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Reviewer: Zoltan42 Signed Date: 2009.05.07 - 09:28PM Title: Anywhere You Go

I think you missed my point. The very concept is cliched and contrary to how the character was at the end of DH.

I do not believe for a second he would think it was his fault Fred, Tonks, etc. died. Portraying Harry in this way ignores the character development he went through in DH, and such a portrayal is inherently OOC. It wouldn't have been if one is still working with the character up to HBP and maybe even half-way through DH, but not with the character at the end of his story. That was part of the point of his story: casting off those traits and growing up. Instead of him being beat up, I would see the events at the end of the story -- again especially Snape's memories and the Dumbledore conversation -- as being cathartic. If he was still the "oh woe is me" Harry, it would have been more likely he would have gotten on the train at King's Cross, rather than return to take on Voldemort.

Author's Response: Again, I have to disagree, due to the fact that Harry has always been a hero, and always puts other people first when it comes to being in a tight spot. He\'d never have gotten on that train, whether he\'d been guilt-ridden or not. He does grow up, in order to take on Voldemort, but people who have this radical growing up can, and more than likely will, revert back into what they are used to, and the growing up part only lasts until it needs to. The concept may be over done, but I would not say it is impossible, I would say it\'s the more likely outcome. Everyone is entitled to their own view on whether Harry would be \"oh woe is me\", or have grown up, but I don\'t think he could have grown up that much.

Reviewer: Zoltan42 Signed Date: 2009.05.07 - 03:29PM Title: Anywhere You Go


The first chapters were OK, telling the story from Ginny's POV, but then the last chapter and a half took a major nosedive: the whole "guilt-ridden, moping, over-sensitive, emotional, stubborn prat", the "broken and battered" Harry. That has to be the single worst -- and over done -- cliche of post-DH fan fiction. (Granted, being over done is part of being a cliche, but even by those standards, this is over done.)

If we were talking about pre-DH Harry, then yeah, those descriptions would apply, but for Harry to have been able to defeat Voldemort, then the events of DH, especially the revelations from Snape's memory and the talk with the King's Cross Dumbledore, pretty much necessitated character development in Harry beyond those aspects. If he didn't, I just can't see how he would have been able to find it in him to defeat Voldemort. Maybe even worse is that in almost all of these stories, Harry is the only one who sees him as being guilty. They are pretty much the same story over and over over and over...

I don't expect Harry to be happy-go-lucky, that there wouldn't be any consequences for him, but this one-note idea of the "woe is me" Harry has been driven into the ground.

Author's Response: Correct, it\'s overdone, but I don\'t think it can actually be done much differently. He\'s going to be beat up, that\'s inevitible, but for a decent story it can\'t be \"meh, i\'m only half-upset\", or that loses much more emotion. I appreciate your thoughts, but I have to disagree. However, if you do have any ideas of how this could be done differently to make it less cliched, by all means, I\'m open for discussion, send me a message or email. Thanks for your review.

Reviewer: GoDons Signed Date: 2009.05.05 - 04:06AM Title: Anywhere You Go


No Review

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2009.04.29 - 12:13AM Title: Anywhere You Go


Thanks for the credit, but the story is all yours!!

Author's Response: That may be, but I need your help to make my story much better and easier to read. Huge Thanks!

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