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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:All, All
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 8: Summer Birthdays and a trip to Diagon Alley

The next day, Ron and Ginny came over after breakfast through the floo network.

“Finally,” Ron said, after dusting himself off, “Mum had me cleaning the attic and degnoming the garden by hand. Blimey, that was real hard work. And little Miss Perfect over there,” pointing his thumb at Ginny, who had just stumbled through the floo, “didn’t make it any easier with her laughing and teasing.”

Ginny smiled cheekily at her brother then moving up to Harry, embraced him, “Hey, you, long time no see.”

“Yeah, right,” Harry said, grinning, “it’s only been two weeks since we came home from Hogwarts. Of course, I’ve been confined to my room most of the time, while your twin-in-all-but-name terrorized the house-elves and irked me quite a bit…..Oww!”

Rose had just hit Harry on the arm, “Serves you right! You know, Ginny, it’s a good thing we’ll be at Hogwarts in a few weeks. Someone’s got to keep an eye on these two bozos.”

Harry and Ron both yelled, “Hey!” Ron added. “We don’t need any minders, especially girls younger than us.”

Rose and Ginny simply rolled their eyes then moved off to go upstairs. Just as she got to the foot of the stairs, Ginny turned around and said, smiling, “I’m glad you’re okay, Harry,” then she raced after Rose before Harry could say anything.

Harry raised an eyebrow. Normally, Ginny paid little attention to him after greeting him every time she and Ron came over or whenever Harry and Rose went to the Burrow.

He turned to Ron, who just shrugged and asked, “So, what do we do now, mate?”

“How about a nice fly around the back?” Harry said.

The rest of July passed in quickly for the four kids. Soon, it was the morning of the 31st.

Harry was awakened by a sudden blast of sound in his ear, “Yahhh! What the hell was that?” he said as he sat up in his bed. He found his sister laughing hysterically at him, a muggle bicycle horn in her hand.

Harry scowled, “What’d you do that for? Can’t a bloke have a lie-in on a summer morning?”

Rose smiled sweetly at him, “Come on, big brother, do you really expect me to believe you want to lie here on your birthday?”

Harry said, “Can’t fool you, can I?” Then he grinned and said, “Now, dear sister, unless to want to see me starkers, you’ll clear out so I can get dressed.”

Rose scowled, “Ewww! That’s something I don’t want to see.” She then ran out of Harry’s room.

Once he had showered and changed, Harry went down to the kitchen, where they usually had their family meals together. When he went through the doors, he was greeted by a chorus of “Happy Birthday!”s.

Standing around the kitchen table were his parents and sister and the four house-elves, a delicious-looking cake being held by the latter four. Harry grinned and said, “Thanks, everyone.”

His mother came forward and hugged him. His father patted him affectionately on the back then ruffled Harry’s already messy hair.

“Hey, Dad!” Harry said, “Cut it out. I’m twelve already.”

James laughed, “Well, son. You’ll always be my little boy.” Harry frowned.

Rose giggled, “Well, Dad, I’ll always be glad to be your little girl, even when I turn seventeen.”

The Potters settled down to a nice breakfast. Lily cast a preservation charm on the cake to keep it fresh for Harry’s dinnertime party. After breakfast, Harry and Rose did some flying in the backyard. Charms and wards kept them from being seen by muggles.

After a couple of hours, Harry and Rose moved to the living room to watch a little television. Just before lunch, the fireplace flared green and two redheads stepped out.

“Happy Birthday, mate,” Ron said, slapping Harry on the back.

Ginny came up and said, “Happy Birthday, Harry!” Then, she gave him a hug. Harry was surprised by this as she had only greeted him on previous birthdays with a pat on the arm or a smile, in spite of their being friends for years. Harry was further surprised and confused by a warm feeling that settled in his stomach.

Before he could think about it, she released him. Then, Ron asked him, “So, seen your presents yet?”

“Nope,” Harry replied to his friend, grinning, “unlike you, I can be patient.”

“Um, Harry,” Ron said, “how are Neville and Hermione coming over?”

“Oh,” Harry said, “Dad gave the floo address to Neville’s parents and I think he’s going to get Hermione from her house. I’m not sure if they’ll take the floo, apparate or portkey in.”

Just then, the fireplace flared green and Neville stepped out of it. Harry and Ron hurried over to greet him.

“Hey, Neville,” Harry said, “Great to see you. Oh, belated happy birthday. I’m glad we can celebrate together.”

“Thanks, Harry,” Neville said, “Hi, Ron.” He looked around the living room. “Nice place you’ve got here. Looks just as cozy as Longbottom Manor.”

“Thanks, I’m sure it is.” Harry replied, “Oh, you remember Ron’s sister, Ginny and my sister, Rose, from the train station?”, gesturing to the two redheaded girls.

Neville smiled and shook their hands. “Hi, girls. Nice to see you again. I heard you’ll be coming over to Hogwarts this year.”

“We’re only going there if we get our letters. We’re just turning eleven this month,” Ginny replied, “me in eleven days and Rose just a couple of days before September 1st.”

Ron snorted, “Yeah, right. I doubt you won’t. If you two aren’t magical enough, I’m a squibb.”

A pop sounded behind them and as they turned around, a mass of bushy brown hair moved against Ron and Harry, engulfing them. “I’m so glad to see you two!”

Ron and Harry laughed, “Hey, Hermione. Come on, it’s only been a month,” returning the embrace of their female best friend.

After releasing her best friends, Hermione turned around and saw Neville and her friends’ sisters, “Oh, hi, Neville. You’re here already. Happy Birthday to you, too. Hi, Ginny, Rose.”

“Hi, Hermione,” Neville said, a bit pink, “Thanks for the greeting.”

“So, Hermione,” Ron said, “how’d you get here?”

“Well, Ronald,” Hermione replied, a bit frostily, “since I didn’t come out of the fireplace, not by floo and since I’m alone and not yet seventeen, then I can’t have apparated. So, I came by portkey.” She held out a teacup.

“How was it?” Harry asked, “I’ve never traveled by portkey yet.”

“Weird. There’s a pulling sensation around your navel and a feeling of being pulled inside out. I’m not eager to repeat the experience anytime soon.”

“Sounds bad,” Ron said, “I think I’ll stick to the floo.”

“Well, Hermione,” Harry said, “Maybe my Dad can get your house connected to the floo network even if your parents are muggles.”

Just then, Blinky popped in, causing Hermione to give a short screech, “What is that?!”

“Oh, this is Blinky, Hermione,” Harry said, “He’s a house-elf. They’re sort of like servants in the wizarding world. Most wizarding families of status or wealth have them, though many of them treat them like slaves, making them wear rags and towels. We employ four, as a family, pay them proper wages and wear proper clothes. They only stay because they like the work. Otherwise, Mum would probably let them leave.” He looked down at Blinky who was cowering behind his legs after hearing Hermione’s screech. “Come on out, Blinky. This is my friend, Hermione Granger. She didn’t mean to frighten you, she’s never seen a house-elf before since she’s muggleborn. Over there, that’s Neville Longbottom. They’ll probably be coming over often now.”

Hermione got on her knees in front of Blinky, “Hi, Blinky. I’m sorry if I scared you.”

Blinky got out from behind Harry and said, “Er, that’s all right, Mistress Granger. Blinky just wanted to let the young master and mistress and their weezeys know that lunch is ready.”

“What did he call Ron and Ginny?” Neville asked, “Weezeys?”

“Well, they seem to have a hard time pronouncing Weasley.” Harry explained, “Come on, guys, let’s have lunch.”

After lunch in the kitchen, Hermione and Neville were given a tour of Potter Manor. Then, the six kids spent time in the playroom, with Neville intrigued by the computer and play station.

The dinnertime party was a wonderful affair as the rest of the Weasleys, Sirius, Remus, Neville’s parents and grandmother came over to Potter Manor. Harry liked the presents he had gotten, like the new pair of Quidditch gloves from Ron and Ginny, the broom servicing kit from his parents and sister and a book titled “Best seekers in the last fifty years” from Hermione. Neville was surprised to receive as many presents, including a book on Herbology from each of the trio. The party ended well after midnight with everyone satisfied and full.

Over the next few days, Hermione and Neville were frequent visitors to Potter Manor, usually Neville going off with Ron and Harry and Hermione spending time with Rose and Ginny. The younger girls were glad to get a girl’s viewpoint of Hogwarts since their knowledge of the school came from the more numerous boys of their families.

Ginny’s eleventh birthday was celebrated in the Burrow. It started off well at breakfast with a school owl bringing her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts, which left Rose a little envious when she learned about it. The Weasleys held a party in the evening with the Potters, Hermione and Neville as invited guests. Hermione was fascinated by the way the Weasleys used magic in their daily activities and by the Burrow’s crazy layout.

Among the presents Ginny got were two dresses with frilly lace from her parents. She looked at this with disgust. “They still think I’m six years old,” she confided to Rose, “I can’t wear them to Hogwarts. At least, my brothers got me some jeans and I like the green jumper your parents gave me.”

“Yeah,” Rose said, smirking, “I noticed that green was getting to be a favorite color of yours lately.”

“Hey! I have a few older clothes in green.”

“Right, three dresses out of thirty. That compares to five of the last six dresses and tops you bought this year. I wonder why you like that color all of a sudden. Does it have something to do with someone’s eyes?”

“Oh, shut it.” Ginny said, her face reddening like her hair and she scowled at the amused look on her best friend’s face. Thankfully, the rest of her family, especially the twins and the other guests didn’t hear their conversation.

A week later, Hogwarts letters arrived and the two families decided to take a trip to Diagon Alley the following Saturday for the coming year’s schoolbooks. Ron and Harry would meet with Hermione and her parents there. Rose prevailed upon her parents to get her school things already even if she hadn’t gotten her letter yet.

One strange thing about their book lists was the fact that all the books for Defense Against the Dark Arts were written by one Gilderoy Lockhart. He was a wizard whose exploits against dark creatures was well known in the wizarding world through the books he himself had written and women went gaga over him because he was quite handsome. Needless to say, James was quite suspicious of him and his exploits. Lily would often tease him that he was just jealous of Lockhart’s good looks.

After a stop at Gringotts, the Potters and Weasleys split up, with the womenfolk going to Madame Malkin’s for new school robes for Ginny and Rose and the males going to Quality Quidditch Supplies and the Pet Emporium, except for Percy who said he wanted a new set of quills. They all agreed to meet in an hour at Flourish and Blotts, the bookstore.

The men noted a sign outside the sports store which announced a book signing session by Lockhart for his latest book Magical Me at Flourish and Blotts at the time they would be there.

“Just great,” James said, “We get to see the big blowhard. Bloody publicity seeker he is.”

Harry and Ron snickered at this comment. It was a good thing the girls and women were not there, especially Lily Potter.

When they got to the bookstore, there was already a large crowd. Molly, Ginny and Rose were near the front, lining up with Lockhart’s other fans to get books signed. Lily was on one side watching the circus with a smile of amusement on her face.

James spotted Hermione and her parents standing nearby and went over to them to introduce Arthur Weasley to the elder Grangers, the latter excited to meet the muggles.

Harry, Ron, Fred and George moved forward to stand beside Lily and get a good view of Lockhart. When Lockhart saw Harry, he grabbed him before Lily could intervene; making Harry stand next to him while a photographer from the Daily Prophet took their photos.

When Lockhart tried to give Harry a full batch of his books, Lily stepped in and allowed Harry to slip away from the blonde man.

As Harry slunk back to the back of the crowd, a drawling voice said, “Hah, I bet you loved that stunt, Potter.” It was Draco Malfoy.

Before Harry could answer the Slytherin boy, Ginny said, “Sod off, you. Harry didn’t want any of that. He’s no gloryhound.”

Draco smirked, “Well, Potter. Looks like you got yourself a girlfriend. She looks a bit puny though.”

Harry felt his blood boil over Draco’s insult to Ginny, who had turned scarlet. As he moved forward with his fists balled, he felt himself being held back by the twins. “Harry, don’t do it,” Hermione said, “It’s not worth it.”

Draco glanced at her and said, “Mind your own business, you mudblood know-it-all.”

Several gasps were heard. Ron lunged at Draco but was suddenly held back by his father.

“My, my, Arthur. Can’t you control your brood? Trying to attack another boy like that?”

This was said by a blonde man dressed in impeccable robes of high quality, who was now standing behind Draco. He had a smirk on his face and a silver snake-tipped cane in one hand.

“Then you should make sure your son minds his language, Lucius.” Arthur said.

Mr. Malfoy merely smirked. Then he saw Ginny holding her new cauldron filled with her books. Among the brand new books for DADA, Mr. Malfoy picked up a battered copy of The Standard Book of Spell, Grade 1.

“Well, well, this is interesting. With the money you’re getting as a deputy minister, Arthur, I’d expect you to be able to afford new things for all your children. But then, with such a large brood as you have, a government salary isn’t enough. Pity you don’t have as large a vault as your children’s best friend, hmm.”

“And what do you mean by that, Malfoy?” James Potter said, coming up from behind Arthur Weasley who had turned as red as his hair.

“Ah, Potter.” Mr. Malfoy said, “I knew you wouldn’t be far away, especially if your famous son is here. Your two families are quite close to each other these days, Mr. Head Auror. Birds of a feather as the muggles say. Speaking of muggles,” he glanced over to the Grangers, who were standing nearby and looking apprehensive, “how disgraceful two wizarding families can get, associating with them.”

“We have different opinions of what can disgrace a wizarding family, Malfoy,” James said hotly.

“Yes, I can see that,” Mr. Malfoy said, looking clearly at Lily, “You went so far as to marry a mudblood.”

Pandemonium broke out as James lunged at Malfoy Sr, knocking him into several tables filled with books. A lot of books were scattered as they rolled on the floor; there were yells of “Get him, Dad” from Harry and Rose, “Get him, Mr. Potter” from Ron, Fred and George and “James, no!” from Lily; shrieks from Mrs. Weasley saying “Arthur, stop them!”; the shop assistants saying “Please, gentlemen” and then a booming voice said, “All right, gents, break it up.”

Hagrid picked both men up and separated them. Both men had black eyes.

Mr. Malfoy tore himself from Hagrid’s grasp, “How dare you, Potter. I should bring you up on charges for this.”

“Just try it, Malfoy,” James said, “It may give me the opportunity to get another chance to search your place. I know there are Dark Arts artifacts there.”

Mr. Malfoy just scowled and thrust Ginny’s book, which he was still holding, back into her cauldron. He gestured to Draco and they were gone.

Lily rounded on James, as their children rushed to him, “James, really, brawling in front of the children.”

James grinned at her, “Now, I can’t have him insulting my wife, can I?”

“That was great, Dad,” Harry said, “you really showed him. Wish I could have done the same to his son.”

“Harry!” Lily said, “don’t lower yourself to their level.”

“Yer mum’s right, ‘arry,” Hagrid said, “Rotten ter the core, that family. Nuthin’ will come of gettin’ inta a tussle with that bunch.” He turned to James, “Yeh shouldn’ let him rile yeh like that, James, even if he said that.”

“What does that word ‘mudblood’ mean?” Hermione asked.

“It’s a really foul name for someone who’s muggleborn, like you or Mrs. Potter,” Ron said, “It’s one of the most insulting things you can call someone in the wizarding world. People like the Malfoys think they’re better than everyone else simply because they’re what they’d call pure-blood.”

“Yeah,” Harry said, “It’s ridiculous. Dirty blood, common blood. It’s really stupid. Most wizarding families are halfblood now.”

“Right,” Ron said, “Most of us know it doesn’t mean a thing. Being pure-blood doesn’t make you a better wizard. Look at you and Mrs. Potter, both of you are brilliant with spells and your parents are muggles. If wizards hadn’t married muggles, we’d have died out.” He didn’t seem to notice Hermione turn a nice shade of red.

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” Lily said, “We’d better go. It’s almost lunchtime. Hermione, why don’t you and your parents join us for lunch?”

The days flew by after that and soon it was the 30th of August. Harry sneaked up to Rose’s room at 6 that morning, holding the muggle bike horn his sister had used on him the morning of his birthday. As he slowly stepped into the darkened room, his bare feet stepped on several sharp objects.

“Oww, oww, oww!” he yelled. Light flooded the room and his sister stood there smirking at him. “Thought you could take a page out of my book, eh?” she asked him, laughing.

Harry hopped around on one foot, extracting the jackstones embedded in the sole, a scowl on his face. “It was worth a try,” he said.

Later, as they ate breakfast, Rose seemed preoccupied, her gaze on the windows of the kitchen, fidgeting in her seat.

Lily smiled, “Don’t worry, honey. It may take a while for the school owls to find the house.”

Rose merely scowled, then she perked up when she saw a tiny dot in the distance. It steadily became larger until it became the unmistakable profile of an owl. In minutes, it swooped through the window Harry opened and dropped a large envelope with green ink in Rose’s lap. Rose just sat there, looking at it in apprehension.

Finally, Harry said, “Well? Aren’t you going to open it?”

Rose shook her head, “No, what if it says I can’t be accepted?”

“It won’t, silly,” Harry said, laughing, “Otherwise, they wouldn’t have bothered to write you.”

With trembling hands, Rose slowly opened the envelope and read the letter contained within. “YES!!” she finally yelled, her hand pumping upward, “I’m going to Hogwarts!”

Harry grinned, “Congratulations, sis. Happy Birthday again.”

James and Lily hugged and congratulated their daughter and the family returned to their breakfast.

Later, Ginny came over through the fireplace. Rose ran over to greet her, clutching her Hogwarts letter.

“Happy Birthday!” Ginny squealed, hugging her.

“It certainly is now,” Rose said, showing her the Hogwarts letter.

“You got your letter!” Ginny said, “Great! Now we’re really going together. I hope we both get into the same house, even Gryffindor.”

Rose smirked, “I doubt otherwise. Since when has a Weasley or Potter not been in Gryffindor?”

“True, true,” Ginny said, “Oh, I’ve got something to show you.” She showed Rose a small, thin black book. “It’s not your birthday present. I found it in within that old copy of The Standard Book of Spells.”

“Come on, let’s look at it closely in my room,” Rose said, heading for the staircase to the second floor.

In the sitting room, they found Harry lounging in one of the armchairs.

“Hey, Ginny,” he called, “Where’s Ron?”

“Oh, uh, he’s degnoming the garden with the twins,” Ginny said, keeping her head down, “he’ll be over later for Rose’s party.” She then moved rapidly to Rose’s room, dragging her with her.

Harry raised an eyebrow. It seemed to him that Ginny had been acting oddly the whole summer. He wondered if it would be like that when they got to Hogwarts in a couple of days. He looked forward to riding the Hogwarts Express again.

Later that evening, the Potters had a party for Rose with the Weasleys, Sirius, Remus, Hermione and Neville as guests. Among her presents were a wandholder from Remus, her godfather, a jumper knitted by Mrs. Weasley, a pair of nice jeans from the Weasley kids and a brand new trunk from her parents and brother.

It was almost midnight by the time the guests left. Before she left, Ginny approached Rose, “See you at the platform, Rose.”

“Yep, see you there. Thanks again for the jeans. Oh, by the way,” her voice lowered to a whisper, “What are you going to do with that diary?”

“Um, well,” Ginny replied, “Tom seems friendly enough. He may tell us something about Hogwarts the others don’t know.”

“I don’t know, Ginny,” Rose said, “I have a bad feeling about it.”

“Oh, all right,” Ginny said, “I’ll keep it at the bottom of my trunk for now.” She raised her voice to its normal level, as she embraced Rose again, “Well, Happy Birthday again. See you soon.”

Rose returned the embrace and watched her best friend step into the fireplace and disappear. She hoped Ginny would forget about the diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Something about it gave her the creeps. Anyway, in another day, they would be at Hogwarts with their brothers. She hoped they ended up in the same house.
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