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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Author's Notes:
Here's the Ball itself. Enjoy and please review. By the way, thanks to those who voted for me for May Silver Trinket awards. It was great just getting nominated.


Chapter 48: A Christmas Dance

The week passed quickly with the students doing nothing but relaxing and waiting for the Christmas Day and the Ball. Harry and the New Marauders spent it playing in the snow and admiring the decorations of the castle.

It seemed the staff wanted to impress their visitors since the castle was decked in some of the best décor Harry had ever seen in the castle.

There was a lovely feast on Christmas Eve. At the end of the Feast, the New Marauders did a repeat of the show they did at the previous End-of-Term feast. They added a few more subjects, like Madame Maxime and the dragons.

At the end of the show, another sign appeared on the ceiling,

Merry Christmas to All!

From the New Marauders
Enjoy the Yule Ball

The message also appeared in French and Bulgarian. Applause rang around the Great Hall.

Christmas morning dawned early for Harry. For a moment, he felt sad over not being at Potter Manor with his parents and younger siblings, but he was here with Ginny, Rose and the rest of his friends. That was enough for now. At any rate, they were going to Potter Manor on the afternoon of Boxing Day anyway.

Harry’s musings were interrupted by Ron pushing aside the curtains of his bed, excitement in his eyes.

“Harry, get up!” Ron said, “It’s Christmas!”

Harry laughed, “All right, Ron. I’m awake. Give me a minute.”

“Hurry up, will you,” Ron said, “The presents can’t wait for long.” He then bounded out of the room.

Still, chuckling, Harry set off for the bathroom, giving a mental ‘good morning’ to Ginny on his way there.

Later, he came down to the common room to find it full of his housemates. He moved off to the area in front of the fireplace where the other New Marauders were gathered.

They spent half the morning opening presents. Everyone got the traditional Weasley jumper, including Ti, whose jumper was red with gold lettering.

Ginny loved the delicate crystal figure of a leaping tiger that Harry had given her. The gift Ron, Ti and Neville gave her was a nice silver hairclip with tiny figures of cats moving along it. Rose and Hermione gave her a set of scented shampoos.

Harry’s presents included a photo album from Ginny with pictures of the two of them taken since the previous Christmas, including their respective birthdays. He received several fine quills from Hermione and Rose and chocolates from Ron, Ti and Neville.

Ron received mostly various chocolates and candies. Hermione gave him a new book on Quidditch. Harry and Ginny gave him a pair of woolen gloves to go with his new jumper.

Rose got a lovely rose-shaped pendant on a silver chain from Harry and Ginny. Hermione gave her a book on famous seers. Ron, Neville and Ti gave her a dragon shaped jewel hairclip.

Hermione received a new cloak from Ginny and Harry, a set of magical makeup from Rose, a gift certificate from Flourish and Blott’s from Neville and a set of quills from Ti and Ron.

Neville got mostly stuff related to Herbology. Ti got a set of quills from Hermione and Rose, a range of Zonko products from Harry and Ginny and a bunch of chocolate and candies from Neville and Ron.

Breakfast was served by the house elves in the common room as the Great Hall was being prepared for the Ball.

They went outside to walk around the Lake, then returned to the common room for lunch. After lunch, they had a good snowball fight, which involved most of the school. At three o’clock, the girls who were going to the Ball went back to the castle.

“Why do they have to go back now?” Ron asked, “It’s still five hours to the Ball.”

Harry just shrugged then threw a snowball at Ron’s face and ran away laughing.

“Oi!” Ron shouted, “I’ll get you for that, Potter!” Ron then started chasing Harry around the grounds.

At six o’clock, the boys from fourth year and above went back into the castle to get ready. The fourth year Gryffindor boys’ dorm was a whirlwind of rushing boys and scattered clothes as the occupants dressed in their best.

Harry looked at himself in the full-length mirror of the room. He was dressed in formal robes of bottle green. His mother had said that shade of green brought out the color of his eyes.

“Hmmm. You really look good in that, Harry.”

“Ginny! No peeking! We promised each other not to look through the bond whenever we were changing or dressing up.”

“Sorry, Harry. I couldn’t help it. All right, I’ll go for now. See you in a while, love.”

Harry shook his head and sighed. He really wanted to see what Ginny looked like but he intended to keep his promise not to look at her while she was dressing. He went back to trying to make his hair lie flat.

Fifteen minutes later, He and Ron were sitting in the common room, waiting for their dates. Ti and Maggie were sitting with them, envy evident on their faces as they couldn’t go to the ball. Seamus and Neville had already left for the Great Hall with their dates while Dean was meeting Padma at the Entrance Hall.

Harry felt Ginny approaching them through their Bond and looked up. His breath caught and he felt his blood rush down between his legs.

Standing at the top of the last flight of stairs to the girls’ dormitories was Ginny. She was wearing light pink robes and her hair was arranged to fall like a cascade of fire and curled near the ends as it fell around her shoulders. She was also wearing the necklace he had given her for Christmas the previous year and the charm bracelet he had given her for her last birthday was on her wrist.

Then Rose came down and stood beside her. She was wearing silvery-white robes and her hair was bunched up above her head in a style he had seen his mother wear when she was younger.

Now that the two redheads were side by side, one could see they were growing in different ways. Rose was now taller than Ginny by at least three inches, her face was becoming narrower and her hair was getting darker, much like mum’s. Ginny, on the other hand, had lighter hair and a fuller figure with fuller breasts. Both of them looked really lovely tonight.

Ginny smirked and descended the stairs. She approached her boyfriend and closed his open mouth with one finger. Then, she kissed him. He returned it with passion.

“Hey, can we go now?” Ron asked as he linked his arm with Rose’s arm, “I’m starving.”

Ginny and Rose rolled their eyes. The four said goodbye to Ti and Maggie and headed out the portrait hole.

Ginny saw a stunned look on Ti’s face as he watched them leave Gryffindor Tower. She knew he was only looking at Rose and sighed.

The four friends descended the marble staircase and headed for the Entrance Hall.

When they arrived there, it was packed with students waiting for the oak front doors of the Great Hall to open at eight o’clock. They saw and greeted several of their friends and housemates like Fred who was with Angelina Johnson, George who was with Alicia Spinnet and Oliver Wood who was with a seventh year Ravenclaw they didn’t know.

They also saw Seamus with Parvati, Dean with Padma and Neville with Lavender as they worked their way to the doors.

“I wonder where Hermione is,” Ron said, looking over the heads of the crowd, “You don’t think she skipped out of this, do you?”

“No, Ron,” Rose said, looking annoyed, “She left the girls’ dorms a half hour ago to meet her date.”

Just then, the doors of the Great Hall opened and everyone turned to watch the Durmstrang students enter with Professor Propanov leading them. Viktor Krum was in the front of the Bulgarian students, accompanied by a pretty girl in blue dress robes who seemed vaguely familiar to Harry.

Harry’s eyes narrowed as Krum and the girl came closer to him and Ginny, then his eyes widened as he recognized her. It was Hermione.

She was dressed in a lovely set of periwinkle-blue robes. Her hair was no longer bushy but sleek and shiny and twisted up in a lovely knot at the back of her head. She looked just as lovely as Ginny and Rose.

Harry then heard McGonagall’s voice call out, “Champions, over here, please.”

Harry and Ginny walked over to McGonagall after giving Ron and Rose a ‘see you later’. Once Krum, Hermione and Fleur and her date, Roger Davies, the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain were with them, the Assistant Headmistress explained to them that they would all enter in a procession once the other students were seated.

When the Entrance Hall was empty, McGonagall told them to arrange themselves in pairs and follow her. As the champions and their partners did as she bade and walked through the Hall towards top of the Hall, everyone applauded them.

Harry saw that the walls of the Hall were covered in sparkling silver frost and hundreds of garlands of mistletoe and ivy crossed the ceiling. Instead of four long House tables, there were now about a hundred smaller round tables set for a dozen people each.

The large round table at the top of the Hall that they were now approaching was already occupied by the five judges and Professor Dumbledore. Golden plates were set out in front of each seat, though they appeared empty. Menus were also set standing on the table.

Harry held Ginny’s seat out for her.

“My, what a gentleman you are tonight, Mr. Potter,” Ginny said to him in his mind as she sat down, a smile forming on her face.

“Only for you, milady love,” Harry said to her mentally, a smile also on his face.

Dumbledore demonstrated how to order the food by speaking his order to his plate and the students followed suit.

As they ate, Fleur and Viktor commented on the decorations and compared them and the castle itself to their own schools. All throughout the meal, Harry noticed that Davies barely ate as he hung on every word coming out of Fleur’s mouth. He struggled to keep from laughing at the lovestruck older boy.

“Harry, don’t you laugh at him,” Ginny said to him in his mind, “There are times you look like that when you’re with me.”

“All right, Gin. I’ll behave. It’s just that he looks like he’d been hit by a bludger several times.”

“Well, leave it alone, Harry and I’ll make it up to you later.”

Harry asked, amusement in his mental voice.

“Yes, Harry. Now, finish your tart.”

“Yes, dear.”

Once everyone was done eating, Dumbledore asked everyone to stand and moved the tables to the side with his wand. He then conjured a platform and several musical instruments. Once this was done, the Weird Sisters, a popular wizarding band, came into the Hall and took their places on the platform, to the wild applause of the crowd.

Harry realized what this meant and nervously looked at Ginny.

“May I have this dance, Ginny?” he asked her.

Ginny grinned, “Of course, Harry.”

Harry and Ginny moved to the center of the Hall, followed by the other champions and their partners. The Weird Sisters started with a slow mournful tune.

As they danced, Harry felt himself floating. He held her close as they swayed to the music. By half through the song, most of the students had joined the champion pairs on the dance floor.

The next song was a little faster but Harry and Ginny stayed close to each other. By the third song, another slow one, they were really enjoying themselves

Harry felt like they were the only ones dancing in the Hall.

“Harry?” Ginny said in his mind.

“Yes, Gin?” he answered back mentally.

“You really dance well,” she said to him, mentally, “Your lessons with your mum turned out well.”

In preparation for the dance, Harry had gotten permission to floo to Potter Manor every evening during the week before the Ball to take dance lessons from his mother.

“Yeah, they sure did, Gin,” he said to her, “I’m glad she was patient with me. I think I stepped on her feet more than on the floor that first night.”

“Well, it was worth it, Harry,”
Ginny said, “It’s allowing us to be this close in a room full of adults.” She snuggled up to him as they slowly danced.

A little late, Harry saw Hermione and Krum dancing. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After the fifth song, Harry could feel Ginny tiring and decided that they needed a break.

“Gin, let’s sit this one out,” he asked her in her mind, “Let me get us a couple of drinks.”

“Sure, Harry,”
Ginny said, smiling at him as she looked up.

They walked off the dance floor, which was already full of people.

“Go find us a table, Ginny,” Harry said, “I’ll get us a couple of butterbeers.”

“Okay, Harry,” Ginny said.

____________________________________ ____________________________________

Ginny looked around the tables and spotted Ron and Rose sitting at an otherwise empty one.

As she approached them, she saw the glum expression on her best friend’s face. Ron seemed to have his attention on something other than his date.

Ginny looked in the direction Ron was looking in and found it was toward the area where Hermione and Krum were as they danced. As she came up beside them, she saw that Ron’s eyes were narrowed.

Ginny frowned and sat down beside Rose, who seemed to be looking elsewhere as well. Ginny touched her shoulder.

Rose started and looked at Ginny. She seemed surprised to see her sitting beside her.

“Rose,” Ginny said, “are you all right? Is everything okay?”

Rose waved her hand. “Yeah, I’m okay. Everything peachy,” she said and turned her gaze away from Ginny, the glum expression forming again on her face.

Ginny followed her gaze and saw that she seemed to be watching the group of Neville, Dean and Seamus, who were dancing with their dates.

Just then, Harry came up with two bottles of butterbeer and handed one to Ginny.

“What’s going on, Ginny?” he asked through their mental link, “Why are these two just sitting here?”

“I think Ron’s distracted, Harry,”
Ginny said to him in his mind, “He’s watching Hermione and Viktor Krum. I think he’s jealous.”

Harry’s eyes widened. “What?!” he blurted out loud before regaining control of himself.

“You mean Ron fancies Hermione?" Harry said to Ginny mentally, “When did this happen?”

“Honestly, love. You can be so thick sometimes. I’ve noticed this months ago, sometime last summer. Ron seems to be livelier whenever she was around.”

“Blimey. What do we do now?”

“Right now, I think you better help with your sister. She seems down in the dumps, too. It may be for the same reason but I’m not so sure. Go dance with her.”

“Well, all right.”

Harry walked over to Rose and sai, “Come on, Rose. Let’s dance.”

Rose shrugged, “Sure, whatever. It isn’t like my date is interested in dancing with me anyway.” She sent a glare at Ron.

Rose turned to Ginny as Harry pulled her out of her chair, “Oh, Ginny, when Hermione comes by, I wouldn’t sit too near Ron if I were you.”

She then allowed her brother to lead her to the dance floor, sparing a last look at the group of fourth year Gryffindors boys.

Thankfully, Harry led her farther into the crowd, away from his dorm mates.

Ginny turned to Ron but before she could say anything, Hermione dropped into the seat vacated by Rose.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?” she asked as she fanned herself with her hand.
Ginny smirked, “Yeah, I noticed. So, where’s your date?”

“Viktor went to get us a couple of drinks,” Hermione said, still fanning herself.

“So, it’s Viktor, is it? Ron said then, “What, hasn’t he asked you to call him Vicky yet?”

“What are you going on about, Ron?” Hermione asked him.

“Have you wondered why he asked you to this Ball, Hermione?” Ron asked, “After all, lots of other girls have been following him all over the school for the past month and a half.”

Hermione’s eyes narrowed, “I asked him that when he asked me, Ron. He said that he found me attractive especially since I wasn’t following him like the others and he wanted to get to know me better.”

“Hah! What a load of bull,” Ron said, “and you fell for it.”

“What do you mean by that, Ron?” Ginny asked, her own eyes narrowing.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ron asked, waving his arms around, “He’s from Durmstrang. He’s going out with Hermione because he knows who one of her best friends is. He’s trying to get close to Harry….to get inside information on him or even get close enough to Harry to jinx him.”

Hermione stared at Ron, looking like she had slapped her, “Are you daft, Ron? We haven’t talked about Harry. He hasn’t een mentioned my being friends with Harry.”

“He probably was waiting until later, when you were warmed up to him, maybe even snogging him before he started on that,” Ron said bitterly as he grabbed a bottle of butterbeer from the table and took a swig.

Hermione glared at Ron, her eyes showing her fury at his insensitivity. Ginny felt a surge of power from the older girl and she slowly got to her feet and stepped away as Ron took another swig from the bottle.

Suddenly, the bottle in Ron’s hand exploded, drenching him in butterbeer. Ginny just avoided getting splashed.

“You insufferable git!” Hermione shouted at him. She jumped to her feet and walked swiftly onto the dance floor, disappearing into the crowd.

Ron watched her go with a mixture of fear and indignation, butterbeer dripping down his face.

Ginny just looked at him with pity and contempt. She looked around for Harry and Rose and saw them at the edge of the crowd, walking back to them.

Harry looked furious as he stared at Ron, obviously having heard every word of Hermione and Ron’s conversation.

Ginny quickly grabbed Harry's hand. “Come on, love. Let’s go for a walk. Don’t mind Ron. Hermione’s already given him something to think about.” She steered him out toward the Entrance Hall and down to the rose garden that had been created in front of the castle’s front doors.

Harry allowed himself to be led down the winding ornamental paths. There were fairy lights that winked and twinkled in the rose bushes. Large stone statues and stone benches were scattered about the garden. Harry heard the splashing of water, which indicated that there was a fountain somewhere. Couples were seated on some of the benches.

Finally, Ginny made him sit on an empty stone bench a distance from the front doors. The fountain was right beside the bench. The water sparkled in the moonlight. They sat side by side, their arms around each other.

The sound of the flowing water and Ginny’s presence soothed Harry and calmed him down from his anger with Ron.

“Are you okay, Harry?” Ginny asked him mentally.

Harry sighed, “I guess so. I can’t believe what Ron said to Hermione. How can he think Krum asked her to the Ball just to get to me? Has he even looked at how Hermione looked tonight? She’s gorgeous, just as beautiful as you and Rose, Gin.”

Ginny smiled, “Yes, she is, Harry. I think the problem is that Ron noticed and he was just acting jealous.”

“And Ron was jealous because he fancies Hermione,”
Harry was genuinely puzzled,
“ They seem to row half of the time over some stupid thing.”

Ginny smirked, “I think it may be a form of sexual foreplay for them.”

“That’s just weird,”
Harry said, grimacing, “Wait a minute. Does that mean Hermione fancies him, too?”

“Of course it does,”
Ginny said, “Otherwise, she wouldn’t be as upset with him as she is.”

Harry shook his head, “That’s just great. Why don’t they just say something? I mean, if they just told each other they fancied one another, this mess could have been avoided.”

“I don’t know if it can be that simple, Harry,”
Ginny said, “I think they’re scared of how the other will react to knowing that.”

Harry sighed, trying to come to terms with his two best friends developing feelings for each other.

Just then, they heard a commotion not too far from them, something like some bushes being blasted, followed by squeals. Then they heard an unpleasantly familiar voice say, “Ten points from Hufflepuff, Fawcett and ten points from Ravenclaw, Stebbins!”

A few seconds later, the familiar figure of Snape came around the corner. He stopped when he saw Harry and Ginny. A sneer crossed his face, “Ah, Potter and Miss Weasley. I hope you two were not doing something inappropriate, something your parents would disapprove of. Of course, I doubt your parents would entirely disapprove of something like that, Potter.”

Harry felt a wave of annoyance and anger course through him.

Ginny took his hand and squeezed it, “Don’t do anything you may regret, Harry. The git is just jealous.”

Harry firmly clamped down his anger, “We were just sitting here, Professor, enjoying the peace and quiet of this spot. We weren’t planning anything inappropriate.”

Snape eyed them suspiciously for a moment then said, “Very well. Get back inside. I noticed before coming out here that your sister didn’t seem very happy, Potter. I assume that Mr. Weasley is her companion for the evening. It seems he is neglecting her. I suggest you address the issue before someone else does, in a manner you may not approve.” Snape then left them with a swish of his cloak.

“Now what was that about?” Ginny asked Harry, softly, “It’s like he was concerned that Rose wasn’t enjoying the Ball.”

“I know what you mean,”
Harry said, “It's strange. Anyway, as much as I hate to agree with him, he’s right. Ron’s not been paying attention to his date. Even if he fancies Hermione, he invited someone else tonight and he should be concerned with her. I warned Ron about this.”

“Yes, you did. As much as I love him, my brother can be a really insensitive git, All right, let’s go.”

They both got up and walked back inside to the Great Hall. They spotted Ron still sitting at his table, still dejected and unconcerned. Rose wasn’t with him.

“Ron,” Harry said when he got to the table, “Where’s Rose?”

“Huh?” Ron said, intelligently, looking up at Harry.

“You know, Rose, my sister, your date,” Harry said, emphasizing the last two phrases.

“Oh, yeah,” Ron said, “Her. I think Neville asked her to dance with him.”

“And you let him?” Ginny asked, incredulous, “She’s your date, Ron. You should be dancing with her.”

Ron shrugged, “I wasn’t in the mood. Neville asked her. She asked me. I said she could.”

Harry ran his hand over his face, exasperated with his best mate.

“Oh, forget him, Harry,” Ginny said to him in his mind, “Let the prat brood. At least someone is paying Rose some attention. Come on, let’s get back on that dance floor.”

“All right, Gin. We can’t let Ron ruin our evening.”

Harry and Ginny danced until midnight, when the Weird Sisters finally wrapped up their act. Everyone gave them a long and loud last round of applause then moved toward the Entrance Hall. Many people wished the Ball could have gone on longer, including Harry and Ginny, who had enjoyed dancing in each other’s arms.

They found Hermione in the Entrance Hall, saying goodbye to Krum before the Bulgarian boy went back to the Durmstrang ship. She saw them and headed for them, a wide smile on her face.

“So,” Ginny said, a smirk forming on her face, “enjoy your evening with the Greatest Seeker in the world?” It was a title Fred had given to Krum during the World Cup.

“Yes, it was quite a night,” Hermione said, “He’s not too loquacious but he paid attention to me all night. You both know I’m not one of those fan girls, but he was so gallant. I’m not used to someone staring at me like I’m a beauty queen.”

“Well, you are, Hermione,” Harry said, “Tonight, you, Rose and Ginny showed just how beautiful you three can be.”

Hermione playfully slapped him on the arm, “Harry! Don’t tease me like that.”

“Well, it’s true, Hermione,” Ginny said, smiling, “You look just awesome tonight.”

Hermione blushed, “Thanks, Ginny. You and Rose looked great tonight, too. Speaking of Rose, I saw her dancing with Neville for the last hour. Where is she?”

“I think she went back to the common room with Parvati, Neville, Lavender, Seamus and Dean about fifteen minutes ago.” Ginny said, “We should get back, too.”

As they stood at the foot of the marble staircase, they heard someone call Harry’s name. Turning they saw Draco Malfoy coming up to them.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” Harry asked.

“Just a word, Potter,” Draco said, “Don’t worry. I don’t plan on attacking you.”

“All right,” Harry said. He turned to Ginny and Hermione, “Go on to the common room. I don’t think he’ll try anything.” He squeezed Ginny’s hand before letting her go. He watched the two girls climb the staircase for a while before turning back to Draco.

“All right, Malfoy,” Harry said, “What do you want now?”

“I just wanted to warn you, Potter,” Draco said, “Your entry into this tournament is a plot by the Dark Lord to get rid of you.”

“Oh, yeah?” Harry said, “How do you know this, Malfoy?”

“It doesn’t matter how I know,” Draco said, “Just watch your back, Potter. They’ll try again to get you in the next task. I don’t know how but just be ready.”

Harry stood there for a moment, studying the Slytherin, “All right, Malfoy. Thanks for the warning.”

“It’s just a little payback for saving my brother’s life, Potter,” Draco said, “I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.” He turned around and descended the stairs to the Dungeons.

Harry watched him for a few seconds then went up the marble staircase to Gryffindor Tower, baffled a bit at Malfoy’s behavior. Was Malfoy changing his ways? Did he really care for Ti that much?

Harry was about to ask Ginny’s opinion when he noticed that she was distracted by something else and hadn’t heard his conversation with Malfoy. Then, Harry saw what had distracted Ginny and sped up his ascent.

When he got to the Fat Lady, she was asleep. He had to say ‘Fairy Lights’ three times before she awoke and let him in. He walked through the Portrait Hole to find Ron and Hermione in a blazing row in the middle of the common room. Ginny, Rose and the rest of Harry’s year were present, staring uncertainly at the two fighting friends.

Harry’s two best friends were ten feet apart, glaring and shouting at each other.

“Well, if you don’t like me going out with Viktor, Ron,” Hermione was shouting at Ron, “then you know the solution.”

“And what would that be?” Ron asked, a sneer on his face.

“The next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does!” she screamed at him. She then turned on her heel and marched up the stairs to the girls’ dormitories. Ginny and Rose gave Ron a final glare and followed their friend.

Ron just stood there, stunned and looking much like a floundering goldfish, unable to form any coherent words.

Neville, Dean and Seamus gave him pitying looks. Harry gave him a disgusted look before climbing up to the boys’ dormitories.

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