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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 36: Once more to the rescue

Harry, Rose, Sirius and Remus landed on the floor of the Headmaster’s office. Harry immediately got up and ran out the door. There was no sign of Dumbledore in the office.

“Harry, wait for us!” he heard Remus call after him, but he didn’t stop.

Harry ran down the moving stairs and reached the foot of the stairs in seconds. He frantically looked around.

“Ginny! Ginny! Where are you?” he called in his mind. There was no answer, yet he felt her somewhere in the area, within a few miles of him.

The corridors were empty and dark except for the light from the torches on the wall. Then he spotted something long and thin on the floor. He stooped to pick it up. It was Ginny’s wand.

“Harry!” he heard behind him. He turned around to see Remus and Rose coming down the moving stairs.

“Look!” Harry said, holding out the wand, “This is Ginny’s. She was here. Something happened to her. She wouldn’t go anywhere in the castle without it.”

“Harry,” Sirius said, “You said back at St. Mungo’s that she was walking here when something happened to her. How did you know that?”

“It doesn’t matter now, Sirius,” Harry said, agitated now, “What matters is that we find her. Someone hit her with some kind of spell that knocked her unconscious. She must be nearby.”

Sirius and Remus exchanged a look and sighed.

“All right, Harry,” Sirius said, “we’ll start looking. Remus, I’d say the rest of the school is at dinner in the Great Hall. Tell Dumbledore what we think has happened. We’ll need help searching the castle. Rose, why don’t you go with Remus?”

“No,” Rose said, “Let me go with you and Harry. I can help look for her.”

Sirius looked at Harry who nodded. Sirius sighed, “All right. Let’s go.”

They all headed for the ground floor. At the foot of the main stairs, Remus turned for the Great Hall.

Sirius turned to Harry and Rose, “All right. Assuming that Harry is right and Ginny has been stunned and kidnapped, who would be the one most likely to do that?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake!” Rose said suddenly. She then broke into a run back up the stairs.

“Hey, Rose!” Harry called after her, “where are you going?” She didn’t answer and he turned back to Sirius, shaking his head.

“Well, never mind her for now,” Sirius said, “Now, back to my question, who’d attack Ginny?”

“Well, there’s Malfoy and his cronies,” Harry said, “That’s Draco, by the way. I’m glad I can go back to calling him by his last name. Having to refer to him by his first name was just too creepy and familiar.”

“Okay, so it could be our favorite Slytherins,” Sirius said, “but then they’d have to miss dinner. It would be too obvious. Anyone else you can think of?”

“No, no one,” Harry said, his thumb and index finger gripping his chin, “Wait a minute, you don’t think that Wormtail….”

“It’s a possibility, Harry,” Sirius said.

“But why?” Harry asked, “He was put in Azkaban years ago, just as we started to be friends with the Weasleys. He wouldn’t know that grabbing her would make me chase him, would he?”

“I don’t know, Harry,” Sirius said, wearily.

Just then, Rose came running down the stairs.

“Where have you been?” Harry asked, crossly, “We have to find Ginny. I know she’s close but not where, at least not until she wakes up.”

“I just remembered we have the perfect weapon to find Ginny and whoever grabbed her,” Rose said, waving a piece of parchment at them.

“Of course,” Harry said, slapping his forehead, “the Marauder’s Map! Rose, you’re a genius.”

Rose smiled, “I know.” She started to spread out the Map before them.

Just then, Remus appeared, accompanied by Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, Sprout, Flitwick, Sinistra, Vector and, unfortunately, Snape. Ron, Hermione, Neville, Fred, George and Ti were right behind them. Rose quickly hid the map out of sight.

Ron ran up to Harry, “Harry, are you sure that Ginny’s been kidnapped?”

“Yes, Ron,” Harry said, “Please don’t ask me how I know right now. Just trust me on this.”

Ron gave a small smile, “When have I not trusted you on things, Potter?”

“Are you sure she’s not in the dormitory, Potter?” Snape said, “Maybe she’s had enough of you and is hiding.”

“I’m sure she’s not, Professor,” Rose said before Harry could retort, “I was just there.”

Harry looked angrily at Snape, his eyes smoldering with hate. Sirius was also glowering at the greasy-haired professor.

“All right, Severus, that’s enough,” Dumbledore said, “We’ll have to find her.”

He turned to Harry and asked in a kindly voice, “Harry, do you know where she last was?”

“She was in the corridor leading to the stairs to your office, professor,” Harry said, ignoring the inquiring looks on the faces of Ron, the twins, Ti, most of the professors and Sirius.

“All right,” Dumbledore said, turning to the professors and Sirius, “We’ll search the castle. Severus will search the dungeons and sub-levels with Argus. Remus and Sirius will take the first and second floors, Filius and Pomona, take the third and fourth floors, Victoria (Sinistra) and Lucinda (Vector), please take the fifth and sixth floors, Minerva and I will search the seventh floor and the North and West Towers. Hagrid, please check the grounds. Be careful, we are not sure who has done this but they may be dangerous.”

With that, the adults all separated. Sirius just shrugged his shoulders to Harry and went off with Remus, heading up the stairs to the next floor.

Dumbledore turned to Harry and his friends, “Harry, I think you and your friends should join the rest of the students in the Great Hall. I have already asked the Head Boy and Head Girl to keep everyone inside until we find Miss Weasley.”

“Please, professor,” Harry begged, “Let us help you. You know I can help.”

“All right, Harry,” Dumbledore said, kindly, “You and your friends can search this floor. However, if the one responsible for taking Miss Weasley is who I suspect, you are in grave danger. The risk is too great. Wait here if you don’t find her.” He turned to McGonagall, “All right, Minnie,”

As soon as Dumbledore and McGonagall were out of sight, Harry turned to Rose, “She’s not on this level, sis. I can’t feel her. I should be able to even if she’s knocked out. Bring out the map.”

Rose opened the parchment and said the magic words, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

The map formed on the parchment.

The eight children looked at the map, searching through the names.

That’s strange. I never noticed the Map getting green. Harry thought as he searched for Ginny.

Finally, Neville said, “There she is. She’s in the area of Hogsmeade. Blimey, she’s in the Shrieking Shack.”

“I-i-isn’t that supposed to be the most haunted building in Britain?” Ti asked.

“Er, that’s made up, Ti,” Rose said, “It’s not really haunted. I’ll tell you about it some time.”

“She seems to be alone,” Ron said.

Harry nodded, “Good. I’m going to her.” He started to move off but felt a hand on his arm hold him back. Looking back, he saw Hermione’s face.

“Let me go, Hermione!” Harry said, “I have to get her back!”

“Wait, Harry,” Hermione said, “We have to let the professors know where she is.”

“There’s no time!” Harry shouted, “Who knows when whoever grabbed her will be back? I have to go now!”

Hermione let go of him, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Harry sighed, tears forming in his own eyes, “Look, Hermione, I have to do this. I can’t stand just waiting around while she’s in danger. If it’s Pettigrew who captured her then it’s me he wants. He’ll forget about her and let her go when he sees me.”

“Pettigrew?” Fred asked, “You mean the git that…”

“…betrayed your family to You-Know-who?” George said.

“Thought he was…..” Fred said.

“….in Azkaban,” George said.

“Er, he escaped about a month ago,” Rose said, “Dad and Sirius came over and warned us that he might come and take us for revenge for being placed in Azkaban.”

Fred turned to Harry, “All right, mate,” he said, “you can go get Ginny.”

“But we’re going with you,” George said.

“After all, she’s our sister,” Fred said.

“And you’ve already saved her once,” George said.

“Yeah, Harry,” Ron said, “we’ll all go. Then we can watch your back in case whoever got her comes back.”

“That’s right, Harry,” Neville said, “Between us, we should be able to capture that git while we save Ginny.”

Harry smiled and said, “Thanks, guys, let’s go.”

“Wait a minute, Harry,” Hermione said, as she turned to Ti, “Ti, you should stay here.”

“No way!” Ti said, turning to Harry, “Harry! Let me help. I want to save Ginny with you. She’s been a good friend to me.”

Harry put one hand on Ti’s shoulder, “Ti, you can help. You can help by waiting for the professors to come back and telling them where we went. That’s a very important job, especially if we get into trouble.”

Ti thought about that for a moment then he nodded, “All right, Harry. You can count on me. I’ll send the teachers to you as soon as they come back.”

Harry smiled, “Thanks, mate.” He turned to the others, catching Hermione’s approving smile, “All right, let’s go. We’ll have to go through the Whomping Willow. There’s a passage to the Shack that starts among its roots.”

The seven Gryffindors went out through the front doors. They sprinted across the grounds, past Hagrid’s Hut up to the Whomping Willow, where they stopped, looking at the massive, old tree in apprehension.

The tree was already waving its branches.

“Okay,” Ron said, “How do we get pass that bloody tree?”

“Ron!” Hermione said, “Language!”

“We’ll try to sneak past it,” Harry said, “Sirius told me about a knot on the tree that calms it down when pressed. We just have to pass its branches.”

“Oh, great,” Neville said, looking in apprehension at the tree’s flailing branches.

The seven children moved closer to the wildly flailing tree, weaving and jumping to dodge the branches.

Then, a thick branch slammed Fred and George at waist level, hurling them back to land in a heap 50 feet away.

“Fred, George!” Harry cried. He sprang back and ran to them.

Harry knelt down in front of the twins and checked their pulses like he’d seen on television. Harry couldn’t tell if they had broken anything but, at least, they were alive, though knocked out.

Then, Neville yelled, “I’m through the branches. I see the knot. There, got it.”

Sure enough, the branches of the Whomping Willow stopped moving. The others gathered around Harry and the unconscious twins.

“We can’t wait for them to wake up,” Harry said, “We have to go though someone needs to watch over them.” He looked at Rose, “You stay here, sis.”

“No, Harry,” Rose said, “I’m going with you. I want to help save Ginny. She’s been my friend for ages, not to mention, my future sister-in-law.”

Harry’s face went red at that last comment, “Well, someone’s got to stay here.”

“I’ll stay, Harry,” Neville said, walking up to them, “You four go on and save Ginny.”

Harry looked up at him and smiled, “Thanks, Nev. You’ve been great help already. Wait for the teachers. Hopefully, Remus and Sirius will be here soon.” He turned to Ron, Hermione and Rose, “All right, let’s go.”

The four Gryffindors moved to the roots of the Whomping Willow where there seemed to be an opening.

Peering in, Harry saw it was the beginning of a tunnel. He looked back at the other three, “All right, I think we go through here.” He ducked down and went into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Remus and Sirius were searching the rooms on the second floor.

“Remus, I think this is a waste of time,” Sirius said, “Somehow, Harry knows that something happened to Ginny. Maybe he can find her without us running around like headless chickens.”

Remus turned to him, “Well, I doubt the Headmaster would have sent us out to search the whole castle if he thought Harry could help us.”

“That’s because he doesn’t know about the Marauder’s Map,” Sirius said.

“That’s right,” Remus said, “I’ve forgotten James told us that he had given it and the cloak to his children. We’ve better get back to the kids.”

“Good,” Sirius said, turning around the way they had come, “because Rose already had the Map and was about to activate it when you came with Albus and the rest of the professors. As much as I think Albus would have enjoyed examining the Map, I doubt Minerva and Snivellus would have been as happy to ignore its use for trouble making.”

Remus smiled, “I gather that.”

As they reached the end of the corridor, Sirius asked, “Remus, can mold affect parchment?”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“Because I caught a glimpse of the Map in Rose’s hand before she hid it,” Sirius said, “There was a tinge of green on the map. Do you remember what had a tinge of green the last time we saw it?”

Remus paled, “You don’t think….? Merlin! I gave it to Peter after we made the final one.”

With that they broke into a run down the stairs. As they neared the bottom, they saw that the Entrance Hall was empty except for one small boy, seated on the last step.

“Ti!” Sirius called, “where are the others?”

Ti stood up, “Sirius! We looked at that strange map Rose has. It showed Ginny in the S-s-shrieking shack. They went to get her.”

Sirius stopped in front of Ti, “Did you see anyone with Ginny?”

Ti shook his head, “No, she seemed to be alone.”

“Seemed to be is right,” Remus said, “Come on, Padfoot, we better get going.”

“Let me come with you!” Ti said.

“No!” Sirius said, “This is dangerous. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“But, the others….” Ti started to say.

“The others went because we weren’t here to stop them from going,” Remus said, kindly as he knelt down beside the boy, “Ti, please wait here for the rest of the professors. You have to tell them where we went, okay?”

Ti slowly nodded his head, “Okay, professor.”

Remus and Sirius then nodded to each other, drew their wands and went out the front doors of the castle, at a dead run.

Harry, Ron, Rose and Hermione walked slowly down the dark tunnel. Only Hermione’s wand was lit. The others had theirs ready at their side.

After several minutes, they came up to the start of some wooden steps that headed upward, curving slightly to the right. Harry could feel the presence of Ginny at the top of those stairs.

“Rose,” Harry whispered, “Let’s take a look at the map again.”

Rose activated the map and the four Gryffindors looked again at the area of the map corresponding to their location.

“All right,” Harry whispered again, “there’s Ginny. I think she’s in the room at the top of these stairs. There’s a door there. Looks like she’s still alone.”

He looked at Rose and Hermione, “Ron will come with me up to the room while you two stay down here, in case Pettigrew or whoever did this comes back.”

Rose and Hermione exchanged a glance then nodded.

“Good,” Harry whispered, “Come on, Ron. I’ll go first.”

Harry slowly went up the flight of stairs, heart pounding as the stairs creaked softly with his every step. Finally, after what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes, he reached the top step.

The door before him had a few holes in them. Through one of the holes, he could see a small form with red hair lying on a couch.

“Ginny! Wake up!” he called to her mentally. She stirred sluggishly but didn’t awaken.

Desperate, Harry quickly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. Before Ron could stop him, Harry rushed into the room to Ginny’s side. She seemed to be tied up by ropes and gagged with a piece of cloth.

He could here some footsteps behind him that sounded like Ron’s, coming closer. He knelt beside the bed Ginny was on and began untying her.

“Ginny, please wake up,” “Come on, Gin, wake up,” he said both verbally and mentally, his voice growing louder as the seconds passed as Ginny barely stirred.

Finally, she opened her eyes and gazed wearily at him, “Harry,” she said, softly.

Suddenly, her eyes widened as they looked behind the two boys, “Harry! Look out behind you,” she screamed in his head.

As Harry started to turn around, he heard someone say “Expelliarmus!” twice and felt his wand fly out of his hand. A yelp of surprise beside him signaled to Harry that Ron had lost his wand as well.

A high pitched voice then said “Colloportus,” and the door shut and locked. By then Harry had turned around to face the source of the voice.

In front of them, standing in where he would have been behind the door as he and Ron had entered, was a short balding man who seemed to have once been plump and was dressed in a dirty striped outfit with numbers on it. The man had a haunted, mad look in his eyes.

“At last,” he said, a grin on his face, “You are here. Hello, Harry. My, but how much you have grown. You really look like James. I’m sure many people have told that. Ah, but you have Lily’s eyes. Such beautiful eyes she has.”

A hot anger coursed through Harry and he felt the same coming from Ginny who was now standing beside him. How dare this man mention his parents like they were still his friends, he who had betrayed them to Voldemort.

“You bastard!” Harry shouted at him, “How dare you mention them?” He pushed Ginny behind him.

“No, Harry! Let me at that pathetic excuse of a wizard. How dare he sneak behind me!”

“Wait a minute, Ginny! Stay behind. I’ll distract him. I’ve got your wand in my back pocket. Reach for it slowly.”

He continued talking to Wormtail, “How the hell did you get behind us? Where the hell were you?”

Wormtail was now smirking as he answered him, “I’ve been here all along, Harry, just waiting for you to come save your girlfriend.”

“What do you mean, been here all along?” Harry asked, perplexed now, “You weren’t in the room on the map.”

Wormtail grinned, “Oh you mean this map?” He held up a familiar looking piece of parchment, “I’m so sorry, Harry, but this is the Marauder’s Map. What you probably used to try to find your lovely girlfriend with is merely a test map we used to perfect the spells we needed to make the real map. It’s surprising how easily a small rat can get around Hogwarts. I managed to exchange them while everyone was in class a while ago. I’ve been here for weeks now, watching you and your little group.” He now scowled, “You were always together and there were too many people in the castle. I couldn’t get to you, Harry. So, I had to make you come to me. Luckily, I found your girlfriend alone this afternoon.”

“Ginny, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault you were stunned and captured.”

“Harry, don’t blame yourself. I should have asked Hermione or Ron to come with me earlier. But I was so eager to see you, we both were. Never mind that for now. I’ve got my wand. What do we do?”

“All right, I’ll keep him talking. When I say so, try to stun him then accio my wand to me and we’ll get him.”

Wormtail was now smiling, “I knew once I had here, you’d try to find her and rescue her. All I had to do was make sure you didn’t know I was here. I hoped you would use the Map and you did. Now, here you are.”

“Now that I’m here,” Harry said, “what are you going to do? What do you want with me?”

He grinned, a maniacal glint in his eye, “I’m going to kill you, Harry. Because of you, I was placed in Azkaban. If it wasn’t for you, the Dark Lord would not have allowed that to happen. I served him loyally. He would have helped me.”

“You bastard!” Harry said, “You served him loyally by betraying my parents. They were your friends and you betrayed them! Thank Merlin they’re still alive.”

“Enough of this,” Wormtail said, “Now that he is back, he will reward me for killing you.” He started to raise his wand.

“Now! Ginny!” Harry yelled in his mind to her as he dove to one side behind a sofa.

“Stupefy!” Ginny cried, her wand pointed at Wormtail, then she cried, “Accio Harry’s wand,” as she jumped towards Harry.

Ginny’s spell had knocked Wormtail off his feet. Harry caught his wand when it flew out of Wormtail’s hand.

Wormtail started to get up almost immediately, firing a stunner at Ron which missed as the red head jumped out of the way behind the couch Ginny had been on.

Then, Ginny said, “Chiroptera Mucosae!”

Wormtail screamed as large bat-shaped gobs of snot came out of his nose and crawled all over his face.

“Stupefy!” Harry cried, just as the door exploded open.

Hermione and Rose rushed into the room. They would have gone right into the path of Harry’s spell if Rose hadn’t grabbed Hermione and pulled her down.

Unfortunately, they distracted Harry enough for his spell to miss. Wormtail then leaped behind a large four-poster bed, still battling the bat bogeys coming out of his nose.

“Hermione, Rose,” Harry shouted, “Make sure he doesn’t come out behind that bed. Ginny and I will try something.”

Hermione and Rose nodded and kept their wands trained on opposite sides of the bed.

Harry and Ginny were crouching now side by side behind the sofa. Harry took hold of Ginny’s hand. They felt a sharp jolt pass between them, though they felt no pain.

“Harry? What was that?” Ginny asked him in his mind.

“I have no idea, Ginny. Let’s worry about it later. Right now, this is what we have to do to get this guy. I’ll fire a reduction curse on the bed. Hopefully, it throws the bed away from him. Once he’s visible, shoot a stunner at him. I’ll try to do the same.”

“Okay, Harry. Let’s do this.”
Harry could feel the determination in her mental voice.

Merlin, that’s one reason I love her, he thought.

“Save it for later, Potter. I still want to show you how much I missed you.” Harry could feel her smirk.

“All right, Gin. Get ready. One, two, three!”

“Reducto!” Harry shouted. The red bolt from his wand hit the bed and blew it into five pieces, revealing the crouching Wormtail.

“Stupefy!” Ginny shouted a bare second after Harry. Her spell caught their opponent and threw him against the wall. He then slumped to the ground, totally out.

“What the hell?!” Ron said as he stood up slowly from behind the couch. He whistled, “Merlin! Those were some strong spells you and Ginny just cast, Harry.”

Harry and Ginny stood up and gazed at the prone form of their foe and the remains of the large bed, their eyes wide. Then, they looked down and noticed that their hands were still joined. They could feel a tingle still running through them.

Meanwhile, Hermione came up and conjured ropes to hold Wormtail. Ron stooped down to his wand from where Wormtail had dropped it.

As they all gathered in the center of the room, they heard footsteps pounding up the stairs.

Remus and Sirius burst into the room and skidded to a halt, staring at the five wands pointed at them.

“Whoa, kids!” Sirius said, “It’s just us. Where’s Wormtail?”

“Over there,” Rose pointed at the bound body.

Sirius’ eyes grew wide and he gazed at the remains of the bed, “Wow, you kids can sure fight. I’m glad I’m on your side.”

“Well,” Rose said, “That was all Harry and Ginny.”

Harry felt a flush on his face. He knew Ginny was also blushing. Then, he suddenly felt his head swimming and the room started spinning.

He saw Ginny shaking her head and knew she was also getting light-headed.

Finally, he saw the floor coming up towards him and knew no more.
Reviews 475

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