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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:All, All
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Author's Notes:
Well, here's the next chapter of the story. I hope you like it. I'm sorry it took so long. Real life interfered with my writing. Things are starting to get interesting and harrowing for our hero and heroine.


Chapter 41: Summer troubles

The following day, Dumbledore returned to find Ginny already waiting with Harry.

“Ah, excellent,” Dumbledore said, “You are ready.”

“As ready as we’ll ever be, Professor,” Harry said, his hand tightly clasped in Ginny’s. Both were nervous and excited at the same time.

The three of them moved to the Dueling Room where Dumbledore once again cast wards over the room. Dumbledore then had the pair sit on the floor and taught them how to relax and clear their minds.

Harry and Ginny found that this brought their Bond to a new level of awareness and peace. It was like they were in a world of mist in which they were the only people. Their magical auras outlined them in a halo of light almost too bright to look at.

Dumbledore had them concentrate on trying to control the brightness of that light. It took them two days to dim the light even a fraction. This exhausted them initially, but by the end of the week, they could alternately increase and decrease the brightness with little effect.

Harry and Ginny would then take walks around the Manor’s grounds after Dumbledore had left but before Ginny had to go home.

Then, a week and a half after coming home, Harry came down for breakfast and found Rose alone in the kitchen. He had noticed that Rose had been sullen and quiet lately. He wondered what was up.

As he sat down, Harry said, “Morning, sis. How’ve you been?”

To his surprise, Rose looked at him with a sad expression on her face, “Okay, I guess,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders.”

Harry looked at her skeptically, “You don’t look okay. What’s wrong? You’ve been so quiet lately. That’s just not like you.”

“No, I’m fine, really,” she said again.

“No, you’re not fine,” Harry said, “Come on. It’s me, Harry, your brother. You know that you can tell me anything.”

Her expression suddenly changed from one of sadness to one of anger, “You want to know what’s wrong?” she shouted, as she stood up, knocking her chair back, “Fine! Ever since we were babies, Ginny and I have done everything together, went everywhere together. Now, since you two formed this Bond, we never spend time together. She’s always with you. Even when we were in class, she could talk to you. I thought we could spend time together this summer. Now, ever since we got home, you’re together the whole day with Dumbledore. Where does that leave me?” She then ran off, apparently headed for her room.

Harry sat there in shock, not understanding for a moment what had happened. Then he heard Ginny in his mind.

“Oh, Harry, what have we done? How could we have been so callous?” she asked.

“I, I, I don’t know, Gin,” Harry answered, “I never thought Rose would react this way. I thought she was happy for us.”

“She was, Harry. We often talked about it in our dorm,”
Ginny said, “I guess she’s been lonely the past few days. This is the first time we haven’t spent time with each other for more than a day.”

Harry sighed, “So, how do we fix this, Gin? I don’t want to lose my sister and I’m sure you don’t want to lose your best friend over this.”

“No, I don’t, Harry,”
Ginny said, “Go talk to her. Apologize for neglecting her. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“All right, Gin,”
Harry said, “I’ll see you. I don’t want to have to choose between you and our Bond and Rose.”

“Neither do I, Harry,”
Ginny said, “I love you both, just in different ways. Now, go to her.”

Harry hurried up to Rose’s room. He found the door closed. He knocked but there was no answer.

“Come on, Rose,” he said as he leaned against the door, “Let me in. Let’s talk, please.”

Minutes passed. Just when he thought about leaving, the door’s lock clicked open.

Harry cautiously opened the door. He found Rose sitting on her bed facing away from him and towards the open window. Harry sat down behind her and tentatively touched her shoulder. She shook his hand off.

Harry sighed, “Rose, look at me. Please, sis. Come on.” She still didn’t turn around.

“All right, I’m sorry. Ginny and I were prats, okay. We were selfish, trying to find time for ourselves and not thinking about you and our other friends. We’re sorry. Please forgive us.”

After a few more seconds, Rose turned around. Harry could see the track marks left by tears on her cheeks. It was heart breaking for him to know that he had cause his sister such pain.

He took her hands in his, “Please, sis. We’re sorry for neglecting you.” He gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

Rose sniffed and squeezed his hand, “All right, I’ll forgive the two of you. Just promise me that I’ll get to spend more time with the both of you. I missed my brother and my best friend.”

“I promise,” Harry said, “Gin will promise you, too, as soon as she gets here. Okay?”

Rose nodded and wiped away another tear, “Okay,” she said, smiling, “I knew she fancied you a long time ago. I never thought you’d fancy her back especially this early.” She giggled.

Harry smiled, “I just don’t fancy her, Rose. I love her. You heard Professor Dumbledore. Only true love for one another could allow the Bond between us to form. Even if I had saved her life, if I didn’t love her like I do, nothing would have happened. I know that’s true. The way I see her is like the way Dad sees Mum. Seeing how much they love each other makes me want to show Ginny the same thing.”

Just then, Ginny poked her head through Rose’s door, “Hey you two,” She came inside the room and sat beside Rose.

“Rose,” she said, “I know Harry’s already said it, but I’d like you to hear it from me. I’m really, really sorry for neglecting you these past few months. This Bond thing and the feelings we have for each other just came up and it was like nothing else mattered. I’m especially sorry for the past few days. I know we usually spend this time together, but when Professor Dumbledore told us about the training, well, again, nothing else seemed to matter.”

“It’s okay, Ginny,” Rose said, “I understand, really. I know how important it is for you and Harry to control your magical power.”

“Well, you may understand, Rose,” Ginny said, “but that doesn’t make it okay. Now, today, we’ll spend time together, doing the things we usually do, okay?”

“But what about your training with Professor Dumbledore?” Rose asked.

“Harry will attend to that by himself today,” Ginny said, smiling at Harry, “after all, we have forever together. Surely, we can spend a little time apart doing other things.”

Harry smiled, “But not too long.”

Rose giggled, “All right.” She looked at Harry, “Now, shoo, you. This is girl time.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Harry said, throwing her a salute.

He headed for the door. Just as he got there, he looked back and saw the two girls already had their heads together, talking and giggling. Harry could guess what they were talking about without having to listen in through Ginny. He shook his head and headed down the stairs to face Dumbledore alone.

Surprisingly, at least to Harry, Dumbledore was very understanding and agreed to let Ginny skip that day’s training. He then had Harry practice controlling his magic.

At the end of the session, Dumbledore again surprised Harry by announcing that he and Ginny had learned enough control and they could now learn more powerful spells. In addition, he said that their friends could have their own sessions of spell training, learning the spells Harry and Ginny already knew such as Auror stealth spells.

Harry and Ginny were pleased by that news. They told Rose who was excited to learn the same spells they were learning. Harry got permission that afternoon to go to the Burrow and tell Ron the news.

Ron was initially cool towards Harry but as soon as he was told about the spell training, he forgave Harry for neglecting him. The two friends spent an hour flying around the Weasleys’ property then got around to contacting Neville and Hermione.

Unfortunately, Hermione had already left for a holiday abroad with her parents and would only be back for Harry’s birthday. Neville, on the other hand, got all excited but asked Harry to let Maggie come along as she would be starting her first year when the new term started. Harry told him that it would be up to Neville’s parents and Dumbledore.

Harry sent Hedwig to Sirius with a note asking if Ti could join them. Sirius answered back saying he was glad Harry wanted Ti to be with them as the younger boy had been in a funk since taking leave of his friends.

The next day, Harry’s friends came over to Potter Manor. James met them earlier at the Burrow to allow Ron, the twins and Neville to get through the Fidelius Charm. Sirius himself brought Ti over.

Dumbledore met them in the Dueling Room. Someone else was with him.

“Remus!” Harry and Rose said as they saw the werewolf.

“What are you doing here, Professor?” Harry asked.

“Oh, you don’t have to call me that anymore, Harry,” Remus said, “I’m no longer your teacher.”

The children were all surprised.

“Why?” Harry asked, “Did someone find out about your ‘furry problem’ and complain to the Board of Governors?”

Remus smiled, “No, Harry. That’s not the reason I’ll no longer be teaching at Hogwarts.”

“That’s true, Harry, all of you,” Dumbledore said, “Because of Voldemort’s return, Remus is needed for another task, which he will be doing after the summer. For now, he will be helping me teach you these spells as James and Sirius are too busy with their Auror duties to be here constantly.”

After that, they got down to actual spellwork. First, Remus asked Harry and Ginny to demonstrate some of the spells James and Sirius taught Harry during the previous summer. The others were fascinated by the stealth spells. Then, with Dumbledore and Remus watching, the children practiced casting these spells.

They did this every morning. In the afternoon, the others returned home after lunch while Dumbledore had Harry and Ginny practice stronger spells. Rose often watched them.

At first, Harry and Ginny would lose consciousness for a couple of hours. But as they got stronger, they lost consciousness for lesser periods of time.

During the weekends, the sessions were suspended and the children left to do as they wanted. These were the times Harry and Ginny enjoyed most as they could be together with few people watching them.

They alternated their time between the Burrow and Potter Manor. They also took care to include Rose and Ron in some of their activities, like flying on their brooms and swimming in the pond behind the Burrow. They swam more often as the days got hotter.

A week before Harry’s birthday, Remus came alone to that day’s training session. After lunch, he led Harry and Ginny back to the Dueling Room.

“Harry, Ginny,” Remus said, “there’s a new spell Albus feels you should try to learn.’

“What’s the spell, Remus?” Harry asked.

“It’s called the Patronus charm, Harry,” Remus said, “It’s a spell used to repel Dementors. Since the Dementors have joined Voldemort, the danger of an attack by them is great. So far, Voldemort has not used them. But that will most likely change with time.”

“So this spell can repel Dementors?” Ginny asked, “How come we’ve never heard of it before, Remus?”

“It’s a difficult spell to cast, Ginny,” Remus said, “It’s actually beyond N.E.W.T. level. However, considering the strength of your magic, Albus feels that you and Harry may be able to successfully cast it.”

“Can you cast it, Remus?” Harry asked.

“Yes, Harry, with some difficulty,” Remus said, “You see, in order to cast the spell, you must think of a memory, not just any memory, but a happy memory.” He smiled, “As you know, there haven’t been many happy memories in my life.”

Harry placed his hand on Remus’ arm, “But you’ve had many happy times with us, haven’t you, Remus?”

Remus grinned, “Of course, Harry, enough to cast a good patronus. But, come, you and Ginny have to learn it. It may take a while for you to do so.”

Remus led them to one side of the room where a cabinet was set. As they got closer, the cabinet started to rustle and jump a bit. Harry and Ginny drew back, alarmed. Harry threw a questioning look at Remus.

“Don’t worry, Harry,” Remus said, “In that cabinet is a boggart, in fact, the very one we used in class earlier this year. Albus has been kind enough to bewitch it to appear and act like a Dementor.”

He faced both of them, “Now, I must warn you. It will be almost like facing a real Dementor. You will feel a coldness and sense of despair like no other. It will make you relive your worst experience as it sucks out every happy thought.”

Both Harry and Ginny gulped. It seemed so terrible.

“Now,” Remus continued, “What you have to do to cast the Patronus charm is focus on a happy memory, point your wand at it and say clearly ‘Expecto Patronum’. This creates a Patronus which drives the Dementor away. If correctly cast, the Patronus takes the form a silvery-white corporeal creature. The type of creature that forms depends on the caster. No one is sure why. All right, do you both understand how to cast the charm?”

When both kids nodded, he said, “Okay. Harry, you go first. Step up close to the cabinet. Now, wand at the ready.” Remus then used his wand to open the cabinet.

The cabinet door drew back and a cloaked figure glided out of it, its hood drawn up and a pair of gray, glistening, slimy, dead-looking hands poking out of the robes.

Harry felt a cold draft of wind and a feeling of dread and despair. He pointed his wand at it and struggled to think of a happy memory. He settled on that of his last birthday and shouted “Expecto Patronum!”

A white mist poured out of Harry’s wand. It streaked toward the pseudo-dementor, hit it then dissipated. The pseudo-dementor moved closer to Harry.

Harry’s vision started to swim as it got colder. Then as he blacked out, he heard a someone screaming his name, the voice sounding like his mother’s and his own voice saying, “Ginny, please don’t be dead.”

When he came to, Remus was helping him sit up. Ginny was sitting beside them, her face pale and drawn. Harry knew that she had also heard the screaming voice and his voice begging her not to be dead.

“All right, Harry,” Remus said, “Come on, just sit and relax. Here, have a bit of chocolate. It helps drive away the cold.”

Harry took the large piece of Honeyduke’s from Remus and bit into it. To his surprise, the coldness and despair ebbed as the piece of candy melted in his mouth.

“That was a pretty good start, Harry,” Remus said, smiling, “Most wizards and witches can’t even get anything out of their wands with this spell, just sparks. Out of curiosity, what memory did you use?

“Um, my last birthday,” Harry said.

“No, no, no, Harry,” Remus said, “That’s not happy enough. You have to think of a good strong, happy one, something that makes you giddy and feeling thoroughly wonderful. Well, think about it for now. Let’s get you over there by the wall so you can rest a bit.”

Remus and Ginny helped him get up and walk, slowly as his legs felt wobbly, toward the far wall. They propped him up by the wall. Then Remus and Ginny moved off to the cabinet.

Ginny’s attempt was as better than Harry’s. The white mist from her wand even started to form a shape and she didn’t lose consciousness, though she was pale as she sat next to Harry.

Harry had seen through their Bond that she had relived part of her experience with the Diary while facing the pseudo-dementor. As soon as she sat down, he drew her into his arms. Ginny buried her head in the crook under his shoulder, not speaking a word.

Remus gave them a sad smile, “I guess that’s enough for today. We’ll continue this tomorrow. Get some rest, you two.”

“Bye, Remus,” Harry said as the man left them.

Harry and Ginny continued sitting on the floor for hours, wrapped in each other’s arms, simply drawing comfort from one another. Only when Rose came up to them did they separate and Ginny reluctantly went home.

They worked on the charm over the next few days. Harry and Ginny became less and less affected by the pseudo-dementor. By the day before Harry’s birthday, their mist solidified and drove the dementor back but its form was still vague.

The Potter family decided to celebrate Harry’s 14th birthday at the Burrow for security reasons, much to the delight of Molly who took it as an opportunity to pamper her future son-in-law. She had gotten used to idea that Harry and Ginny’s Bond was a sign that they would one day marry.

It was a lunch party so the guests started to arrive at half past ten. Molly forbade anyone except Lily from coming into the kitchen and absolutely refused to let the Potter house-elves help her.

Aside from all the Weasleys, Hermione, Sirius, Ti, and Remus, the people invited included Neville and Maggie, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, Lavender Brown, the Patil twins, Luna Lovegood, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Professor Flitwick, Madame Sprout, Madame Pomfrey and Professor Dumbledore.

The guests, primarily the females, crowded around Lily, who was holding both Andrew and Daisy in her arms. Lavender, Padma and Parvati kept cooing at them.

Harry and Ginny drew Hermione aside to tell her about their training with Dumbledore. She apologized for not being there and was pleased that they didn’t mind her spending time with her parents. She promised to be there the next day for the training sessions.

After eating Molly’s delicious feast, the group gathered round to watch Harry open his gifts. From Sirius, Remus and Ti, Harry received a book on Defensive magic. The professors gave him a foe-glass. Hagrid gave him a huge cake and some rock cakes. Neville gave him a strange looking magical plant. Hermione and Ron gave him a refill for his broom servicing kit. Molly and Arthur gave him a new coat. The twins gave him a box filled with more joke products. His other friends gave him assortments of sweets and candies. One of the best gifts he got was from his parents and sister — a brand new broom.

“Whoa, Harry,” Ron said as Harry unwrapped it, “Is that the new Firebolt?”

“Um, I guess it is,” Harry said, awed by the gift. He turned around and hugged his family.
“Thanks, Mum. Thanks, Dad. Thanks, sis.”

Harry then noticed that there wasn’t a gift from Ginny. He looked at her, a puzzled look upon his face.

“I want to give you your gift in private, Harry.” she told him mentally.

Harry could feel her nervousness, “Gin, I’d love any gift from you,” he told her gently, “I don’t care what it is. As long as it’s from you, I’ll cherish it.”

Ginny hugged him then dragged him away from the crowd. She led him into the woods that bordered the Weasley property, near the river Otter. They sat down in a clearing near its edge, facing each other. They could see the waters of the river just beyond the trees.

Ginny pulled out a brightly wrapped package from behind her and handed it to Harry without a word. Harry could still feel a twinge of nervous anticipation coming from her.

Harry unwrapped the gift carefully, more careful than he usually was. He found it was a box. He opened the box and was surprised to find a picture frame.

The picture was of him and Ginny. In it, he and Ginny were holding hands while walking then Harry stopped, picked Ginny up and whirled her around. Ginny was laughing hard.

Harry grinned as he looked at Ginny. He made sure she could feel his happiness and pleasure over the gift. He then drew her into his arms.

“Thank you, Ginny,” he said as he hugged her, “I’ll set this up beside my bed wherever I am. That way, it’ll be the last thing I see before I sleep and the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up. It’ll have to do until we’re married and I have the real thing to wake up beside.”

Ginny was evidently surprised and pleased by what Harry said because she hugged him harder and started kissing him on the lips. Harry returned her kiss.

As they were kissing, Harry felt the warmth around them start to disappear. It got colder and colder which was unusual for summer. He knew she could feel it, too.

Together, they turned around, looking for the reason for the cold spell. Then they saw them — Dementors, a pair of them. The river was already freezing over as they crossed it. It appeared that they were headed for the Burrow, though they would bypass the pair in the woods.

“Harry! What do we do?” Ginny asked mentally.

Both of them were already feeling the effects of the Dementors’ presence.

“It’s too late to run back, Gin,” he said, “With the speed they’re moving, they’ll reach the Burrow before we can get there to warn the others. We’ll have to try that charm Remus taught us.”

“I’m scared, Harry,”
Ginny said.

“I know, I am, too. Just remember, concentrate on a happy memory. I’ve got it. Remember our first kiss. Think about how happy it made you. All right? Ready, one, two, three!”

Together, they cried, “EXPECTO PATRONUM!”

A ball of silver light came out of each wand, expanding to form a shape that rushed toward the Dementors.

Harry and Ginny watched, fascinated as their Patronus each took a distinct shape and rammed into the Dementors, driving them away, shrieking.

“Did you see that, Harry?” Ginny asked, a bit of awe in her mental voice.

“Yeah,” Harry said, awe also in his voice, “our Patronuses took clear shapes for the first time. Mine looked like a deer.”

“I think the plural is Patroni, Harry,”
Ginny said, amusement now in her voice, “not Patronuses. And that’s not just a deer. With that set of antlers, it’s most likely a stag. Mine took the shape of a lion. Wow!”

Just then, they heard the sounds of running feet coming from behind them. They turned and pointed their wands in that direction. Then they lowered them and let out sighs of relief as James, Sirius and Remus burst into the clearing.

The three men slowed down and came closer to the two children, their own wands still raised.

“What happened, Harry?” James asked, “Rose said something about the two of you being in trouble, something about Dementors.”

“Yeah,” Sirius said, “She got quite hysterical when we wouldn’t believe her. Then it started getting cold. She said you were in the woods near the river and she was right.”

Harry and Ginny’s eyes widened.

“She said that?” Harry asked, “Well, she was right, Dad. We were just talking here when we felt it getting cold. Then we saw the river starting to freeze over and we saw them. There were two Dementors, crossing the river and headed for the Burrow.”

The three men’s eyes were now wide as well.

“So, what happened?” Sirius asked, “Where are they now? How did you escape them?”

“We, we used the Patronus charm, Sirius,” Ginny said, “It drove them away.”

Remus grinned while James and Sirius were surprised and awed by this.

“That’s great, Harry, Ginny,” Remus finally said then he turned to his friends, “I’ve been teaching them that for a week. Albus and I were worried they may need it. Good thing, too, it seems.”

He turned back to the two children, “So, did your Patroni take on distinct shapes? They’d have to in order to have driven the Dementors off.”

“Yes, Remus,” Harry said, grinning, “Ginny’s looked like a lion and mine looked like a stag.”

“A stag?” James asked, “Well, that’s interesting. Harry, you do remember what my animagus form is, right?”

Harry’s eyes widened, “Of course! It’s a stag! Wow! That is awesome.”

Ginny eyes crinkled as she talked to Harry mentally, “Harry, if your Patronus form is like your Dad’s animagus form, then why is my Patronus’ form a lion?”

“Hmm. I’m not sure, Ginny. Let’s ask Dad and Remus. If they don’t know, maybe Professor Dumbledore might.”

“Dad,” Harry said, “My Patronus is a stag just like your animagus form. Why is that? Why then is Ginny’s Patronus a lion?”

“I’m not sure, Harry,” James said, his right thumb and index finger on his chin, “My Patronus is a stag just like yours. Maybe we can ask Albus. At any rate,” he continued, smiling, “what you and Ginny did was, to borrow a word from you, awesome. To be able to cast a Patronus charm successfully at your ages is almost unheard off. I couldn’t cast one until I entered the Auror training program. With it, you managed to drive the Dementors away before they could do any harm to us and the other people here. That’s really heroic.”

Harry and Ginny felt their cheeks heat up from embarrassment.

“Oh, look, Prongs, Moony,” Sirius said, grinning, “they’re blushing together. My, my, what a couple they make.”

“Knock it off, Padfoot,” James said, grinning, “Before the young lady here gets pissed and shows you her trademark Bat Bogey hex.” Ginny did seem to be getting redder and not from amusement as a scowl formed on her face.

“All right, all right,” Sirius said, “Geez, I can’t even get some fun out of this.”

James and Remus laughed.

“Well, never mind,” James said, “let’s get back to the party and reassure the others.”

As they walked back to the Burrow, Ginny caught Harry’s attention, “Harry,” she said, mentally, “didn’t your dad say that Rose told them where we were and that there were Dementors involved? How did she know all that?”

“I don’t know, Ginny,”
Harry said, mentally, “I wondered about that. Do you think she can read our minds without us knowing it, Gin?”

“No, I don’t think that’s it, Harry,”
Ginny said, mentally, “There must be another explanation.”

“What then, Gin?”
Harry asked, mentally, “How did Rose know that there were Dementors there and we were there in the woods?”

“I’m not sure, Harry,”
Ginny said, mentally, “but remember Valentine’s Day when we had that picnic?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, she suggested that we avoid the shore of the lake and warned me about the apples.”

Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at Ginny, “Really? I remember the squid splashed some of the people on the shore while we were looking for a place for our picnic and those apples had worms in them. What does that mean?”

“There’s only one explanation, Harry,”
Ginny said, “She saw it before they happened.”

Harry’s eyes widened, “You mean she saw the future? That means she’s….”

“A seer, Harry,”
Ginny said, “Your sister’s a seer.”

“Whoa, what until Mum finds out. She doesn’t exactly have a kind opinion of divination.”

“That explains why Rose is taking it next term,”
Ginny said, mentally, “I wondered why. She told me that she found it interesting. Now, it seems she’s preparing for her future.”

By then, they were approaching the Burrow and the other people there. Luckily, the three men with them had been busy discussing the Dementors and what their attack meant to pay notice that Harry and Ginny had been preoccupied.

“Harry, we have to talk to Rose. We need to find out how much she knows about what’s happening. Maybe she knows something of Voldemort.”

“All right, Gin. We’ll do it tonight when we’re back at Potter Manor.”

Just then, Molly and Lily came forward and engulfed them in motherly hugs, at the same time inquiring about their health. Harry and Ginny assured them that they were fine.

The Bonded pair noticed that Rose and Hermione were talking to each other, just like they had been in the last days of the last term and on the Hogwarts Express.

“Harry, do you think Rose told Hermione about her visions?” Ginny asked Harry mentally.

“I’m not sure, Gin.” Harry answered, “They aren’t as close as she is to you or Hermione is to me. Then again, she certainly hasn’t confided in us, has she?”

“No, she hasn’t,”
Ginny said, “Maybe she decided to find out more about seers. She knows Hermione is great at research and skeptical enough about Divination to be objective.”

Harry snorted, “Skeptical is kind of a mild term for what Hermione feels about it. But you’re right. Research is definitely Hermione’s specialty. Look at how much information she found on our Bond.”

“So, will you ask Rose about it?”
Ginny asked.

“Yeah, I will, tonight.” Harry answered.
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