major points in a sly manner, I vote for the latter.
Btw: Speaking of sly (I love how you told us so much with just a capital letter), so Michael Corner and Padma became Unspeakables? It seems the laws about discussing what they do have relaxed quite a bit although Parvati seemed slightly frightened when she admitted to Trudi that she had explained what her sister was working on to the guests.
This is probably all wrong, but it is fun to speculate:)

Author's Response:

I’ve always suspected that some people pick up the hints I’ve thrown out in several stories. I will say that, while your logic is good, you’re assuming that James will marry a witch. Why should he, after all, Dennis Creevey married a Muggle, as did Seamus’ mum.

James marries someone called Annie. Is it really Annabel May Charlton? Here’s a clue: of all the kids at the party, there are three future married couples amongst them, and all three have appeared (as couples) in one or another of my stories.

Michael and Padma both work in the Department of Mysteries. I’m not sure that the laws have relaxed, it’s simply that Harry’s generation are better at coming up with cover stories. Perhaps it’s Trudi who frightens Parvati, not what Parvati said…

Nice speculating.


Reviewer: Defectus Signed Date: 2012.06.11 - 02:26PM Title: Nosh and Natter


Poor George! But really solid chapter. I really enjoy seeing the magical folk work their way out of questions and squirm into half truth answers. I am getting a little confused with all the childrens' names, particularly when their last names aren't also mentioned, but it hasn't caused too much confusion.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. the squirming is all part of the fun. To be honest I did worry about the number of OC's and their children, that I've introduced in a very short time, perhaps I should have mentioned some of the kids earlier. -N-

Reviewer: sabradan Signed Date: 2012.06.11 - 01:54PM Title: Nosh and Natter


No Review

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2012.06.11 - 11:08AM Title: Nosh and Natter


Whoops, George almost spilled the Bertie Botts. Good recovery though. I have always thought of Rolf as being older, perhaps much older than Luna. Why did you choose to make him younger?

Author's Response: Thanks, George, I think, knew exactly what he was saying, at least, up to the point when he got thinking about Fred. Rolf, very good point. I originally thought as yoou did, and my first plan was to make Rolf much older. It would certainly fit, as Rolf's grandfather was born in 1897! However, it's not impossible for Rolf to be as young as I portray him. To be honest, the decision was made simply as a joke in ECCENTRIC. -N-

Reviewer: AccioEye31713 Signed Date: 2012.06.11 - 12:35AM Title: Nosh and Natter


Great update. Would it be odd to expect 'accidental magic' from the mom (Jacque) rather than the kids here? :)

Author's Response: Accidental magic is certainly possible, but I'm not saying who. :-) -N-

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