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By Sir Ollivander

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Category: Post-OotP
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: General
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Summary: Harry finds a problem while teaching the DA. See how Harry solves the problem and who gets the blunt of it.
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Sir Ollivander

A/N: J.K. Rowlings owns the brilliant works of Harry Potter. I’m just borrowing them. My only profits are your reviews. My thanks to Amber and Rose for beta reading and support.

“Everte Statum!”

“See, Ron is already getting ready to side-step that spell.”


“She saw that coming.”

“Protego! Rictusempra!”

“He’s going to get her first.”

“Finite! Stupefy!”

“Petrificus Totalus”

“Oh, too slow.”



Hermione never got to finish her spell. She fell backwards and landed flat on her back, unmoving.

They were in the Room of Requirements having a DA meeting. Ron and Hermione were at the front of the room dueling, trying to overpower the other. Harry was instructing the class but was walking around behind his students listening to what they were saying.

“Why aren’t their spells hitting their targets?”

“What’s taking them so long?”

Harry stopped asking questions and looked up when he heard Hermione stop talking in the middle of a spell. Luckily he already had cushioning charms in place for such an occurrence. Hermione bounced a little like a child falling on a bed. But stopped after that.

“Okay. This is a voluntary class but I’m assigning homework to be turned in by next Friday’s meeting. No homework turned in, no attendance that day. I want two scrolls of parchment. One scroll describing what Ron and Hermione did right and one scroll describing what they did wrong. Class dismissed.”

While he was talking he was walking back to where Hermione lay on the dueling mat. But Ron got to her first, revived her, and helped her up. Harry got there in time to tell them they didn’t have to do the assignment. They did enough, already.

“You two did a good job. I got the reactions from the students I wanted.”

“Good.” Hermione replied.

“Yeah.” Ron added.

“That was well done.” Ginny agreed coming out of the group of students now leaving the room.

“Well, then. Think you’re up to tackling Dobby for some sandwiches before going back to the Common Room?” Harry asked in a good mood.

All four friends grinned at each other.

-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ -^-^-^-

A pattern was developing in Harry’s mind as he read through all the homework assignments that were turned in at the next DA meeting. He wasn’t surprised that, for better or worse, every single student turned in something. Some were quite thorough while some were a bit sketchy. But he got what he was looking for.

After numerous real-world battles with Death Eaters, Harry started noticing a pattern to wizard fighting. It was inefficient and ineffective. The dueling in the DA was a simple classroom environment. Students used the spells that they’ve been taught, shooting back and forth between them. Like tit for tat. There had to be a better way. ‘Where’s Hermione?’ he thought.

-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ -^-^-^-^-

In a far corner of the library at Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione were sitting at a table with a mountain of books surrounding them. In the middle were parchments and ink bottles with numerous quills sticking out of them. They were busy researching and taking notes. Harry knew exactly what he wanted and needed to know, and Hermione was the best person to help him.

“See here, Harry,” she said. “The name of the spell is not important. You can call any spell anything you want. It’s just a label. What’s important is how the spell is made and how it works. As you learn it, whatever it’s called, your magic makes it work. It’s all a matter of Arithmancy and controlling your magical thoughts.”

“So I could learn to say Lights instead of Lumos, thinking I am turning the lights on in a room.” Harry replied.

“Yes, exactly.” Hermione smiled. She just taught Harry something original.

-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- ^-^-^-^-^-

Days later, working on the same subject, Harry had a discussion with Bill Weasley at the Three Broomsticks. He received permission from Professor Dumbledore to meet Bill on a Saturday afternoon in Hogsmeade. Bill was well known as an expert curse-breaker for Gringotts.

“So, how do I make two spells into one? Like Alohomora to open a door and Lumos to turn on the lights.” Harry asked.

“The best way is to choose two spells that are compatible with each other. You just can’t combine any spells.” Bill explained. “Alohomora and Lumos are of the same degree of complexity and level of control. So they are compatible with each other. Then you have to control your magic to think of both actions as one step, not two. Think of where you are, facing a locked door. Then think of what you want to accomplish, you standing in the lit room through an open door, all in one step.”

“Then all I have to do is come up with a new name? Harry wondered out loud.

“Yeah, you would have to. Something like Porta-intrum, if you keep to tradition.”


“Yeah, Harry. Most magical spell names are a form of Latin from ancient times. That’s tradition. But you can call it anything you want.” Bill further explained.

“Thanks, Bill. You gave me a lot to think about and study.”

“What exactly are you studying, Harry?”

“I’d rather not say at the moment. But if it works, I’ll definitely give you a front row seat.”

-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ -^-^-^-

This time, Fred and George met Harry at Hogwarts after inviting them to a strategy meeting, which, again, Professor Dumbledore approved.

They were all sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room after having lunch together in the Great Hall. Most of Gryffindor knew who they were but not why they were there. It was after all the fun and games talking that Harry excused themselves and they went to the Room of Requirements for a more private discussion. Everybody thought it was probably about their joke shop and a new invention. They weren’t too far off.

“Now, what’s all the mystery…” George started.

“…About wanting to talk to us in private?” Fred finished.

“I need to know about some fireworks. The spells that is, not the products.” Harry replied.

Watching their surprised expressions, Harry continued. “I need a spell to create a flash of bright light. A very bright flash of light. Plus a very loud bang. And some smoke. And I want to have all that go off within five to eight feet in front of my unsuspecting victim, no matter how far off I am or what direction the victim is looking when I cast it.”

Fred and George had no idea what Harry was up to. But they smiled from ear to ear to be able to help Harry in any sort of mischief.

-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^- ^-^-^-^-^-

“Okay. You lot know I been working on a secret project. I think I finished it. But I need to test it out on someone. Would any of you care to volunteer?”

“You can always count on me.” Hermione spoke up first.

“Will it hurt?” Ron inquired.

“You big baby. Us brave girls will help you, Harry.” Ginny said with a grin, siding up with Hermione.

“Sure.” Ron had to speak up. “Of course I’ll help.”

“Okay, thanks.” Harry acknowledged. “What I want you three to do is surround me and duel me like we’re in a fight. All at the same time. And I’m the bad guy. You can have time to think up any spells you want to use. You have to incapacitate me to stop me or I will incapapacite you. Got it?”

“All three of us at the same time?” Hermione wanted to understand clearly.

“Right in one. Give me your best.” Harry replied.

The three met in a huddle for a few moments discussing what they were going to do. Then quietly they broke up and surrounded Harry in a circle, equal distant from each other so they weren’t close to each other.

“Whenever you’re ready, somebody start.” Harry spoke to no one in particular.

Ron started to say something out loud. Harry recognized the spell. Then the girls started to say something. Then Harry moved around and said just three words….

Minutes later when the fight was over, Harry had Dobby bring some sandwiches and glasses of pumpkin juice. The Room of Requirements was already changed to a comfortable dining room. The discussion was all about what happened.

“What spell did you use on me?”

‘That was too fast. How’d you do that?”

“I never heard any spell like that?”

When the three realized they were asking Harry lots of questions but Harry wasn’t answering them, it started to get quiet.

“I can’t tell you right now. I have a little more work to do on it. But, when Dumbledore can schedule it, I will demonstrate what I did to the Order and some of the Aurors. You all will have a front row seat, okay?”

They all agreed and continued eating their snack.

-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^ -^-^-^-

It was a small crowd but the Room of Requirements could easily handle all of its occupants. Most of the people present were Order members, who included a few Ministry Aurors and Hogwarts teachers. Of course Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were there. And as promised, so were Bill and the twins, Fred and George. Arthur and Molly Weasley sat next to Bill. Professor Dumbledore had invited and assembled them all at Harry’s request.

When everything was ready, Dumbledore nodded to Harry and Harry walked out to the front of the group.

“Um, as you know, er…I’m teaching the DA. I been watching the students…”

“What’s the DA?” Molly asked her husband a little too loudly.

“Oh, um, sorry.” Harry said to nobody in particular. “The DA is what we call the class I was teaching DADA stuff in last year. It’s commonly known now as Dumbledore’s Army, or DA. It was because, you know, since we didn’t have any practical training when Umbridge was here."

Harry noted the headmaster nod in recognition towards him so he continued.

“Anyway, I was noticing how the students were fighting. Even in our simpler form, it’s quite similar to the way I’ve battled Death Eaters. I’m sure some of you Aurors here have an idea what I’m talking about.”

“Mr. Potter, can you get to the point, if you have one.” Professor Snape interrupted.

“Well, yes. I have been studying a more effective way of fighting. I would like to demonstrate a little of what I have learned.”

“You mean,” Snape butted in again, “that you, a student, have come up with a better way to fight Death Eaters that these Ministry Aurors present don’t know about? Please don’t waste our time.”

Getting angry at Snape’s usual put-down, Harry continued, but a little louder. “Yes. And to demonstrate, I would like to ask for volunteers to duel with me as in a real fight. You, of course,” looking at Snape, “may have the honor of proving me wrong.”

The room became a little noisier as some people started to talk among themselves.

“Tonks, Mr. Shacklebolt, as Aurors, I would like it if one of you volunteered please. Mr. Shacklebolt, I believe you are the more experienced. But both of you can come up if you wish.”

After a few hushed whispers, Shacklebolt stood up and claimed a spot in front of the crowd.

Bill stood up next. “Care if I join the party? I want to know what you’re up to.”

“Sure, Bill.” Harry smiled in his reply.

“Professor Snape.” Harry said with coldness in his voice. “Are you coming up, or am I too powerful for you?”

“Why you arrogant little twit.” Snape said while standing up and assuming a position with the other two men.

“Okay. Please assume any position around the room you wish. Tonks, please announce the beginning of this duel. Oh, and Mr. Shacklebolt, I expect you to give it your all. I don’t want to have to wipe the stone wall behind you with your arse.” Harry added smiling.

“Oh, please, Potter. You would be so lucky if he was just the only one that puts you down.” Snape spit out.

With a sly grin, Harry responded, “Yes, you’re absolutely right. But I remind you, there is a stone wall behind you, too.” Then, looking at Tonks, “Whenever you’re ready.”

This was the men's queue to separate and move around the room into a combat position.

Tonks stood up and assumed an air of importance. Gentlemen, whenever you’re ready.” All four nodded and the room got deadly quiet. “On my count…one…two…three.”

“Petrificus Totalus!”



“E verte Statum!”








When the room cleared of all the smoke to the point people could see what happened, Tonks ran over to Shacklebolt. Ginny went over to Bill. Dumbledore walked over to Harry. And Madam Pomfrey rushed over to Snape.

Shacklebolt was lying on the floor, stiff, and all bound up, none the worse for wear. Tonks revived him and helped the surprised Auror up.

Bill was also frozen and bounded up, similar to Shacklebolt. Ginny revived him also and helped him up. He looked around to see what the others received.

The headmaster asked a lone standing Harry if he was all right.

“Never better, sir.” Harry answered.

Everybody noticed when Madam Pomfrey gasped and Snape wasn’t standing up like the others. A few rushed over to see if they needed help. Snape was bound up like the others were. But his left arm and left leg were sticking out at very abnormal angles. Also, there was a large, dark red stain on the stone wall behind where he ended up. There was also a pool of blood developing on the floor under his head.

“Profectus Totalus!” Madam Pomfrey said casting a spell at him. Looking up at the headmaster, she said, “This will keep him from losing any more blood till I can get him in the Hospital Wing and stop the bleeding. It will also keep his arm and leg from moving about.” She then conjured up a stretcher and levitated Snape on to it and guided him away.

“I think it’s time we all took our seats.” Dumbledore didn’t need to raise his voice. “Madam Pomfrey will be attending to Professor Snape and I’m sure he will be up and about in no time. In the meantime, I believe Harry here has something more to say.”

As expected, everybody sat down and gave Harry, still standing in the same spot he was earlier, their undivided attention, waiting for his explanation.

“I’m so sorry, Professor. I really didn’t mean to hurt him that badly.” Harry explained.

“Harry, Professor Snape would be a lot angrier if you gave him any slack. It really wasn’t your fault. You did warn him. So, what exactly did you just do tonight?”

“As I was trying to say earlier, we fight in a very inefficient and ineffective manner. So I studied a different method. What I did was create a spell that was one syllable instead of something long-winded to say. I also gave it a word that would not be easily recognized as a spell. In this case I used the German words for one, two, three, and so forth.”

“In these spells, I combined numerous spells into one. Why cast Protego to protect myself, when I can also cast Stupefy at my opponent to stop him, and Incarcerous to tie him up so he cannot be revived and fight back. By the way, Hermione and Ginny, that’s what I used on you two during my experiment. For added effect and disorientation, I also added the brilliant flash of light and loud bang in front of the opponent. Plus the smoke.”

“I created ten spells, the higher the number, the more severe the spells. Eight, nine, and ten are for Death eaters and could be fatal. I used four, five, and six against Bill, Mr. Shacklebolt, and Snape. The reason I wasn’t hurt at all is that all these spells start by creating a strong shield around me that last for about five seconds. The number one spell is just a shield spell.”

“So what did you use on me, young man?” Mr. Shacklebolt asked.

Harry smiled. “I used number five which is the shield around me, Petrificare to hold you still, along with the flash, bang, and smoke, then Stupefy and Petrificus Totalus to tie you down.”

“And me?” Bill spoke up.

“Number four using Everte Statum, and everything else.”

“And what of Professor Snape?” Professor McGonagall asked him.

“Well, he was number six which is Reducto. I don’t recall who used what. But these are the same spells which were used on me.”

“If you’re interested, spells eight, nine, and ten use a combination of a bludgeoning curse, a slicing curse, and crushing curse, a blasting Curse, Diffindo, Incendio, and Reducio. Like I said, some are fatal in combination. But I created those for the worse cases, like battling Death Eaters.”

“Since you’re showing us, I take it you’re willing to share how you came up with these spells with us?” Mr. Shacklebolt asked.

“Yes. With the Aurors and others in the Order.” Harry answered.

After a brief silence… “Well, then.” Professor Dumbledore injected. “I believe refreshments are in order. There is a nice assortment waiting for us in the Great Hall. If you will follow me…” And with that, he stood up and escorted Professor McGonagall towards the door.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny ran to Harry and started congratulating him on winning his duel against three experienced men.

“You did it!” Hermione exclaimed.

Without saying a word, Ginny gave him a kiss and a hug.

“Good job, mate.” Ron threw in, padding him on the back. “I don’t think Snape will ever look at you the same way again.”

“Well, I really didn’t mean to hurt him. I thought he was better than that. Actually, I did better than expected. I thought something would get through to me. I guess I was lucky.”

“Lucky?” Ron almost yelled. “Harry, you’re the boy-who-will-always-win-against-gits.”

This time it was Harry’s turn to swat his best mate on the head. “Come on, let’s grab a bite while there’s still some food downstairs.”

The foursome agreed and turned into two couples. Harry smiled and wrapped his arm around a grinning Ginny and led her towards the door out of the room.
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