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Harry Potter and the Origins of Reality
By PotterBoy90 and Zero

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Category: Post-OotP, Alternate Universe
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Minerva McGonagall, Neville Longbottom, Neville Longbottom, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Fluff, Humor, Romance, Tragedy
Warnings: Death, Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: R
Reviews: 29
Summary: *** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

*** The author has been reminded via the e-mail address on file that this story is listed as incomplete and has not been updated in over 2 years ***

Harry’s fifth year brought about many mixed emotions. From learning he had been in the Dark Lord’s mind, to losing his godfather, Harry was spinning out of control very quickly. Mix this with Dudley and his gang bringing up a few painful memories and a whole new perspective is thrown upon Harry’s well known story of the fateful night that gave him his scar. *** Rated R for Language, violence, and some sexual situations. *** This will be the FIRST story in our series
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Author's Notes:
Any text written like: ‘this’ is Harry and Rose talking within their heads. Any text written like: “this” is Parselmouth. Anything like: ‘this’ is someone’s personal thoughts.
This applies to all chapters.

So this chapter is just a few school scenes from Primary school. It was originally going to be two chapters but we put them into one longer one. We may have had to shoot a few plot bunnies down… but it’s okay.


(This chapter was written by the both of us.)


Chapter Four: School Days

The first day of school in Harry and Rose’s Grade Three class at Little Whinging Primary seemed to be going slower than usual. They had just finished their math lesson and were waiting for the lunch bell to sound.

Bbbrrriinnggg. The school bell went off, signaling the start of lunch.

“Go ahead and head out to lunch,” Mr. Jarx said happily. It was only Harry and Rose’s first day with him, but they already liked him a lot more than the other teachers that they had before. He was a pleasant man, and he seemed to like them also. He actually called on them in class. The best part about his class was that Dudley was not in it! For the school day, aside from breaks and lunch, they were Dudley free! The past few years they were always in his class, they weren’t sure about later years, but at least this one they would be away from him.

Harry reached into his bookbag, which had once been Dudley’s, and pulled out a small paper bag which had both his and Rose’s names written across it. After catching Rose’s eye they walked to the lunch room so they could find a table in one of the corners of the room.

They reached the cafeteria, which was already packed with students, and found a few empty seats in a back corner of the room. No one else wanted to be around them, so they were left alone in the corner.

‘What’s for lunch today Harry?’ Rose asked as she sat down beside Harry.

‘Let me check,’ Harry said, digging into the brown paper bag. ‘Looks like she gave us a turkey sandwich to split, dry at that.’

‘Oh well,’ Rose said, ‘I’ll go see if I can find a packet of mustard or someth–‘

“Hello,” came a voice in front of them while they were having their mental conversation. They did not notice a girl about their age walk up to their table. “I’m erm… new to the school and was wondering if I could sit with you two.”

Rose looked over to Harry, unsure of what to say to the girl. “Uhm, I’m not sure if that’s so good of an idea.” Harry said, looking up at the girl.

She looked to be the same age as Harry and Rose. She was about an inch or two taller than the average girl of their age; she had pretty, straight brown hair which went down to her shoulder blades. She had kind blue eyes, which at the moment showed her nervousness and vulnerability. Her uniform skirt was longer than most other girls, and her sleeves were longer also. She wore no earrings, but a golden necklace with a heart shaped pendent on it.

“Why not?” she asked Harry, clearly let down that her first attempt at friendship was not working out so well.

“You see….” Harry trailed off, unsure of what he could really tell her.

“Well,” Rose took over, “most of the school doesn’t like us. Mostly because of our cousin, he says we’re freaks so no one wants to be around us.”

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you. I’m new this year, but I’m in your class. My name is Victoria, and you two are Harry and Rose right?” she said.

“Erm… yeah,” Harry said lamely.

“Well hi,” she said as she sat down across from them.

Harry and Rose decided not to let their chance at friendship pass them by and decided to just see what would happen. The three talked, laughed and ate their lunch together until Rose got up to throw their paper bag away.

“That’s all you guys had to eat? Just one sandwich between the two of you?” Victoria said, clearly shocked.

“Erm, yeah. We don’t really get a lot of food for lunch,” Harry was embarrassed at having to share this tidbit of information.

“Don’t your parents want you to eat right?” Victoria questioned.

“We don’t live with our parent, they died,” Rose said looking down at the table. Harry put his arm around her and hugged her close.

“We live with our aunt and uncle,” he finished, kissing the top of Rose’s head.

“Well, you could have this,” Victoria said, holding out a plastic baggie with four or five chocolate chip cookies in it.

“Oh, we can’t take that from you, we aren’t allowed cookies,” Rose said, but her eyes were betraying her words. It was evident that she wanted the cookies, but that she was restraining herself from taking them.

“Please,” Victoria said as she tossed the cookies to Harry, “I can get more at home, you two have these.”

“Thank you,” Harry said. At that moment Dudley had spotted them from across the room and saw the cookies in Harry’s hand. By the time he had gotten there Harry and Rose had each eaten one cookie apiece.

“Where’d you two get the cookies from?” Dudley asked angrily before looking over to Victoria. “Let me guess, you scared this girl into giving them to you!”

“No they didn’t, I gave the cookies to them!” Victoria said quite shyly.

“Well, I’m taking them away,” Dudley said before shoving Rose’s hand away and taking the bag of cookies. He then pushed Victoria from her seat and took the rest of her lunch. “It’s not smart to make friends with Potters; it only gets you into bad situations.”

“Leave her alone!” Harry yelled, walking to Victoria and helping her up. “She didn’t do anything wrong!”

Dudley went forward to hit Harry, but Harry put his arms in front of him and Dudley was pushed back by some invisible force. He took about three steps back before he fell to the ground.

Harry was just as shocked as Dudley when the blow did not connect, but when he saw Mr. Jarx running towards them he knew he would be in trouble. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t do anything; he was always blamed, along with Rose.

“Mr. Jarx! He didn’t do anything! Harry didn’t do anything!” Rose cried when Mr. Jarx arrived at the scene.

“I know, Rose, I saw the whole thing. You there,” Mr. Jarx said pointing at Dudley, “detention after school. Harry, go ahead and enjoy the rest of lunch.”

“You mean I’m not going to get in trouble for knocking him down?” Harry said, quite amazed at his luck.

“Nope. You had no control over what you just did.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, quite confused.

“Oh erm, you’ll see in a few years,” Mr. Jarx said before walking off behind Dudley.

Harry looked at Rose and shrugged. They sat back at their table and said goodbye to Victoria as she ran off.


Grade Three for Harry and Rose was an experience they would never forget. They were a bit disappointed when it ended because they knew they wouldn’t have Mr. Jarx again.

The next year was filled with bullying, and a teacher who didn’t care for Harry and Rose like Mr. Jarx did. The teacher wasn’t mean to them, but he wasn’t as friendly or kind to them. He didn’t call on them in class as often, but he didn’t completely ignore them.

Their semi-friendship with Victoria remained a constant, despite Dudley’s threats against their friendship.

The two years were also a time of a lot of self discovery for the two children.


Harry and Rose were busy doing the grammar work that Ms. Bach had assigned them. It was tedious work, since they already knew it backwards and forwards, but it still had to be done. Either way they looked at it, they were glad to be in Ms. Bach’s Grade Five class instead of back at the Dursleys. They had turned nine two months ago, and school had been back in session for a little over a month. They had never considered the Dursleys’ house their home.

Bbbrrriinnggg. The bell signaled the start of break.

“I’ll see you guys in 25 minutes,” Ms. Bach told the class.

Harry and Rose quickly put their pencils down and hurried outside with the rest of the class. They quickly made their way in line for a football. Every break they would play football. It had quickly become one of their favorite activities at school. It was one of the few times that people wanted to be around them because they were so good at it. Dudley normally scared everyone away from talking to them, but when they played football everyone wanted to be on their team. They never lost when they played football. No one could beat the offense the two played, even when they were easily outnumbered by the opposing team’s players. They always played as Strikers because they knew exactly what the other was going to do. They could pass without looking at the other, in any direction they needed. They knew exactly how to play with the other in order to get the outcome they wanted. In addition they also had some idea of what the opposing players were going to do before they did it. On top of all that, they were quick footed, so they could maneuver the ball quite easily.

While Rose was standing in line to get a football to start a pick-up game, Harry went to the loo. Dudley approached Rose from behind, but she did not notice him.

“Well if it isn’t little Rosey, all by herself without Harry,” sneered Dudley.

“What do you want, Dudley?” Rose said in an exasperated tone. Rose noticed that Dudley’s gang was surrounding her.

‘Harry, you better hurry out here, this could get ugly,’ Rose said.

‘I’ll be right there. What’s going on though?’ Harry asked.

‘Dudley and his gang of idiots are here,’ Rose replied quickly.

Due to the fact that their conversation had taken only a few seconds, Dudley was just starting to respond to what Rose had said.

“Just thought I’d drop by and see why you’re all by yourself, with no annoying brother to defend you,” Dudley said, placing emphasis on the second half of what he said.

“Right, like I need my brother to defend myself from a bunch of idiots?” Rose asked incredulously.

At this Dudley lunged forward, intent on hitting Rose. When he struck out, his hand hit an invisible barrier and he toppled over backwards from his momentum hitting the invisible barrier. Dudley looked at her incredulously because all Rose had done was wave her hand casually in front of herself.

“Piers and Malcolm, get that freak, now!” Dudley shouted.

Piers and Malcolm lunged at her while Dudley got up and prepared to hit her again. He figured that since it was three on one she wouldn’t be able to protect herself this time with whatever “hocus pocus” she had done the first time.

‘HARRY, HELP!’ Rose screamed just as Piers punch was stopped by another invisible barrier, but at the same time Malcolm knocked her over. He kicked her once before he was suddenly sent flying back into a wall.

“Do not touch my sister again,” Harry said in a deadly tone. If looks could kill, Dudley and his gang would be a pile of ash.

Piers made to move away from Rose, but Harry mistook it as a lunge, and with a quick wave of his hand, he was pushed back 10 feet and toppled over himself. At this, Dudley moved to hit Harry. Harry anticipated his attack and side stepped while sticking out his foot to trip Dudley. Between the momentum from Dudley’s punch, and tripping over Harry’s foot, Dudley ended up sprawled on the ground.

“JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” yelled Ms. Bach with a girl standing behind her. It looked as if she had told their teacher that they had been fighting.

“Why is Dudley on the ground?” she asked.

“Harry pushed me, Ms. Bach,” Dudley replied in an innocent voice.

“Did not!” Harry retorted.

“QUIET!” Ms. Bach said quite loudly. “Gordon, tell me what happened here?”

“Well, Dudley, Piers, Malcolm and I were waiting in line for a basketball when Rose came over here and started calling Dudley names. Rose pushed Dudley down, and then she pushed Piers. Then Harry came out and hit Malcolm over there, and when Dudley tried to walk past Harry, he tripped him. Then you came out here,” Gordon said as innocently as possibly.

“Bu-,” Harry was about to say when he was interrupted.

“But nothing Harry, you and your sister know better than to fight,” Ms. Bach said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“But we didn’t start anything!” Harry cried.

“Gordon says you did,” Ms. Bach replied.

“He’s lying! They started picking on Rose, and I had to stop them from hitting her!” Harry yelled. His anger was starting to rise.

“Dudley, Malcolm, Piers, is this true?” Ms. Bach asked eyeing them suspiciously. Dudley and his gang were known to start fights with other kids, especially Harry and Rose. While Harry and Rose were never completely innocent, they never started fights. They would only defend one another from the other kids if they had to.

“No Ms. Bach, they started it,” they replied in unison in as innocent a tone as they could muster.

“I’ll be calling all of your parents to inform them you have been fighting. I do not care who started it Dudley. You were all fighting, except Gordon, so you will all be punished,” Ms. Bach said sternly.

‘Ugh, I hate Dudley, this is so unfair. Uncle Vernon is going to blame us for it, and then he is going to punish us even worse,’ Harry said in a defeated tone.

'Harry, I know it’s not fair, but we'll get through it. I wish our parents were still here so we wouldn’t have to put up with this fat git,' Rose replied sadly.


It was finally Dudley, Harry, and Rose’s turn for Ms. Bach to call home. She had already called Malcolm and Piers’ parents; they did not know what happened with them. They knew that their phone call would easily be the worst.

“Hello, may I speak to Mr. Dursley please?” Ms. Bach said to the person on the other line of the phone. She had called Grunnings Drill Firm to talk to Uncle Vernon instead of Aunt Petunia.

“Yes, Mr. Dursley, this is Ms. Bach from Whinging Primary. Earlier at break today I caught Dudley, Harry and Rose fighting. It looks like Dudley, Malcolm and Piers started the confrontation, but they all denied it. Harry and Rose said that Dudley started it,” Ms. Bach told Uncle Vernon.

“How can you be so sure that Harry and Rose started it, Mr. Dursley? You did not witness the incident,” Ms. Bach replied in a startled voice. It sounded as if he had shouted at Ms. Bach from his end.

“Well, there is no need to shout, Mr. Dursley. We can take care of all of this in an adult manner. Would you mind stopping by after school so we can straighten this entire thing out?” Ms. Bach asked in a dignified tone.

“Yes, well I’d rather not deal with it either, but we need to. So, I will see you after school. Thank you,” Ms. Bach said. She then hung up the phone and turned back to Dudley, Harry and Rose.

“Well, your father seems like a charming man, Dudley,” Ms. Bach said in a sarcastic tone. At this Harry and Rose snorted in laughter.

“You three will remain here after class, so we can straighten this out with your father, or uncle in your case Harry and Rose,” Ms. Bach said slightly sympathetically.

“Yes Ms. Bach,” Harry and Rose said in unison, while Dudley grumbled under his breath.

“Class is about to start, please take your seats,” Ms. Bach said in a firm tone.


When the bell for lunch rang, Harry and Rose were quick to get out of the classroom. Dudley, Malcolm and Piers had been not only throwing them glares, but they had also been throwing balls of crumpled paper at them when Ms. Bach was not watching.

Harry and Rose may not have had much to eat for lunch because the Dursleys were so unfair, but they were still glad to get away from Dudley for a least a little while. They were sitting alone at a table talking quietly with one another, when Victoria, one of the few kids friendly with Harry and Rose, approached their table with her lunch. She tried to share lunch with them whenever possible, but she also wanted to avoid Dudley’s wrath.

“Hi Harry, Rose, how are you guys?” Victoria asked. She had heard about the conflict with Dudley and felt bad for Harry and Rose.

“Not bad, considering we have to stay after school to listen to our uncle yell at us…” Rose grumbled.

“I brought some extra food, would you like some?” Victoria asked as she began taking out two sandwiches, two apples, and some cookies.

“If you don’t mind, we’d love some,” Harry replied, looking hungrily at Victoria’s food.

She handed them a sandwich and two apples to split. She never ate much, but she let her mother think she did. She felt bad for what Harry and Rose had to put up with; nonetheless, she feared Dudley, so after she gave them the food she said goodbye and good luck with their relatives.

They were halfway through eating what she had given them, and the little food they had brought from home, when Dudley came wandering over.

“Where’d you get that food?” Dudley demanded.

“None of your business Dudley,” Harry replied in a calm voice. He was determined not to lose his temper; he did not need more trouble for Rose and himself.

“Did you steal it?” Dudley sneered.

“Of course we didn’t,” Rose retorted. She could feel herself getting annoyed with the stupid git.

“Tell me where you got it or I’ll tell dad you’ve been stealing food,” Dudley replied with a smirk. He knew full well that they would not want to incur anymore wrath from their Uncle.

“I don’t care what you tell him, but we did not steal the food,” Harry replied with as much force as he could muster, the thought of his uncle being even angrier scared him.

“Now go away before we call Ms. Bach over and tell her you’re making more trouble for us,” Harry said in a more forceful tone. He really did not want any more trouble.

“Better watch your back, Potter. I’ll be after you two when there’s no one to protect you,” Dudley sneered menacingly.

“What are you going to do, trip and fall over yourselves again? It took three of you just to get to Rose, if I had been there you’d all be on the ground,” Harry retorted. At this Dudley stalked off with a slightly pink face.


After school Dudley, Harry and Rose waited with Ms. Bach in the classroom for Uncle Vernon to arrive. Vernon had to leave work much earlier than normal in order to arrive on time. Normally Petunia would pick them up from school, the only reason Harry and Rose normally did not walk home was because Petunia was already there to pick Dudley up.

Once Vernon finally arrived, Ms. Bach got straight to the point. “Well now that you’re here, Mr. Dursley, let’s get this settled.”

“Call me Vernon. Tell me Dudley, who started the fight?” Uncle Vernon asked authoritatively.

“Rose started it Dad, and then Harry came and made it worse,” Dudley said while trying to sound as innocent as a baby whale could.

“There you have it, Ms. Bach,” Vernon said as if he thought the matter was settled completely.

“I don’t see how you can just take Dudley’s word for it, Vernon,” Ms. Bach replied, looking at him incredulously

“Of course I can, Dudley would never start a fight. Now would you,, Dudley?” Vernon asked.

“I would never start a fight, Dad,” Dudley replied trying to look innocent again.

“Well, that’s settled, come on Dudley, let’s go out to the car. You two can walk!” Uncle Vernon said while glaring at Harry and Rose. At that, Vernon got up and walked out of the room with Dudley. Ms. Bach just sat there flabbergasted that Vernon would just walk out and leave his niece and nephew behind.

‘Well, I suppose that could have been worse, but it was still pretty bad,’ Rose said while mentally sighing.

“Is that normal for you two?” Ms. Bach asked.

‘Should we tell her, Rose?’ Harry asked.

‘I dunno, Harry; it could lead to more trouble.’

“No, not usually, Ms. Bach. Don’t worry about us; he will have cooled down by the time we get home. He just doesn’t like anyone to be fighting,” Harry lied.

“Alright, well would you like a ride home? I’d feel bad if you had to walk all that way,” she said, looking sympathetically at Harry and Rose.

“No, we’d don’t mind walking actually, it let’s us think about what happened and we can let out some steam,” Rose said.

‘Well, at least that’s part of the truth,’ Harry said.

“Are you sure? It wouldn’t be a problem at all,” Ms. Bach said.

“No, we’ll just be going now. Thanks for the offer though,” Harry said.

“Well then, I’ll see you in class on Monday,” she told Harry and Rose.

“We’ll…” Rose started.

“See you…” Harry said.

“Then,” Rose finished, grinning slightly.

“Well, at least you’ve got your humor back,” Ms. Bach said, smiling slightly.

With that Harry and Rose left the school, while they walked home they tried to think of ways to avoid their Uncle’s anger when they got back.


It took about an hour to walk back to Privet Drive from Whinging Primary, but that was mainly because they were trying to delay as long as possible before seeing their uncle again. They had been walking in silence for the past ten minutes, and they had just reached the house when Rose spoke up, ‘I suppose we should just try to reach our room before Uncle Vernon can yell at us or do something worse.’

‘Yeah, it'd probably be our best bet for now, though we’ll have to face him later,’ Harry replied, looking downcast.

‘Well, lets get this over with.’

Harry and Rose knocked on the door waiting to be let inside so they could hurry up and get to their room to avoid any more yelling from their Uncle.

“Took you long enough,” Vernon said as he opened the door.

‘Bloody hell, this isn’t going to end well,’ Harry said.

‘Let’s just get it over with then,’ Rose replied.

“I said get inside!” Vernon repeated, even louder this time.

As soon as Harry and Rose stepped inside, the door was slammed shut and their uncle turned to face them.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing starting a fight with Dudley and THEN trying to blame him for it?!” their Uncle roared.

“HE STARTED IT, NOT US!” Harry shouted. He could feel his temper rising very quickly. He noticed a vase and end table start to hover a few inches off the ground.

‘Harry calm down, don’t yell at him. It will only make it worse,’ Rose pleaded.

‘I’m trying.’


“OUR PARENTS WERE NOT FREAKS!” Harry screamed. His anger burst, and the vase, the windows in the sitting room, and all the picture frames shattered.

“NOW LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE BOY!” his Uncle yelled. Harry looked up in time to see a fist hit him straight in the face. His glasses bent inwards from the impact, and his nose was bloody, if not broken. The force of the hit threw him against the door.

“NEVER HIT MY BROTHER!” Rose screamed with tears in her eyes. Her rage burst and the next thing she knew she had her hand out in front of her, and her Uncle was thrown back twenty feet, hitting the wall behind him. As soon as she came out of the shock of throwing her Uncle back twenty feet she helped Harry to his feet and they quickly ran up the stairs.

As soon as they got into their room Rose laid Harry down on the bed and waved her hand, shutting and locking the door.

“Harry, Harry! Are you okay?” Rose half-shouted as her tears fell rapidly from her eyes.

Harry lifted his hand gingerly to his nose to feel the damage. It didn’t appear to be broken. “Well, I’ll be fine, but my nose hurts like hell. Can you hand me a tissue to stop this bleeding?” he muttered with a grin. She got up and handed him a tissue while waiting for him to say something.

“That was brilliant, how’d you throw him back like that? We’ve never been able to move people or objects that large, or that far,” Harry said.

“I don’t know, but I was so angry at him I just let it all out,” Rose said sheepishly.

“Oh no, we’re going to be in so much trouble,” Rose said, looking frightened. As soon as she said this they heard stopping on the stairs that sounded like a herd of elephants climbing up.

‘We better be quiet. I don’t think he can get into our room after we locked it,’ Harry said. He assumed that their uncle would be storming up to yell at them and hit them more.

“GET OUT HERE NOW AND FIX YOUR UNCLE!” Petunia screamed from right outside the door. If Harry’s anger hadn’t broken most of the glass in the house, then the pitch of her scream would have done it for sure.

‘What’s she mean fix our uncle, you only threw him back, how the hell do we fix that? And why the hell would we want to?’ Harry said, glad that Uncle Vernon was still out cold.

‘I dunno, I didn’t see anything else wrong with him,’ Rose replied, looking forlorn.

‘It’s okay Rose, everything’s going to be fine,’ Harry said, sounding more confident than he really felt. He put his arm around her and pulled her close; comforting her in the best way he knew how.

‘Harry I know you don’t feel confident in that, you know that I know exactly how you feel right now,’ Rose replied with a very slight grin.

‘Oh well, but I meant what I said. We’ll be fine as long as we stay together.’ His nose had stopped bleeding finally and the tissue he had been using was soaked in blood. He took one look at it and muttered “gross,” before throwing it into the small trash can in the corner of the room.

“I SAID GET OUT OF THAT ROOM AND FIX YOUR UNCLE!” Petunia screamed again as she banged on the door trying to get them to open it.

“What’s wrong with him?” Harry snapped.


“He’s the one who attacked us, he’ll be fine after he wakes up,” Harry replied, looking disgusted at the thought of seeing his uncle again.


“No,” Harry replied quite simply and loudly.

“The only time we’re going to come out is if we can forget about this whole mess. We’re sorry for what happened, but Uncle Vernon should not have hit Harry,” Rose said, finally speaking up. A moment later they heard someone walking down the stairs. Dudley must have come up the stairs the first time, there was no way Aunt Petunia could sound like a herd of elephants.

‘Hopefully if we don’t come out for a few days they’ll forget about this whole thing. Good thing it’s the weekend,’ Rose said.

‘How’s your nose?’

‘It hurts, but I don’t think it’s broken.’

‘Let’s go make sure you’ll be fine,’ Rose said as she poked her head out of the door after unlocking it. She grabbed Harry’s hand and started to pull him off towards the loo.

‘Rose I’m fine, I promise.’

‘The last time you said you were fine, you had a swollen eye for two weeks.’

‘Oh, well I suppose you’re right,’ Harry said sheepishly.

‘I’m always right,’ Rose said with a smirk.

“I beg to differ,” Harry said under his breath.

‘What was that?’ Rose said while glaring at Harry.

‘What? Nothing, nothing,’ Harry said quickly.

‘That’s what I thought,’ Rose said, grinning as they got to the loo.

‘Take your glasses off,’ Rose ordered.

‘What is this, ‘order Harry around day’?’ Harry replied indignantly, as he took his glasses off anyways, only just now noticing that one side of his glasses were bent inwards. He had not felt the glasses on his face after being punched due to the pain.

‘Take your shirt off also. Your back hit the door pretty hard, I want to make sure you’re fine,’ Rose said, ignoring his last comment.

‘Oh so it’s ‘strip Harry day’ is it?’ Harry said.

‘Do you want to take your pants off too?’ Rose asked with an evil grin.

‘No, unless there’s something you want to see,’ Harry said, catching on to Rose’s game.

‘How do I see something you don’t have?’ Rose replied with a smirk.

‘Touché,’ Harry said somewhat dejectedly as he took off his shirt. Rose quickly looked over his eye before wetting a washcloth and handing it to him.

‘Hold it against your nose. It would work better if I had some ice, but this will have to do,’ Rose said forcefully. Harry knew not to argue with her, so he took the cloth and held it against his nose. It helped a little bit. Rose went behind him to look over his back.

‘You’re going to have a large bruise on your back also,’ Rose told him.

‘Damn,’ Harry muttered. He quickly put his shirt back on and they headed back to their room.

‘Thanks Rose,’ Harry said as he gave her a hug.

‘Anytime,’ Rose replied.

They spent about an hour trying to decide how best to avoid anymore conflicts when they come out of their room. They decided to turn in early to figure it out in the morning.


The next morning, Harry and Rose were surprised when they woke up. It was one of the first times they had not been awakened by the loud yelling of their aunt or uncle. Normally they would have awoken to something along the lines of “GET UP SO YOU TWO CAN START YOUR CHORES!” They were even more surprised that no one had come banging on the door after what happened the day before. They spent about an hour contemplating if they should risk going out to use the loo. In the end nature won and they decided it would be best to only make one trip and not risk multiple trips. They each grabbed a clean pair of oversized clothes and unlocked the door.

Rose poked her head out in the hall to make sure no one was outside. When she saw that it was clear she turned to Harry and nodded. They shut the door and locked it again, that way it would appear they had not left their bedroom. They hurried off to loo, where Rose locked the door and took a look at Harry’s nose again. It was definitely not broken, but there would be a nasty bruise. Harry pulled his glasses out of his pocket and examined them. It appeared that the left side of his glasses were bent towards his face. He decided to try something new to fix them.

‘I’m going to try something, hopefully it will work. Can you hold my glasses? Make sure to hold them steady.’

‘Sure Harry, what are you going to do?’

‘I’m going to try to will them to fix themselves, kind of like how we will the door to lock and such.’

Once Rose had the glasses held steadily in her hands, Harry placed his fingers over the bridge between the two lenses and willed the two pieces to align themselves properly. He felt something flow through his fingers as he did this and almost jumped at the feeling. He had never felt that when doing any of the other things he had tried. When he took his hands off his glasses he found that they had been mended. The bridge itself was a little bent out of shape, but otherwise the glasses appeared to be in decent condition.

‘I take it, it worked?’ Rose asked with a grin.

‘Yep, we should try that on some of Dudley’s old things in our room. Maybe we can fix the bed.’

They quickly went about their business in the loo. They had never been shy around one another. They were best friends and twins, so they knew each other inside and out. It also helped that they had more or less never been apart, except for very short times. Once Harry and Rose had showered and relieved themselves, they decided it was best to just face their relatives now.

‘Hopefully they will just yell at us and give us more chores or something. Then we can forget about all of this,’ Rose said as they started out of the loo and towards the stairs.

‘I know what you mean, Rose,’ Harry replied as he put his arm around his sister and gave her a quick hug. ‘With any luck we’ll just have chores, but I doubt that…’ Harry trailed off. They both knew what he was talking about. They probably would not get any food for a few days, and that was if the Dursleys were nice about it.

When they got down the stairs and into the kitchen they found it empty. What shocked them the most however, was the fact that it was ten in the morning. They had never slept that late.

‘Wow, I wonder why they let us sleep in so long,’ Harry said.

‘I don’t know, but it felt wonderful to get some real sleep for once.’
They had never gotten as much sleep as they would have liked. They usually went to bed late after finishing their homework because they never had time to do it during the day. That was when Vernon made them do chores.

They quickly made a late breakfast of toast and eggs. Neither of them ate a lot, they were nervous of what would happen when they faced their relatives. They could hear the tele from the living room. After they cleaned up their breakfast they sat down for a moment to collect themselves before they went into the other room.

Harry grabbed Rose’s hand and gave it a squeeze as they walked into the living room. To their surprise, only Dudley was in the room. He did not seem to notice Harry and Rose standing in the doorway. When Harry cleared his throat, Dudley jumped up and scurried from the room as fast as his legs could carry him, which wasn’t very fast in all consideration.

‘What was that all about?’ Harry asked as he stared after Dudley’s retreating backside.

‘I have no idea, but it was kind of funny,’ Rose replied. They looked at each other before bursting out laughing. They had no idea what was so funny, but the look on Dudley’s face when he had seen Harry and Rose was priceless.

‘You’d have thought he saw a ghost or something,’ Harry said while trying to control his laughter.

‘Do you think we should go find Dudley again and ask him where Uncle Vernon is, or do you think he’d wet himself if he saw us again?’ Harry asked.

‘He’d probably wet himself, let’s look around for a little bit and see if Uncle Vernon is home. Otherwise let’s just wait until he gets back,’ Rose said quickly. They set about looking for their uncle. After about ten minutes they decided he wasn’t in the house. They were currently back in the living room when Rose said, ‘I think Dudley was scared of us.’

‘You’re joking right?’

‘No, I mean he looked like he saw a ghost. I can’t think of any other reason for him to bolt like that. How did he run anyways? He can barely walk. He doesn’t even move that fast for food.’

‘I suppose, but why would he be scared of us though?’ Harry asked as they turned to go back upstairs to their room.

‘Oh I dunno, maybe because we knocked out our uncle last night,’ Rose said sarcastically as she rapped Harry on the head.

“Ouch!” Harry said as he covered his head with his hands.

‘Stop trying to injure me, Rose!’ Harry said as he put his hands between himself and Rose, playfully trying to fend her off.

‘If I did that, then I wouldn’t be having any fun,’ Rose replied as she tried to tickle him. Harry swatted her hands away and ran up the stairs. When he reached the top of the stairs he stopped abruptly because he saw his Aunt coming out of the master bedroom. Just as he was about to ask her where Uncle Vernon was, she turned and went right back in. The door slammed shut, and with a click it was locked. At the same time, Rose ran into Harry when he had stopped. Harry fell forward, sprawled on the top of the stairs, while Rose fell and slid down to the bottom of the stairs with a resounding thump as she hit the bottom.

‘Why the hell did you stop for, Harry?’ Rose demanded angrily as she stood up and rubbed her bum.

‘Sorry Rose, Aunt Petunia was walking out of her room when I got up the stairs and I was about to ask her where Uncle Vernon was, but as soon as she saw me she went straight back into her room,’ Harry replied as he picked himself up off the floor.

‘Well make sure you let me get up the stairs first before you stop next time. Falling down a bunch of stairs isn’t my idea of fun,’ Rose said as she climbed the stairs to join Harry.

‘Sorry,’ Harry muttered, ‘it was kind of funny watching you slide down the stairs though,’ he added as an afterthought.

‘Oh shut up,’ Rose said with a slight grin. She proceeded to grab his hand and drag him to their room. She quickly unlocked the door and pulled him inside. Once inside she locked the door and asked, ‘So, do you want to try to fix up this room a little bit?’

They set about trying to fix up the room the same way Harry fixed his glasses. The bed ended up proving difficult to fix, but in the end they were able to mend a few of the springs making it more comfortable. However, they quickly realized that there was not much to fix because there was not much in the room to begin with. They ended up mending a crack in the desk and a loose drawer in the dresser, but other than that not much else could be fixed.

‘Well at least the bed is a bit better,’ Rose sighed as she looked around the barren room.

‘Yeah, well I wasn’t complaining about the bed before, but this is much nicer,’ Harry said. He was lying down on the bed and patted a spot for Rose to come lay down on. She walked over and lay down next to Harry, resting her head on his chest as he pulled her close.

‘I really wish we had our parents Harry. We wouldn’t have to deal with these people they call our “relatives”,’ Rose said as tears rolled down her face. She had been thinking a lot about their parents lately. She and Harry missed them terribly. Neither she nor Harry may remember them, but they knew in their hearts that they were good people.

‘It’ll be okay Rose, we’ll always have each other,’ Harry promised as he hugged her tighter and kissed her on the forehead. He hated to see his sister cry. They laid there in silence thinking about life without the Dursleys. After a while they were both asleep, wrapped closely together.
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