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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 30: School time

The kids spent the rest of the day at Potter Manor before taking the floo back to Hogwarts with Remus, in time for the arrival of the Hogwarts Express which was carrying the rest of their school mates. They all walked down to Hogsmeade to greet it, accompanied by Remus.

When the train pulled in to the station, Neville came up to them and apologized profusely for not being with them during the holidays. His parents had taken him and his sister to visit their relatives in America.

Harry and the others brushed aside his apologies and got him to talk about the things he saw across the pond, as Brits often referred to the Atlantic Ocean.

They had to divide into two carriages. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Ti took one while Fred, George, Rose and Neville took another. Harry did note that Ti seemed a little disappointed with those arrangements.

“I wonder what’s up with him.” He wondered.

“I think he wanted to ride beside someone else,” Ginny told him in his mind.

“Oh? Who?” he asked her mentally

Harry felt a bubble of amusement come from Ginny. “Rose. I think he’s got a crush on her.”

“Huh? How…when…why?”

Ginny smiled as she replied in his mind, “I don’t know why. Maybe he was touched by the things she and I did for him this year. I did notice he seemed to prefer her company more often.”

“But why her and not you?”

Ginny shrugged. “Would you mind, Harry, if he had a crush on me?” she asked softly.

“Well, um, probably not, as long as I know you don’t return his feelings,”

“Why, Harry, I didn’t think you’d be the jealous type,”
she said, amusement in her thoughts.

“Yeah, well, um,” Harry said, intelligently.

“Don’t worry, Harry. You’ll never have a reason to be jealous. My heart is yours and yours alone.” Ginny punctuated this with a kiss on the lips.

“Oi,” Ron said, “Not in front of me, please.”

Ginny sent him a smile before giving Harry another kiss, causing Ron to scowl.

They arrived at the castle before Ron could make any other comment. They then followed the rest of the students into the Great Hall for the Return Feast. The four long tables were back in their usual places, laden with empty bowls and plates.

Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron sat together on one side of the Gryffindor table while Rose, Ti and Neville sat on the other side, opposite them. Fred and George spotted Katie, Angelina and Alicia and sat beside them.

Once all the students were seated, Dumbledore stood up and smiled as he looked them over, “Welcome back, my dear students. I hope you enjoyed the holidays. I know a few of you had an interesting time.” His gaze seemed to linger over the group of Harry and Ti for a few seconds, his eyes twinkling. “Now, I know many of you are tired from the long journey back and want to get some rest for classes tomorrow, so let the feast begin.”

With that, the plates and bowls on the tables filled with food and the students began serving themselves.

Harry and the other New Marauders exchanged gazes and smiles as they ate.

Just when everybody was finishing the meal, a puff of smoke appeared at the Slytherin table. When the smoke cleared, Draco Malfoy found his robes replaced by a long flowing red gown, with high heeled shoes on his feet and his hair lengthened and in pigtails. He let out a yelp and ran from the Great Hall. After a moment of stunned surprise, the rest of the school started laughing. Ti fell of the bench, clutching his stomach as he laughed. Only the Slytherin table was silent, most of that house’s members were in shock.

Snape looked around the Hall with disgust, his glare stopping when he saw Harry. Then he got up and, with a swish of his cloak, walked to the door and left. He ignored his smiling and grinning colleagues.

After a few minutes, the laughter abated and Dumbledore again stood up, “My, my,” he said, “I wonder how that happened. I hope Professor Snape can return Mr. Malfoy to normal. Now, it’s off to bed with you all.”

The students all got up and left the Great Hall, still grinning and snickering, except, of course, for the Slytherins who were now glaring at the other students.

After that night, the castle’s inhabitants got down to resuming their academic endeavors. Harry and his friends resumed their early morning workout and martial arts practice, much to Ron’s dismay.

Also to Ron’s dismay, Harry and Ginny spent as much time together as they could, meeting up for meals, studying side by side in the Common Room, walking together around the grounds. To Ron’s bewilderment, Rose didn’t seem to mind.

Unfortunately it was also at this time that Harry and Ginny first experienced a bad side to their Bond. Harry was sitting in Charms class watching Flitwick demonstrate a new spell when the diminutive professor’s form wavered and Harry found himself staring at both Flitwick and McGonagall, superimposed over each other.

He shook his head but instead of clearing, he found himself looking at the Charms classroom and the Transfiguration classroom occupying the same place, in addition to the teachers.

“Er, Gin, you’re in Transfiguration right now, right?” He asked Ginny with his thoughts.

“Um, yes, Harry. And you’re in Charms, aren’t you?” Ginny answered.

“Yeah. So, you’re seeing Flitwick and McGonagall at the same time, too?”

“Yes, Harry, I am.”

“Well, I guess that means we’re seeing what the other is seeing at the same time.”

“I guess so. This is making me dizzy.”

“Yeah, me, too. I’m also getting a headache.”
Harry said, starting to rub his forehead.

After a couple of minutes, their visions cleared and returned to normal.

“Whoa, thank Merlin,” Harry heard Ginny think.

“I guess we’re back to normal, eh?”

“I guess so, Harry. But what was that?”
she asked.

“I’m not sure. It may be part of the Bond. We can ask Dumbledore about it.”

“Okay, Harry. See you at lunch?”

“Of course, Ginny,”
Harry said, a smile in his thought.

The same happened twice more that day. Harry was in Ancient Runes after lunch when he saw the Charms classroom at the same time. It passed within a few minutes but left him nauseous for another ten. Luckily, Hermione didn’t notice.

It was worse later when he was in Potions. He was adding some Dragon blood to the potion they were brewing when he saw the image of a plant snapping at him. In his surprise, he dropped in more Drgaon blood than was called for, causing the liquid in his cauldron to turn purple instead of orange. Then it started to emit smoke as Harry’s vision returned to normal.

“Potter!” he heard Snape bellow.

He winced and had to control himself as he was berated by the Potions professor. Ron and Hermione gave him sympathetic looks though it seemed there was also a suspicious look in Hermione’s eye.

When the man had finally moved away after vanishing his cauldron’s contents, Harry glared at his retreating back.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” he heard Ginny say to him in his mind.

Harry sighed, “That’s okay, Gin. It’s not your fault. And Snape was just his usual slimy self. No, it’s this double vision thing. We really need to talk to Dumbledore about it.”

After dinner, Harry lagged behind to ask Professor Dumbledore about speaking with him later. He was told to go to his office an hour before curfew. When Ginny wanted to accompany him, Harry only put up a half-hearted argument before agreeing.

Harry borrowed the Marauders’ Map from Rose, explaining that he needed to talk with Dumbledore. He then went up to his dorm on the pretext of getting to be early and slipped into his invisibility cloak. in his dorm. He sneaked back into the Common Room. When no one was paying attention, Ginny joined him under the cloak.

They soon entered Dumbledore’s office to find the headmaster waiting for them.

“Ah, Harry, Ginerva,” he said, “To what do I owe the honor of your visit this evening?

Harry launched into a narration of what the strange visions they had that day.

After Harry related the incident with Snape, Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a few seconds, stroking his beard.

“Hmmm,” Dumbledore said finally, “I’m not sure about this, Harry, Ms. Weasley. I have not heard of such a thing happening. It might be an extension of the Bond that is unique to the pair of you. I suggest we observe this for a while. As long as you are aware what is happening, I do not think it will be harmful to you other than the risk for something accidental to happen with surprises, such as what Harry experienced in Potions.”

Harry and Ginny looked at each other. “What do you think, Harry?” she asked.

“I don’t know, Gin. I’d hate to have something like that happen again.”

Ginny turned to Dumbledore, “Professor, is there anything we can do to lessen the effects of this?”

“I’m not sure, Miss Weasley,” he answered, “I will need some time to research this. Let us give it time and we shall see what I can find out in some books I have about bonds.”

Harry and Ginny looked at each other again.

“Well, I guess it’s better than nothing, Harry. At least he knows and he’ll try to figure something out.” Ginny said to him.

“All right, I guess. We’ll just have to be careful.” Harry replied.

They thanked Dumbledore and returned to Gryffindor Tower.

On the following Saturday, Harry was surprised to see Sirius sitting at the Head Table when he and Ginny came down for breakfast after their regular work-out.

Hurrying over to his godfather, Harry embraced him. Sirius returned his hug then did the same with Ginny.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” Harry asked him.

“Oh, I wanted this to be a surprise,” Sirius said, “especially for Ti.”

Harry wondered what he meant for a couple of seconds before the light came on in his head.

“You mean….?” he said to Sirius.

“Shh,” Sirius said, a smile on his face, “You’ll spoil the surprise. Now, get back to your table. He could be here any minute.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged happy looks then walked back to their table, hand in hand. They agreed that it was lucky they came down before the others.

A few minutes later, Ti came in, followed by the others. They all sat at their usual places and began eating. Halfway through the meal, Rose suddenly raised her head and said, “Hey, Harry, isn’t that Sirius over there at the Head table?”

Ti’s head looked up so fast Harry thought he might have sprained something. The younger boy’s eyes widened. He started to tremble.

Rose placed a hand on his arm, “Hey,” she said softly, “why don’t we go ask him why he’s here. Come on.” She gently pulled him from his seat and they approached Sirius together. Harry and Ginny quietly followed them.

Sirius grinned when he saw the four of them come up to him.

“Hey, kiddos,” he said, hugging them in turn, “How are you guys? I bet you’re all wondering why I’m here right.”

“Yeah, we were,” Rose said.

“Well, I’ve got news,” Sirius said, “specifically for Ti. Come on, if you’re done eating, we should do this outside, away from curious gits.” He nodded toward the Slytherin table.

Harry looked in that direction and saw Draco glaring at them.

Sirius got up from the table but turned to Remus, “Moony, old pal, why don’t you join us?”

Remus smiled, “Of course, Padfoot.”

The four kids and Remus followed Sirius outside to one of the courtyards of the castle. Once there, he motioned them to sit down on one of the stone benches.

“Okay,” he said once they were all seated, “I said I had news for Ti. It’s good news actually.” He grinned as he gazed at Ti. “My boy, meet your new guardian, me.”

Ti looked at him with a stunned expression for a moment before throwing his arms around the black-haired man. The other three kids grinned.

“You did it then!” Harry said, “The ministry allowed you to become Ti’s guardian.”

“Yup,” Sirius said, as he returned Ti’s embrace, “It took a while as Lucius tried to block it. It was a really pathetic attempt, something I didn’t expect possible for that slimy git. Anyway, it was just approved yesterday. So, as of,” he looked at his watch, “two hours ago, I am officially the legal guardian of one Tiberius formerly Malfoy. Plus, since your father forbade you to use his family name, you are allowed to use mine,” Sirius smiled again, “So, from now on, you’re Tiberius Black. Congrats, kiddo.” Sirius clapped him on the shoulder before hugging him again.

“Yeah!”, “Congratulations,” and “Great!” were all uttered by Harry, Ginny and Rose as they slapped and hugged Ti in turn. Remus smiled and added his own congratulations.

“So,” Harry asked, “How does it feel, to have a family again?”

“Great!” Ti said, grinning.

“I’m glad for you, Ti,” Harry said, “though I wonder if Sirius can be a proper guardian by himself.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow at his godson, “And what do you mean by that? You turned out pretty good.”

“Only because Mum was there,” Harry said, grinning, “I shudder to wonder what would have become of me if you and Dad had been left on your own, or worse, if you had to raise me by yourself.”

“Hey!” Sirius said, scowling, “I’m not that bad.”

“Oh, sorry, Sirius,” Rose said, entering the conversation, “That is so untrue. I’ve lost track of the number of times Mum had to shout at you and Dad for indulging us.”

Harry and Rose were now smirking while Ginny and Ron exchanged looks of amusement, hands over their mouths.

Sirius glared at his best friend’s children and their friends then noticed that Remus had his own hand over his mouth, probably hiding his own smile.

“Hey, Remus,” Sirius said, “Why don’t you help me with these young whippersnappers?”

Remus raised both his hands, palms out facing Sirius, “Oh, no. I wouldn’t dare contradict my goddaughter and her brother, especially when they’re right.”

Sirius scowled as Harry, Rose, Ginny and Ron had now burst out laughing, having remembered many of the incidents Rose had been alluding to. Ti stood by, looking confused at their actions.

Remus seemed to notice and placed a comforting hand on Ti’s shoulder, “Now, don’t mind them. They do this all the time. It’s just their way of showing their affection for each other.”

Ti shook his head, still confused, “I-it’s strange to see that. F-father never allowed joking around or making fun of each other like that.”

Remus smiled, “Well, you’ll learn that it’s okay to joke around, as long as it’s not done to hurt the other person.”

Harry and his friends had all stopped laughing now, though they still had grins on their face.

Sirius sighed, “It’s a miracle I haven’t gotten gray hairs from being around these four for a dozen years now.” He turned to Ti and smiled, “Well, now that these delinquents have had their fun, how’d you like to see the place you’ll be coming to live in this summer?”

Ti’s eyes lighted up even more. “Really?” he asked, “We can go to your place in London.”

“Yeah,” Sirius said, smiling, obviously pleased with Ti’s reaction, “I talked to Dumbledore earlier and he gave permission to take you home today. I’ll show you around and you can tell me how you’d like your room fixed up. We’ll stay overnight and you can be back tomorrow after lunch.”

Ti grinned and asked, “When can we leave?”

Sirius grinned, “As soon as you’ve packed a few things.” He turned to Harry and the others, “Sorry, guys. I’d like to do this on my own. You can come with Ti another time.”

Harry smiled, “That’s okay, Sirius. This is something the two of you need to do alone.”

They all walked back into the castle and up to Gryffindor Tower so Ti could pack.

The rest of January passed quickly after that. Fortunately for Harry and Ginny, there were only a few double vision episodes, none of them causing any damage or embarrassment. Otherwise, their relationship was proceeding well.

After waking up one morning in the first week of February, Harry happened to glance at a calendar and noted two particular dates encircled in red. One was the following Saturday which he knew was the Gryffindor-Slytherin Quidditch match. The other was the 14th. He initially wondered why that date was marked. Then he put on his glasses and saw the caption. He gulped.

Oh no! Valentine’s Day is coming.

He reached out and felt that Ginny was still asleep. He breathed a sigh of relief. He’d heard that girls particularly liked that day, considering it a special day for romance. Harry had seen his dad try to make it a wonderful day for his mum over the years.

He wondered how Ginny would like to spend it. He’d never had a girlfriend before over which to worry about pleasing and enjoying. He needed help to make the day special for Ginny.

But who to ask? He pondered on that for a few minutes. Finally, he decided to do something he wouldn’t do normally — ask his mum.
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