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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:All, All
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 5: More mysteries at Hogwarts

That night, still feeling elated despite his sister’s pun, Harry decided to celebrate by pranking the Slytherins again. Deciding that this was personal, he didn’t tell any of the other new Marauders.

He slipped out of bed after midnight and donned his invisibility cloak. He ignored the portrait of the Fat Lady as he exited Gryffindor Tower and moved silently towards the dungeons.

When he was on the first floor of the castle, he heard footsteps approaching and moved to the side of the corridor. He saw the figure of Snape walking slowly, constantly looking around as if he was making sure no one was following him. Curious, Harry carefully followed the potions master.

Seeing Snape enter an empty classroom, Harry was just able to slip in before he closed the door. In the room was a nervous looking Professor Quirrell.

“Severus, I-I d-d-don’t know why y-y-you want t-to meet at this time of night,” Quirrell inquired of his colleague.

“I’d think we would want some privacy,” Snape said in an icy tone, “After all, the students don’t know about the Philosopher’s Stone being hidden here.”

“W-w-why are we discussing it?” Quirrell asked.

“I’d like to know if you’ve already found a way to get by that blasted beast of Hagrid’s.”

“B-b-but, Severus, I wouldn’t…”

“Now, you don’t want to make me an enemy, Quirinius,” Snape said, closing the distance between him and Quirrell.

“I-I don’t know w-w-what you mean…”

“I think you do.” His voice then lowered and Harry had to move closer and just caught the words, “- your little bit of hocus pocus. I’m waiting.”

“Y-y-you know I c-c-can’t…”

“Very well, Quirinius,” Snape interrupted, “We’ll have another talk very soon after you’ve had a while to think and consider where your loyalties lie.”

Snape opened the classroom door, peered out and then stalked away. Harry followed him out. Turning, he saw Quirrell through the open door, just standing there and looking petrified. Harry, seeing that Snape was headed back to the Dungeons, decided to go back to Gryffindor Tower, his prank forgotten.

The next morning, Harry pulled Ron and Hermione over to a corner of the Gryffindor common room. He told them what he had witnessed the night before.

“So, you see, we were right. The Philosopher’s Stone is here, being guarded by Fluffy. Snape’s trying to get Quirrell to help him steal it. From that bit about Quirrell’s hocus-pocus, I’d say there are other things protecting it. It makes sense Dumbledore would get the other professors to help. Snape wanted Quirrell to tell him how to get past his bit.”

“You mean the Stone is safe only so long as Quirrell stand up to Snape?” Hermione said, alarmed.

“Bloody hell, it’ll be gone day after tomorrow.” Ron said.

“Ronald! Language,” Hermione chided.

Over the next few weeks, the trio saw Quirrell get paler and thinner, but Snape seemed to be in a foul mood, so they assumed the DADA teacher hadn’t cracked yet. They soon had other things to worry about as their teachers continued to pile homework on them as the term progressed.

Hermione was constantly pushing the two boys to study, much to their annoyance, especially Ron. They were constantly in the library and getting as stressed out as she was. Then, one afternoon while they were researching for an assignment in Potions, Ron noticed Hagrid in the library, looking at some books. When they asked him about his presence there, he evaded the question and asked if they were still looking for references on Nicolas Flamel.

Ron set him straight on that but blurted out that they knew what Fluffy was guarding. Hagrid told them to keep quiet and invited them to his hut later to see something he had. Ron discovered that Hagrid had been looking at books on dragons.

“Oh,” Harry said, “You know, since I was little, Hagrid’s often mentioned that he’d always wanted a dragon.”

“You don’t think…” Hermione said.

“I sure hope not.” Ron said, “I’ve had all the stories from Charlie about dragons and raising them. He’s my older brother who works with them in Romania.”

“Yeah,” Harry said, “I remember one time a few years back, your mum went ballistic about some burns he received. I think it was his first year working there.”

Later that afternoon, the trio got to Hagrid’s hut. Upon entering, they noticed that it was quite warm inside. They had tea but politely refused the rock cakes Hagrid offered.

“Hagrid,” Harry said, “we were wondering what other defenses the Stone had to protect it from being stolen.”

Hagrid frowned, “You three know I can’t tell ye that. See, number one, I don’ know meself what they are. Number two, yeh know too much already. I don’ even know how yeh found out abou’ Fluffy. Just know that it’s safe here, at leas’ safer than it was at Gringotts.”

“Come on, Hagrid,” Hermione said, in a warm, flattering voice, “We just wanted to ask you since you know about everything that goes on around here. All we want to know is who Dumbledore trusts to help him protect the Stone.”

“Well, all righ’,” Hagrid said reluctantly, “Guess no harm in yeh knowin’ that. Okay–let’s see–yeh know about Fluffy, course, Dumbledore’s done sumthin’…then some o’ the other teachers did some enchantments….Professor Sprout — Professor Flitwick —“ he ticked them off on his fingers, “Professor McGonagall — Professor Quirrell, and oh, yeah, Professor Snape.”

“What!” Harry said, “Snape?”

“Yeah, yeh aren’ still on tha’, are yeh? He’s not tryin’ ta still the Stone, he’s helpin’ ta protect it.”

“Hagrid,” Harry then asked, “you’re the only one who knows how to get past Fluffy, right/”

“Oh yeah, jus’ me and Professor Dumbledore,” Hagrid said, “Yep, no one else.”

Just then, Harry spotted something in the large fireplace that drove all thoughts of the Stone from his mind.

“Hagrid,” Harry said, “Tell me that that’s not what I think it is in the fire.”

Hagrid grinned. “Yup, it is.”

It was a large black egg, a dragon egg.

“Blimey,” Ron said, “Where did you get a dragon’s egg. They’re a protected species. Breeding them in Britain is considered illegal.

Hagrid bristled, “Won it, fair an’ square, las’ night in the pub in the village from a stranger in a game of cards.” He showed them a book entitled Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit. “Got this outta the library and been followin’ it. Even told me what kind of egg it is. That there is a Norwegian Ridgeback, it’s a rare one. Should hatch real soon. I’ll let yeh know when it does.”

The three friends exchanged looks of concern, but they knew they couldn’t talk any sense into Hagrid right now. They’ll have to wait until the dragon hatched.

A few days later, they received a note from Hagrid that the blessed/dreaded event was very near. The three hurried down to his hut during dinnertime, arriving in time to watch the egg hatch.

It proved quite feisty and already breathed fire. Hagrid named it ‘Norbert’.

Unfortunately, Hagrid caught sight of Malfoy’s face in his window that day. Strangely, the Slytherin didn’t seem to make a move to inform his Head of House or Dumbledore about the illegal creature in Hagrid’s hut. The trio finally convinced him to send it away. Ron owled his brother Charlie about it using his brown barn owl, Barny, which he had received as a Christmas gift from his parents. The owl had been named by his sister, Ginny.

Charlie soon replied and agreed to take the dragon off of them. He arranged for some friends to take the dragon from the Astronomy Tower.

Two weeks after he had been born, Hagrid regretfully packed Norbert up in a crate. Harry, Ron and Hermione used Harry’s invisibility cloak to hide them and the crate. They managed to slip past Filch who was busy restaining Malfoy. The pale Slytherin kept insisting the three Gryffindors were also out late.

When they got to the Astronomy Tower, they only had to wait a short while for Charlie’s friends. They soon descended the stairs to return to Gryffindor Tower, only to run into Professor McGonagall. Harry had pocketed his cloak when they had arrived at the tower and they forgot all about it.

Needless to say, McGonagall was very upset that three students from her house were out after curfew. She docked them 50 points each and promised a detention for them and Malfoy. The trio were devastated over that.

When the rest of the House found out, they were practically ostracized except for the twins, who merely grinned at them. The Slytherins practically gloated since the loss had placed Gryffindor at last place for the House Cup while Slytherin came up to first, in spite of Malfoy’s own points loss.

Harry was particularly devastated. Two days after that night, he saw a familiar eagle owl drop a red colored envelope in front of him.

Oh no! It’s Artemis, Mum’s owl. Is that a howler?

Gingerly, he picked up the envelope and ran out of the Great Hall, the Slytherin’s laughter and catcalls ringing in his ear.

When he got outside, the envelope was starting to smoke. He pulled the ribbon quickly off the letter. Immediately, Lily Potter’s voice echoed around the grounds.

HARRY JAMES POTTER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Even your father never lost that many points in one go. A DRAGON! Of all the things to get involved with! You could have gotten hurt! Weren’t the stories of Charlie Weasley enough to teach you not to mess with them?

Now, Lily, calm down. Harry just did what he thought best. He didn’t want Hagrid to get in trouble.

But, James…

You know how Hagrid can get carried away with less than acceptable pets. You also know how much Harry cares for Hagrid. He’s like an unofficial uncle or godfather to Harry.

Oh, all right. Harry, we’re disappointed in you for breaking the rules and putting yourself in such danger. But, we are pleased with your motive. I also heard about some pranks on the Slytherin, though the teachers aren’t sure who did them. With your father and his friends being who they are, I have an idea who did. So, let me make myself clear, young man, stick to your books. No more pranks and no more endangering yourself. If you find a similar situation, tell Professor Dumbledore. He’s quite understanding. Be safe and we’ll see you in June at the platform.

Okay, Harry, in spite of what your mother said, just enjoy yourself. I’m sorry but with work starting to pile up, we won’t be able to attend your next games. Good luck. Don’t you dare try to resign from the team over this. Don’t mind the Slytherins. Never mind about the House Cup. It’s not that important…


Now, Lily, you know that it’s just a silly exercise. Anyway, take care, Son. See you soon.

Okay, Harry, take care.

Harry had mixed emotions over this howler/letter. He didn’t want to disappoint his parents, especially his dad. His mum was right, Harry resolved to hunker down to his studies and leave off pranks and meddling.

A few weeks later, one Friday morning, he, Ron and Hermione received a note that their detention would be that night. Looking over at the Slytherin table, Harry saw a scowl on the face of Malfoy as he read a similar note. Harry hoped the detention wouldn’t be too difficult since he didn’t want to spend much time with Malfoy.

That night, the three Gryffindors and Malfoy met with Filch who took them out to Hagrid. Hagrid explained that they were going to look for a wounded unicorn. Harry wondered who would dare harm such a pure and gentle creature.

Hagrid took them into the Forbidden Forest and showed them a pool of silvery unicorn blood. They ran into two centaurs who didn’t answer Hagrid’s inquiries about any strange going on in the Forest except to say that “Mars was unusually bright tonight”.

Hagrid split them into two groups to make the search easier and faster. At Malfoy’s insistence, Hagrid’s boarhound, Fang went with him and Harry while Hagrid took Ron and Hermione with him.

After an hour, Harry and Malfoy were having difficulty following the path as it wound deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, Harry saw the silvery white body of a unicorn. Before they could approach it, a shadowy cloaked figure seemed to glide down to it and started to drink its blood.

Malfoy screamed and ran off, followed by Fang. Harry stood rooted to the spot then dropped to his knees as the lightning scar on his forehead burst into pain. The cloaked figure started moving towards Harry.

Then, with a clatter of hooves, another centaur burst into the area and drove the figure away. The centaur knew who Harry was. He introduced himself as Firenze and placed Harry on his back, heading for the forest edge.

Suddenly, Firenze turned his head to look at Harry, “Harry Potter, do you know what unicorn blood is used for?”

“No,” Harry replied, “We only use the horn and tail hair in potions. I’ve never heard of unicorn blood being used.”

“To obtain the blood, one would need to kill the unicorn and that is a monstrous thing,” Firenze said, “It is a hideous crime, committed only by someone who has nothing to lose but everything to gain. For unicorn blood will keep you alive, even if you are but an inch from death, but at a terrible price. To slay such a wondrous and innocent creature and drink its blood causes one to have a cursed life, a half-life from the moment the blood touches one’s lips.”

“Who could be that desperate?” Harry asked, “I’d have thought death would be preferable to such a state.”

“Yes,” Firenze said, “Yet, one can be that desperate if it would keep you alive long enough to get something that will return to one to full strength and power, especially if that also made one incapable to dying. Do you know, Harry Potter, what is hidden in your school at the moment?”

“Of course, the Philosopher’s Stone, which can be used to produce the Elixir of Life. But, who would want…”

“Can you not think of anyone who would do anything to return and to live again?”

Harry felt a sudden rush of fear and cold. His parents didn’t talk much about the night he had gotten his scar. All Harry knew about it was from some books and he had never been too curious of what had really happened to Voldemort since he wanted to distance himself from the fame. Hagrid had told him once that he had simple disappeared and he believed that Voldemort wasn’t really dead.

“You don’t think that Voldemort…”

Just then, Hagrid arrived with Ron and Hermione and Firenze said goodbye. When they got back to the common room, Harry told his two friends what had happened and what Firenze had insinuated. He was still shaken by the implications.

“All this time, we thought Snape wanted to steal it all for himself,” Harry said, “to sell it to someone else. We never thought he’d steal it for Voldemort.” He ignored the shudder that went through Ron at the mention of his name.

“Yeah, we never thought of that possibility,” Harry said raving, “did you notice tonight that Snape seemed happier and Quirrell just wasn’t talking. He must have caved in to Snape. All Snape needs to do is find out how to get past Fluffy, then he can give the Stone to Voldemort.”

“Harrry, please stop saying that name,” Ron whispered fervently, his face pale.

“Yeah, all I have to wait for now is for Snape to steal the Stone,” Harry went on, “then Voldemort can finish me off like he was going to do ten years ago.”

“Harry,” Hermione said, looking frightened, “People have said that the only wizard You-Know-Who fears is Dumbledore and he’s here at Hogwarts. As long as Dumbledore is here, You-Know-Who wouldn’t dare come here, looking for you. You’re safe as long as Dumbledore is here.”

Harry took some comfort in those words. He wanted to owl his parents but was afraid that they would pull him out of Hogwarts. He had come to love the school and he didn’t want to leave his friends. He decided that as long as Dumbledore was there, he didn’t need to worry about Voldemort.

Soon, exams took all thoughts of Voldemort and the Stone from their heads. They proved to be both harder and easier than they had imagined. The stress was so bad that even Hermione breathed a sigh of relief when the last exam ended on Friday. The three headed down to the Entrance Hall with Ron narrating how he would spend the next few days of relaxation.

Harry, on the other hand, still had a problem. His scar had been aching since exams started. He had thought it was due to the stress. Yet, even with them over, the scar was still throbbing. He mentioned it to his two friends. Hermione had suggested he go to the school nurse but Harry insisted that it might be a warning sign of danger.

“Danger?” Ron asked, “Relax, Harry. What possible danger could there be, with Dumbledore around. I mean, we never had proof that Snape found a way around Fluffy. He nearly lost a leg that one time. Malfoy’ll be singing praises to Gryffindor before Hagrid lets Dumbledore down.”

Harry suddenly realized something and headed off, the two running to catch up. He slowed down only when they arrived at Hagrid’s Hut. Hagrid was sitting on the front steps, whittling on a piece of wood.

“Hey yeh three,” Hagrid called, “Exams all done? How about some tea?”

“Not right now, Hagrid,” Harry asked, sitting down next to him, “We need to ask you something. That night you got the dragon egg, did you recognize the man who you won it from?”

“Well, Harry,” Hagrid said, “I dunno, he wouldn’ take his cloak off.” He raised his eyebrows at their stunned looks, “Look, yeh get lots of odd folk at the Hog’s Head pub all the time. Never saw his face, as he had his hood up.”

“Did he seem interested in your work? Did he ask about Hogwarts?”

“Well, I think it came up,” Hagrid said, his face screwing up as he tried to remember, “I’m not sure cause he kept buyin’ me drinks….Yeah, he asked what I did an’ I tol’ him I was gamekeeper here….then we talked about the sorta creatures I cared fer….then I hap’ned to mention I’d always wanted a dragon…..then, then he said he had a dragon egg on him an’ we could play cards fer it….but he had ta know if I could take care of it, he didn’t wanta send it to just anyone. So I told him after Fluffy, a dragon would be easy...then he asked me how much trouble Fluffy was. So I told him that Fluffy’s a piece a cake if yeh know how to calm him down, jus’ play a bit o’ music and he falls right to sleep--”

Hagrid then looks horrified, “Forget I said that. Hey, where yeh goin’?”

Harry, Ron and Hermione tore off running back to the castle.

“We’ve got to find Dumbledore.” Harry said, “Come on, my Dad told me where to find his office.”

Soon, they came to the gargoyle that guarded the entrance to the Headmaster’s office. As they were figuring out how to get around it, they heard a voice call out, “What are you three doing there?”

They turned around to find Professor McGonagall coming towards them, several books in her arms.

“Professor, we’ve got to see the Headmaster.” Hermione said.

“Whatever for, Miss Granger?” she said, her eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“We just do, Professor. It’s very important.” Harry said.

McGonagall’s nostrils flared, “Well, whatever the reason, it’ll have to wait. The headmaster isn’t here right now. He received an urgent owl from the Ministry in London just a half-hour ago. He left immediately by broom.”

“What?! He can’t have left.” Harry cried, getting agitated, “Professor, tell him to come back. It’s about the Philosopher’s Stone. We think it’ll be stolen tonight.”

McGonagall dropped the books in her arms in surprise, then said, “How did you find out about that? What do you mean, stolen?”

“Please, Professor,” Hermione pleaded, “We have to call Dumbledore back.”

McGonagall looked at them for a while with suspicion replacing her shock. Finally, she said, “Professor Dumbledore will be back tomorrow. I don’t know how you found out about the Stone, but, rest assured it’s too well protected.”

“But, Professor–“

“That’s my final word, Potter, Weasley, Miss Granger. Leave the matter to your elders. Now, go outside and enjoy the weather.”

Instead of going outside, the three headed back to the Entrance Hall. They ran into Snape who looked suspiciously at them, commenting that Gryffindors shouldn’t waste such good sunshine by being indoors.

When they were back in the empty common room, Harry turned to the other two.

“It’ll happen tonight. With Dumbledore gone, Snape will have the best chance to get the Stone for Voldemort tonight.” Harry ignored Ron’s shudders.

“What are we going to do?” Hermione asked.

Harry looked thoughtful, then said, “That’s it then. I’m going out there tonight. I’m going to get the Stone before Snape does.”

“Harry, you can’t do that.” Hermione said, “They might expel you.”

“It doesn’t matter, Hermione.” Harry said, “Don’t you understand? If Voldemort gets his hands on the Stone from Snape, he’ll be whole again, even immortal. You don’t know what it was like when he was trying to take over. I’ve heard the stories from Sirius and Remus, even overheard my parents a couple of times talking about it. It was very bad. It’ll be like that again. There won’t be a Hogwarts to get expelled from. The House cup, Quidditch, all that won’t matter to him. He’s going to come around and try to finish what he started. He’s tried to kill me once. He may even try to kill my family. The Potters have always fought the Dark side. He can’t allow us to live. I won’t let him try to murder us like he did so many people back then. Not if I can help it. I’m sure my Dad would understand.”

“You’re right, Harry,” Ron said, pale, “My family’s the same. They’ll never give in to You-Know-Who. He’ll try to kill them, too. I’m going with you.”

“You two are crazy,” Hermione said, staring at the two boys, “Crazy but so brave. All right, I’m going with you two. You may need someone with brains to see you through this.”

“Hey!” Ron said.

Harry smiled, “All right, together then, all for one and one for all, like the three musketeers.”

Ron groaned, “Didn’t they all die?”

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