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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Author's Notes:
Here's the next chapter. I'm sorry for the delay. I had to revise it a few times.


Chapter 43: The World Cup And Voldemort’s First Moves

Harry glanced nervously at Ginny as he struggled to keep his mind blank. They were at the Burrow for Ginny’s birthday party. So far he had managed to keep his gift to her a secret from her, thanks to Professor Dumbledore’s latest mental exercises.

Due to what had happened that night after Harry’s birthday party, Dumbledore decided to find a way to help Harry block his connection with Voldemort. In the evenings, the Headmaster had started teaching Occlumency to Harry so he could block Voldemort by forming a wall in his mind. Because of the Soul Bond, Ginny was also learning the same thing, even if she wasn’t physically present during Harry’s lessons.

As a side effect of the Occlumency training, Harry and Ginny were now able to seal off parts of their thoughts from the other behind a door. It wasn’t that effective since the Soul Bond would still allow them to remove the door with proper concentration. They just depended on the respect they had for each other to prevent their mate from opening that door.

Now, they were at the same spot by the river Otter where Ginny had given Harry his birthday present barely a week and a half ago. Harry watched Ginny with apprehension as she removed the wrapping on the small box that contained his present to her. His nervousness was heightened by the fact that this was the first birthday gift he was giving to her as her boyfriend. As he felt her curiosity and anticipation, he hoped that she would like it.

Finally, she had the box unwrapped in her hand and opened it. Inside was a charm bracelet made of gold with three charms on it. One charm was a letter H, another was a G and the third was a heart, set in the middle of the two letters. A note in the box said:

To my dearest Ginny,

Wear this as a symbol of my eternal love for you, until I can give you that ring you most surely deserve to wear.

Love always,


Tears filled Ginny’s eyes as she gazed at Harry. Harry could feel a surge of love and happiness from her. She threw her arms around him and started kissing his face over and over again.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said in his mind as she continued to kiss him.

“You’re welcome, Ginny, love,” he said in her mind as he returned her embrace. Then he kissed her on her lips. He was about to deepen the kiss when someone coughed behind them.

They looked in the direction of the cough, still in each other’s arms. Standing there at the edge of the clearing, was Rose with a smirk on her face. Behind her were Harry’s best friends. Hermione was smiling while Ron had a disgusted look on his face.

“Oi, would you mind not doing that where I can see it?” the red head boy said.

For that, Ron got a kick on the shin from Rose and a slap on the back of his head from Hermione.

While Ron grumbled and rubbed his damaged areas, Rose and Hermione stepped up to Ginny to inspect the bracelet.

Then the five friends returned to the Burrow to continue the party. The same guests from Harry’s party were there.

When their other guest had left, leaving the Potters, Weasleys, Sirius, Hermione, Remus and Ti alone in the Burrow, James and Arthur turned to the others with smiles on their faces.

“Dad,” Harry said, his eyes narrowing, “I know that smile. It’s your ‘I’m being sneaky and devious’ smile. What’s up?”

“Well,” James said, “I’m sure you’ve heard that the Quidditch World Cup will be held here in two weeks time.”

“Yeah, Dad,” Harry said, one eyebrow cocked up in suspicion, “We know that. In fact, it’s a topic we all discuss when we aren’t doing anything else.”

“Good, well, the thing is,” James said, still smiling, “Since I’m the head of the Aurors and Arthur is a deputy minister, together, we’ve been able to get enough tickets to the Cup for thirteen people to attend it. That would be you eight kids, Bill, Charlie, Percy Arthur and Remus. We even got a wizarding tent so we can stay overnight at the camp site the Ministry is setting up for the spectators.”

“WHAT!?” Harry, Ginny, Rose, Ron, Fred and George shouted at the same time, jumping up onto their feet. Hermione had a forced smile on her face and Ti simple looked stunned. Bill and Charlie were also grinning while Percy had a neutral expression on his face.

James and Arthur exchanged grins.

“No way, Dad,” Ron said, “We can all go?”

“Yes, Ron,” Arthur said, “Even Hermione and Ti can go. Sirius has already agreed on it. I actually got Hermione’s parents’ permission when I came to get her on Harry’s birthday.”

Ron turned to Hermione, “Did you know about this? How come you didn’t tell me?” There was an indignant tone in his voice.

“Well, Ronald,” Hermione said, glaring at Ron, “Your father explained that it was to be a surprise for Ginny’s birthday. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“Yeah?” Ron retorted, looking for a moment he was going to argue with Hermione but he then shrugged his shoulders, “Well, um, I guess that’s fine. Okay.”

He then turned to Harry, “Isn’t that great, Harry? Imagine, Ireland versus Bulgaria. We’ll be able to see Krum! He must be the greatest seeker in the world.”

Harry and Ginny both rolled their eyes. Ron had been going on and on about Krum since they started talking about the Cup. It was getting old.

Harry turned to his dad, “Hey, Dad, why aren’t you and Sirius coming? I wouldn’t have thought you’d pass up a chance to see the World Cup.”

James sighed and sat down, “Well, son, Sirius and I will be there. Unfortunately, we’ll be among the security cordon. An event this big will be pretty hard to hide from the muggles. About 500 people were working a year just to build the Pitch and its stadium. It’ll be huge, I hear, huge enough to hold 100,000 people. We’ll have about a hundred Aurors and other Ministry workers there to keep on the lookout for him and control the crowd from doing too much magic.”

Harry scowled, “It’s a big event, isn’t it, big enough to attract Voldemort’s attention? You think he may try something during the game, or afterwards?”

“I don’t know, Harry,” James said quietly, “In the last war, a target this big would have been irresistible for him. But he’s been quiet lately. The only sign of activity that could be traced to him was that Dementor attack we had on your birthday. I just don’t like it. It’s a good thing the Ministry has the sense to have us on guard, even if they don’t believe that he’s back.”

“At any rate,” Arthur said, “With me, Remus, Bill, Percy and Charlie around, I don’t think we should worry about him for now. We just have to enjoy ourselves there, okay, kids?”

Harry and the others nodded. Harry resolved to be ready in case Voldemort and his cronies decide to spoil the event. He felt Ginny’s agreement and was glad to have her with him.
Later that evening, when the Potters got back to Potter Manor, James asked Harry to follow him to their Library.

Harry wondered what was up. He got more apprehensive when James locked the Library’s doors and produced a bottle of firewhisky and two shot glasses.

“Er, Dad,” Harry said, “what’s going on?”

“Well, Harry,” James said, “Remember our talk last New Year’s Day? Ever since I found out about the Bond you and Ginny have, I’ve been thinking a lot about this.”

“About what, Dad,” Harry asked, dread creeping up his spine since he suspected the reason why his father had isolated them from his mother and siblings.

“Harry,” James said, “It’s time we had ‘the Talk’. I’ve delayed this too long. Seeing you and Ginny together today brought me to a decision I should have come to that New Year’s Day. I need to tell you about SEX.”

Harry’s eyes widened and he gulped. The next hour and a half was the most uncomfortable hour and a half he ever had. He had never blushed so much before. His father had not been that different. The bottle of firewhiskey was empty by the time they were done.

Fortunately for Harry, he didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of Ginny listening in as Molly had chosen that moment to have her own ‘Talk’ with her daughter. Needless to say, both teens said quick mental good nights to each other after that. They also hid their newly acquired information behind their mental doors.

The next two weeks flew by quickly, with the kids resuming their early morning work out and jogging sessions. Harry hardly noticed the time as he and Ginny were busy with more spell training and Occlumency. He and Ginny tried their best to spend as much time with Rose as they did with each other.

Ron, on the other hand, hardly complained about not having much time with his mate even when this forced him to spend more time with Hermione. Harry wondered about that but didn’t give it much thought.

Ti, Harry, his mother and three siblings came over to spend the night at the Burrow on the evening before the World Quidditch Cup Finals. Harry and the others would then be able to wake up early before dawn in order to get to the Portkey that would take them to the site of the Cup.

Lily, Andrew and Daisy were staying over to keep Molly company, much to the Weasley matriarch’s delight. Harry knew Molly loved having his youngest siblings over.

The children had no problem waking up early, even Ron, due to their early morning jogs. Of course, Ron did complain about the early hour as Bill, Percy and Charlie were still asleep. Since the oldest Weasley boys were apparating there, they didn’t have to wake up as early as the rest of them.

As they walked to Stoatshead Hill, where the Portkey was, they ran into Cedric Diggory and his dad, Amos, who worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Harry didn’t know the older boy lived near the Weasleys, in spite of having been going to their house for years. It was a bit crowded for twelve people to place a hand on the Portkey which was an old boot but they managed it.

They arrived at the site of the Cup with little mishap and stared in awe at the sea of tents and the huge Pitch in the distance. The utter chaos of the scene drew grins from most of the children.

It took them a while to find the spot they had rented for the night in an area just at the edge of the woods. Arthur pointed out that the Quidditch Pitch was just on the other side of the woods. It took them a while to set up the small tent.

Harry was curious. He had never gone camping before. So in spite of growing up in the wizarding world, he wondered how such a small tent could fit all thirteen of them.

Harry’s eyes widened in awe when he entered the tent. He also felt Ginny’s surprise and wonder through their bond.

The inside of the tent looked like a two-story house, with five bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms. The twins took one of the ground floor rooms while Bill, Charlie and Percy would take the other one when they arrived. Harry, Ron and Ti took up one of the second floor rooms while Hermione, Rose and Ginny shared another and Arthur and Remus took the third.

After leaving their things in their respective bedrooms, the eight children set out to explore the huge campsite. They found several of their classmates and friends as they wandered around. They even bought a few souvenirs, though Harry and Ginny laughed at the toy figure of Victor Krum that Ron bought, much to Ron’s ire. They also bought some Omnioculars so they could see the action better.

While waiting for the signal to go to the stadium, Harry and his friends met Ludo Bagman who was in charge of Magical Games and Sports. Harry had heard about him from his dad, who knew the man’s previous Quidditch career and was amused by Bagman’s penchant for gambling. Of course, James never mentioned that last part in front of Lily.

They also met Percy’s new boss, Barty Crouch, head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Harry found the older man too stiff and rigid, an opinion Ginny agreed with. They shook their heads at the way Percy fawned over him, offering the man a cup of tea even when he called Percy “Weatherby”. Of course, Fred and George were delighted to have this little tidbit to use for teasing their stiff and proper brother.

As the sun started to go down, a gong sounded throughout the campgrounds, which Arthur informed them signaled the time to enter the huge stadium.

Their group headed for the Stadium and they were pleased that their proximity to the stadium allowed them to be among the first hundred people inside. As they climbed up to their seats near the top box, they met Minister Fudge who was with the Bulgarian Minister of Magic.

Harry scowled as Fudge made a big show of introducing him to the other man. Luckily, the Bulgarian Minister politely shook his hand and made it a point to shake hands with all of them.

Beside Fudge was a woman that Harry could only describe as toadlike because she had almost no neck, a squat body and a broad, flabby face. She also had mouse-brown hair, a wide and slack mouth and large, slightly bulging round eyes. Harry wondered who she was and asked Mr. Weasley.

“That’s Dolores Umbridge, Harry,” Arthur whispered to him, “I believe your father and Sirius have a low opinion of her. Well, come to think of it, so do I.” Arthur gave him a smile.

“She look like a toad, doesn’t she, Harry?” Ginny said to him mentally.

“Yeah,” Harry replied, “she sure does, Gin. It wouldn’t take any great feat of magic to turn her into something Trevor would love.”

“Harry! I don’t think Neville would like that.”
Ginny said, giggling in his mind.

“Well, I guess not,” he replied, a grin on his face as he gazed at her.

By now they had reached their seats beside the top box. As Harry gazed at that special area, his eyes widened as he saw a familiar looking man with long silver hair in that box, shaking Fudge’s hand. It was Lucius Malfoy. He had a smug look on his face. Both Narcissa and Draco were also with him.

“What the hell is that git doing here? Harry thought, furious that the elder Malfoy was out in the open, I would have thought he’d rather be with Voldieshorts, kissing his ass.

He glanced at Arthur who was also glaring at Lucius but remained silent.

“Who knows why he’s here, Harry,” Ginny’s equally furious voice sounded in his mind, “Don’t think about it for now. We’ll find out soon enough what the git is up to. Don’t do anything to upset Ti now.”

“All right, Gin,”
Harry told her mentally, “But the git will pay for what he did to our friend and for his part in Voldemort’s return.”

Harry shielded Ti from his former family who ignored their former sibling/son, though Harry thought he saw a brief softening of Narcissa’s face when she saw Ti. They stopped playing attention to the Malfoys and listened to Bagman welcome the crowd and introduce the Bulgarian team’s mascots — Veelas, a hundred of them.

When the Veelas started to dance to some strange and eerie music, Harry noticed that most of the males began acting strangely. He watched these actions with wonder and consternation. He was especially surprised to see Ron almost leap out of his seat towards them. Even Ti had one leg over the barrier before Remus pulled him back.

Why did they act like that? Harry wondered. How come I didn’t?

“It may be the Bond, Harry,”
Ginny said in his mind, “I read somewhere that Veelas affect males of adolescent age and above with something like a love potion. Affected males act like they are infatuated and would do anything to get closer to the Veela. Look at the expression on Ron’s face.”

Harry looked at Ron and saw the dazed look on his best friend’s face. Of course, he failed to notice the scowl on Hermione’s face as she noticed Ron’s expression, but Ginny did notice her and hid a smile.

The end of the eerie music broke the spell. Then Bagman continued the program, announcing the Irish team mascots who were leprechauns. Finally, a great roar sounded over the stadium as the teams were announced.

They all joined in the cheers. Ron’s shouts got even louder when he spotted Krum. Harry watched Krum on his broom. His fluid motions were unbelievable in someone that big. As the game ran on, Harry focused most of his attention on Krum, watching him move through his Omnioculars and memorizing the numerous maneuvers and tricks the Bulgarian did in the game. Harry thought he could use some of those tricks in the coming season at Hogwarts.

The outcome of the game came as a surprise to most of the people in the stadium. Few people would have guessed that Ireland would win even though Krum caught the snitch. Of course, among those few were Fred and George who had made a bet with Bagman for just such an outcome.

As they watched the celebrations from their tent, Harry felt a prickle of unease and a twinge of pain from his scar. He touched his scar. It felt a bit warm. He looked at his hand and was glad when he saw that there was no blood on it. The pain was low enough that Ginny didn’t feel it though she could feel Harry’s unease.

Because of this, they both slept with their wands under their pillows. However, nothing disturbed their sleep and they returned to the Burrow the following day.

Unfortunately, when they entered the Burrow’s kitchen, Molly rushed up to them and hugged every one of them so hard they could hardly brief.

“Oh, thank Merlin you are all back,” she said as she embraced Ron, “I was so worried.”

“Mum, geroff,” Ron said, struggling to pull away from his mother.

“What’s wrong, Molly?” Arthur asked, a bit concerned at the slightly hysterical greeting from his wife. From the doorway leading to the living room, he saw Lily Potter, holding her two twins babies, a look of concern on her face as well.

“You mean you don’t know, Arthur?” Molly said, surprised, “It was in the Prophet just this morning.” She turned around, picked up the newspaper, which was on the table and showed them the headline.

Dark Mark sighted after 13 years!

Everyone’s eyes widened. Arthur sat down and started reading the lead article. Everyone else started to read it over his shoulder.

Terror in the skies over Hampshire and Wiltshire!
After thirteen years, the Dark Mark appeared in the skies over three houses last night. According to eyewitnesses, the first Dark Mark appeared at 9 o’clock in the evening over the village of Overmatch outside the town of Chippenham in Wiltshire. Unfortunately, because of the Quidditch World Cup, it took over an hour before an Auror team arrived at the site. When they arrived, it was found that the house under the Mark was that of Jasper Billingsley, who worked for the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Mr. Billingsley, age 45, was found dead in the house along with his wife, Linda, age 42. Fortunately, their children, Adam, 16, Simon, 11 and Kara, 9 were at the Quidditch World Cup with relatives. Both Mr. and Mrs. Billingsley appeared to have been tortured with the Cruciatus Curse and then killed with the Killing Curse.
The second Dark Mark appeared in the sky over the village of Upswich in Hampshire outside the city of Salisbury at about 11 o’clock. When Aurors finally got to investigate, they found it over the house of Graham Cockrine, head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Mr. Cockrine, age 65, was a widower whose two children have families of their own. He lived alone. He appeared to have also been tortured with the Cruciatus before receiving the Killing Curse.
The third Dark Mark appeared in the sky at half past 1 o’clock in the morning near the city of Winchester over the home of Beatrice Edgecombe, head of the Floo Regulation office of the Department of Magical Transportation. She also appeared to have been killed after torture by the Cruciatus Curse.
Now the question is who committed these attacks? Were they Death Eaters? All Ministry officials we contacted have refused comment and….

Everyone was stunned. They sat down in the chairs around the kitchen table.

“Merlin!” Harry said, “So that’s why nothing bad happened during the Cup. That bastard was busy elsewhere. With so many Aurors at the Cup, he had a free hand to do what he wanted.” No one corrected his language, not even Lily, indicating the level of shock they felt.

“This is bad,” Arthur said, slumping in his chair, “If it was You-Know-Who and his Death Eaters who were responsible, then he’s starting a new war. He’s killed three Ministry workers including a Department Head.”

“That’s awful,” Hermione said, “Do any of you know the Billingsley children?”

“Yeah,” Fred said, quietly, “Adam in our year and plays chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He’s a good enough bloke off the Pitch.”

“I guess Simon will be starting at Hogwarts this year,” Ginny said in a soft voice.

“Arthur,” Molly said, “D-d-do you think they may come here?”

“Well, Molly,” Arthur said, “He’s already tried when he sent those Dementors here. But to be safe, we’ll strengthen the wards.” He turned to Bill.

“Sure, Dad,” Bill said, “I don’t have to be back in Egypt for a few more days I can help you with that.”

Harry turned to Lily, “Mum, do you think Potter Manor is protected well?”

“I think so, Harry,” Lily answered, “After all, it’s under the Fidelius Charm. Your father has also set up a large amount of wards around it. I doubt Voldemort can get through without expending a lot of magical power. Speaking of which, I think the five of us had better head home. Your father sent an owl an hour ago that he may be late coming home tonight because of this.”

“Mrs. Potter,” Ti said, “What about Sirius? Did he send anything?”

“Yes, Ti,” Lily said, “He sent a note with the same owl. You’ll be staying with us until the term starts. Remus will help you get your trunk and clothes from Grimmauld Place.”

With that, they said their thanks and goodbyes and the Potters left the Burrow for Potter Manor while Remus and Ti went to Grimmauld Place to get Ti’s things.

The next day, Dumbledore came to tell Harry and Ginny that he was suspending their training sessions for the last week of the summer but would resume them when they went back to Hogwarts.

Before Dumbledore left, Harry asked him, “Professor, about the attacks the other night, was Voldemort present in any of them?”

Dumbledore sighed, “I don’t know, Harry. It’s possible. What I am sure is that those attacks were committed by real Death Eaters. No one else knows how to create the Dark Mark. The spell to create it was personally created by Voldemort himself, probably just before he graduated from Hogwarts. He’s the only one who can teach it.”

“Do you think there’ll be more attacks, Professor?” Ginny asked him.

“I’m not sure, Miss Weasley,” Dumbledore said, “I believe these were merely probes. He may be gauging the reaction time of the Aurors and the Ministry. We will have to wait and see what Tom plans next. In the meantime, I think you and Harry should enjoy what is left of the summer with your friends.” He now had a smile on his face, “I’m sure you have not yet explored the Bond fully.”

Ginny blushed, “Probably not, Professor. We’re taking things slow. I doubt our mums will appreciate becoming grandmothers early.”

“Ginny!” Harry exclaimed, his face turning red like hers.

Dumbledore smiled, “Well, go on and have fun now.”

Harry and Ginny bid him goodbye and went to find Rose and Ti. They all then flooed over to the Burrow to join Ron and Hermione. They also invited Neville and his sister to join them everyday for the last six days of summer.

Rose’s birthday was also celebrated at the Burrow with a lunchtime party. This time, aside from the Potters and Weasleys, only Neville, Maggie, Remus, Sirius, Sam Turgis, Luna Lovegood and Colin Creevey were invited.

They enjoyed the food that Molly had prepared with a little help from Lily and Blinky. Afterwards, they helped Rose open her presents.

She received a pair of emerald earrings from her parents and younger siblings. James explained that they had belonged to his mother, Rose's grandmother. Rose hugged her parents with tears in her eyes. Like Harry, she had never known either set of grandparents. The elder Potters had died when James was in his seventh year at Hogwarts. Now, through the earrings, Rose felt a connection with her Potter grandmother.

Harry and Ginny gave her a pendant shaped like a dragon, which was one of Rose’s favorite magical creatures. It actually breathed an illusionary cone of fire if you stroked its head. Rose also hugged her older brother and future sister-in-law.

Sirius, Remus and Sam gave her own owl, a yellow-brown barn owl, which Rose named Amber. From Arthur and Molly, she got a lovely green coat. Hermione’s gift was a muggle book on dragons that she thought would interest Rose since it contained muggle concepts of a dragon’s physiology and habits.

The rest of the Weasleys including Ron gave Rose a collection of chocolates and joke stuff. Neville, Luna and Colin gave her a lovely wizarding photo of Ginny and her taken on the Hogwarts grounds. The party ended at half past four to allow time for all the children to get home and pack for Hogwarts.

Much later that night, Harry was about to enter the kitchen to get a drink of water when he heard his father’s voice from within the kitchen with an angry tone in it. He caught the name of the Headmaster in his father’s sentence. Curious, Harry stayed still just outside the door to the kitchen from the dining room and tried to hear the conversation without being detected.

“Albus just won’t listen to me, Lily,” James said, “He thinks this thing is a good idea, something about international cooperation.”

“I know, James,” Lily said, “He’s been planning this since the start of summer. The Minister also wants it to take place.”

James snorted, “Fudge is a fool. He doesn’t understand how dangerous it can get for the contestants. All he sees is a way to enhance his image. Something like this would have the press swarming in droves around Hogwarts,” He paused for a moment before adding, “Especially if Harry were in it.”

“Thank goodness the rules will not allow him to enter,” his mother said, relief evident in her voice, “With his magical strength and the knowledge of those spells he’s been learning, I’ve no doubt he would be chosen.” Harry could hear a bit of pride in that last statement, pride in him.

“Well, at least we have that consolation, Lils,” James said, “if Voldemort tried anything during the tournament, Harry won’t be directly in his path. I just hope Albus knows what he’s doing.”

Lily sighed, “I hope so, too, James. I trust him but sometimes he tends to get carried away with his ideas.”

“Well, it’s getting late, dear,” James said, “We better get to bed if we want to get up in time to get the children to the station.”

Harry hurriedly moved back to the living room to make it appear like he had just come down, just as his parents came out of the dining room.

“Oh, Harry, honey,” Lily said, “What are you doing up? It’s late.”

“I, uh, was feeling thirsty and decided to get a glass of water,” Harry answered.

“Well, all right,” Lily said, “Just help yourself. Make sure you wash the glass well before putting it away.”

“Okay, Mum,” Harry replied, avoiding looking them in the eye as his father looked at him speculatively. He hurried into the kitchen. When he finished and went back into the living room, they were gone.

As he lay in his bed, he wondered what his parents had been talking about. He wished Ginny hadn’t been asleep already so he could discuss it with her. He wondered if this had something to do with a few things Percy had been hinting at since the Cup about a special Ministry project that his boss, Mr. Crouch and Bagman were involved in.

Finally, Harry gave up thinking about it. He decided to wait for Dumbledore to say something. Maybe the Headmaster would announce it when they got back to Hogwarts. One thing Harry was a bit apprehensive about on returning to Hogwarts was wondering if he’d have any adventures this coming term like he’d been having every year since he started there. Well, only time would tell.
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