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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Author's Notes:
(This chapter has been betaed on another site already.)

So, how was did you guys like the Power revealing charm? The incantation was suggested to me by my Beta on WT, Crystal.


Chapter 40: Back home for the summer

Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to JKR. However, Rose, Andrew, Daisy, Ti and Maggie are my own creations.

Harry looked out the window at the scenery as the Hogwarts Express rushed through the countryside towards London and King’s Cross Station. He then looked down at the mass of red hair that was pressed against his chest and smiled. His arms were wrapped protectively around Ginny as she slept contentedly.

Across from him, Ron and Neville were involved in a game of wizard chess, though Ron would occasionally look up at him and Ginny and shake his head, a bemused smile on his face. Ti was seated on the same bench as Harry and Ginny leaning against the compartment door, also fast asleep.

Rose and Hermione were talking in quiet tones. They’ve been like that since getting on the train. They didn’t even get anything from the food trolley for lunch.

Harry wondered what was up with them. His sisters were acting strangely. Harry took a moment to analyze part of that thought. ‘His sisters: Rose and Hermione.’

He mentally shrugged. Even if they weren’t related, Hermione was as close to him as Rose. Well, what ever they were up to, he hoped they’d tell him soon. He didn’t want to pry. Rose’s temper was the equal of their mother and Ginny’s.

As he lazily continued to watch Ron and Neville’s game, his eyes drifted shut and he also fell asleep.

The next thing he knew, Ginny was calling to him in his mind.

“Harry, wake up. We’re at the Platform. Come on, sweetie, wake up.”

Harry groggily opened his eyes to see Ginny staring at him, a smile on her face. He loved staring at her chocolate brown eyes.

“What did you call me?” he groggily asked, a smile also forming on his face, “Sweetie?”

“Well, what of it?” Ginny said, “I thought you’d like it?”

“Oh, I do,” he said to her mentally, “I really do. I also like waking up to see your face as the first thing in the morning.

Ginny laughed, “Well, it isn’t morning anymore, silly. But I also like seeing you that way.

“Hey, will you guys get a move on,” Ron said suddenly from the door of the compartment, “We have to get on home.”

Ginny turned angrily to him, “Oooh, sometimes, Ron, you can be such an insensitive git. We’re coming.” She grabbed Harry’s hand, pulled him up and she moved out of the compartment, pushing Ron aside at the same time. Harry could feel her anger and hear her grumbling mentally.

Ron looked at Harry with a questioning look but Harry just shook his head and grabbed his and Ginny’s trunks. Ron followed them grumbling about mental sisters.

When Harry stepped off the train just behind Ginny, he scanned the Platform for signs of his parents.

After a few seconds, he saw his mother standing beside the Weasleys, showing them one of the twins.

Rose was already beside her, taking the other twin from Remus.

Harry reached for Ginny’s hand and together they walked towards their families.

Lily smiled as her son and Ginny came up to her, “Hi, you two,” she said.

She embraced each of them with one hand then gazed at Ginny, “So, Ginny, have you been taking good care of my boy?”

Ginny grinned and said, “Yes, Mrs. Potter. I sure am.”

“Aw, Mum,” Harry said, his face turning red, “cut that out.”

Lily laughed, “Come now, Harry. It isn’t everyday I get to wind up my son up about his girlfriend. Now, calling someone ‘your girlfriend’ at your age is something I have to get used to.”

She turned to Ginny, “Ginny, you should start learning to call me ‘Lily’ since James has already asked you to call him by his first name. In a few years, you’ll be calling ‘Mum’ as well, considering that other thing you and Harry share.”

When Harry and Ginny exchanged a worried look, she added in a whisper, “Yes, James has already told me about the Bond. Don’t worry about it. I’m happy to have another girl in the family.” Her smile reassured Harry and Ginny.

Harry looked at the baby in his mother’s arms, “Hey, Daisy, how are you?” he cooed at her, “Give your big brother a smile.”

Daisy gurgled at him, a smile on her tiny face.

“I think she’s grown a bit since she was born,” Ginny said, “hasn’t she, Harry?”

“You’re probably right, Gin,” Harry said, smiling as he turned his attention to his baby brother, “Hi, Andrew, how’s my baby brother doing? I bet you’re going to be as great at Quidditch as me.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Rose said, “the youngest seeker in the next century.”

Harry scowled but placed a smile on his face as Molly hugged him.

“Hello, Harry, dear,” Molly said, “I hope Ginny hasn’t been too much for you.”

“No, Mrs….er, Molly,” Harry said, smiling at Ginny, “she’s been perfect.”

Ginny blushed, “Harry! Don’t embarrass me like that," she said to him mentally.

“Turn around is fair play, Ginny,” he said to her, mentally, laughing in his mind, “You with my mum and me with your mum.”

she said back to his mind, “Just go on like that and I may not speak to you the entire summer.”

“Oh, right. I doubt you’d last a day. I know I can’t,”
he said in her mind.

Ginny’s eyebrows rose in surprise at his admission then she smiled, “All right, I guess I deserved that.”

“All right, Harry, Rose,” Lily said, “we need to get back to the Manor. It’s almost time for the twins’ next feeding.”

Ti then came up to them, “Um, Mrs. Potter, where’s Sirius?”

“Oh, Ti, I’m sorry,” Lily said, “I almost forgot. You’re coming back with us. Sirius couldn’t get off work to pick you up. I thought he had sent you an owl. He’ll pick you up from Potter Manor this evening.”

Ti frowned, “Okay, Mrs. Potter.” A sad look formed on his face.

Harry placed a hand on Ti’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, Ti. He just probably forgot to send the owl.”

“That’s true, Ti,” Lily said, smiling at the young boy, “When he’s working, Sirius tends to forget a lot of things. Plus, he’s just getting used to being someone’s guardian. Give it time.”

Ti attempted to smile but his eyes widened for a moment when he saw something behind the Potters. A sad look then formed on his face.

Harry turned around and saw that Ti was looking at Draco and his mother.

The two Malfoys were with Draco’s cronies and two men who looked so much like older versions of Crabbe and Goyle that Harry assumed that they were their fathers.

Narcissa spotted Ti and her facial expression changed to one of sad longing for a second, one that was so similar to Ti’s own expression. But hers became neutral and she and Draco walked off without any other indication that they had seen Ti and the Potters.

Harry scowled and said to Ti, “Forget about them, Ti. They’re no longer your family. We and Sirius are your family now and we’re happy to have you.”

Ti nodded though remained silent as he walked toward the barrier with the Potters.

Harry sighed and exchanged a sad look with Ginny.

As they walked on, Harry noticed something and he turned to his mother, “Mum, where’s Dad? I noticed there seem to be a lot of Aurors around.”

Lily sighed and whispered, “He’s around here somewhere, coordinating security. There are more Aurors to protect the students.”

“Why?” Harry asked, his eyes narrowing, “What’s happened?”

“Not here, Harry,” Lily said, “Wait until we get home, please.”

When they were near the barrier to Muggle London, Harry and Ginny said goodbye with a huge hug and gentle kiss, knowing they would be able to talk to each other later in spite of the distance between the Burrow and Potter Manor.

Harry said goodbye to Hermione, Neville, Ron and the rest of the Weasley family. Rose and Ti also said goodbye to their friends. Harry raised one eyebrow when he noticed the shy way Rose said goodbye to Neville.

As the Potters exited the station, a large car pulled up beside them. When the window on the driver’s side rolled down, Harry was surprised to see his father sitting there, behind the wheel. He didn’t know his father could drive.

“Come on, everyone, hurry up,” James said, “Harry, place the trunks in the boot, quickly.”

Harry did as he was told and everyone piled into the car. Within an hour, they were approaching the gate to the house and grounds of Potter Manor.

Harry was surprised to see flat, empty land where the Manor should be. He turned to his father, a question on his face.

“Dumbledore has placed the house under a Fidelius Charm, Harry,” James said, “I’m the secret keeper. I’ll tell you why once we’re inside.”

Once they were in front of where the house should be, James showed them all a piece of parchment with the place’s address on it. The house then appeared in all its glory.

They entered quickly. Once inside, James had the three kids sit in the living room and sat down in front of them. Lily took the twins up to their room.

“All right,” James said, “I want you all to understand what I’m going to say is considered top secret by the Ministry. I’m not happy about it but I can’t do anything about it.”

“Come on, Dad,” Harry said, “what is it?”

“Well, Harry,” James said, “you see, three weeks ago, while you and Ginny were unconscious in the Hospital Wing, there was a massive breakout from Azkaban. All of Voldemort’s followers escaped.”

Harry eyes’ widened, “What about the Dementors and all the guards you had there?” He felt Ginny react as well, letting him know that she, too, was receiving the same troubling information.

James sighed, “It appears that the Dementors never really came back to our side. They attacked the guards there, giving most of them the Kiss before they could fight back. Then, the Dementors freed all the Death Eaters who were held there.” He looked at Ti, “including the Lestranges.”

Ti and Rose were both wide-eyed now.

“Unfortunately, the Minister is trying to keep the breakout a secret,” James said, leaning back in his chair, a tired look now on his face, “He said he wants to prevent a panic.”

Harry felt Ginny’s anger and disbelief, which mirrored his own, “That’s a whole lot of bull,” he said, angrily, “If the public knew, they could protect themselves. Dad, you can’t go along with this.”

James sighed, “I wish I didn’t have to, Harry. But if I didn’t, I may lose my job. I know we don’t need the money, but without me there, who knows what stupidity Fudge will have the Aurors do. I have to stay in his good graces for now.”

“Yeah?” Harry said, his voice steadily rising, “well, I don’t!” The last word was shouted. The two vases on the fireplace mantle shattered.

“Harry, please calm down,” James said, “Be reasonable. As far as Fudge is concerned, this is just some random Death Eater activity.”

“Random!?” Harry said, “How the hell can it be random? How can he say that? When was the last time there was any Death eater activity? Not since I was a year old, I’ll bet. And now the entire group of Death Eaters miraculously breaks out of Azkaban with the Dementors in tow. Who do they think could be capable of that? Merlin! What an idiot he is?” He then stood up, “This is too much crap to handle.”

He ran up the stairs to the second floor and into his bedroom. He threw himself onto his bed. He could feel Ginny’s own outrage and anger at Fudge.

How can he go along with that bastard? He probably doesn’t believe Voldemort’s back. Then my own father goes along with the crap he had going.

These thoughts kept circling in his mind. Slowly, his eyelids got heavy and he fell asleep.
Hours later, he felt a hand gently brush his cheek, waking him. He opened his eyes to find Ginny staring down at him.

“Gin,” he said, “what are you doing here?”

“I came over to make sure you were all right,” she said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“What, what time is it?” he asked her as he looked around. Sunlight was streaming through his bedroom window.

“It’s ten in the morning,” she told him, “You slept through the night. Your parents decided to let you sleep the night away but called me when you didn’t wake up yet.”

Harry scowled, “How could he do that, Ginny? How can my father go along with the damned cover-up Fudge wants?”

Ginny took Harry’s hand in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze, “I guess he’s doing what he needs to in order to stay where he is, Harry. We’re going to need someone reliable leading the Aurors. I can’t think of anyone else besides your father.”

Harry thought about it for a moment and nodded, “I guess you’re right. When Voldemort comes out of hiding and begins attacking people, we’ll need the Aurors to be ready to fight him. Dad’s the best choice to prepare them, as long as Fudge lets him.”

He looked up at Ginny, “And when did you get so wise?” he said mentally, a smile on his face.

Ginny shrugged, “I had a chance to think about it when you fell asleep,” she answered, “I also got to talk with my Dad and he explained some things.”

“Like what?”
Harry asked as he sat up a little.

“Well,” she said, “he said that the Ministry is still in a bit of turmoil over Madame Bones’ disappearance. Fudge placed that Umbridge woman that Sirius mentioned in charge of the DMLE, and they’re keeping a tight rein on the Aurors. Your Dad has an argument with her everyday. He barely got the approval for the Aurors to guard the Platform yesterday. If your dad wasn’t where he is, my dad thinks the Aurors wouldn’t be anywhere ready if V-voldemort attacks.”

Harry shrugged, “Well, I guess your dad has a point. I just don’t like the idea of denying the truth. I guess for now we’ll see what happens next. I hope it isn’t something horrible.”

He then looked at Ginny. She was dressed in a light blue cotton blouse and denim shorts. Her creamy smooth legs extended under her from below the shorts. He had seldom seen so much of them. Her figure was also starting to change to a more womanly shape.

Ginny raised one eyebrow, obviously catching his thoughts, “Do you like what you see, Potter?”

Harry’s face turned red at being caught in what he was thinking, “Oh, um, yeah, very much.”

He gently placed one hand behind her head and the other on her waist as he rose to meet her lips with his.

When they separated after what seemed like hours, they were both short of breath. Before either of them could speak, someone knocked on the door. Rose peeked in a moment later.

“Hey, lovebirds,” she said, a smirk on her face, “Mum sent me up to check on you two. She wanted to know if Ginny managed to calm the raging beast down.”

“Ha, Ha,” Harry said, “Very funny, Rose. Now get out. We’re still talking.”

“Talking?” Rose said, with a raised eyebrow, “from the looks on your faces, I doubt you were just talking, bro. Of course, I won’t tell Mum that. Come on, you need to have some breakfast.” Her face darkened for a moment, “Dad wants to talk to you two.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged a look, both wondering what the Potter patriarch wanted and hoping it wasn’t something to do with their relationship.

“All right, Rose,” Ginny said, getting off the bed, “Let’s go down to the living room.” She turned to Harry as she reached the door, “Get cleaned up first, Harry. The next time we kiss, I want you smelling really good.”

Harry shook his head and got off the bed to get his clothes and shower.

Ten minutes later, he came down the stairs to find his Dad sitting in the living room, reading the Daily Prophet, a scowl on his face. He looked up at Harry.

“Have some breakfast first, son,” James said, “we can talk when your stomach’s full.”

Harry nodded, not speaking and entered the kitchen where he found Ginny and Rose eating. He joined them at the kitchen table.

As he sat down, he asked, “Hey, sis, where’s Ti?”

“Sirius came by last night to pick him up, Harry,” Rose said, “He asked me to say goodbye for him.

Harry felt bad for not being able to see Ti off or say hello to Sirius.

“Don’t worry about it, Harry,” Ginny said to him, mentally, “Ti saw how upset you were last night. He’ll understand.”

Harry smiled, “Thanks, Gin. You have a way of making me feel better.”

“I’ll always try, Harry, as long as you let me. Now, eat up so we can see what your Dad wants with us.”

Once they had finished eating, Harry nodded to Ginny and they both got up and headed back to the living room where they sat in a couch opposite James. Ginny took hold of Harry’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, trying to ease the dread that they both felt.

James took note of the hard look in Harry’s eyes and sighed, “Look, Harry, I know you’re still upset by what I told you last night. I hope you’ll understand some day why I’m allowing the Minister to do what he wants. Just trust me on this, please.”

Harry looked at him for a moment then said, “Okay, Dad, I’ll let it go for now. Ginny told me about some things her dad had said about why you’re not fighting Fudge on this. I just hope it’ll be enough when Voldemort decides to come out in the open.”

James blew out a breath of relief, “I guess that’ll do for now, Harry. But there is something else I need to talk to you two about.”

“What is it, Dad?” Harry asked warily.

“Well, son,” James said, “it’s about the increase in magical power you and Ginny acquired when you captured Wormtail and what happened after. The strength of the spells you cast was incredible based on the evidence. I’ve never seen a Reducto spell that could smash a four-poster bed to pieces and the Stunning spell that hit Wormtail knocked him out for a whole day. Er, I’m not sure if he was awake when he got the Kiss.” He paused for a moment as he saw Harry stiffen then continued, “However, your mum and I and Ginny’s parents were worried about the after effects. You two were unconscious for a full week after casting just one spell at that power.”

“I guess falling asleep during a duel can be a problem,” Harry said.

James gave him a wry grin, “You bet. Now, to counteract that and help you and Ginny control that power, Albus has agreed to help train the both of you to do that. Remus and I will also teach you more spells used by Aurors. We’ll be starting tomorrow while Albus will start his part in August.”

He turned to Ginny, “Ginny, we’ve spoken to your parents and they’ve given their permission for this training. You’ll be coming here by floo every morning after breakfast.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged a grin. They’d be able to spend more time with each other, more than they did at Hogwarts and more than they’d thought they would this summer.

James saw this and chuckled, “Now don’t take this as permission from us to snog. I’m sure Albus will work you two hard.”

The two kids turned red in embarrassment, causing James to laugh again.

“Uh, Dad,” Harry said, “What about Rose, Ron, Hermione, Ti and Neville? Can they join us?”

“Sure, Harry,” James said, “After the first couple of weeks, Rose and the others will probably be able to join you. We just need to get you and Ginny going”

“All right, Dad,” Harry said.

After that, Ginny enjoyed a quiet walk with Harry around the gardens of Potter Manor before going home. Of course, they didn’t spend all their time walking.

The next day, Dumbledore came over to Potter Manor while the Potters were having breakfast.

“Professor,” Harry said, surprised, “Why are you here today? I thought we were starting our training with you in August.”

Dumbledore smiled, “That was the plan initially, Harry. However, I’ve decided we can do my part of your training earlier. That way, you can start to learn the more powerful spells at an earlier date. However, to start my training, I need to measure your and Ginny’s magical levels.”

“Magical levels, sir?” Harry asked, bewildered.

“Yes, Harry,” Dumbledore said, “As I’m sure you remember from your first year class in Charms, each wizard or witch has a level of magical power. This governs the complexity of the spells he or she can cast. Ordinarily, this level doesn’t change. However, with the Bond, both your magic and Ginny’s magic have increased tremendously. In order for me to effectively train the two of you, I must measure just how strong you both have gotten.”

When Ginny arrived, she, Harry, Dumbledore and James moved to the Dueling Room on the third floor of the Manor. Once inside, Dumbledore cast both silencing charms and imperturbable charms. Then he turned back to Harry and Ginny.

“Now,” he said, a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, “we shall see how strong your magic has gotten. All you have to do is stand still. The spell I will cast will show your magical level as a light of a certain color. The light’s color ranges from almost black for negligible magical ability, to red then purple, blue, green, yellow and, finally, white. Even the different colors have levels of brightness, with the brighter color being the stronger. A squib would show a very dark red color. Most wizards would show a bright purple to dark green color. To demonstrate, I’ll do your father, first, Harry.”

“All right, professor,” Harry said, watching intently. Ginny was doing the same.

Dumbledore waved his wand over James and said, "Potentia Ostendo!"

A very bright green light enveloped James.

“See?” Dumbledore said, “James shows a more than average magical strength. Now, I will do myself.”

Dumbledore waved his wand over himself, said the same incantation and a pale yellow, almost white light enveloped him.

Once the light faded, Dumbledore said, “Now, Miss Weasley, let’s test you next.”

“All right, professor,” Ginny said, stepping up to Dumbledore.

The light that enveloped Ginny was a mixture of yellow and white, but whiter than Dumbledore’s.

“Interesting,” said Dumbledore, “Now, for you, Harry.”

Harry stepped up to Dumbledore and the Headmaster again waved his wand. The light that came from Harry was bright white, almost blinding.

Dumbledore smiled, “That was very interesting.” He looked thoughtful for a moment and said, “I have an idea.” He looked at Harry and Ginny, “Now, I’d like the two of you to hold hands and concentrate. Just think of a spell. Don’t say it out loud.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged puzzled looks but followed Dumbledore’s instructions.

“What spell should we think of, Gin?” Harry asked Ginny mentally.

“Um, let’s think of the disarming charm, Harry?” Ginny replied.

“All right, Gin,” Harry said. He turned to Dumbledore, “We’re ready, Professor.”

Dumbledore again waved his wand over the two children. This time, the light enveloped both of them and grew brighter and brighter until it was so blinding, no one could see clearly.

When the light had faded, James and Dumbledore both had looks of awe on their faces.
“Wow,” James said first after several minutes of silence, “Have you seen anything like it, Albus?”

“No, James,” Dumbledore said, “Never in my life have I seen such magical power. Even the books I read on the Soul Bond have not mentioned such a great increase in magical strength. As far as I know, a light of that brightness have been recorded only in two wizards.”

“Who were they, sir?” Harry asked, a bit afraid of the answer.

“Merlin and Godric Gryffindor, Harry,” Dumbledore said, with a smile on his face.

Harry and Ginny’s eyes widened and they looked at each other, clearly awed and terrified at the same time.

“Now,” Dumbledore said, softly, “I will help you both control that power, both individually and together. We will begin tomorrow. Luckily, your last two months of school did not require you to cast strong spells.” He gave a soft chuckle, “I’d hate to see the effects of that, then.”

He took his charms down and bid farewell to the three.

James was still looking in awe at his son and Ginny.

“Uh, Dad?” Harry broke in, “what do we do now?”

“Huh?” James said, “Oh, well, um, why don’t we bring Ginny up to speed with the spells I taught you last summer? You can practice, too. They’re of sufficient low power that you probably won’t do much damage.”

“Okay,” both kids agreed.

The rest of the morning and the afternoon were spent practicing shielding, stealth and first and second year spells. Harry and Ginny wondered what Dumbledore would do the next day to help them control their magic.

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