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Harry Potter And The Twists Of Fate
By bengpotter31

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Category: Alternate Universe
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: What if the fates let Harry's parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?
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Chapter 12: A Strange visitor

Harry woke up suddenly in pitch darkness and felt pain in his arm, like a lot of splinters were embedded in it. For a moment, he wondered where he was. Then, he remembered the events of the day.

It was the first Quidditch match of the season, Gryffindor versus Slytherin. With their new brooms, Slytherin’s chasers were running rings around the Gryffindor team. Harry desperately sought out the snitch, hoping to end the game before their opponents got too much of a lead. Then, he had to dodge a bludger. As he sped away from it, he looked over his shoulder and was surprised to see it turn around and head back his way. At first, Fred and George tried to run interference with the bludger, but Harry told them to let him deal with the strangely acting bludger since the distraction of the Gryffindor beaters allowed the Slytherins to score again and again.

Harry did a lot of fancy maneuvers to avoid the bludger. Then, he spent an extra second floating still in the air as he had spotted the snitch hovering above Draco Malfoy, the new Slytherin seeker, and the rogue bludger slammed into his right arm, breaking it. In spite of the intense pain this caused, Harry still managed to catch the snitch from under Malfoy’s nose, though he ended up on the ground.

Unfortunately for Harry, among the first people to reach him was Gilderoy Lockhart, who apparently had a fantasy to be the school nurse. Before Madame Pomfrey could reach Harry, Lockhart had cast a spell which relieved Harry of the pain and, unfortunately, of all the bones in the injured arm. Madame Pomfrey was quite upset with this and had Harry brought to the Hospital Wing where he would have to rest the night while his bones were regrown. The potion was vile tasting and its effects were quite painful.

Now that he remembered where he was, Harry looked around, trying to figure out what had awoken him. The pain was actually only a twinge now. He reached for his glasses on the side table with his uninjured arm. As the room sharpened into focus, he sat up and looked around again.

He was surprised to see a pair of large tennis ball sized eyes staring at him from the next bed. It was a house elf, similar in appearance to Blinky or Mimi, but this one was dressed in an old pillow case. From what Harry had learned about house elves from his parents and their own house elves, this may mean he was an enslaved house elf.

“Um, hello,” Harry said, “What’s your name?”

The house elf’s eyes bulged out as if surprised. “Harry Potter talked to me,” it said in a squeaky voice, “The great Harry Potter said hello and asked me my name.” It then lowered its head into its hands and burst into tears

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise, “I, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

The house elf looked up and sniffed, “Oh, no, sir. Harry Potter didn’t upset Dobby but bestowed a great honor on Dobby who is crying with joy.”

“Oh, I see. So, your name is Dobby, right?”

“Yes, Harry Potter, sir. I is Dobby.”

“Well, then, Dobby, why are you here? Are you one of the Hogwarts house elves?”

“Oh, no, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby is not fortunate enough to be bound to work here. Dobby is bound to a wizard family and must serve them until his death.”

Harry felt a twinge of sadness as his suspicions about the house elf’s status were confirmed. He didn’t want anyone to be like that. He was just glad Blinky and his family were free elves and chose to work for his family of their own free will.

“Well, then, Dobby,” Harry said in a kind tone, “why are you here, visiting me?”

“Dobby just wanted to make sure Harry Potter was all right, after that bludger had hit him. Dobby didn’t mean for Harry Potter to get hurt like this. Dobby thought Harry Potter wouldn’t come back here when he missed the train.”

“Hang on,” Harry said, his eyes wide, anger starting to rise within him, “you set that bludger on me? You also stopped Ron and me from getting through the barrier? Why?”

Dobby now looked miserable. “Dobby just wanted Harry Potter to stay home. Dobby wanted Harry Potter to be safe. If you stay here, you will be in mortal danger, Harry Potter.”

“What danger, Dobby?” Harry asked, still angry, “What kind of danger is worse than you almost getting me killed by that bludger?”

Dobby moved closer to Harry until he was right beside him. “There is a plot, Harry Potter, a plot to cause evil things to happen here, in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year.”

“What evil thing, Dobby?” Harry said, “Who’s plotting them?”

Dobby made a choking sound then grabbed the water jug at the side table and started hitting himself with it.

Harry was appalled for a moment, then he grabbed the jug, “Stop it, Dobby. What are you doing?”

“I was punishing myself, Harry Potter, sir. I almost spoke ill of the family I serve.”

“Oh, then someone from that family is involved in this plot you’re talking of. Which family do you serve?”

Dobby made another choking sound, then he started thumping his head on the side of the table.

Harry grabbed one of Dobby’s shoulders with his uninjured arm and shook him. “Okay, okay, I understand. You can’t tell me. At least, give me an idea on what the plot is about.”

Dobby looked miserable again and shook his head.

Harry sighed in frustration. “Wait a minute, this plot doesn’t have anything to do with Volde-,” seeing Dobby wince, he said, “sorry, You-Know-Who, does it?”

Dobby slowly shook his head, “Oh, no, not He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” His eyes, however, were very wide, as if he was hinting at something. Harry couldn’t figure out what he meant.

“Well, then,” Harry said, “Who-,” Just then, a light came on in the Hallway. Dobby snapped a finger and just vanished. Right after, Madame Pomfrey came into the ward, holding a candle, and looked over at Harry. “Are you awake already, Mr. Potter?”

“Um, just a bit,” Harry replied, “My arm still twinges a little.”

Madame Pomfrey came up to his bed and gave him a small smile, “Well, it won’t do that anymore after another hour or two. Now, go on back to sleep.”

Harry placed his glasses on the table and turned over. However, sleep failed to claim him for a few more hours as he pondered his conversation with Dobby. He’d have to tell the others about it in the morning.

The next day, Madame Pomfrey let Harry go before breakfast, with the admonishment not to do anything strenuous with the reknitted arm for a few more days.

It was after dinner when Harry finally found time to talk to his friends about Dobby. He pulled Ron, Hermione and Neville into another empty classroom right from the Great Hall.

Just before Harry could say something, the door opened and Rose and Ginny peaked in.

“What are you four doing here?” Rose asked, “Are you guys planning another prank without us?”

“No, we are not,” Ron said, “Go on and leave us. This is something entirely different.”

“Ron, wait,” Harry said, “That’s my sister and yours. I think they should hear this, too. If I’m in danger, then so are you and them, too.”

“Fine, fine.” Ron said.

After Harry had told them all that Dobby had said, he looked from one to the other. “So, what do you guys think?”

“Hmm,” Hermione said, looking thoughtful, “That’s strange, Harry. I don’t know much about house elves. Is that the way they really are?”

“Well, Hermione,” Ron said, “Most families who have house elves are very rich and very old. Ordinarily, house elves can’t say anything bad about the family they work for, otherwise, they have to punish themselves.”

Hermione looked horrified, “That’s terrible. Why doesn’t anyone do anything about it?”

Harry looked uncomfortable, “Look, Hermione, you’ve met Blinky and his family. According to him, it was much worse before my baby self beat old Volde, er, I mean, You-Know-Who.”

“Yes, Hermione,” Rose said, “Mimi told me that before my big brother zapped the Big Bad, most house elves were beaten and were virtually slaves. Now, many of them, like Blinky and his family, get paid for their work and get holidays. But, still, some of them are still treated like slaves.”

“So, do you think Dobby was on the up and up?” Ron asked.

“Maybe,” Harry said, “Something is definitely up. I don’t know what kind of danger could there be here at Hogwarts. I mean, Professor Dumbledore is here. I can’t imagine what he couldn’t handle.”

“Well, bro, this has been interesting,” Rose said, looking at her watch, “but I’ve got to run.”

“Where are you going at this late hour, sis?” Harry asked.

“Um, she’s got detention with Snape,” Ginny said, a grimace forming on her face.

Harry scowled, “Whatever for?”

Ginny looked at Rose who looked back at her and shook her head.

Harry moved closer to her sister and asked again, “What’s the detention for, Rose?”

After a few seconds of silence, Rose sighed and said, “One of the Slytherins, Margaret Tunnelbee tripped while taking her potion sample to Snape’s desk. She dropped the vial and it broke. She claimed that I tripped her since it happened while she was passing my desk.”

“So, I guess you didn’t do that, right?” Harry asked.

“I certainly didn’t, though I was tempted to hex her since she’d been making snide remarks about the potion me and Ginny had been brewing,” Rose said, “Anyway, Snape believed her and took 10 points from Gryffindor. I tried to protest and said I was innocent, but he just took 10 more points and gave me three days detention for it.”

All the people in the room scowled.

“That git, so typical of him,” Harry said, angrily, “It wasn’t so bad when it was me he was being unfair with. But now, he’s doing it to my sister. I should complain to Dumbledore for this.”

Rose put her hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay, bro. I can handle this. Dad warned me he might get a bit hard on me because of their shared past. Don’t worry.”

Harry sighed, “Okay, sis. But we’ll get back at him for this.” He looked to the other marauders, “I think we should start planning another prank, for the Slytherins.”

Everyone nodded. Then, they all left for the Gryffindor common room, except for Rose who moved in the direction of the Dungeons.
Reviews 475

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