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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Author's Notes:
Hi, all! I'm back . I'm sorry for the long delay but I haven't had much time to write lately due to a heavy work schedule. Anyway, here's the next chapter. I hope you like it. Please read and review.


Chapter 54: Siblings’ first birthdays

The next morning, once Harry was awake, Ginny talked to him mentally about Hermione’s new project. Harry was not surprised that Hermione would think of such a venture. He reluctantly agreed to join the new club for the sake of his almost-sister. Of course, he asked Ginny to make sure the name was changed and that she and Rose ensure Hermione didn’t offend anyone with her enthusiasm.

When the New Marauders meet for their morning jog, which Harry had decided to resume after the Second task, along with their martial arts sessions, Hermione took the opportunity to talk to the rest of the Marauders about her club.

Neville, Ti and Maggie hesitantly agreed to be members while Fred and George politely refused to join.

As expected, Ron refused to join and laughed at its name and purpose, commenting that dragons would stop breathing fire before anyone paid attention to it. Rose and Ginny glared at him. Hermione then refused to go with him on the next Hogsmeade visit. This surprised Ron and he attempted to apologize but she simply stormed out of the common room. She then avoided him for the rest of the day.

Later that day, Ginny and Rose managed to convince Colin Creevey and his brother, Dennis to be members though they felt guilty for using the muggleborn brothers’ ignorance of the issue’s controversy.

However, they couldn’t get anyone else interested in the club. The other students reacted with disgust, astonishment or bewilderment to the purpose of the club. Hermione became exasperated with her lack of progress and called off her planned meeting for the meantime.

Ginny and Rose breathed a sigh of relief over this though they didn’t dare let Hermione know. They had already come up with a better name but hadn’t told Hermione yet.

The following day, they all found out that it was a good thing that Hermione had postponed her first club meeting.

Artemis, Lily’s owl, came with invitations to Daisy and Andrew Potter’s first birthday. The day that Lily and James had chosen to celebrate coincided with the Saturday of the next Hogsmeade visit. The party was set for three o’clock that day. The Weasleys, Hermione, Neville, Maggie, Ti, Sirius, Sam Turgis, Remus, McGonagall, Hagrid and Dumbledore were all invited to celebrate that milestone.

All of the ones at Hogwarts accepted the invitation. The news excited Harry and Rose and they looked forward to going home for that.

As the days passed, Hermione continued to avoid Ron, including seating away from him in the classes they shared. After a week of this, Ron asked for Harry’s advice on how to approach Hermione. Harry suggested that he send her something like flowers and a note of apology. Ron thought about it for a few minutes then asked to borrow Hedwig.

The following morning, Hermione woke up to find a dozen red roses on her bedside desk with a long apology letter from Ron. After reading the note, she finally accepted Ron’s apology. Ron promised to join Hermione’s club once it started up. Hermione then agreed to go with him to Hogsmeade.

On the day before the Hogsmeade visit, Ti finally received a reply from Sirius about Dobby. Sirius apologized for the late reply since he had been very busy with his Auror duties. He thought hiring Dobby was a brilliant idea and said he would talk to Dumbledore about it the next afternoon when they were all in Potter Manor. He added that he hoped to have another bit of news that would please Ti. Both Harry and Ti wondered what that meant.

The following day, as soon as they had finished their breakfast, Harry and Ginny got up from the Gryffindor table so they could get to Hogsmeade early. They still had to get their presents for Daisy and Andrew. Neville, Rose, Ron and Hermione soon joined them at the Entrance Hall’s doors.

Hermione also needed to buy a birthday gift for her new brother, Daniel, who would be celebrating his own first birthday in two weeks.

The six Gryffindors were soon looking around the shops. While they were in Honeyduke’s, Ron suggested getting Harry and Rose’s siblings some candy. Hermione reacted badly to that, berating Ron for attempting to ruin the babies’ teeth even before they had any. Rose gently reminded Hermione that wizards and witches didn’t get cavities.

Ron wondered to the others why Hermione had reacted badly. Harry reminded Ron that Hermione’s parents were dentists and had probably raised Hermione to avoid sweets. Ron just shrugged and bought some Chocolate Frogs for Harry’s baby brother and sister. Neville bought some candy for his sister.

They found a store selling children’s clothes. Harry, Ginny and Rose bought a jumper for each of the Potter twins, blue for Andy and pink for Daisy. Neville decided to buy a couple of pairs of baby booties in the same store.

Hermione was delighted to find that a bookstore had just opened beside Dervish and Banges. She found several books for babies and bought them all. Ron asked her why she got so many. She told him that she was going give them only one each and save the rest for Christmas.

A few minutes later, they were standing in front of Zonko’s when Ron turned to Hermione and asked hesitantly, “Er, Hermione, w-w-would you be my girlfriend?”

Hermione turned to him and eyed him for a couple of seconds before she smiled and said, “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to ask that since Valentine’s Day.”

Ron gaped and asked, “Y-you have?”

“Yes, Ron, I have,” she replied, a smile still on her face, “Took you long enough. Still, my answer is yes, I will be your girlfriend.”

Ron broke out in a grin and, pulling her closer to him, he kissed her on the lips.

Hermione didn’t respond and just stood there, her eyes wide after Ron had released her.

“Er, Mione?” Ron asked concern in his voice, “What is it? Did I do it wrong?”

Hermione shook her head and smiled again, “No, Ron. I was just surprised, that’s all. It was a nice kiss.” She leaned into him and whispered, “I’d like to do it again, just not in front of all these people.”

Ron turned around and his face turned as red as his hair as he saw several people staring at them, including several of their classmates.

“Way to go, Weasley!” Seamus shouted at him. Several other boys hooted and clapped.

Beside them, Harry, Ginny, Rose and Neville were grinning.

“Finally, Ron,” Ginny said, “I was beginning to wonder about you.”

“Yeah, mate,” Harry said, clapping Ron on the shoulder, “What took you so long?”

“Well,” Ron said, shrugging his shoulders, “I wasn’t sure if Hermione would say yes.”

“I never had a doubt she would, Ron,” Harry said, “Oh, by the way, Ron, since Daniel is too young, I’ll be the one to pound you if you hurt her, okay? Remember, I consider her a sister, just like Rose.”

Ron gulped and said, “Um, yeah, sure, okay, Harry.”

Hermione grinned at Harry then tentatively extended her hand towards Ron who took it gently in his larger one. They walked inside the joke shop with smiles on their faces, followed by the other four.

After half an hour, they walked over to the Three Broomsticks for lunch. They found it packed with their classmates and other Hogwarts students. Even a few of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students were there. They were surprised to see Viktor Krum there with Parvati since they couldn’t remember seeing them together before. Yet, they seemed to be comfortably conversing, unmindful of the rest of the crowd.

Harry and the others joined Colin, Luna, Melinda and Lisa at a long table. The younger students noticed Ron and Hermione holding hands, causing them all to grin.

“So he finally asked you to be his girlfriend, Hermione?” Melinda asked. When Hermione smiled and nodded, she added, “Good, took him long enough.”

“What does that mean?” Ron asked, “Has everyone been waiting for me to ask her?”

“Yes, Ron,” Colin said, a grin also on his face, “I think the entire tower was waiting on you. If you’d taken longer, maybe a betting pool would have started.”

Ron groaned and dropped his head on the table. Harry grinned and patted his shoulder.

“That’s all right, Ron,” Neville said, “At least you finally did.”

“Oh, you boys, really,” Hermione said, her face red.

Everyone else laughed.

After lunch, they returned to the castle so they could get to Potter Manor early for the party. They went to Dumbledore’s office where they found Maggie, Fred, George and Ti already waiting for them. One by one, they used the floo network to get to Potter Manor. Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid would follow them later.

James was in the living room when they arrived and greeted them warmly. A few minutes later, Lily came in carrying Daisy. Remus was behind her, carrying Andrew. They set them down in a playpen set up in the living room.

Daisy was dressed in a pink skirt and a white blouse while Andrew was dressed in a light yellow shirt and pale blue shorts. They both had white booties on.

Harry noted that Daisy’s black hair was not as wild as his and was braided into two plaits, with a pink ribbon clipped to the right side of her head. Andrew’s red hair, on the other hand, was sticking out a bit in the back and a fringe covered part of his forehead

The teens all gathered around the babies who stood up hanging on to the side of the playpen, wide-eyed on seeing all the people. Their eyes brightened as they saw their older brother and sister.

“’awee,” Daisy cried, throwing up her arms toward Harry. Andrew did the same thing as he cried, “Wose!”

Harry and Rose exchanged wide-eyed looks. Harry turned to his father, “Hey, Dad. When did the little tykes start to talk? They were just saying nonsense words last Christmas. How do they know our names now?”

James smiled, “They said their first word a few weeks ago. It was ‘mum’. Then it was ‘da’ a few days later. Since then, your mum and I have been saying your names to them while pointing to a moving picture of you and Rose. Actually, it’s the first time they actually said them.”

Harry grinned, “That’s great, Dad. I was afraid they may not know us since we’ve been away at school.”

“Yeah, Dad, Mum,” Rose said, “That is awesome.”

“That’s a smart girl, Daisy,” Harry said, trying to lift her up, “Oof! You’re getting really big and heavy. Your big brother can hardly lift you up anymore.” He gave her a big hug instead then did the same to Andrew, “Hi, little brother. You’re getting big, too.”

Ginny and Hermione started trying to teach the twins their own names, with little success. After a few minutes, most of the boys decided to go outside to have a game of Quidditch, dragging with them a reluctant Harry, who had wanted to spend some more time with his siblings.

Harry, Ron and Fred formed one team while George, Neville and Ti formed the other. Since there were only three to a side, they had two chasers and one keeper per team, Ron and Neville doing the latter job. Surprisingly, Ti showed great skill as a chaser, almost offsetting Ron’s skill as a keeper.

After an hour, during which only ten points separated the two teams, Ginny joined Harry’s team while Rose joined George’s team as chasers. This allowed Fred and George to revert to their favored roles as beaters, though on opposite sides.

With the benefit of their ability to talk mentally, Harry and Ginny managed to increase the lead of their team, though Rose and Ti were able to get a few goals past Ron.

After another hour, Lily called them down to the party which they were having on the porch. There was a long table set up with two dozen seats, including two high chairs at the head of the table. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, Sirius and Sam were already there, saying their hellos to the birthday boy and girl.

As they were seating down, they heard the floo activate in the living room. A couple of minutes later, Molly and Arthur came out onto the porch.

“Sorry we’re late, James, Lily,” Arthur said, “We were waiting for Percy.”

Ginny came up to her parents and gave them each a hug then she asked “So where is he, Dad?”

“Er,” Arthur said, looking a little nervous, “He had a spot of work to do at the Ministry and extended his regrets that he couldn’t come.”

“Why, that insensitive git,” Ginny almost screamed out, “He’s working at the Ministry today? This is a family gathering. How can he choose to work, instead of being with his family?” Her face was turning red with her anger. The other Weasley children looked just as mad.

Harry reached out to her and placed his hand over hers, “It’s all right, Gin,” he said mentally to her.

“No, Harry,” she answered back, her mental voice filled with her anger, “It’s not all right. We’ve been close for years and have always celebrated birthdays and holidays together. Now, with our bond, we’re even more one family. You know that we Weasleys consider family more important than anything. Percy should be able to set aside one day for that. He’s going to regret this.”

Harry remained silent, knowing he wouldn’t be able to change Ginny’s mind.

Arthur then added that Bill and Charlie would also be unable to come since they couldn’t get any more time off from their jobs abroad, much to their disappointment.

“Well,” Lily said, brightly, “that’s quite all right. Let’s just eat up. There’s a nice cake waiting for our birthday boy and girl to blow its candles out.”

They soon settled down to the meal; conversations breaking out around the table. Once they were done, Blinky cleared the dishes and Lily set the cake in front of her twins, who looked wide-eyed at it. It was a large round cake with white frosting covering it and the words ‘Happy Birthday, Andrew and Daisy’ done in blue and pink over most of it. A single large candle was set in the middle.

They sang ‘Happy Birthday’ then helped the twins blow the candles out. As they ate the cake, they helped Andy and Daisy open their presents.

There was an assortment of clothes and toys. Lily and James thanked everyone for the gifts.

Then, Sirius stood up from where he was seated beside Sam. “We don’t want to upstage Andrew and Daisy but we have a bit of news.” He took Sam’s hand in his and smiled down at her, “Sam and I eloped last night and got married.”

Everyone looked surprised and shocked, unable to say a word.

After a few seconds of silence, Sirius raised an eyebrow and said, “Well, I didn’t expect such a reaction.”

James shook himself out of his stupor, walked up to his best friend and clapped him on the shoulder, “That’s great, Padfoot! Congratulations! How’d this happen?”

Sirius grinned, “Well, I realized after a couple of dates that I’m in love with Sam. I let her go once, which was a terrible mistake. So, I made a decision to ask her to marry me. I did it last night while we were taking a walk after dinner. She said yes, much to my surprise.” He looked down at Sam who stood up and embraced Sirius. Then she turned to the others.

“I told him that I was in love with him already when we first dated,” Sam said, “After he broke it off, I tried so hard to forget him but couldn’t. Then he asked me out a few weeks after these little tykes were born. I tried to keep from falling in love with him again, but did anyway. Anyway, after he proposed, we started to discuss when to have the wedding. Then it occurred to both of us that we really don’t have any other family since both our parents are gone and I’m an only child.”

“Plus,” Sirius broke in, “she didn’t really care about having a big ceremony. So, we snuck off to Paris and got married there. We came here straight from the hotel we spent the night in.”

Lily then moved forward to embrace Sirius and Sam in a warm hug, “Congratulations, you two. We’re so happy for you.”

This broke the others out of their shock. Soon everyone was crowding around Sirius and Sam to offer their own congratulations. However, there was one person who didn’t come near the two newlyweds, someone who mattered to Sirius just as much as the woman he had married.

Ti stared at Sirius and Sam, a look of surprise still on his face. Sirius was the first to see his expression. He strode away from the group, up to Ti and knelt down beside the boy.

Ti,” Sirius said, softly, “I know this is a shock and seems all of a sudden, but we hoped you’d be pleased. I mean, you seemed to like Sam whenever the three of us were together. I hoped that you’d like to see her all the time. I’ve loved her for years, Ti.
I hope you’ll come to love her just as much as I do. It won’t change what we have. You’ll still live with us. Sam knows all about what you’ve been through.”

By this time, Sam had come up to them and sat down beside Ti. “That’s true, Ti,” Sam said as she smiled, “I know what Sirius means to you and what you mean to Sirius. I won’t come between the two of you. I do hope that you and I will become just as close, so we can be a real family.”

Everyone else seemed to be holding their breath as Ti looked at Sirius and Sam. After a couple of seconds, that seemed an eternity to Sam and Sirius, Ti smiled and threw his arms around both of them, hugging them tightly.

“Of course I’m for it,” Ti said to them. Drawing back from them, he turned to Sam, grinning, “So, Sam, do I have to call you ‘Aunt Sam’ now?”

Sam grimaced for a second, “Oh no. You don’t call Sirius ‘uncle’, so let’s keep it to Sam. Aunt Sam makes me feel as old as Professor Dumbledore.” Her eyes bulged as she caught sight of Dumbledore, “Oops! Sorry, Professor.”

“That’s quite all right, Mrs. Black,” Dumbledore said, a smile on his face.

Sam smiled again, “I think I’ll like being called that, Mrs. Samantha Black.”
Everyone laughed. Harry and Ginny felt happy that their friend was getting a new family to replace the one that had abandoned him, one that will love him as much as he deserved.

The party soon wound down as the twins were falling asleep from eating all that food, especially the cake. Sirius remembered to ask Dumbledore about Dobby and the headmaster was happy to let Dobby go to work for Ti and his new family.

The kids went back to Hogwarts with Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid, feeling happy. The Easter holidays soon came, which they spent in Hogwarts.

On the last Saturday of the Easter holidays, it was Hermione’s brother who celebrated his first birthday. This time, only Ron, Harry, Ginny and Rose were invited because the party would have Muggles present, mostly relatives of the Grangers.

The five Gryffindors dressed in Muggle clothing for the party. They flooed from Dumbledore’s office to the Leaky Cauldron in London after lunch then took a cab to Hermione’s home.

Hermione lived with her parents in a lovely two-story house in the suburbs on the north side of London. The house was painted in beige and light yellow with a brick red tiled roof.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger met them at the entryway. They were a bit surprised when Hermione introduced Ron as her boyfriend but didn’t say anything. Ron looked nervous as he shook Mr. Granger’s hand.

After that, they went up to Daniel’s room, where the one-year old was playing with a ball in his playpen. His eyes lit up when he saw Hermione. Hermione lifted him out of the playpen and set him down on the floor. The five teenagers spent the next hour playing with him. Well, Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Rose did, but Ron was more interested in the various Muggle toys in the room like the various Fisher Price toys. Before they knew it, Hermione’s parents were calling them down since the majority of the guests had arrived.

Hermione’s relatives were curious about Hermione’s friends. They had all been told that Hermione went to an exclusive school for gifted children in Scotland. Her four friends had to watch what they said. Fortunately, everyone was more concerned with Daniel and the party.

Daniel seemed to enjoy his party, happily tearing his presents open, though he quickly lost interest in each one as something new caught his eye. The five teenagers enjoyed the party food, like the cake and ice cream.

Finally, the guests had all left, leaving the Grangers and the four Wizarding children. Hermione’s mum invited them to stay for dinner, which they gladly accepted. Dumbledore had given them his permission to return to Hogwarts anytime they wanted.

As they ate, Mr. and Mrs. Granger asked Harry, Ginny, Rose and Ron many questions about growing up in the Wizarding World like their education before Hogwarts (they were all home schooled by Molly), activities during holidays, places they visited on vacations and how their homes worked.

After they had done with dessert, Mrs. Granger turned to Hermione, “Honey, you introduced Ron earlier as your boyfriend. Aren’t you a bit young for that?”

Hermione’s cheeks turned pink, “Mum! We’re just dating. It isn’t like we’re engaged or something like that. Anyway, he only asked me to be his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. We’re taking things slowly.”

Ron suppressed a smirk at that statement. The fact was that they had been snogging in broom closets over the past two weeks as often as they could get away with it. The last time, their hands had even done a bit of wandering but nothing major.

“I see,” Mr. Granger said, “All right, dear, just don’t get carried away. We don’t want to be grandparents yet. I did notice that Harry and Ginny seemed to be very close to each other.”

Glad for the distraction from his relationship with Hermione, Ron said, “Oh yes, Mr. Granger. They’ve been going out for more than a year now.”

Hermione’s parents exchanged looks of surprise.

“Your parents are okay with this, Ron?” Mr. Granger asked Ron.

“Our parents are fine with it, Mr. Granger,” Ginny answered, “Harry and I have known each other for years and love each other very much. We’ll probably get married after I graduate from Hogwarts.”

“Er, isn’t that a bit young for marriage?” Mrs. Granger asked.

“It’s different in the Wizarding World, Mrs. Granger,” Rose replied, “Wizards and witches are usually ready to go to work after graduating from Hogwarts. We can earn enough to support a family by then. Many of us do marry right after graduation. Our parents and Ron and Ginny’s parents did just that.”

The Grangers looked bewildered by that information but before they could say anything, Daniel started to cry.

“Oh dear,” Mrs. Granger said, “I think he needs his diaper changed.”

“Let me do it, Mum,” Hermione said.

Mrs. Granger smiled, “Of course, dear. Let’s get him up to his room.” She lifted Daniel up from his high chair and carried him upstairs, Hermione following in her wake.

Mr. Granger invited the others to wait for Hermione in the living room. However, Ginny and Rose insisted on helping him clean up. Harry and Ron reluctantly agreed to help, over the protests of Mr. Granger.

They cleared the table and washed the dishes the Muggle way, in spite of Ron’s grumbling about it being like doing detention for Filch.

When Hermione returned, Mr. Granger insisted on driving them to the Leaky Cauldron. It was a bit of a tight fit in the back of the Granger’s car, but they managed it. Once they arrived at the pub, they said goodbye to Hermione’s dad and entered the pub to floo back to Hogwarts.

The following Monday was the start of the summer term so they reluctantly returned their attention to their studies. They did find it interesting that Krum would often walk Parvati to and from classes. Hermione said that she was relieved that the Bulgarian boy had found someone else to bestow his affections on. Ron heartily agreed with her, though he only said so when Hermione wasn’t around.

They got a break on the last Saturday of April, the 24th, which was Ti’s birthday. Unfortunately, they couldn’t leave Hogwarts anymore so they held his party in the Tower at lunchtime. Harry, Ginny, Rose and Maggie kept Ti occupied by the lake while the others prepared the common room.

The surprised look on his face when he came through the Portrait Hole was immediately replaced by a huge grin that stayed in place for the rest of the party. His friends gave him presents which they had bought during the last Hogsmeade weekend. The party carried on until nearly dinnertime when Ron announced he was hungry again. Everyone shook their heads at that but decided to go to the Great Hall anyway.

The weeks passed quickly after that and Harry was so swamped with work that he had forgotten about the Triwizard tournament until McGonagall approached him after Transfiguration class in the last week of May.

“Mr. Potter,” she said, “You are to go down to the Quidditch Pitch at nine o’clock tonight.”

“Um, what ever for, Professor?” Harry asked, bewildered. He vaguely felt exasperation emanating from Ginny.

McGonagall looked sternly at him, “Why, for the information on the third task, of course. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the Tournament?”

“Er, of course not, Professor,” he answered, “I was starting to wonder about it lately.”

“Very well,” she said, “Mr. Bagman will be there to inform you and the other champions of the nature of the last task. Do not be late.”

“Yes, Professor,” Harry said, “I’ll be on time.” He then walked out of the classroom.

“Harry,” Ginny said in his mind once he was walking down the corridor, “I can’t believe you forgot about the tournament.”

“Well, the professors have been working us hard, Gin,”
Harry replied to her mentally, “All that studying tends to require a lot of focus.”

“All right, Harry,”
Ginny said, “I do wonder what the third task will be about. After the dragon and the lake, what weird stuff has Bagman and Crouch come up with now?”

“Well, I’ll be finding that out later, Gin,”
Harry said, “Anyway, right now, I’d rather think about seeing you at dinner and looking for a new place for us to snog in after my trip to the Quidditch pitch.”

Ginny giggled, “My, my, Mr. Potter. You are incorrigible. At least, you have your priorities right. I’ll see you later at lunch then, love.”

“All right, Gin,”
Harry replied. As he felt Ginny withdraw from his mind, his thoughts turned back to wondering about the third task. He also was curious about it. Why did he, Viktor and Fleur have to meet Bagman on the Quidditch Pitch? That was very strange. Well, he’d find out tonight so there was no use in worrying over it. Anyway, as he had told Ginny, he’d prefer thinking about snogging her than the third task. So, with a smile on his face, Harry entered his next class and left thinking about the final task of the Triwizard Tournament to a later time.
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