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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:All, All
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 19: Summer training and a surprise announcement

“Protego!” Harry shouted, conjuring a shield that blocked the tickling charm his father had just cast on him, causing it to bounce back.

“That’s good, Harry,” James said, smiling, as he dodged the spell which hit the far wall.

It was Friday afternoon in the last week of July and Harry’s birthday was the next day. For the past three weeks, James had been forcing Harry to wake up at dawn daily and jog 2 laps around their property, which was about five miles around. This was followed by a half-hour of pushups, sit-ups and other calisthenics. At first, Harry could barely walk after the exercises but after four days, his body had adjusted to the exertion.

After a shower and breakfast, James and Harry moved to the Duel Practice room, where they were now. It was a large room on the third floor, about forty feet by thirty feet in size, with a slate floor, covered in mattresses. The walls were stone, like the rest of the house, but reinforced with wards to absorb spell damage.

They spent the morning practicing spellwork. James had been teaching Harry advanced spells, including the shield charm. Rose was seated near the wall, watching them with interest, though she kept glancing at her watch. Harry knew she was counting the minutes and hours, waiting for Ron and Ginny to floo over after lunch

For the last week, the two youngest Weasleys had flooed over for the afternoon to learn muggle martial arts, together with Harry and Rose, under Sirius’ tutelage. James had spoken to Arthur and Molly Weasley and convinced them to let their two youngest children learn these things. The four children had been ecstatic about it, though Ron less so, due to the amount of work it required.

However, Molly refused to let her children learn any of the Auror spells James was teaching Harry and Rose, much to Ron and Ginny’s disappointment. Harry decided that that wouldn’t stop him from teaching his best friends the spells, knowing his father would not mind. Hermione Granger wasn’t with the group yet, much to Harry and Ron’s disappointment as she was still travelling with her parents.

There was a soft POP behind him, followed by a high-pitched voice, “Master James, Mistress Lily wants you and the children to know that lunch is ready.”

“Thank you, Blinky,” James said, turning around to face the house elf. “Please tell Lily that we will be down shortly.”

“All right, kids,” he said, “it’s time for lunch. When Sirius, Ron and Ginny get here, maybe the four of you can practice the judo and aikido moves against each other.”

Harry and Rose grinned at each other, eager to try the moves their father had taught them.

Sirius arrived in time to eat and then James left for work after lunch. An hour later, Ron and Ginny came over, knapsacks containing extra clothes and the traditional gi outfits slung over their shoulders.

Harry felt the now familiar fluttering in his stomach he felt whenever he saw Ginny as well as a feeling of excitement and nervousness apart from his own. He turned to look at Ginny and the feeling increased, followed by a sense of wariness. Harry quickly looked away as Ginny turned her head toward him.

The four kids and Sirius changed into the white gi outfits and headed for the Duel Practice room. Sirius led them through the katas for an hour then called their attention.

“All right, kids,” Sirius said, “you’ve learned the basic motions and katas in judo, aikido and karate. Now, you four pair off, Harry with Ron and Rose with Ginny. Face each other, about five feet apart.” He watched the kids comply.

“Now, bow to each other at the waist, like this,” Sirius demonstrated to them, “Then, assume the first defense position. Now, try to strike your partner while blocking him or her, using the hands only, no feet. Don’t put too much force in your attacks for now.”

Sirius watched the two pairs spar. It became apparent after a few minutes that Harry was faster than Ron and managed to block most of the redhead’s strikes. Ginny and Rose, on the other hand, seemed evenly matched, blocking each other’s strikes.

Harry soon noticed that when he looked at Ginny, he could get a feel of what she was going to do next. It distracted him a couple of times and allowed Ron to get a strike in. He could also feel her elation when she managed to get past Rose’s attempts to block her.

After a half-hour of sparring, Sirius saw that both pairs were tiring. However, Harry remained faster than Ron, whereas Ginny and Rose seemed equally tired.

“Right,” Sirius said, “let’s take a break. Sit down over here in front of me.” Once the four children were seated, he continued, “Okay, you guys are doing good. But, you have to work on your endurance. I’ll suggest to James that you three join Harry for his morning run and exercises.”

Sirius almost laughed at the expressions on their faces at his suggestion. Ron looked appalled at the idea, while Ginny and Rose looked at each other and grinned.

“Don’t worry, Ron,” Harry said, a smile on his face, “We’ll start out slow. It’s only slightly more strenuous than flying in Quidditch.” He grinned at his godfather’s attempts to hold his laughter in.

“At least we get a breeze while flying, Harry,” Ron said, “We’re just going to get all sweaty, being July and all. Bloody hell!”

“Ron! Language!” Ginny and Rose said almost simultaneously.

Ron looked at the two in mock horror, “You two have been spending too much time around Hermione.”

“Why, Ronald?” Rose asked, “Do you miss her?” Harry could feel a sense of amusement from Ginny as he glanced at her.

Ron’s cheeks turned pink, “Um, er, well, of course, she’s my friend.”

Harry snickered then just grinned when Ron turned a baleful eye on him.

“All right,” Sirius said, an amused tone in his voice, “I think that’s enough rest. Let’s resume the sparring, okay, same partners.”

In the evening, after refreshing showers, the four children flooed over to Longbottom Manor to attend a birthday party for Neville. They exited the fireplace in a large spacious living room, decorated in red and gold. It seemed as cozy as the living room in Potter Manor.

“Hey, Neville, Happy Birthday!” Harry said as he saw his friend come into the room to greet them. Ron and Ginny joined his greeting while Rose seemed to mumble hers.

“Thanks, guys,” Neville said, a wide grin on his face. Harry thought he saw Neville’s face turn a little pink but couldn’t be sure as he turned to greet Neville’s parents who were right behind their son.

Then, Harry noticed a girl with long brown hair peeking from behind Mr. Longbottom’s legs.

“Oh,” Neville said, turning around to look behind him, “You haven’t met my sister, yet. Come on, Maggie, say hello.” He turned back to them, “This is Margaret Ann, Maggie for short. She’s ten and will be going to Hogwarts next year. She was visiting some of our relatives in America last year so she wasn’t here then for that joint party Harry and I had then.” He then introduced his four friends to Maggie, who shyly nodded her head at them.

Ginny and Rose rushed over to the girl and Ron and Harry said “hi” to her. Harry felt a feeling of glee at finding a younger girl to make friends with, another feeling that wasn’t his own.

They then proceeded outside to the garden where the rest of the guests like Dean, Seamus, Lavander Brown and the Patil twins were already enjoying the party as the sun set. Over all, it was a great party and it was almost eleven when the Potter and Weasley siblings went their separate ways home, full and tired.

Later, Harry lay on his bed, mulling the foreign feelings and thoughts he had been feeling for most of the summer, as well as the strange feeling in his stomach whenever he saw Ginny.

What’s happening to me? Are these strange feelings I’ve been getting coming from Ginny? Why could I sense what moves she was going to do against Rose right before she did them? Am I reading her mind? Do I fancy her?

Harry finally fell asleep after a couple of hours, still with no answers. When he woke up a few hours later, he saw that the sun was just rising. He glanced at his closet door and saw the calendar hanging there. Seeing the date, he grinned as he remembered that it was his birthday and his father had given the four kids the day off to celebrate.

He quickly got up, remembering the wake-up call his sister had given him the year before. He did his morning ablutions in the bathroom and changed from his pajamas before running down.

A chorus of ‘Happy Birthdays’ greeted him when he passed into the kitchen. His parents and sister were there with the house elves, holding another huge birthday cake, this one lit up with thirteen candles. A wide grin formed on Harry’s face as he relished the fact that he was now a teenager, almost a man, just four years more to coming of age in the wizarding world.

Harry stammered his thanks as he sat down at the kitchen table, still in awe of being thirteen. Then, Rose ran up to him, a mischievous smile on her face.

“Happy thirteenth birthday, big brother!” she said as she laid a kiss on his cheek.

Harry’s eyes grew wide while his cheeks turned red. His sister hadn’t kissed him since he was six. Then his eyes narrowed in suspicion. She seemed to be in a good mood, in spite of the fact that she hadn’t started his birthday with a prank, like last year, or did she?

The second that thought left his brain, he noticed some sort of white powder on the table under his hands then he felt himself change, shrinking in size and growing feathers, white feathers, and a beak. He was now looking up at the table from the edge of the chair he had been sitting on.


Rose merely smirked and said, in an innocent voice, “What, Mum? Oh, don’t worry, birthday boy will change back in a while. Can’t let him have all the fun today, can I?”

His mother simply glared at Rose then at his father as James was clearly holding his laughter in with his hand jammed in his mouth.

Sure enough, after a few seconds, Harry’s feathers and beak fell off and he grew back to his old size. Harry just shook his head, a small smile on his face, unwilling to let the prank ruin his good mood or day.

The family then settled to a good breakfast, while Lily placed a preserving charm on the cake for later.

After breakfast, Harry and Rose watched some Saturday morning cartoons on the television for an hour, and then went into the back for some aerial tag on their brooms.

Neither Ron nor Ginny put in an appearance by lunchtime and Harry and Rose assumed that the Weasley siblings had slept late due to their late night out at Longbottom Manor. They knew that those two were not morning persons.

True enough, Ron and Ginny came by the floo two hours later. They greeted Harry enthusiastically and Harry felt warmth on his face and ears and flutterings in his stomach when Ginny gave him a peck on the cheek. Harry felt a wave of embarrassment and concern which was separate from his feelings, along with a stray thought wondering ‘what possessed me to do that?’

Whoa, he thought, that definitely was not me.

To distract himself, Harry challenged Ron to a game of Wizard chess. Unfortunately, the girls decided to watch, causing Harry to lose more spectacularly than usual. Ron just smirked as he prepared the board for another game. After losing two more times in less than 30 minutes, Harry decided it was time to go flying.

The two pairs of siblings then played two-on-two Quidditch with brother-sister teams instead of the usual same-sex teams of previous years. They then found that Ginny’s skill was slightly better than Rose’s, while Ron was definitely worse than Harry as a seeker. The Weasley siblings were able to keep a slight lead over the Potter children, even when Harry was getting stray thoughts of Ginny’s planned moves. Harry had a feeling that she was anticipating some of his own moves.

About an hour into the game, Neville arrived by the floo with his sister, Maggie (who Harry had invited), followed almost instantly by Hermione. Neville introduced Maggie to Hermione who was glad to have another girl in the group. They then settled down to watch the game while sitting on the chairs on the porch.

The four players stopped their game once the Weasleys reached a score of 200, though the Potters were not far behind with 190 points. Ginny had scored the last point by stealing the quaffle from Harry. Rose scowled at her brother, who could feel a wave of amusement coming from the other red-haired girl.

Harry then talked to Neville and Hermione about joining them in martial arts training, which the two agreed to on the condition that they got their parents’ permission.

Soon, the other Weasleys arrived, along with Sirius, Remus, Neville’s parents, Dean, Seamus, Lavender, the Patil twins, Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet.

Dinner was held in the garden, on a long table. Afterwards, they had Harry’s cake and some ice cream. Harry then got to open the presents he had gotten. He loved all of his presents, especially the dragonhide arm holster for his wand that his parents and sister had given him and one from the Weasleys.

He had gotten a feeling of apprehension and worry when he had started to unwrap the gift from his red-haired friends, followed by a feeling of relief when he grinned and thanked the Weasleys for the new broom compass. The evening ended with everyone feeling contented and happy.

The following Monday, Ron, Rose and Ginny joined Harry for the morning run and exercises. To make it easy for the other three, James had them do only 1 lap around their property. At the end of the five mile run, Harry hadn’t even felt warmed up. He was surprised that Ginny and Rose were not too tired. Ron, however, was on his hands and knees. James allowed them to rest for ten minutes before having them do pushups, sit ups and other exercises. Ron and Ginny joined them for breakfast then flooed home to freshen up and attend to some chores around the Burrow.

After lunch, they returned for their martial arts training and Neville and Hermione, who had gotten their parents’ permission, joined them. Maggie Longbottom came along to watch. The two newcomers paid much attention to the instruction provided by Sirius and their friends. By the following week, Hermione and Neville had learned enough to allow all six children to spar with each other, even the boys against the girls. Sirius allowed them to use all the moves he had taught them.

Harry noticed that whenever he and Ginny sparred with each other, each could barely get past the other’s blocks, as if they could anticipate the other’s move. Whenever they made eye contact, he could feel her feelings and hear her thoughts more clearly, like another voice in his head. It seemed both of them quickly looked away whenever that happened.

Unfortunately, Hermione turned out to be the slowest and least skilled during their sparring sessions, which was a bit upsetting to her. Surprisingly, it was Ron who helped her, usually pairing up with her and praising her when she managed to block his strikes. Harry didn’t miss the slight reddening of his friends’ ears during these times.

Ginny’s birthday was, again, celebrated in the Burrow with a great lunch party. Aside from the Weasleys and Potters, other invited guests included Hermione, Neville and his sister, Colin Creevey, a couple of Ginny’s dormmates, Melinda Pipper and Lisa McDougal and a girl in Ginny’s year in Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood.

Harry discovered that Luna lived nearby with her father, a widower, who ran the tabloid, the Quibbler. He had heard of it, sometimes being scoffed at by his father for its tendency to print stories of mythical beasts. They also discovered that Luna had a tendency to make odd pronouncements and statements, as they learned during the party.

Colin had prevailed upon the party guests to have a picture taken after they had eaten and the only seat left for Harry to take was on Ginny’s right side. Harry had ducked his head while sitting down to hide the blush that had appeared on his face.

After the picture was taken, Luna approached him and Ginny and said in a dreamy voice, “You know the two of you make a good couple, photographically speaking, maybe in other ways, too.” Harry felt his ears heat up and he quickly got up, saying that he wanted to challenge Ron to a chess game. He felt a wave of annoyance and sadness behind him as he moved away.

Harry avoided being in close proximity to Ginny for the rest of the party, even when she opened her gifts. When the gift Harry and Rose had given her was revealed to be a diary, Harry felt a wave of alarm and fear from her. Harry felt his heart constrict. It had been his idea to get the diary for her, a muggle diary with a lock to prevent unwanted intrusion, as a way to help her get over the last term’s problems.

Rose, who was beside her, whispered something to her. Ginny looked up at him and smiled, mouthing a ‘thank you’ to him. He felt his ears and face burning as he felt her gratitude. He smiled back and mouthed a ‘you’re welcome.’ Harry enjoyed the feeling of happiness and joy that he then felt from her. He didn’t mind the fluttering in his stomach.

Then he noticed the looks of mischief on Fred and George’s face as they looked between him and Ginny. He didn’t want to think about what they might do. Of course, he was sure Ginny would give her a taste of her infamous Bat Bogey hex if they got out of hand.

The other party guests soon left, including Harry’s parents, leaving Harry, Rose, Hermione, Neville and Maggie, who had all been invited to dinner. They talked with Ginny, Ron and the twins about the coming term, Quidditch and their training for the rest of the evening.

James allowed kids the day off the following day and let them enjoy themselves. Even Maggie came over. They played Quidditch and even few muggle games like tag.

Their Hogwarts letters arrived two days later, as they sat down to breakfast. Rose took the letters from the school owls, giving them a bit of bacon. She gave Harry his before opening hers.

James looked over at his son, “So, Harry, what elective subjects are you taking this term?” Harry had

Harry looked back at his father, “Well, Dad, um, I decided to take Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes and Divination.”

“Why are you taking Divination?” his mother asked, raising an eyebrow. Harry knew she thought it was all rubbish. She had said so last term when he had written to ask for advice on his electives

“Because Ron’s taking it, too,” Rose answered before Harry could, “In fact, he chose subjects Ron was taking also.”

“Hey,” Harry glared at her, “We’re only sharing two subjects. He’s taking Muggle studies while I’m taking Ancient runes.” Rose merely smirked back. Harry turned back to his parents, noting the scowl on his mother’s face. Of course, his father was smirking like his daughter.

“Harry,” Lily said, “that’s not a good reason for choosing an elective. You have to choose what you would be interested in.”

Harry sighed, “I know that, Mum. It’s just that we weren’t exactly given enough time to think about it, plus with what was going on at that time, next year’s subjects wasn’t a topic of high priority.”

Lily pursed her lips as she realized what Harry meant.

“Anyway,” Harry continued, “nothing much interests me aside from DADA and Charms. The important stuff is what I need to be an auror.” He looked quickly at his father.

James had a look of pride on his face. He turned to his wife. “Come on, Lils. Lay off the kid. Remember, I took Divination, too, until fifth year.” Lily simply stared at James with a look that said, “we’ll talk about it later.”

Harry and Rose looked at each other in puzzlement at their mother’s reaction. They shrugged and started to eat as they scanned their letters for the list of books they needed.

After lunch, their friends arrived and they discussed the coming term and the subjects they would be taking as they sparred.

The following weekend, the Potters and Weasleys went to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies. They were surprised to see no sign of the Malfoys, for which they were glad, considering what had happened the previous year. However, Harry saw a glimpse of worry on his father’s face.

The next week, Harry noticed his mum looked a little sick whenever they sat down for breakfast. In fact, she hurriedly left the table for the loo on several occasions. He asked his dad about it, but James remarked that she may be just having the flu.

Then, as they sat down to dinner a couple of days before Rose’s birthday, Harry and Rose noted that their mother seemed happier than usual. After they had eaten, Lily stood up and looked at her children and husband with a big smile on her face.

“You’ve all noticed how I seemed out of sorts the last few days,” she said, “Well, I went to St. Mungo’s earlier today and saw Healer Bradshaw, our family healer.”

“What did he say?” James said, a look of concern on his face.

“Well, he said that what I feel is natural for someone in my condition,” she said, smiling at her husband.

“What condition is that?” James asked. Harry and Rose felt apprehensive as they waited for their mother to answer.

Lily grinned then said, “I’m pregnant.”
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