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Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2011.04.02 - 08:26PM Title: Chapter 1


Doesn't seem to be any better than being at the Dursleys...poor Adam.

Reviewer: Katehc2 Signed Date: 2009.12.06 - 10:19PM Title: Chapter 1

Oh dear. Poor Adam.

I do have a slight question that I almost asked over at Phoenix Song earlier today. You had Ginny put on a nightgown that Madame Pomfrey had left over the back of a chair in the hospital wing. Now you have "She got out of bed and pulled on her nightgown that hung on the back of her door." Could you mean dressing gown? My Mum always called our bathrobes by that name.
Grandma Kate

Author's Response: Thanks for all the reviews! I\'m a little bit further ahead here than I am at PS, so I\'m posting the chapters in batches there to catch up. Yes I probably do mean dressingown, as in the sort of thing you might ware over whatever you wear in bed when you up and about the house but not dressed?

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2009.11.09 - 07:21PM Title: Chapter 1


How could Dumbledore do that to him?

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2009.11.08 - 02:29PM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Hoisin Signed Date: 2009.11.03 - 02:57PM Title: Chapter 1


Good chapter.

It seems incredible to me that since Dumbledore obviously suspects Adam of being Harry he still doesn't bother to check up on Harry's whereabouts. Bad Dumbledore.

I hope Ginny convinces Molly and McGonagall to investigate soon. But even if they do, I don't expect the Ministry to be very forthcoming in that regard.

And why can't Ginny's owls find Adam. That's strange but I'm sure we will find out ^_^.

Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. All will be explained.

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 10:45PM Title: Chapter 1


What I still don't understand is how Dumbledore and McGonagall, and everyone else, haven't realised Harry's resemblance to his father.

This Kyle is quite a character, huh?

Author's Response: Thanks. He has had his hair/eyes altered. I wouldn\'t have thought any likness\' in facial structure etc would be that easy to spot in an 12 year old. Especially as, at this point, it is a known fact that all the Potters are dead. So no one is looking for them

Reviewer: Kage James Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 08:52PM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Author's Response: Thaks

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 08:40PM Title: Chapter 1

I realize I already reviewed this chapter--but I couldn't resist speculating about the consequences of Dumbledore's conduct. I guess his reluctance to accept the very real possibility that if Adam is a Potter, what that means for Voldemort's survival reminds me of Fudge. I also wonder how McG, and Remus and Hagrid are going to react when they learn the truth(which I presume will happen someday). When McG finds out that Dumbledore knew and that he let Adam return to an orphanage to be abused, she is really not going to be happy. She has been very forgiving so far.

I would not expect Adam to trust Dumbledore ever again--and I suspect his faith in McG will be shaken by her allowing him to be sent to an Orphanage. Eventually he is going to notice that everyone claims they didn't intend for bad things to happen to him, but they keep happening and no one seems to really care about stopping them from happening. Adam could be more suspicious and untrusting in your story. He should be a nasty suspicious hostile young man, bristling with resentment and much more hesitant to accept platitudes at face value--maybe after another bad summer. I'm not encouraging you to write him that way--just wondering why he isn't more that way considering the continued failure of adults to protect him in any way.

Author's Response: Yes Adam is probably going to have a lot of trouble trusting Dumbledore after this point. Even if he didn\'t make the decision to send him there, he did make the decision not to get involved in Adam accomodation over the summer. Dumbledore will have consideraby bridges to rebuild. Dumbledore\'s reluctance to believe could be something to do with its implication that he has made a massive mistake, or he could simply not be telling Remus the truth and he does believe it, but doesn\'t want to admit it to anyone.

Reviewer: duckster Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 04:55PM Title: Chapter 1


I'm enjoying this story as I did Lost but I'm assuming a reasonable explanation of the various 'mysteries' in Adam's past and why there is doubt as to who he is . What's inexplicable to me now is Dumbledore allowing Adam to end up in the same situation (a Muggle orphanage where he is shunned) that molded Tom Riddle into a psychopath. Hardly seems a prudent course if he is worried about how Adam will turn out.

Author's Response: Yes, It\'s ironic that through all his paranoia last year about Adam he allows him, by failing to monitor where the ministry has put Adam, to be put into a similar unpleasant situation

Reviewer: LeprechaunJV Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 11:48AM Title: Chapter 1


Dumbledore needs to be kicked in his head - wither physically or verbally. Best person to do so would be McGonagal and hope she finds the blood test reports giving the true ancestary of Adam/Harry.

Update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks, Dumbledore at this point has made many mistakes

Reviewer: HGRHfan35 Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 07:59AM Title: Chapter 1


You better post again soon because this left me with a really bad tast in my mouth! Poor Adam.

DUMBLEDORE! I was right! What a s.. o. a b$@#. He knows who Adam is but without anyone reigning him back in he is even more meddlesome than before. How dare he sending Adam to a childrens home. I can't believe the man is a schoolmaster presiding over children because he certainly hasn't the foggiest when it comes to kids. Did he place a spell so that Owls can't find Adam?

Ginny, I sure hope she will press her mother soon into saving him from the Children's Home and the bullies residing there. A new adventue for the Ford Anglia perhaps? I hope Molly or Minerva find Adam all beaten up like he is now because Albus should and would be very afraid of those ladies.

Remus......I'm a sucker for Remus, I have to admit to that. Hope he find out who Adam is and I hope he will look out for him.

Oh Boy.......

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope to be able to update once a week

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 05:31AM Title: Chapter 1


Poor Adam, he certainly can't seem to catch a break. I hope Ginny gets in contact with Professor McGonagal - soon. So does this mean Dumbledore knows who Adam is? That doesn't seem very fair. Great update!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Nyeshet Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 02:03AM Title: Chapter 1


Why would Dobby be doing anything with Adam? Unless the Malfoys are already aware of Adam being Harry Potter, Dobby should have no knowledge of such, and without Dobby having such knowledge I cannot see him doing anything against Adam. Perhaps it is simply due to thankfulness and wonder that Adam defeated the diary plot of Lucius Malfoy, and now Dobby wishes to protect him from further dangers from the Malfoys? But what dangers could the Malfoys be planning? Something new, perhaps? Sirius has not yet escaped (as the Weasleys have not yet won the lottery, received the photo op, and left the country), so trying to keep him away from where Sirius is heading does not work. Also, he would have no reason to believe that Sirius would seek out Adam, and the Ministry of Magic would have more to wonder at Sirius' statement of someone being at Hogwarts as Harry is not known to attend it (or even be alive).

And third year - not Lupin? I wonder if Madeye is coming early to Hogwarts? That combined with Dobby's antics could make for an interesting year. But Lupin might yet come to Hogwarts this year; after all, the only reason he was made a professor in the books was due to his prior friendship with Sirius; it was expected that his knowledge of the man might aid in finding and capturing him should he enter Hogwarts. So perhaps Lupin will be switched in at the last moment when Sirius escapes. If anything, Sirius has far more reason to escape than in the books - he believes all the Potters were killed, even Harry. Vengeance can be a powerful driver.

Interesting that Albus has the results but disbelieves them. On the other hand, his statement that Adam could be dire for the wizarding world suggests that perhaps he believes Adam to be Riddle reborn - Tom's spirit having replaced or fused with Harry's spirit. If both spirits are present (fused or not) then Harry's influence could explain to Albus why Adam has not acted as he would expect of Tom. Harry's goodness has tempered Tom's evil, perhaps. This could explain the blood results, the difference in appearance, and the parselmouth ability all in one.

In effect, Albus may believe that Adam is a somewhat purified Tom that could become a force of good - or Voldemort reborn should he go bad. That by itself could suggest why he is so careful with Adam, as encouraging good in him could lead to the next Albus, while not taking care to prevent him going bad could lead to the next Voldemort. Worse, as Albus knows that Voldemort has not died, it could lead to Adam and Voldemort teaming up, perhaps Voldemort taking on Adam as his right hand (as the events in the Chamber suggest Tom would consider doing). Either way, a Voldemort + Adam combination would be undefeatable, considering that the British Wizarding World was losing the prior war against Voldemort until his sudden defeat.

As for Adam, I expect he'll be leaving the Orphanage in the next chapter, as he was barely tolerating staying there this chapter and has received more than plenty of incentive to leave it. I'm rather surprised Adam worried about accidental magic considering his stated willingness to use magic to solve problems (such as Kyle) at the start of the chapter (around the point he stated he would be keeping his wand on his person at all times in case he had to suddenly leave or deal with a problem). Accidental magic will deal with the problem while also giving him an out / reason that cannot be held against him: it was an accident. As the place is known to the Ministry of Magic, it is likely monitored; perhaps they might even remove him from the place if accidental magic occurred. That this did not occur to Harry surprises me.

I look forward to the next chapter, which I expect will deal with Harry perhaps trying or considering leaving the orphanage, perhaps the appearance of Dobby (which if it occurs will likely reveal to Adam his magical heritage, if not also his name), and maybe Lupin finding a clue or two. I wonder, though, why would Dobby try to keep Adam from Hogwarts? It is not as if the Malfoys are preparing another plot to negatively affect the school such as with the basilisk? Or are they? Nothing in canon comes to mind, so it would have to be something original; that could also be an interesting development.

In any case, keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, very little I can actually comment on without giving anything away. Albus\' reasoning for keeping Remus in the dark at the moment are his own, and we wont know what they are until he makes them clear to someone. Albus isn\'t very good at sharing information. I think Adam is more worried about seriously injuring someone that being caught doing magic. The reason behind the letters not finding him will be revealed.

Reviewer: heathw Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 12:35AM Title: Chapter 1


Wow. I hope this part dosen;t last too long. It''s hard to read. Nontheless, a good start

Author's Response: Don\'t worry. I wont draw this out too long

Reviewer: rahat5810 Signed Date: 2009.11.02 - 12:10AM Title: Chapter 1


Nice one. Hopefully in the next chapter you can tell us what is the result that Dumbledore did not tell Lupin.

Waiting for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Dumbledore will eventually have to come clean with Remus, but for now I think he just needs him to do a job

Reviewer: Professor_Chris Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 10:00PM Title: Chapter 1


Another great chapter, I certainly hope that Remus takes care of Adam when he learns who he really is. I am guessing the Ministry or Dumbledore is stopping his mail.

Author's Response: Dumbledore really is keeping everyone in the dark at the moment. I guess we will see what happens with the Owls soon.

Reviewer: danno Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 09:33PM Title: Chapter 1


I'm interested to see what's going to happen next - Harry/Adam never gets it good, does he? Of course, the hero never can.

It's a curious thing, the letters not making it to Harry/Adam. Hmm.

I hope Ginny figures things out.

Author's Response: I think the problem with the Owls will be made clear soon and I don\'t think Ginny will tolerate not being in contact long

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 08:14PM Title: Chapter 1


Hmmm... wonder what's interfering with the owls... though I expect you'll make that clear in your own good time. :-}

The situation with Kyle doesn't seem very tenable; wonder how long it will be endured.

Author's Response: Yes, there is a good reason why the Owls can\'t find him. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: hp_fanatic Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 06:47PM Title: Chapter 1


I feel so bad for Adam, I hope the summer pass by fast.Good chapter I hope you can update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 05:47PM Title: Chapter 1


Typical Dumbledore. He really is an inattentive headmaster. I can undersrand him being skeptical of Adam being Harry since he doesn't resemble James or Harry(Pettigre's doing?). I wonder if the owls cannot find him since Adam is not his real name or if they cannot find him because someone(pettigrew?)acted to hide him.

Molly's lack of concern about Adam is partially understandable as her assuming he has a family and partially a result of Adam not being famous. And partially a strange lack of interest in the boy who rescued their daughter--which they seem to be in denial about.

But Adam sure does get the short straw. Interesting that he didn't use magic when attacked--involuntary or otherwise.

Author's Response: You\'ve hit the nail on the head with your assesment. Dumbledore, in his own mind has been 100% sure for the last decade that ALL the Potters are dead. So he is skeptical, perhaps he doesn\'t totally trust the goblins and as far as Albus is concerned there should be no way that a Potter should be a parselmouth.

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