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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:All, All
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 22: Strange first lessons and Hermione’s birthday surprise

Unfortunately, Ti seemed less enthusiastic about meeting Sirius as when Harry had first given him the idea. He did, however, agree to think about it.

Harry was distracted from Ti’s situation by his first classes in Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. The Divination teacher, Sibyl Trelawney, seemed to have picked him as the student this year that she would subject to predictions of dying. His consolations were that Hermione was not impressed with her and neither was McGonagall.

He enjoyed Hagrid’s lesson on hippogriffs, especially when he got to fly on one. Of course, the whole class was appalled when the hippogriff attacked Draco Malfoy who had approached the animal without bowing properly in respect. Harry’s elation that Draco had to spend several days in the hospital wing was ruined by Hagrid’s absence at dinnertime and the concern about Lucius’ reaction to Draco’s injury.

Harry, Rose, Hermione, Ginny and Ron snuck out after dinner to find out what happened to Hagrid. The two younger girls had already learned of the incident from Harry. They knocked on the door of Hagrid’s hut. A vaguely familiar voice told them to enter.

When Harry pushed the door open, he and his friends were surprised to see Remus Lupin seated on one end of a huge couch in front of Hagrid who was seated in a huge armchair, looking despondent and holding a huge pewter tankard.

“Ah, hello, kids,” Remus said, smiling, “I was wondering when you would show up. It seems our friend here is in need of some cheering.”

“Hello, Professors,” the five said simultaneously.

“Oh, you don’t have to call me that when we’re alone,” Remus said, smiling, “Come on in.”

The five Gryffindors entered the hut and tentatively approached Hagrid. Harry felt his heart clench at the depressed face of Hagrid.

Rose and Ginny then rushed forward and embraced Hagrid tightly.

“Don’t you think about it, Hagrid,” Rose said, “It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yeah,” Ginny agreed, “That arrogant ass deserved what he got.” The other four nodded their heads vigorously, agreeing with Ginny

“Now, don’t let him or any of the other Slytherins hear you say that, Ginny,” Remus said, chuckling.

“Well, it’s true,” Harry said, “Draco should have listened to you, Hagrid. We’re witnesses to that. We’ll tell anyone who asks.”

“Gee, thanks you lot,” Hagrid said, sniffing, “I ‘preciate it.” Then he hugged the two redheaded girls.

Hermione eyed the tankard in Hagrid’s hand, “Hagrid, maybe you’ve had enough to drink.” She took the tankard and went outside to empty it.

Remus stood up and followed her. “Thanks, Hermione. I’ve been trying to get him to stop drinking for about an hour now.” Hermione beamed at Remus.

Hagrid then got up unsteadily. “Well, I guess she’s right,” he said. He then headed outside, too. The four students still in the hut heard a loud splash.

When Hermione came back inside, Harry asked her, “What’d he do?”

“He stuck his head in this huge barrel of water,” she answered.

Hagrid came back inside with his hair and beard very wet, Remus at his heels.

“Thanks all of yeh for comin’ ta see me,” he said, “I really am thankful fer yer support.”

“Think nothing of it, Hagrid,” Remus said, sitting on the couch again.

The five students then sat down as Hagrid sat again in his armchair.

“So, how’s Malfoy doing,” Ron asked, timidly.

“Oh, Madame Pomfrey fixed him up as well as she could,” Hagrid said, “He claims it’s still agony, moaning and carryin’ on. I ‘pect she’ll be keepin’ him fer a while in the hospital wing.”

“Good,” Harry said, “that’s keep him out of our hair for a while.”

“I know someone else who’ll be glad not to see Draco for a while,” Rose said. Ginny giggled.

Remus smiled, “I believe I know who you’re talking about, my dear goddaughter.” He turned to Harry, “So, how is Ti doing.” They ignored the dark looks Ron was giving them.

“Yeah, Harry,” Hagrid said, “How is the younger Malfoy? I haven’t had the first years yet, so I’m kinda curious.”

“Well,” Harry began and they spend about an hour discussing the Gryffindor Malfoy and speculating on what happened in Dumbledore’s office the previous night. Not even Remus knew what had occurred there or if he did, he didn’t want to tell them yet.

When it was near curfew, Remus made the five students leave under his escort. Hagrid again thanked his five young friends for their support.

As they were walking through the corridors of the castle, Remus spoke up. “That was a good thing you guys did tonight,” he told them.

“It was nothing, Remus,” Harry said, “he’s been our friend for so long, it would have been unthinkable not to show him our support. I hope Malfoy’s Dad doesn’t try to have him fired.”

“I don’t think so,” Remus said, “especially since Professor Dumbledore pushed for his position quite forcefully with the Minister of Education. I don’t think they want to tangle with him again.”

“That’s good to know,” Rose said.

“So, Harry, Ron, Hermione,” Remus said, smiling at them, “are you guys looking forward to your first Defense lesson tomorrow?”

Harry grinned, “Oh, yes, Professor, definitely.” Hermione and Ron nodded.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll love it,” Rose said, beaming up at her godfather.

“Oh, they probably will, Rose,” Remus said, “though it won’t be the same lesson I gave you second years since they’re third years.”

They arrived at the Fat Lady’s portrait and Remus bid them a good night. The five friends entered the Tower and went to bed.

The next day, Harry was pleasantly surprised to see Ti sitting with the other first year Gryffindors, chatting while eating breakfast. The younger boy seemed less nervous.

The third year Gryffindors had DADA after lunch, excited for their first lesson. Remus greeted them warmly and informed them that it would be a practical lesson. He showed them a large wardrobe cabinet and told them about the boggart inside it.

After a few questions about boggarts, he taught them the Ridikulus spell used against boggarts then asked them to line up one by one as they tried to repel the boggart. The class laughed at things their classmates made the boggart do to elicit laughter. Then it was Harry’s turn.

Harry raised his wand as Remus opened the cabinet door. The boggart came out looking like his Dad, smiling at him. Harry was confused. Then the James-boggart got hit by a greenish light and collapsed. It stood up, now looking like his mother who also collapsed after getting hit by a greenish light. The boggart went through the same thing as Rose and Ginny, before turning back to James and it started over again. All this took place in a matter of seconds, but Harry froze, unable to think.

Remus stepped in front of Harry and the boggart changed into a full moon that turned into a balloon after Remus said the ridikulus spell. Harry vaguely heard Remus dismiss the class then turn to him.

“Harry? Are you all right?” Remus asked, moving in front of him and placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

Harry was now breathing rapidly, his heart pounding in his chest. He realized what the greenish light was — the killing curse. Remus had explained to the class that the boggart shows one’s greatest fear. Is that my greatest fear? Losing my family or having them killed in front of me? Why is Ginny there? Why isn’t Ron?

Harry felt Remus pull him gently back to the classroom’s desks and make him sit in one of them, kneeling in front of him. Hermione and Ron sat down on either side of him.

“Harry? Come on now,” Remus said, “Snap out of it.”

Harry looked to either side of him, seeing the look of concern on Hermione’s face and the confused look on Ron’s. Then, he looked at Remus and saw only compassion and understanding.

Remus placed his hands on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed gently, “Hey, come on, Harry. Relax, it’s nothing to get panicked about. Seeing one’s family die is a fear all of us have. I’m sure Ron and Hermione have that fear, too.”

Harry looked at his best friends and they nodded slowly.

“It’s true, Harry,” Hermione said, “No one wants to see one of their family die.”

“Yeah, mate,” Ron said, slowly, “I’d hate for anyone in my family to buy it, even Percy.”

“Ron!” Hermione said.

“Well, it’s true, Hermione,” he said, “Percy can be a real git sometimes, but I don’t want him to die anytime soon.”

Harry had to smile at his friend’s loyalty to his family. He felt the same way, too, even if Rose sometimes got on his nerves.

“See?” Remus said, “There, there’s the smile we all like to see. All right, you can rest here a while, then head for your next class.” He handed Harry a bit of chocolate. “Eat this, Harry. You’ll feel better.” Remus walked up to his office.

Harry ate the sweet and did feel less agitated. He glanced at his friends, who smiled; obviously glad he was feeling better.

After a few more minutes, Harry got up and told them that they could go. Outside, they were surprised to find Neville waiting for them.

“You all right, Harry?” Neville asked.

“Yeah, Neville,” Harry said, “I was just shocked by what the boggart turned into. I’ve never thought about my parents or sister dying, especially to the killing curse.”

“I know what you mean,” Neville said, “When I was younger, I always worried about my parents. Being aurors, they sometimes go off on dangerous missions, hunting for dark wizards.”

“Yeah, I guess I felt the same way about my dad,” Harry said, “But I don’t recall having the same fear about my mother or sister.”

Thankfully, none of his three friends mentioned the presence of Ginny among his identified family. Hopefully, they thought it was just a replay of Rose. Unfortunately, Harry happened to glance at Hermione and he thought that she had a knowing smile on her face. Harry steered the conversation away from that subject as they neared the Charms classroom for their next class.

When he sat down to dinner at the Gryffindor table, Harry was surprised to get hugs from Rose and Ginny. Harry dipped his head after Ginny’s hug to hide the blush on his face. Rose explained that they heard about what had happened in Remus’ class and they wanted to offer some comfort and support. Harry thanked them and realized that they did make him feel better.

Draco returned to classes that Thursday, with his arm bandaged and in a sling. Oddly, he didn’t try to bring any attention to his injury. All he’d do was scowl and glare at his brother during mealtimes. There were rumors that he had received a howler while in the hospital wing but no one, not even Madame Pomfrey would confirm it.

The third Sunday of the month was Hermione’s 14th birthday. The New Marauders greeted her before they went on their early morning workout. They promised to give her their presents that evening.

During breakfast, Dumbledore handed her a present from her parents along with a letter. Hermione opened the letter first. The whole Great Hall was startled when she let out a shriek while reading it.

“What’s wrong, Hermione,” Harry said, as he righted his glass of pumpkin juice that he had dropped in surprise at her yell. Harry grew alarmed at the tears he saw in her eyes.

“Hermione?” Ron asked, “is it your parents?”

Hermione wiped her eyes then smiled, “In a way. My mum said that she’s pregnant! I’m not an only child anymore. I’m going to have a sibling! Isn’t that great?” She was grinning now.

“Wow! That’s great, Hermione,” Rose said. Her other friends agreed. Even Dumbledore said it was wonderful.

“So, how far along is your mum?” Ginny asked, “Does she know if it’ll be a boy or a girl?”

“Well, she said she’s about six weeks pregnant. She won’t know what the baby’s sex is until another month or two, when the ultrasound can show that.”

“Ultrawhat?” Ron asked, confused.

“It’s a muggle device, Ron,” Hermione explained patiently, “It uses sound to see body organs.”

“How do you know that?” Ron asked, “You seem to really know everything.”

“That’s because I read, Ron” Hermione said, “plus, my mum explained it in her letter.”

Harry grinned, amused with their antics. He could see Ginny and Rose placing their hands in their mouths to stifle their laughter.

Hermione was in a happy mood all day. She allowed the New Marauders to just relax around the lake, with no mention of homework.

That evening, the Gryffindors held a party for Hermione. The twins managed to get some food and drinks from the kitchens, along with a large cake. Remus and Hagrid joined them for a while. They were happy for Hermione about her becoming an older sister.

Ti was pulled into the celebrations by Rose and Ginny, who took it upon themselves to act like older sisters to the boy. Hermione even got him to participate in a few party games the two redheads organized, much to Ron’s displeasure. Still, Ron refrained from saying anything that night.

The rest of September passed quickly after that. Ti was now fully accepted by the other Gryffindors, except by Ron. Harry occasionally caught him and Hermione bickering over the younger Malfoy, thankfully when Ti was not around. Harry hoped his male best friend would get over his prejudice.

On the last Saturday of September, Harry received an owl from Sirius. His godfather had arranged to meet Ti on the first Hogsmeade weekend which was on the weekend before Halloween.

The news both excited and dismayed Harry. He was excited for Sirius to meet his nephew but he was dismayed that he may miss going to Hogsmeade for the first time. He had gotten his parents’ permission to go now that he was a third year and had been looking forward to it after hearing all the twins’ stories about the village.

In the end, Harry decided that being there for Ti when he met Sirius was more important than Harry’s enjoying a day in Hogsmeade. After all, there would be other Hogsmeade weekends. He couldn’t wait to see his godfather again anyway.
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