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I\'m a high school student in Australia who loves the Harry Potter series waaaay too much. Yup, sometimes I even dream in Harry Potter-verse.

I\'m just plain old addicted to Harry Potter. I cried when the series ended, simply becaue it\'s the END of the best thing ever. Fingers crossed J.K.Rowling starts them up again, before the epilogue or from the perspective of one of the children.

To fill the void that the absence of new Harry Potter material to devour has created, I\'ve turned my hand to writing. I\'ve got about three pieces, all of which I\'m writing at the same time whenever inspiration for one of them strikes me.

Luckily for me, English and writing has always come naturally and I love it. I do a lot of language related subjects, because I can express myself well. Hopefully that will come in handy, since I plan to do a Law degree once I finish school (only two more years - yay!).

The things I hate to see in a story are:
1: Poor grammar and spelling. Quite obvious, you would think, but it really annoys me and no matter how good the plot is, if the spelling or grammar is bad I don\'t read it.

2: Australian characters that all sound like the late Steve Irwin/fools that have had too many Bludgers to the head. We don\'t all use words like \'Sheila\' and \'Crikey\'; and basing how we speak off movies like Crocodile Dundee etc is really not a good idea. Haha.

3:A story where Ginny is called Virgina. G-I-N-E-V-R-A. Ginevra is her name. I do realise, however, that some stories were written before her real name was widely known.

4: Lastly, and quite clearly, a story where Harry and Ginny don\'t get together. Thankfully, there aren\'t any on this site... but anyway. Just the idea of Ginny/Draco makes me shudder.

Ok, rant done. :)

The ships I support are:
Fred/Angelina (I\'m tearing at the thought this never happens)
Oliver/Alicia (so what if they\'re secondary... it works)
Neville/Luna (could that be any cuter? Sadly, she marries Rolf Scamander)
Neville/Hannah (if only Luna didn\'t marry Rolf...)

And in the second generation:
Teddy/Victoire (that\'s adorable)
Rose/Scorpious (just to make Draco and Ron drown themselves in Firewhiskey)

There would be more, if I knew the classmates of all the children. Teehee.

Anywayyyy. I also love to draw, particularly portraiture, so once I FINALLY get something absolutely perfect, I will probably post it up here.

Oh, and also, J.K.R is the best.
To those of you that say Twilight is the new Harry Potter, I pity you. They are good, but nowhere near the level of Harry Potter.

Yup. I told you I\'m obsessed.

Wheeze - 26 October, 2008

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Ginny's Traitorous Heart by Wheeze starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 30]
*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

Ginny Weasley's fancied Harry for almost as long as she can remember. Her traitorous heart still flutters when she thinks of Harry. First she fancied the hero, then she fell for the boy that had a knack for finding trouble. She's tried time and time again to quash her feelings for him, knowing how he feels for her is strictly platonic. Or is it? Ginny and Harry are close friends now, and Ginny is finding it harder to ignore her feelings. Join Ginny as she tries desperately to either win Harry's heart or firmly....
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Fluff, General, Humor, Romance - Warnings: None - Words: 9246
Completed: No - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2008.10.28 - Updated: 2008.12.08 - Hits: 7067

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