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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 17: After the Chamber

“It’s over,” Harry said as he, Ginny and Ron stepped Dumbledore’s office after coming from the Chamber of Secrets. Fawkes swooped over to his perch by Dumbledore’s side.

After a few moments where everyone, except Dumbledore, looked at them in shock, Mrs. Weasley rushed forward, to embrace her daughter, her husband soon following. James looked shrewdly at his son. Mr. Longbottom and McGonagall were still looking at the scene dumbfounded but Dumbledore was smiling with a twinkle in his eye.

Then, Harry and Ron were pulled into a hug by Mrs. Weasley, “You saved her, you saved Ginny,” she said.

Ron was mumbling, “Mum, geroff.” Harry felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment. It didn’t help that his father was now smirking.

James walked up to his son and placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders, “So, what happened, Harry?”

With this question, Mrs. Weasley stepped back from the two boys and guided Ginny gently into a chair. Her parents sat behind her.

Harry placed the Sorting Hat, diary and sword on Dumbledore’s table then he and Ron sat down in the chairs beside Ginny’s. Harry could sense that she was ready to cry again.

“Now, boys,” Dumbledore, said gently, “What happened in the Chamber? How did you figure everything out?”

Harry sighed. Over the next half hour, he told them about Dobby and his warning, hearing the voice, Rose figuring out that the monster was a basilisk, their theory that the entrance of the Chamber was in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, Riddle and the battle in the Chamber.

With Dumbledore’s help, Harry also explained about the diary and how Riddle used it to possess Ginny. Mr. Weasley admonished Ginny for trusting the diary. Harry gave a look of sympathy and support as tears again threatened to flow down her cheeks.

Finally, Dumbledore said, “I think it’s best that Madame Pomfrey take at look at Miss Weasley to make sure she doesn’t have any serious injuries and she should spend the night in the hospital wing to get some rest. Don’t worry, my dear. There will be no punishment for what happened. Older and wiser wizarding folk have been duped by Tom Riddle.”

Ginny looked relieved then she looked appalled, “Can’t Madame Pomfrey look at me here? I don’t want to go to the hospital wing. Rose is probably there. How can I face her after what I did to her?’

Dumbledore smiled, “Don’t worry, Miss Weasley. I doubt Miss Potter will hold it against you. The friendship you share will overcome any ill feelings this incident may cause. I’m sure she is worried about you and will feel better knowing you are all right.”

James knelt down in front of Ginny, “Ginny, you and Rose have been friends since you two could crawl. Down the years, you’ve had many disagreements and fights, yet you’ve always made up. Rose will understand that you didn’t mean to hex her. She knew you weren’t yourself when you went into that bathroom. Professor Dumbledore is right. She’ll be more worried about you. So, go on and show her you’re out of danger.”

Ginny gave a weak nod and allowed her parents to lead her out of Dumbledore’s office, taking a moment to look back at Harry, a look of gratitude in her eyes. Harry’s heart gave a small leap at that look, confusing Harry.

Then Ron said, “What’s Lockhart doing here, all trussed up?”

James laughed, “Oh, you noticed, eh,” his expression then changed to disgust, “Well, your esteemed Defense teacher showed his true colors tonight. The git, whoops,” he glanced at Dumbledore and McGonagall, the latter scowling at his language, “sorry professors. Your ex-professor was going to make a run for it. It’s lucky Frank and I showed up at the Entrance Hall after Minerva called us about Ginny’s disappearance.” He glared at the prone man, “He actually tried to remove our memories.” He turned to the two boys, who were now chuckling and grinning.

“You were right about him then, Dad,” Harry said, “I knew it. We were actually going to tell him what we learned about the Chamber and the monster. Who knows what he would have done to us, if we caught him trying to leave.”

James grinned, “I’ve no doubt you would have handled him well enough, son.” He turned to Frank Longbottom, “Frank, I think you should get the former professor over to the Ministry. I need to stay here, check on my daughter and make sure my son is fine.”

Mr. Longbottom grinned, “Sure, James. Check on that son of mine while you’re at it, okay.” He then waved his wand over Lockhart, “Mobilicorpus.” Lockhart floated ahead of him out the door.

“Come along, Mr. Weasley,” McGonagall said, “I think Madame Pomfrey should check you out also. I believe that Madame Pomfrey is giving the mandrake juice to those who were petrified.”

“Good,” Ron said, happily, “That means Hermione is all right. Wait till I tell her what happened. She’ll be green with envy over this adventure.” He followed McGonagall out of the office.

James then turned to his son, “Seems you’re getting into a dangerous habit, son. Last year it was the Stone, now it’s a basilisk. I’d hate to think what your mother will say when she finds out.” Harry winced.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” he said, “you had just gone and I wasn’t sure if Lockhart could save Ginny. We had to try to save her. If we hadn’t, she’d be dead now and Voldemort would be back, even as a sixteen year old.”

James sat down heavily on the seat beside his son. “Yeah, there is that.” He turned to Dumbledore, “So, You-Know-Who went to school here, did he?”

Dumbledore sighed, “Yes, he did, James. He was an exceptionally gifted student, one of the most brilliant I’ve seen. I’m not surprised he came up with that diary. Unfortunately, he was also a puzzle to me. He had only a small group of friends, all from his own House. He was an orphan, you know, born of a witch and muggle father, lived in an orphanage until he received his Hogwarts letter. He hated going home there every summer.”

“Wait a minute,” James said, “He’s a half-blood, just like Harry. Is that the reason he…” he paused at a look from Dumbledore who nodded slightly toward Harry.

Harry didn’t catch what his father was going to say as his attention was focused on the sword he had pulled out of the Sorting Hat. “Dad, Professor, this sword, I pulled it out of the Hat. Take a look at it.”

Dumbledore and James looked at it and saw the name, causing both of them to gasp.

James turned to Dumbledore, his voice filled with awe, “Albus, is this really Godric Gryffindor’s sword?”

Dumbledore reverently stroked the hilt, “I believe so, James. I’ve read descriptions of it but it hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years, not since it was buried with him.”

“Then, how did Harry get hold of it?” James said, “Is it related to…?”

Harry looked suspiciously at Dumbledore and his father. What were they hiding? Why was Dumbledore here when he was supposedly relieved by the School’s Board of Governors.

Just then, the doors of the office opened again and Lucius Malfoy stepped in. He was followed by a small creature.

“Dobby,” Harry cried, “So you work for the Malfoys.”

Malfoy glared at the house elf and said, “I’ll deal with you later.” He turned back to Dumbledore, obviously ignoring the Potters.

“So, you’re back,” he said, sneering.

“Yes, Lucius,” Dumbledore said, leaning back in his chair, “When the Board heard that Arthur Weasley’s daughter had been kidnapped, they seemed to reconsider their position and told me that I could return to Hogwarts.”

“I see,” Lucius said, “Well, I think they’ll change their minds when the attacks continue.”

“Oh, haven’t you heard, Lucius?” James then spoke up, “the perpetrator has been caught and the attacks will stop. Even the monster is dead.”

Lucius turned to glare at James, “Oh, really? And pray tell, who was responsible for these horrible attacks?”

“It was Voldemort,” Dumbledore said, “just like the last time. Only this time, he worked through somebody else with the help of an artifact of his.” He pointed to the diary.

Harry was watching Dobby who was pointing to the diary and then to Malfoy, before hitting himself hard with his own fist.

“Yes, Lucius,” James said, “It’s a curious thing, that diary. Quite a dangerous thing, too. I wonder if it’s familiar to you. Perhaps, it’s something you lost or purposely misplaced.”

“HOW DARE YOU, Potter?” Malfoy said, glaring at James.

“Oh, I dare very much, Malfoy,” James said, moving toward the silver-haired man until their noses were almost touching, “You planted that diary in Ginny Weasley’s cauldron that day we met in Diagon Alley. Was it some last minute instructions from your precious Dark Lord, before he bought it?”

“I’d like to see you prove that, Potter,” Malfoy said.

“Oh, that would be difficult now, Lucius,” Dumbledore said, “now that the diary is destroyed.”

“Yes, a real pity,” James said, “It seemed quite a clever plan. Imagine the shock to our world if it became known that the daughter of Arthur Weasley was attacking muggleborns. His credibility as Deputy Minister would be destroyed. Fortunately, my son and Ginny’s brother, Ron, stopped it, even killed the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. That plan is a now a dismal failure. I know your former master so hated failure.”

Malfoy paled. “Yes, Your son was quite fortunate,” he said. He turned to the house elf, “Come on, Dobby. We’re leaving.” He then kicked the house elf toward the door.

“Oh, Lucius,” James said, making the silver haired man turn around, “I wouldn’t try spreading any more of the Dark Lord’s school things around if I were you. I’m sure my wife can come up with a spell that will trace it back to you.”

Lucius merely glared and turned around, whacking Dobby again on the bum.

Harry then whispered to his Dad, “I’ve got an idea to help Dobby.”

He asked Dumbledore for the diary and placed a sock in it. He hurried after Lucius Malfoy and forced him to take the diary back. Malfoy tossed it to Dobby. When Dobby opened it and found the sock, he was ecstatic since by being given clothes, even unknowingly, by Malfoy, he had been freed.

Lucius Malfoy was furious and tried to hex Harry. Before even James could interfere, Dobby blasted Malfoy backwards. Malfoy glared at them and limped out of the school.
Dobby thanked Harry for helping him get free of the Malfoys and Harry made him promise to stop trying to protect him.

When Dobby had vanished with a click of his fingers, James turned to look at Harry, “That was a good thing you did, son, freeing that house elf. Infuriating Lucius was an added bonus.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Harry said, grinning at his father.

“Now,” James said, “You better get yourself to the hospital wing and let Madame Pomfrey look you over. I hope most of that blood isn’t yours.”

“Nope,” Harry said, “It’s mostly the basilisk’s. It was really messy when I cut its head off.”

“Good,” James said, “You better check on your sister, too. I’m also sure you want to see if Hermione is unpetrified.”

“Oh, yeah,” Harry said and turned to go.

“Oh, son, by the way,” James said, “you’re grounded for two weeks, and that includes flying.”

“Dad!” Harry whined in indignation.

James smiled at the boy, “Better me than your mum giving you punishment for endangering yourself. She might have grounded you for the whole summer. Speaking of which, I better tell her what happened. She’ll probably want to come over once I tell her the events of tonight. Go on now, off to the hospital wing.”

Harry sighed and walked away from his dad, his good mood over saving Ginny and freeing Dobby evaporating with the prospect of another two weeks of boredom in Potter Manor.

As soon as he was sure his son would continue walking to the hospital wing, James turned around and walked back way they had come. Upon saying the password, “Saltwater taffy”, the gargoyle stepped aside and allowed James to ascend to the Headmaster’s office using the moving stairs.

James knocked on the door and entered after hearing “Enter.” He found Dumbledore examining intently the sword his son had used to kill the basilisk. The headmaster had cleaned it up and it now gleamed brightly, large rubies glittering along its hilt.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Dumbledore said, “As I said earlier, this is Godric Gryffindor’s own sword. I checked it just now against a picture of it in one of my books.”

James moved closer to examine the sword. “A magnificent weapon, better looking than most of the ones we have in the auror training rooms, Albus.”

“Yes, but still sharp as ever, from the ease with which Harry cut the basilisk’s head off,” Dumbledore said.

“So, Albus,” James said, “do you think this has any connection to the prophecy?”

Dumbledore sighed, “I don’t know, James. One thing it does is provide additional proof that your son is descended from Godric Gryffindor by blood. Only a true Gryffindor could have pulled this out of the sorting hat.”

“About that, Albus,” James said, “How did that happen? How did your phoenix know to bring the hat to Harry?”

“Well, James,” Dumbledore said, “Harry must have shown true loyalty to me for Fawkes to come to him in his hour of need. As to the sorting hat, it has been here for far longer than me. It has strange abilities even I don’t know. What is known is that it has a strong affinity to the Light and an ever vigilant opponent to Darkness.”

“Now, I believe you must inform your wife of what has occurred. You can use my fireplace.”

“Thank you, Albus,” James said, striding almost immediately toward the fireplace with the crackling fire.

James bent in front of the fire, threw in some floo powder, placed his face in the green flames and said, “Potter Manor.” He felt the sensations associated with floo travel until he looked into a familiar living room.

“Blinky,” he called.

A few moments later, the house elf appears in the living room, “Master James, you called Blinky?”

“Yes, Blinky,” James said, “Please ask Lily to come down. I need to talk with her.”

A few minutes later, Lily knelt in front of the fire, dressed in a nightgown. “James, what is it? Is something wrong?”

“Well, love, something was wrong tonight but it’s much better now. Unfortunately, it involved your son…and daughter.”

“What? Harry and Rose? What happened, James?”

“I think its best you dress up and come here to Hogwarts, then I and the headmaster can explain it fully.”

An hour later, James had explained the night’s events to his wife. Lily sat at her husband’s side gazing at the sword glittering on Dumbledore’s desk.

“So, let me understand this, Albus,” Lily said, “Once again, our son has thwarted V-V-Voldemort, beaten him a third time.”

Dumbledore said, “Yes, Lily. Though technically, this time it was his sixteen year-old self Harry defeated, in essence, that is what happened.”

Lily blew out a breath, “Three times already. Does this have anything to do with the prophecy?”

“As I told your esteemed husband, Lily, I don’t know.” Dumbledore said, “Prophecy is a vague thing. At times it is self-fulfilling. James was insinuating earlier if being a half-blood was what caused Voldemort to choose Harry that night he almost killed all of you. I’m not sure. It is difficult to delve into the thinking of a madman. For all we know, he could have randomly chosen Harry, and then gone on to kill Neville Longbottom once he had killed your son, just to make sure.”

After a few minutes of silence, Lily stood up and placed her hands on the desk, sending a glare at Dumbledore. “How could you have let this get so far, Albus? Last year, with Quirrell, at least only Harry and his friends were involved. This year, both my children were in danger plus several other students were petrified, including one of their good friends. I always thought you were the most powerful wizard alive. When we were in school, V-V-Voldemort never dared lay a hand here. Now, he has twice touched this school in as many years, both times, involving my son.”

Dumbledore actually cringed as Lily continued to glare at him. James placed his hands on his wife’s shoulders, trying to calm her.

“Please believe me, Lily,” Dumbledore said, “I am sorry for what happened last year. It seemed the best place at the time to hide the stone. No one could have suspected Quirinius of being a host to Voldemort, especially a willing one, having known him for years. As for this year’s crisis, it was hard to be aware of what was happening to students and be unable to help them. Salazar Slytherin hid his Chamber well. Even now, we cannot open the entrance. I suspect the way to do so involves being a parselmouth. Yet, I would not ask Harry or Ginny to help us in that regard. Their experience there was horrible and need not be repeated. I wish I could reverse what has happened but I’m afraid it would be tempting Fate to do so.”

Lily continued to glare at Dumbledore, “I hope you’re more successful in preventing things like this in the future, Albus. Now, I want to see my son and daughter.” She turned to James, “Shall we, dear?”

“Um, you go ahead, Lils,” James said, “I’ve already made sure they’re all right. I have a few more things to discuss with Albus. I’ll join you in a while.”

Lily looked suspiciously at James, but then she said, “All right. I’ll see you later. Albus.”

When his wife had left, James turned back to the headmaster. “Albus, Harry handled himself well enough tonight, but he had help. He may not be so lucky next time.”

“Next time, James?” Dumbledore asked.

James blew a breath out as he sat down. He removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes with the fingers of one hand.

“You know that someday that prophecy will be fulfilled. Somehow, Voldemort will regain his powers and body. I want Harry to be ready for that. I want him to beat the bloody bastard once and for all and live. No matter what, I want to see my son have his own family. To do that, he needs to learn things not normally the curriculum of Hogwarts, yet I don’t want to take him from his friends or some semblance of a normal life.”

“What are you saying then, James?” Dumbledore asked, though he had an idea what the elder Potter had in mind.

“Well, it’s something I had started to think about while we waited for Lily. I hope she will go along with it, Albus. Some of the things I plan may not be to her liking. So, this is what I plan to do.”
__________________________________ ______________________________________

When Harry got to the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey immediately made him sit in one of the beds as she ran her wand over him, checking for injuries. In the other beds, he could see Ginny and Rose talking quietly, Molly and Arthur Weasley sitting across from them. A screen still separated the petrified students from the rest of the ward.

Except for some minor cuts and bruises, which were easily healed, Madame Pomfrey pronounced Harry fit. However, she still insisted on him spending the night in bed. She allowed him to visit his sister and friends before sleeping.

Harry walked over to Rose’s bed. He noticed that Ginny had now moved away and was being put to bed by her mother.

“Hey, sis. I’m glad you’re okay.” He reached over and hugged her.

“Thanks, big brother,” she said, smiling and hugging him back.

Harry looked at Rose then at Ginny. “So, are you two okay with each other?”

Rose sighed and gave a sad smile, “Well, somewhat. I told her I didn’t blame her for hexing me. I mean, she was under the control of a slimy git. But we still have a few issues to settle. Her need to confide in someone else, even in a diary, was a bit hard for me. We used to tell each other everything. Now, it seems she was keeping secrets.”

Harry placed his hand on her shoulder, “Come on now, you’ve had fights before. Remember when you were both six and you thought she lost that Barbie doll Mom gave you for Christmas? You got really mad and refused to let her come over for a whole week.”

“Yeah, then I found out that the twins had accidentally made it vanish, but didn’t tell her.” Rose’s cheeks turned pink as she remembered her embarrassment then, “When their mother forced a confession out of them, I had to beg Ginny to come over to play. Then we turned the twins’ hair blue for a whole day for that.” Rose was now smiling.

“See,” Harry said, grinning himself, “You two always made up. You’ve been friends for so long, it’s hard to stay apart. You’ll get through this. Just give her some space and be there for her. Riddle was awful to her. I just don’t know how much.”

“You’re right, Harry,” Rose said, “We’ve been friends for too long to allow a slimy git like that Riddle to get between us. Thanks.” She gave him another hug.

“All right,” Harry said, “You get some sleep. I need to check on Hermione and the others. Have you seen Ron?”

“Oh, he was here until a few minutes before you came,” Rose said, “He looked in on Hermione just after Madame Pomfrey had unpetrified her. They talked for a while then they started having a row. Madame Pomfrey threw him out then. His parents were scowling at him when he left in a huff. Is that the way they are usually with each other?”

Harry sighed, “Unfortunately, once in a while. It’s just worse in the last couple of months before Hermione got petrified. I wonder what Ron said that started it. He did say something about teasing her about missing our trip down to the Chamber.”

“Maybe that was it,” Rose said, “Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t see that place. From what little Ginny had told me so far, it’s a terrible place.”

“Yeah, too many snakes,” Harry said, “Okay, get some rest, sis.” He pulled the covers over her and tucked her in.

Harry moved to the screen and peeked around it. Obviously unpetrified but asleep in separate beds were Colin, Justin and the vaguely familiar Ravenclaw prefect. Harry thought he saw her one time walking in the corridor with Percy.

On the furthest bed, he saw Hermione sitting up and wide awake, her head in a book. Blimey, is she revising? She just got unpetrified, for Merlin’s sake.

He slowly approached her bed and said, “Hey.”

She looked up and smiled at him, putting the book down after carefully marking her place. “Harry, I’m so glad you’re all right. I heard from Ronald you solved the mystery of the Chamber and saved Ginny Weasley.” Her tone had changed when she said Ron’s name.

Harry blushed, “Uh, yeah. Actually, Rose helped us guess what the monster was, based on things you said.” He then gave her a detailed account of what happened since she got petrified. Hermione only interrupted him twice, once to say she also believed Hagrid was innocent and the second time to praise Harry for being true to Dumbledore.

After he had related what happened with Dobby, Hermione smiled and said, “Your Dad’s right, Harry. Giving that house elf his freedom is a very good deed.”

Harry smiled, “I’m glad I did that. So, what did Ron say to you?”

Hermione’s smile was replaced by a scowl. “Sometimes he just infuriates me. He starts off shaking my hand and saying how glad he is that I’m all right and unpetrified. Then he commented that I’d have competition in the brains department as Rose was the one who figured out what the monster was. So I told him that I already knew it was a basilisk and was just on my way to tell you lot about that.”

“Then what did he say?” Harry said.

“He said I didn’t have to fib to prove I was the smarter one,” Hermione said, furious now, “He actually thought I’d lie about that just to say I had done it first. I thought he was my friend and would know I wouldn’t lie about something like that. I called him a git for that and he stormed out.”

Harry sighed, “Hermione, I’ve known Ron longer than you. At times, he can be tactless and unintentionally hurtful with his words. But, he did say you were the smarter one, didn’t he, even if he said it like that?”

“Oh, right, I guess he did,” she said, a little flustered now.”

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow and explain what you were mad about,” Harry said, “Then, you two talk it over, okay?”

“Okay, so are you all right?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah, just a few cuts and bruises Madame Pomfrey healed easily,” Harry said.

“Okay, go get some sleep, Harry,” Hermione said, I, on the other hand, had had enough sleep. I have to get back to revising.”

Just as Harry was about to say something, they heard the doors of the hospital wing open. Peeking around the screen, Harry’s eyes widened as he saw his mother talking with Madame Pomfrey and the elder Weasley.

Great, he thought. “It’s my Mum,” he told Hermione, “I better face her now than later.” At least she can’t yell at me here or she’ll awaken the others.

Blowing out a breath, he walked around the screen to meet his fate. Lily was now sitting on the bed beside that of Rose, watching her daughter sleep.

To his surprise, his mother didn’t glare furiously at him but patted the space beside her, indicating he should sit there. When Harry warily sat beside her, he was further surprised by the fierce hug she gave him that rivaled the one Mrs. Weasley had given him earlier in Dumbledore’s office.

Harry gratefully accepted the hug, which lasted longer than usual. Finally, Lily released her son and drew back, looking shrewdly at him.

“What am I ever going to do with you?” she asked, “Last year, it was saving that Stone, and this year, it was saving your sister’s best friend. You have quite a penchant for getting in trouble to save others, Harry.”

“I know, Mum,” Harry said, “I just couldn’t stand there and do nothing. You probably heard from Dad that Lockhart was going to make a run for it instead of trying to save Ginny. I had to try to help. She’s my friend, too aside from being my best friend’s sister and my sister’s best friend.”

Lily shook her head, “I can’t really blame you. Your sister’s actions show it’s probably genetic, considering your parents defied the Dark Lord thrice and have dangerous jobs.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “Mum, I know being an auror is dangerous, but your job can’t be as dangerous. I mean, researching new spells isn’t that dangerous.”

Lily raised an eyebrow of her own, “I’ll have you know, Harry, that that includes experimenting with the new spell once its worked out. It can be a tad dangerous, like the Weasley twins’ experiments for their pranks.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “well, I guess that makes sense to test the new spells.”

“Now, we’ll talk about what you did tonight another time,” Lily said, “for now, you need to rest.” She helped Harry into the bed and under the covers. “Sleep well, darling.” She bent down to kiss him on the cheek.

“Mum! Please, not in front of the Weasleys.” Harry whined sleepily. After a few moments, he was fast asleep, his dreams now mixed with visions of a pale, freckled face framed by flaming red hair.
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