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What the Future Holds?
By ForeverLadonna

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Category: Twin Travel Challenge (2008-3)
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31
Summary: If Death Eaters were trying to drive him completely and totally nutters they were doing a good job of it, Harry Potter thought as he stared at the two young children in the living room of the Burrow.
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Author's Notes:
Harry Potter is from the genius of J.K. Rowling. I am not her.


If Death Eaters were trying to drive him completely and totally nutters they were doing a good job of it, Harry Potter thought as he stared at the two young children in the living room of the Burrow. Somehow two children had arrived in a heavily warded house and we're claiming to be his children.

Truth be told they looked like his children might. The boy looked exactly like him, except for his eyes. The little girl had his eyes, but flowing red hair. They had arrived with a pop, which caused everyone to think they were being invaded by Death Eaters.

Now, Harry wasn't so certain that Death Eaters wouldn't have been more welcomed. He could deal with them. How could he deal with this? Learning that somehow he had children with little Ginny Weasley? That couldn't be right.

The two children had been arguing loudly in the living room over something. When Harry and Ginny finally came into the room after the adults, the two children had pounced on them. The boy had called him Dad and promptly clung himself to Harry's leg. The little girl, who was currently hugging Ginny for dear life, called her mom.

It had taken awhile and some Veritaserum the twins had to verify who they were, but still Harry couldn't believe it.

"Who are you again?" Harry asked.

"I told you Daddy would be mad at you," the little girl said smirking to her brother. "That's what you get for playing with Daddy's stuff."

"No one is angry," Ginny said. "We're just confused. Would you please just tell us your names again?"

"Don't you know them Mummy?"

"Um," Ginny said looking around for help.

"Just pretend we don't dear," Mrs. Weasley said gently.

"I'm James Potter, and she's Lily Potter," said the boy, James, as he left Harry's side and went to Ginny, who picked him up. "You're our mom and dad, Harry and Ginny Potter."

"That's not possible," Harry said sternly, missing the look on Ginny's face.

"Anything's possible. That's what you say," Lily said as she let go of Ginny and came to Harry. "You're grumpy Daddy."

"I am not grumpy," Harry said angrily.

"Yes, you are," Lily said. "I know how to fix it. Hold me?"

Harry looked down at her angrily, but a pair of hopeful puppy dog eyes met his gaze. Sighing he leaned down and picked her up. The little girl gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Better Daddy? Don't be mad at me, James was the one that played with that shiny thing on your desk."

"Lily told me to."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"What thing did you play with?" Ginny asked loudly.

Digging into his pocket, James withdrew a wizard card, a pack of gum and a shiny cube. He handed the cube to Ginny. Ginny looked at it before handing it to her father.

"He took it from Daddy's office when we came to get him for lunch yesterday," Lily said to Ginny before turning to Harry. "I told him he didn't know how it worked. We're not suppose to touch things in your office."

"I think this is an experimental time turner. Adalbert Waffling was in the Ministry talking about this the other day."

"Is that why you don't know us? We're in the past?" asked James.

"Yeah," Harry said, rubbing the back of his head with one hand as he held onto Lily with the other.

"Cool. All we need to do is find out when we are and Daddy can send us back," James said determinedly as he climbed down from Ginny and rushed over to grab Harry's leg.

"I can?" Harry questioned as he tried not to loose his balance with two young children clinging to him.

"Of course," Lily said smiling as she hugged him tighter. "You can do anything. Didn't you know that?"

Ginny smirked as she watched the expression on Harry's face. She could see he didn't know what to say as well as that his air supply was getting cut off by a small child. He looked up, pleading with his eyes for some help.

"Of course, Daddy can do anything," Ginny said, as she unwrapped Lily from around Harry's neck and set her on the ground.

"So let's see what's different," James said.

"Why don't you look around and tell us what's changed. I assume you know everybody here," Ginny said, pointing to each family member. "There's Uncle Ron, Bill, George and Fred –"

"But you're dead!" James yelped, staring at Fred as he clung tighter onto Harry's leg.

"I'm what?" Fred stuttered, going pale. The rest of the family had also gone quiet. Mrs. Weasley was clutching her husband's hand with tears in her eyes.

"Honey, Uncle Fred isn't alive where you're from?" Ginny asked as her eyes filled up with tears.

"No," James said hiding his face. "Is he a ghost? I'm scared."

"I'm not a ghost," Fred said roughly.

"Wait. This just might be Uncle George playing another trick," Lily interrupted as she walked over to tug on Fred's shirt for him to bend down. Fred got down on his knees as Lily examined his face. She looked between him and George before biting her bottom lip.

"Uncle George and Fred were twins – identical twins," James said softly. "How are you going to tell them apart?"

"What did you tell me after you gave me my Christmas present last year?" Lily asked Fred.

"Er, don't get caught?" Fred guessed.

"It's Uncle George playing a trick all right," Lily said happily. James released his death grip on Harry's leg and looked at both Fred and George.

George looked at his twin, then at Lily. "If he's George, who am I?"

"You're Uncle George too silly," Lily replied.

"One minute," said Fred, still pale. "How exactly did I ... I mean Uncle Fred, die?"

"Oh," James said looking around the room. "You died laughing at Uncle Percy."

"Yeah," Lily said wrapping her arms around Fred's neck and hugging him.

"I'm not sure if they're joking or not," George replied looking at his brother.

James had finally released Harry's leg and was looking at Hermione, who was sitting next to Ron on the sofa. He looked inquisitively at her.

"Is something the matter James?" Hermione asked softly.

The little boy ignored her and turned to his sister.

"I know when we are Lily," he said. "We're before Uncle Ron put the baby in Aunt Hermione."

"What!" Ron and Hermione bellowed together.

"Don't you remember?" James asked. "I wanted to know how there got to be a baby in Aunt Hermione's belly. I thought maybe she ate something funny and that's how it got there. You told me she didn't eat anything funny and not to worry. You said you put the baby there. I asked you how. You really didn't answer me then."

"That can't be true about the baby. I heard it was a bird and a bee that put it there," Lily said. "I asked Mum and she said she'd have to birds and bees talk with me when I was older. That's how Aunt Hermione got Rose remember? She had to have gotten stung by a bee when she was in Grandma's garden and that's why Rose is here. Dad said Rose was named Rose because she was made in Grandma's garden."

At this point in time everyone looked out the window to Molly Weasley's rose garden before turning to look at Ron and Hermione. Both of whom were turning a particularly nice shade of red.

"You two probably shouldn't tell us too much about the future," Hermione said, trying to stay calm and edge further away from Ron than she was. "It could affect how things happen now."

"Does that mean you're not going to put the baby in Aunt Hermione?" James asked innocently as he looked at Ron.

"That's it!" Ron said jumping up. "I'm going for a walk."

"Have fun in the rose garden Ron," said Fred laughing as the back door slammed shut.

"Is Uncle Ron mad at me?" James asked.

"No," Ginny said, smiling lightly. "He's just wanted to get some fresh air."

"Ginny, I meant what I said them being here can affect the future. We do need to get them back to their time before they do something big to alter the time line," Hermione said, her face still bright red.

"She's right. An awful lot of things could go wrong with them being here," said Mr. Weasley. "We need to send them back."

"You're going to send us away?" Lily cried as she rushed to Harry. "Don't send us away Daddy. You said you weren't mad."

James had run to Ginny and was holding on to her for dear life.

"We'll be good. If it wasn't for her, this wouldn't have happened anyhow," he said pointing at Lily, who began to wail into Harry's shirt.

"We're not angry," Harry said awkwardly as he tried to calm Lily down as she sobbed. "You just being here could cause some problems. It's not really a safe time right now for you to be here. You see there's a really bad man...."

"You mean like the one from the story?" asked Lily.

"What story?" Harry asked surprised that she had stopped crying.

"The one you tell us before bedtime," James said looking at Ginny.

"Speaking of bedtime," said Mrs. Weasley. "It's late. Why don't we go to bed now, and we'll contact Dumbledore to see what can be done in the morning? Arthur why don't you go upstairs and enlarge Ginny's bed for these two dears. I'll go transfigure some pajamas."

Reviews 31

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