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Hey, I\'m Pattie. After much debate over what I would want my penname to be, I have decided to hell with such a thing, lets go with my real name. Mainly because nothing else has, to me. So, Pattie it is. Hopefully, one day, you\'ll see some novels on the shelves by a \'Patricia M....(enter last name)\'. Hah, that is a laugh.

I\'m 18 years old, and pretty average. If being insane is average, that is. I get really...weird...about some things. Like books. And art. And...a lot else. I scare my friends a lot.

I am still in school, homeschool, actually, but have been on a \'break\' for the past year. I love English, Art, History, and Philosophy. They. Are. Awesome. Heh. Also, I love genetics.

As soon as I complete my highschool, which will probably be 2 years at the rate I am going, my friend, Kat, and I are going to move to Tennessee and attend MTSU. Two years away, and I cannot wait.

Harry Potter is definitely an interest of mine, but besides that, I like several other book series and tv shows and all of that.

My favorite shows are Doctor Who, Dollhouse, House, Buffy, Angel, NCIS, Torchwood, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, House, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Sanctuary, and Kyle XY.

I loooove music, but there are too many bands to name, and too many singers, so I shall spare you. Even though I am itching to say. One, however, that I feel obligated to mention is ICP.


My favourite books, other than Harry Potter, include:

Just Listen - Sarah Dessen
The Mediator - Meg Cabot
The Midnighters - Scott Westerfield
Evermore - Alyson Noel
I\'d Tell You I Love You But Then I\'d Have To Kill You - Ally Carter
Wake - Lisa McMann
His Dark Materials series - Phillip Pullman
Twilight series - Stephanie Meyer
Pendragon series - DJ MacHale
Books of Pellinor - Alison Croggon
Escape from Memory - Magaret Peterson Haddix
Spellfall - Katherine Roberts
Of Mice And Men - John Steinbeck
To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee
Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
Avalon High - Meg Cabot

,,,and many more, I am sure.

Art is also a passion of mine. My deviant art page can be found at the link above. Please enjoy. But also be forewarned...I am random and often bored.

Also, on my deviantART page you will find some original works of fiction done by me, as well as poetry.

I read a lot. More than a lot, really. I love to edit things, and often find myself editing published works. Its an automatic reaction. I might someday become an editor, or agent, or something.

Also, future careers that I have entertained: Actress, Band member (with one of my best friends), Opening my own store (with same best friend), Novelist, Mother, Historian, Fashion designer, etc. The list does go on and on.

I love to write, and I have several in-progress, chaptered fics that are currently on an indefinite hold, which may never in fact be finished. I have been, for the past few months, going through an extreme writer\'s block and the only thing I have managed to write are several songs.

In addition to my fanfictions, I have several in progress novels. At current count, 6. They are all being done independently, and I have a few other plot ideas floating around in my head that have not been fully realized.

I hope to see every single one of them, at the very least, completed, if not published.

My shippings for Harry Potter include, but are not limited to:


My favourite character is Neville, which can be seen from how I portray him in my fics, even if he is just barely mentioned. I do not know when I started loving him so much, but it did happen, and I just go with it. My friends want me committed.

I have a morbidity complex, I admit. Death doesn\'t really scare me, so you may see bits and pieces of said complex in my writing. I am very comfortable with death, so it does probably show in my writing.

I love romance and fluff, though I also love sadness and angst, and adventure. Let\'s just say I love it all, shall we?

I have now wasted much of your time, I believe, and am babbling. So I will leave it at this:


Or if you would rather:

Under Muscles. Special Hugs. Half Gays. (inside joke with several people.)

Anyway, I think I am done.


Luna and Neville Longbottom?

It’s possible Luna has also found love with another member of the D.A.

When she was first asked about the possibility of Luna hooking up with Neville Longbottom several years ago, Rowling’s response was “Definitely not.” But as time passed and she watched her characters mature, Rowling started to “feel a bit of a pull” between the unlikely pair.

Ultimately, Rowling left the question of their relationship open at the end of the book because doing otherwise “felt too neat.”

--this is an excerpt from an interview with JK following DH, and I am happy to announce that one of my favourite ships that did not become canon, is now possible! It is all left up to the fans!!!! my mind, Neville and Luna are CANON!!!!!!


“I either just peed my pants or…”
“Or what?”
“Thunderbirds are GO!”

- Juno McGuff and her father.


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