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Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.04.04 - 02:42PM Title: Chapter 5


I meant to say in my last review that I don't know if I'm getting confused but ginny dreams seemed to keep mentioning ! "she" which didn't appear to be ginny but the person controlling her...which I presumed to be the "he" of voldermort.

I did wonder if Adam would make the quidditch team.

Author's Response: Thanks! You\'re right the dreams are confusing and that is deliberate

Reviewer: hiraishin4 Signed Date: 2010.08.27 - 01:06PM Title: Chapter 5

well, i'm a little dissapointed in how harry didn't make the seeker. Ginny didn't outplay him only he choose not to hurt her, And why are you downgrading his flying skills? Even as a newbie, he always new how to handle a broom. It has always been instinctual to him. Ginny is good because she's talented and she practiced. Harry on the other hand had onbly pure natural talent. Harry was the one to always do the stunts when flying. But you're making him a not so good flyer with a good eye for finding the snitch.

Now I now this is fanfiction, and specifically an AU, so it's normal to alter things, I'm only complaining (kinda...) because until now from what I've seen you've been keeping them in chacater. And I feel you're takingaway his talent to make Ginny's more impressive. That's what I don't like. Each character has his own stregths and weaknesses, and being a great flyer is one of Harry's not so much as Ginny's

Also on the same thing, why should Ginny understand snakes? At first I thought, maybe she'll only be able to understand and speak the words she spoke and heard when being possessed, as that who'd have make sense if she's remembering all the other stuff. But then that part about Tom changing Ginny made me think you pretend a liittle more out of thesituation and probably I'll have to wait to understand were you want to get.

I'm finding this story interesting. I've already read book one and like it as well. I only registered now and this is my first review. Good work ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! All I can say at the moment, is as you read on the flying/ talking to snakes will be explained. Keep reading.

Reviewer: Katehc2 Signed Date: 2009.12.06 - 10:56PM Title: Chapter 5

I am really enjoying this story. I'm having a Bear-y Sunday, reading all your stories. I'll try and get caught up tomorrow.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: annep Signed Date: 2009.11.30 - 04:42PM Title: Chapter 5

It doesn’t surprise me that Dumbledore didn’t share the blood test results with Remus. It would have been so shocking (for over a decade everyone has assumed that Harry died with his parents) that Albus would want independent confirmation of the results, without tainting Remus’ search with any possible answers. That’s what I would have done at any rate.

Adam’s act of basically handing the seeker position to Ginny was sad, but understandable. She’s his first real friend (at least from what we’ve seen so far) and I think he would do anything to protect her and their relationship. Making the reserve spot is still quite an accomplishment for someone who has only flown for a year.

Author's Response: Thanks! Exactly what I was going for at this point in time.

Reviewer: Feff Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 10:30PM Title: Chapter 5


Thank you for the update
I love Adam & Ginny. They are so lovely together.

Best of Wishes,

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 07:09PM Title: Chapter 5


I'm not sure I understand: Ginny got the snitch, Harry is appointed Reserve Seeker and George congratulates Ginny for getting the Seeker position?

Author's Response: Yeah Ginny is Seeker and Adam is reserve, at least for now.....

Reviewer: Kage James Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 06:38PM Title: Chapter 5


No Review

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 06:08PM Title: Chapter 5


Good chapter, I'm a little disappointed that Adam didn't make the team. I think he needs that in his life. Too bad Remus has not made more headway in finding out who Adam is.

Author's Response: Thanks! Remus will have to keep searching I guess

Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 03:47PM Title: Chapter 5


Nice!! Keep up the great writing.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: hushpuppy22 Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 02:53PM Title: Chapter 5

Ginny getting the seeker spot doesn't fit with what we know of the characters since Harry in a natural flyer and seeker. Ginny is a great player but not a prodigy like Harry. Seeking seems to be about flying skills while chasing, which is Ginny's forte, is about competitiveness and ability to work with your team. We readers need a better reason to believe Ginny would have made seeker than she's flown longer than him. Everyone had flown longer than Harry in the books but that didn't stop him from getting seeker.

Author's Response: While Adam, may be better, he made a decision here that allowed Ginny to get the Snitch. They will both end up playing though.

Reviewer: ginny92 Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 02:26PM Title: Chapter 5


I don't know how I feel about ginny getting the seekers spot. she's a chaser, that's what she's better suited for. "adam" is in my book the superior seeker. he has natural instinc's for the game. I hope there gets to be a chanc where ginny and harry both get to play at the same time. peace

Author's Response: While Adam, may be better, he made a decision here that allowed Ginny to get the Snitch. They will both end up playing though.

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 02:19PM Title: Chapter 5


Great new chapter--interesting making Ginny Seeker instead of Adam.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: seekers_destiny Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 01:56PM Title: Chapter 5


At first, I thought something was wrong with Harry so that he was not as good a seeker as he'd been in JKR's books. However, I think the difference is that your Harry has learned to be careful while JKR's took crazy chances. That was illustrated very clearly in this chapter when Harry avoided the collision. This Ginny is too intent on proving herself and isn't a very good friend at the moment. Harry had good reason to be disappointed with her - she totally disregarded her friend's well being.

A theory on how Harry ended up where he was that I had rejected has been given new life by this chapter. Since I might spoil things if I am correct, I won't spell it out but I now have no doubt about the person(s) I suspect had the power or expertise to do what was done to Harry and it was to protect him just as I thought. There's still a bit about how You-Know-Who was defeated that I'm not clear on but I think I have figured out part of the story.

Anyway, this is a very good chapter and I really like the dialog - especially between Harry and Ginny.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I take it as the highest complement when people are able to speculate on things that are going to happen or be revealed. You\'ll have to wait and see.

Reviewer: LeprechaunJV Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 01:51PM Title: Chapter 5


No Review

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Lord Dreadnault Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 01:01PM Title: Chapter 5


Another great update. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 12:50PM Title: Chapter 5


I'm going to have to go back and see if you mentioned Adam having grey eyes before. I noticed the mention of his eyes by that staff member, but she didn't say what colour they are. We all know what colour we were expecting them to be ;-)

This is turning out to be most intriguing, especially as we wait for Remus to discover what happened.

/me plumps up his bean-bag happily and munches on pop-corn as he awaits the next instalment

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: hp_fanatic Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 12:46PM Title: Chapter 5


I really wanted Adam to be the seeker. :(

Author's Response: I think Adam was dissapointed aswell, but I think he\'d rarther give up his place on the team than risk hurting Ginny. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 12:43PM Title: Chapter 5


Darn, I should have seen that coming! Good on ya. :D
You keep to canon happenings but always with a slight twist. Love it.

I'm getting more and more curious about Adam's past.
Alice mentioned his amazing eyes and I do wonder about that. Does she mean green or grey. If it's green, it would indicate that Adam did not always looked like this.

I hate to beg but update soon?

Until next time, take care.

ps; tiny typo. "Your better anyway," should be "You're better anyway" but other than that, no comments. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Thanks for picking up on the typo. I\'ve fixed that now

Reviewer: Comet Moon Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 10:47AM Title: Chapter 5


Admas reflexes are in catching, and focus.

While Ginny's are throwing and overall veiw of the pitch

Adam would probably have won.

Nice chapter

Look forward to the next DADA class

Ja ne


Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2009.11.28 - 10:32AM Title: Chapter 5


Yeah, a game of "aerial chicken" doesn't seem all that appealing -- especially against a genuine friend; more so when one hasn't had many friends. It was rather nice of the twins to include Adam.

Seems that Remus is getting tantalizingly close, with the "missing clue" managing to stay just out of reach. (Not unlike a Snitch, eh?)....

Oh -- I just noticed that you mentioned here that Adam's eyes are grey. Interesting, that....

Author's Response: Yes, Remus is missing something still............. Thanks for the review!

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