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What the Future Holds?
By ForeverLadonna

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Category: Twin Travel Challenge (2008-3)
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31
Summary: If Death Eaters were trying to drive him completely and totally nutters they were doing a good job of it, Harry Potter thought as he stared at the two young children in the living room of the Burrow.
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"They want you to tuck them in dears," Mrs. Weasley said as Ginny and Harry stood outside Ginny's room, where the twins were going to sleep for the night. "Go on."

Opening the door, they saw the twins sitting up in bed.

"You haven't told us our story," James said.

"Or kissed us goodnight," Lily added.

Smiling Ginny walked in and tucked both the children in as Harry watched from the doorway. It amazed him how tender she was being as she fluffed their pillows, tucked the covers up to their chins and kissed their foreheads. Harry had never had such a thing growing up. Ginny, even at 14, seemed to be a pro at it.

"Isn't Daddy going to give us a kiss too?" asked Lily. "He always gives us kisses too."

Smiling, Harry crossed to the bed and kissed both the children as he had seen Ginny do. "It's bedtime now," he said.

"Not yet Daddy," Lily said. "Tell us the story from earlier."

"What story?" Harry asked sitting on the bed.

"The one about the bad man and the princess."

Harry's mood darkened. "I tell you a bedtime story about Voldemort?"

"No silly," Lily said. "Mommy tells us the story about Princess Ginny and the six gits. The bad man's name is Tom."

At the name, Ginny paled. "Are you sure I tell you a story like that?"

"Yes Mommy. It's our favorite," said James. "Don't you remember?"

Ginny stood up, Harry saw the panic in her face. He wasn't quite sure what to do. He looked from the children’s eager faces to Ginny’s. She seemed close to tears.

"I don't think I will ever forget," said Ginny, her voice rough with emotion. "I don't want to talk about it. How could I tell you such a horrible story?"

"It's not scary," said Lily. "It's a good story. Prince Harry rescues Princess Ginny and then she rescues him. It's got a six-headed dog in it too. Please tell it to us."

Ginny looked like she was about ready to cry or break down. Harry got up and wrapped his arms around her. She was shaking badly.

"Why would we make up a story like that?" he asked softly so only she could hear him.

"I don't want to hear it. How could I ever –" Ginny said softly before emitting a light sob.

"What's wrong with Mummy?" asked James. “Can’t she remember the story?”

“I don’t think we want to tell you that story tonight kids,” said Harry as he held Ginny closer to him.

"We could tell you the story, if you want," said Lily, and without waiting for a reply began. "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess with red hair like mine. She lived in a castle that was guarded by a six-headed dog. Each head of the dog was like a different person, but they were all very protective of Princess Ginny that they wouldn't even let her go out and ride a broom. So Princess Ginny referred to them as the six overprotective gits."

Harry smiled slightly as Ginny snorted into his shirt.

"One guess who those are," Harry said, sitting down on the bed as he still held Ginny.

"One day, when the six gits were too busy to actually be protective a bad man by the name of Tom came and kidnapped Princess Ginny. She fought against him, but she couldn’t escape. The bad man held her in the dungeons. He wanted to keep her forever and ever and ever. It was then one of the gits noticed the princess was gone," Lily said.

"The git, who was called Hungry, had a friend named Prince Harry," James continued. "Hungry asked Prince Harry to help rescue Princess Ginny from the dungeon. Prince Harry didn’t know the princess, but wanted to help his friend. So Prince Harry took out his sword and fought his way down to the dungeon and freed Princess Ginny."

"She fell madly in love with the prince," said Lily. "But the evil Tom put a spell on Princess Harry so he really wouldn't see how beautiful the princess was. The spell also made him really moody."

"Prince Harry fought Tom, but he escaped," James said. "This made Prince Harry angry too. No one could make him feel better. He was awful grumpy, sort of like how Daddy was earlier."

"Yeah," said Lily.

Harry fidgeted in his seat as Ginny made a noise in the back of her throat. He couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying still. At least she had stopped shaking so badly. Harry still couldn’t believe they told their kids a story like this.

"Go on," Ginny said.

"Anyway one day Prince Harry was yelling at everyone and tried to make everyone leave him alone because the spell Tom put on him was acting really bad," said Lily. "Princess Ginny knew it wasn't good to be alone and went to see him. He started to yell at her to leave her alone, but she knew he was under a spell. She tried to break it, but nothing was working. He finally told her to leave him alone, frustrated she yelled at him."

"Hearing the princess yell at him broke the evil spell. He suddenly saw how beautiful she was and what a prat he was being and fell in love with her," said James.

“Princess Ginny yelled at the Prince Harry and that made him fall in love with her?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, what was it Mum said she called him?” James said, looking at Lily.

“I think it was a stupid prat. I don’t know exactly. It wasn’t something nice.”

“I bet not,” Harry said as he felt Ginny giggle in his arms.

“Go on what happened?” Ginny asked as she untangled herself from Harry’s arms.

"Well breaking the spell made the evil Tom angry. He attacked the castle where Princess Ginny and Prince Harry went, but together Prince Harry and Princess Ginny beat him. Evil Tom was never heard from again."

"Then the protective gits decided that Prince Harry could marry Princess Ginny," Lily said yawning. "So they did."

"And they all lived happily ever after," said James, who was also yawning.

"So they did," said Harry smiling as he and Ginny got up from the bed and walked quietly out of the room.
Reviews 31

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