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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 28: A nightmare and a dream come true

Harry was flying on his broom, enjoying the feel of the wind against his face, as he chased after someone on a broom, someone with long red hair. He was getting closer and closer, just a few feet from the other person. The other person, a girl, looked back for an instant and Harry could hear her laughing. Just as Harry closed to within a foot of her, his surroundings changed.

He was no longer on his broom. He was in a strange house, at the foot of a flight of stairs. He’d never seen this place before. It looked large and old, most of it in darkness. It was night outside.

Looking up the stairs, Harry saw a stream of light coming from above. Curious, he started climbing the stairs, slowly, one step at a time. After a few minutes, he saw a partially open door through which the light was coming. He stepped up onto the landing in front of the door.

He approached the door, which slowly opened without him touching it. Within the room he saw a man he recognized kneeling before a large armchair which was faced away from him toward a fireplace with a roaring fire. It was Lucius Malfoy.

Mr. Malfoy was looking down as he knelt down on one knee. “Are you comfortable, my Lord?”

The voice that answered Lucius was cold and high-pitched, a voice Harry had last heard two years previously, coming from behind a certain professor’s head. “Yes, Lucius, this place is moderately comfortable. It will suit our purposes as I knew it would. Now, where is Nagini?”

“I-I don’t know, my Lord,” Lucius answered, “She went to explore the house when we arrived.”

“You must milk her later tonight, Lucius,” Voldemort said, “I will require feeding before retiring. The journey we made was tiring.” There seemed to be a note of amusement in his voice.

“Yes, my Lord,” Lucius answered, a slight tone of disgust creeping in his voice.

“Do not worry, Lucius,” Voldemort said quietly, “I will require the draught for only a little while longer. Once our plan comes to fulfillment, I will be whole again.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Lucius said. There was a pause as if he was weighing his next words. “My Lord, about the plan, surely I can do it alone.”

“You dare question me, Lucius?” Voldemort said, menace in his voice.

Lucius paled again, “No, no, my Lord. I do not mean it that way. I meant that we do not need anyone else for your plan to succeed. After all, the more people who know, the greater chance for discovery.”

“That may be, Lucius,” Voldemort said, “But I need someone who is loyal to me.”

“But, my Lord,” Lucius said, “I am loyal. After all, I came looking for you. I found you.”

“Don’t make me laugh, Lucius,” Voldemort, “You came looking for me after twelve years. You only decided to look for me because you want revenge against the Potters.”

Lucius looked up then, shock on his face.

“Oh, yes, Lucius,” Voldemort said, cold amusement in his voice, “I know what happened to your second son. You blame young Harry Potter for his being in Gryffindor. But you are Tiberius’ father. It was your responsibility to educate him in the ideals of Salazar Slytherin. If he did not retain the right attitude and beliefs then you are the only one to blame.” He paused for a moment as Lucius continued to stare at him. “So, you see, Lucius, I need someone who is both loyal and competent.”

“But, my Lord,” Lucius said, “I am still the one who found you and I brought that Bertha Jerkins to you.”

“Ah, so true, Lucius,” Voldemort, “Yes, the information I managed to get out of her will prove useful, especially in finding my other faithful servant. Of course, the fact that she would have recognized you and caused a lot of questions as to why you were in Albania had no influence on you bringing her to me, did it?”

Lucius paled again, “Of, of course not, my Lord, I had not realized that at that time.”

“Liar,” Voldemort said again, the amusement in his voice even more pronounced, “At any rate, it was very useful information. We will leave in the morning to retrieve him. Then, we will proceed with my plan. I have an idea who will use for it.”

“Who, my Lord?” Lucius asked.

“Ah, ah, Lucius,” Voldemort said, “for now, let it be my secret. You’ll know soon enough. Now, Nagini comes and I need my draught. Turn me around from the fire.”

Lucius moved forward and turned the armchair into Harry’s line of sight.

With a gasp, Harry opened his eyes, his breathing labored as if he had been running a marathon. He realized then that he was lying in his bed in his dormitory in Hogwarts. The scar on his forehead was throbbing, like a white-hot poker had been pressed into it.

He sat up, one hand still on his scar while the other reached out for his glasses. He tried to recall the dream he had just had. It had seemed so real.

“Harry, are you awake?” A sleepy female voice said in his mind.

“Gin? Yeah, I am. Did I wake you?”

“Maybe, I have a bit of a headache, just when I woke up.”

“Sorry, Ginny. My scar’s hurting. I’m sorry you can feel it. Um, did you have a strange dream, involving Lucius Malfoy?”

“I don’t think so. Why?”

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, it’s not important right now. Go back to sleep, Ginny. We can talk in the morning. My scar’s pain is lessening so your headache must be, too.”

“Yeah, it is less. You’re sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, I can go back to sleep in a while. Thanks for asking.”

“Anytime, Harry. I guess that’s one of the benefits that this thing we share will have. Good night.”

“Good night, Gin.”

Harry felt her go back to sleep. Then, after a few more minutes, he tried to remember the details of the dream. They were slowly fading from his memory.

What he did remember was Lucius talking to Voldemort in a strange, almost deserted house. Bits of their conversation were on the edge of his memory, of someone or something called Nagini Voldemort needed, a plan, a person they had captured for information. Harry finally gave up and sank back on his bed. He soon dozed off.

A few hours later, Harry came down into the Common Room to find Ginny waiting for him, a book on her lap. The room was otherwise empty.

“Good morning, Harry,” she said, “Were you able to go back to sleep?” “And what was that about a dream with Lucius Malfoy in it?”

“Yes,” Harry replied, “I got back to sleep okay.” “You did hear that then. Let’s talk later.”

She gave a single nod of her head, “The others have gone to breakfast already.” “Let’s talk now.” She dragged him over to one of the couches in front of the fireplace.

“All right,” she said softly as soon as they were seated, “what did you see?” Was Voldemort in this dream?”

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise from her perceptiveness. “Yeah, he was. How’d you know?”

“I don’t know. I just felt it would. Please, tell me about it.”

“All right, I don’t remember that much but here goes.”

Harry then tells her all he remembers about the dream until he woke up with his scar hurting.

“Has your scar hurt before, Harry?” Ginny asked.

“Two years ago,” Harry replied, “I never did get to ask Dumbledore about that. It hurt on and off then but it really throbbed when I confronted Quirrell who had Voldemort on the back of head.”

“I think you should tell the headmaster about that, Harry,” Ginny said, “that and the dream. Maybe he can make some sense of what Malfoy and Voldemort are up to. Maybe we should even talk to him about this mental thing we share.”

“I don’t know, Gin,” Harry said, “Let’s start with this dream and the scar first. I want this thing we share to remain between us for now, okay?”

“Okay, Harry,” Gin said, smiling, “Now, let’s get some breakfast. I’m starved.”

Harry smiled, grabbing her hand and leading her through the Portrait. He felt a tremor in her hand for a moment. He also felt a swirl of butterflies in the pit of his stomach.

After breakfast, Harry purposely lagged behind as their group moved to leave the Great Hall. When the others had left, Harry approached Dumbledore.

“Uh, Professor,” he said, “can I talk to you later tonight? There’s something I need to tell you and it may take a while. I don’t want my friends to worry.”

“Of course, Harry,” Dumbledore said, “Come up to my office at about 9 o’clock. The password is ‘toffee tonsures’.”

“Yes, sir,” Harry said, “Thanks.”

Later that night, Harry pretended to be tired and went to his dorm. He arranged his bed and pillows to appear that he was already asleep. Then he put on his invisibility cloak and sneaked down to the Common Room. Ginny, whom he had told where he was going, distracted the others so they didn’t notice the Portrait Hole opening and closing without anyone near it.

When he got to the gargoyle blocking the stairs to Dumbledore’s office, Harry removed the cloak and gave the password. The gargoyle stepped aside and allowed Harry access to the moving staircase. Harry knocked on the door once he got there.

“Come in, Harry,” Dumbledore said, “Please take a seat.”

“Thank you, sir,” Harry said, sitting down in a chair in front of Dumbledore’s desk.

“Now, what is it you want to tell me?” Dumbledore asked.

Harry then recounted as much of his dream as he could, ending his story with walking up with his scar burning. He didn’t mention Ginny.

At the end of Harry’s tale, Dumbledore sat silently staring at the ceiling, obviously deep in thought.

After a couple of minutes, Dumbledore looked at Harry, “Harry, has your scar bothered you before?”

“Well,” Harry said, “yes, sir. It was two years ago, during that time with the Stone. It would hurt on and off after Christmas. But the worst was during my confrontation with Quirrell and Voldermort.” He gazed at Dumbledore with fear in his eyes, “Sir, what does this mean?”

Dumbledore sighed, “I believe it means you have a connection with Voldemort through your scar. It probably an effect of the curse he threw at you.”

Harry gulped. A connection? Through my scar? Can he feel me? Can he feel Ginny through me?

“Harry? What is it?”

“Gin, I have to tell him about what we have. I don’t want Voldemort to get at you again.”

“Are you sure, Harry?”

“Yes, Ginny. I don’t want you to get hurt from Voldemort if we have a connection.”

“All right, Harry, if you think it’s best.”

“Harry?” Dumbledore asked, “What is it? You seemed to be far away from here for a moment.”

“Professor,” Harry said, “There’s something else you have to know. Something happened between me and Ginny that night we were in the Chamber of Secrets.”

Harry told Dumbledore about him and Ginny feeling each other’s emotions and hearing each other’s thoughts, and being able to converse with their minds.

Again, Dumbledore became thoughtful. “That’s interesting, Harry. You say that all this started the night after you rescued Miss Weasley from the Chamber?”

“Yes, sir,” Harry said, “Do you know why we can do all that stuff. I mean, it’s brilliant and everything. But, why us?”

“I’m not exactly sure, Harry,” Dumbledore said, “But I have my suspicions. Tell me Harry, how do you feel about Miss Weasley?”

Harry was surprised by the question, “What do you mean, sir? What do I feel about Ginny? I feel she’s brilliant, funny, smart, a great Quidditch player.”

“That’s what you think about her, Harry,” Dumbledore said, “But, what do you feel about her?”

“Er, feel about her, sir?” Harry asked, turning red, “I, I like her a lot, she’s been a very good friend, this feeling and thought sharing thing not withstanding.”

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling, “Just a good friend, Harry? The reason I asked that is because of my suspicions. What you and Miss Weasley have been going through may be the formation of a soul bond.”

“A soul bond?” Harry asked, “What’s that?”

Dumbledore smiled, “It’s a type of magical bonding entered into by two people who have fallen in love with each other at a young age. This bond allows the two to share their thoughts and feelings and to sense each other over long distances. This reinforces their love and sustains them for their entire life. However, the negative side of the bond is that when one of the couple dies, the other does not linger long in this world, which is why few people nowadays are willing to have the bond formed.”

“Now, usually the bonding requires an advanced form of ritual which establishes the bond and its abilities immediatley. However, there have been times when the bond forms naturally as the result of one of the couple risking his life for the other. The exact circumstances necessary when this occurs are not known. It simply happens. In such cases, the bond forms gradually over several weeks to months. In the end, it is much stronger than the type formed by the ritual.”

Harry was stunned. Did it mean he was in love with Ginny? He thought about the strange sensations he had been experiencing whenever she was near him starting the previous year. He’d known her his whole life and had to admit that he had never minded her presence. Did that mean that he loved her? Harry then smiled. It probably did and he thought that was brilliant.

“Maybe, you’re right, sir.” Harry said, “But if I have a connection to Voldemort and and can feel Ginny, then does that mean…”

“No, Harry!” Dumbledore interrupted Harry, “That is different. The connection you may have to Voldemort through your scar has nothing to do with the Bond. They are on separate levels. Your scar is there because of Voldemort’s hate and fear. The bond is a connection of love, something Voldemort cannot understand. So there is no way he can feel or harm Ginerva that way.”

Harry breathed a sigh or relief then he looked up at Dumbledore. “Uh, sir, can we keep this Bond thing a secret, just between you, me and Ginny? We might tell our parents someday soon, but other than that, I think it should be something private between us.”

Dumbledore smiled again, “Ah, of course, Harry. The Bond is a beautiful thing yet something that belongs only to the two bonded.” He then looked up at his clock, “Well, I think you should get back to Gryffindor Tower. It’s getting late. I believe your other half may be waiting for you.” The twinkle was there again in his eye.

Harry felt himself blush, “Uh, yes, sir. Goodnight then, Headmaster.” He got up and walked to the door.

“Good night, Harry,” Dumbledore said.

When Harry got back to the Gryffindor Common Room, he wasn’t surprised to find it empty except for Ginny. She was sitting in an armchair, watching the Portrait Hole.

Harry walked over and sat next to her. “Hey! So, did you hear all that?”

“Um, yeah,” Ginny said, quietly, “All of it. A soul bond! That’s really, wow!”

They were silent for a while.

Then Ginny said, shyly, “Harry, was it true? What you were thinking about me? You know, being brilliant, and all.”

Harry looked at her and said, “Of course, it’s true.” He moved closer to her. Their faces were now mere inches apart. “You’re the prettiest, funniest and smartest girl I know and I’ve known you all my life. I love you.” With that, Harry brushed her lips with his.

When he pulled back, he was alarmed to see tears in her eyes. “Ginny, what’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “Nothing, Harry. It’s just that, hearing those words from you has been my dream since I was like eight. I’ve known you for longer than that, not as the Boy-who-lived but as the real Harry. I love you, too.” She pressed her lips to his. When she pulled back, several seconds later, they were both grinning.

After staring at each other for a while, Harry said, “So, now what?”

She playfully slapped him in the arm. “What do you think, you silly prat?”

Harry smiled, “Um, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!” Ginny said, throwing her arms around her neck and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

Harry grinned as he placed his arms around her waist, “Brilliant.” Then his face fell.

“What is it?” Ginny asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I just remembered Ron said last year that he’d break the arms of the first guy who kissed you,” Harry said.

Ginny frowned, “Don’t worry about Ron, or any of my brothers. They’ve known you for a long time. They’ll be okay with this or they’ll regret it.”

Harry grinned again. Ginny was a real force when she was angry, something he’d seen for years and experienced a few times. I wouldn’t want to face her temper now.

“No, you wouldn’t, Potter, especially now I have a claim on you.”

“Oh, do you now?”

“Oh, yes. You better watch it, this Bond thing will make it hard for you to hide from me.”

“As if I want to. I promise, Gin, we’ll be together forever. Now, we better get to bed.”

Ginny smiled, “I guess so. Good night, Harry.” She gave him a peck on the lips.

“Good night, Gin,” Harry said. He watched her climb the stairs to her dorm then went up to his own. He went to bed with a smile on his face. His dreams that night were more pleasant, dreams of flying alongside Ginny.
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