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Rolling with it...

Well.  So there are some things that need to be announced, or at least chatted about, and although I'm not truly the right person to be making announcements, I'm at least a decent sort to start chatting.

First of all, and most importantly, Spenser Hemmingway is stepping down from his Senior Administrator and Trinkets Tsar role, "effective May".  That may or may not mean tomorrow, but regardless it is certainly soon.  I don't know details, but Sir Ollivander told us that Spenser / Eric has accepted a college position in creative writing.  Fitting, I would say!

Anyway, hopefully those who know more, and perhaps our long-time SIYE icon himself, may be able to provide more information, but in the mean time, let's wish him well!

Secondly, Hannah / GinnyWeasley777, has agreed to take on the Trinkets and get them charged up again.  Thank you Hannah!  In return, I will assume full responsibility for Challenges.

Thirdly, I am aware, and somewhat disheartened, by the fair number of minor unresolved technical problems on the site, including failures in new account approval, review responses, and (for some authors) an inability to edit old chapters.  I don't personally have the control (and perhaps not the know-how) to fix these problems, but the appropriate authorities have been alerted.

I will admit that this is a difficult time for SIYE.  We are limping along, but we are not dead yet, especially if authors, readers and volunteers continue to make things happen.

Thank you all!

GHL on 2017.04.30 - 02:07PM (0 Comments)

April Fool's Challenge (2017-2)

What a grand way to honour a grand day!

Er, what's so grand about today?  Sixth anniversary of Alan Rickman's last on-stage performance?

No silly.  I mean, yes, BUT today is April Fool's day and what better way to honour it than with a "Pranks" Challenge?  Indeed, it is not just the twins who can pull a prank.  Somebody has just wronged Harry and Ginny, and they're going to get even in the most fitting and funny way possible.  Tell us about it!  Please note that these shenanigans need not take place on April 1, however they're certainly welcome to borrow from the spirit of this fine day!


Challenge award categories are:

  Most Humourous

  Most Unexpected

  Best Overall

  People's Choice Award

  Most Gratuitous Use of the Word Belgium in a Serious Screen Play


Authours, please have your stories submitted by July 15, 2017 to line us up for an awards announcement on August Fool's Day.  The usual caveats apply as far as judges not having to read Restricted stories, or read past the 20,000th word of a story.

Everyone, please feel free to suggest new challenge ideas whenever they occur to you!

ghl on 2017.04.01 - 10:42AM (3 Comments)

Carpe Diem Challenge (2017-1) Results

The votes have been counted and the results are now in.  The winners are -

Best Overall - A Romance In Reverse by DukeBrymin

Most Romantic - The Moments That Matter by CharmHazel

Most Unexpected - A Romance In Reverse by DukeBrymin

The People's Choice Award - A Romance In Reverse


Huge thanks to all the authors who entered, and to all the judges for taking the time to vote (SM, MG, GL, AM, MS, AS)

The winning stories are now in the featured story section.  Keep an eye out for the 2017-2 challenge which is coming soon!

ginnyweasley777 on 2017.04.01 - 03:42AM (5 Comments)


Reviews are now fixed! Thank you for your patience

Bear on 2017.03.28 - 05:25AM (8 Comments)

Carpe Diem Challenge (2017-1) -- Let the Voting Begin!

Dear all,

Five days late, but with good reason.  We have six wonderful challenge stories for you all to read, as listed at: 

Please register your votes for the People's Choice Award via the following link:

Sadly, I do not yet have word on a resolution to the technical problem with leaving story reviews, so please feel free to use this discussion space to comment on stories.

Also, please continue to state your preferences for the next challenge topic (2017-2), ideally within the earlier update discussion:


We look forward to announcing the 2017-1 challenge winners, and the upcoming 2017-2 challenge topic, on April 1.

No foolin'!


ghl on 2017.03.21 - 08:33AM (14 Comments)

Story reviewing function

Dear all,

Authours, please do not feel unloved for the next while if you don't receive reviews on your stories -- the function is temporarily unavailable, and will hopefully be restored reasonably soon!

For those wondering about the recent outages, they were the result of denial of service attacks.  Why hackers might wish to target a site that brings the joys of free, heart-felt fiction to the world, we may never know.  But with your patience and the technical skills of generous volunteers like Bear (who donated a good chunk of his time thwarting the attacks) we shall persevere!

Happy reading and writing to all!

                                - GHL


P.S.  While we wait for word about the reviewing function, anyone who feels strongly (hopefully positively) about any of our new slate of stories is welcome to leave a comment in this thread.

ghl on 2017.03.20 - 07:08AM (13 Comments)

The Carpe Diem Challenge (2017-1) Update 3

Update to the Update:  two days ago I was able to log on just long enough to write the message below when the site crashed for more than another full day, which rendered the challenge 'extension' fairly meaningless.  Furthermore, I have it on good information that at least one authour attempted to submit a story but was thwarted in doing so.

So, although I'll leave the old message in its original form below, Hannah, Sir Ollivander and I were quite unanimous on wanting more than just a 24 hour extension, so perhaps we should set the new deadline as midnight, March, 20.

And now, let's all dip into out stores of Felix Felicis and hope for a bit of server stability!


[The problem with SIYE crashing is at our host server site.  I personally have not learned what the problem(s) is/are but we are definitely in contact to find out why and when SIYE will be stable.  -Sir Ollivander]





Friends, seeing as how many times the site has been down in the past few days, I think it's only fair that we extend the submission deadline by a day in case there were any other authors attempting to submit stories.  So let's say that we will accept any stories submitted before midnight SIYE time on March 16th.

Shortly thereafter, the category will close, and stories will be open for People's Choice voting.

Thank you for your patience.

ghl on 2017.03.16 - 12:48AM (10 Comments)

The Carpe Diem Challenge (2017-1) Update 2

"Oi, what a plank..."  Stumbling his way back up toward the castle, Harry shook his head, disgusted over his sudden bout of awkwardness.

It should have been simple -- find Ginny down by the lake shore, return her lost Potions essay, chat cheerily, and forget his Ron/Hermione problems.  Instead, he'd found himself tongue-tied and twisted, floundering for a cringeworthy minute, then beating a hasty retreat before her initial gratitude could turn from puzzled bemusement to full-on laughter.

He couldn't figure why he had turned so divvy in front of Ron's little sister.  He was even more puzzled that this bothered him so much.  Derision had been a constant feature of Harry's younger years, easily ignored, so why care now?  Was it just because her... her...

... her eyes had sparkled like the sun-kissed lake?  Hair gleaming in the warm westerly glow -- an irridescent crown of-?

"Hi Harry!"

Harry jumped, whipping about, setting his gaze on... Michael Corner.

The Ravenclaw smiled and waved.  "Harry, have you seen Ginevra Weasley?  Her friends told me she might be by the lake."

"Uhh..."  Harry stared dumbly, rubbing his jaw with the grace of an obliviated ape.

"I'm trying to find her."  Corner pulled out his wand in a non-threatening way.  "She was having difficulty with some of her DADA spells, and I intended to offer..."


Corner gaped.  "Eh?  Beg Pardon?"

Blinking at his own outburst, Harry shook his head.

"So you haven't seen her?"  Corner raised an eyebrow.

Seen her?  Harry frowned.  In all these years, he'd never truly seen her, had he?  The little girl from Platform 9 3/4?  The living, quaking body that had clung to him down in the Chamber?  The charming young woman with-


"Oh, sorry."  Harry nodded.  "I guess I never saw her, Michael.  Say, have you tried the library?"

"Library?"  Corner scratched his head.  "I just came from there but...  Perhaps we just missed each other?"  He turned back toward the castle.  "Okay, well thanks Harry."

Michael Corner had retreated out of sight past a heavy thicket before Harry loosed a long conflicted sigh.  Then, preparing to make his own way up the hill, he heard something.  A voice.  A voice of gentle concern, a lilting D major arpeggio on a fine harp...

"What's the matter, Harry?  Did I say something to upset you?"

Slowly, Harry turned to see two eyes gazing tentatively up at him; eyes wide, deep, and very... beautiful?

And there was a hand -- Ginny's hand; small and gentle; reaching inquiringly.  "Are you okay?  You look a bit peaky."

Harry's words failed him, but no matter, for his fingers (far wiser than brain or heart) had found the courage to act, to meet the proffered hand.  To accept it.  Cherish it.  Draw it close.




Part two of 'little scribble', per Martin's request  :)

My charming witches and gentlewizards, we have one wonderful story in hand.  Are more forthcoming?  Will Pleurocoelus's Cretaceous muse come through for him?  Other hands helping Harry to pluck up the courage?


Please note that we are always on the lookout for judges.  If you judged in recent challenges, you may expect to hear again from GinnyWeasey777 or myself soliciting your kind opinions for this round.  If you haven't already judged, then do consider dropping us a PM or e-mail to volunteer.


Finally, it is not too early to consider topics for Challenge 2017-2.  Below are some promising concepts from earlier.  Please voice your choices here in this forum, and/or propose new topics.


1.  It's not just the twins who can pull a prank.  Somebody has just wronged Harry and Ginny, and they're going to get even in the most fitting and funny way possible.  Tell us about it! 

2.  Someone is going on a magical creature hunt. The challenge would be to tell why they are hunting the creature, do they find it, and tell about the journey.

3. Years into their marriage, Ginny discovers something surprising about Harry.  Tell us about it.

4.  Harry ran away for all the wrong reasons. Ginny has finally tracked him down. What happens next?

ghl on 2017.02.27 - 02:16PM (7 Comments)

The Carpe Diem Challenge (2017-1) Update

Four short weeks until March 15 challenge deadline, mates!  Poor Harry will languish if you don't give him that kick of inspiration.  Poor Ginny will wonder, again, whether she'll ever find that perfect arm about her, banishing the old fears...

In case it's any help, here's a little scribble to spark some creative engines.



Harry's knuckles whitened... then he released the edge of the table and glowered at an empty chair across of him.

Chewing her lip, Hermione listened to the thuds of Ron stomping petulantly up the steps toward the dorms.  She loosed a weary breath, and patted her friend's arm.  "I'm sorry, Harry."

"Sorry?"  Harry's brow crinkled.  "What are you sorry for?"

"I, er..."  Hermione's chewed lip grew paler.  "I'm sorry that Ron's being so impossible, but I can't really take your side either."

Harry stared at her.  Hermione looked away, shaking her head.  "Sorry, I just can't.  The two of you will just have to sort it out for yourselves."

She turned from the table and made her way quickly, quietly, toward the girls' dorms.  Harry stared after her for a long moment, incredulous and hurt.  Alone.

Indeed, their latest row had (once again) cleared the Common Room.  Harry's weary eyes swept the empty chamber.  The gaggle of first-years had fled an hour ago.  Dean and Neville had long since packed up their chess match.  Even Ginny had given up on them -- her favourite desk vacated, jumper gone from the chair-back, not a hint of...

Huh?  Harry's eyes caught a glimpse of... something fallen into the shadowy space between the wall and the bookcase -- perfectly hidden but from his odd current vantage.  He crossed the room, knelt down, stretched his arm into the narrow crack, and pulled out -- a scroll.  Upon which he saw flowing script, neatly stating, 'Potions Essay 12.  Ginny Weasley.'

"Oi!"  Harry blinked.  "Wouldn't want to lose this, would you Gin'?  I reckon it's due tomorrow."

He pursed his lips.  "Where did she say she was off to?  For a stroll by the lake?"  He glanced at his own swotting --  parchment strewn about from the argument, lessons driven from his mind by the frustration of having such a git for a best friend.  He gazed at the window, at the late sun playing off moody clouds and felt a vague longing for...

For what?  For fresh air?  A friendly face to chat with?

Harry shrugged.  "Well, at least she'll be glad to have her essay back."  He pulled on his cloak, and made his way to the portrait hole.



Remember, the categories for judging are Best Overall, Most Romantic, Most Unexpected, and the People's Choice Award.


1. All general submission rules apply. Stories over 20,000 words are discouraged but not prohibited. R-rated stories are allowed but discouraged. Judges are not required to read stories over 20,000 words or any R-rated stories.

2. All entries must be submitted under The Carpe Diem Challenge (2017-1) sub-category of SIYE Challenges and be submitted by midnight SIYE time on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

3. Only completed stories will be accepted. Multiple chapters are allowed as long as all the requirements are in the chapters and the story is completed by the deadline. All stories still go through the same approval process as normal submissions so please don't wait until the last minute to submit your story.

ghl on 2017.02.15 - 06:02PM (6 Comments)

It Is Nearly Time for SIYE to Pay the Rent

UPDATE: Thank you, everybody, for your generosity. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly SIYE's patrons respond to the call. At this point, SIYE has enough to pay for the upcoming year and perhaps most of the following year, too. If you were unable to donate at this time but are wanting to donate at another time, our account does accept donations 24/7/365. Thank you. RLS

It has long been SIYE's tradition to eschew advertising and pay for the domain and the hosting with donations provided by patrons like you. The time for SIYE to pay its annual hosting bill is fast approaching. If any of you happen to be in possession of a healthy wallet and a fair amount of goodwill toward SIYE, please consider donating. We prefer to collect via PayPal. The link can be found under EXTRAS > DONATE TO THE SITE. Thank you for your consideration.

RLS on 2017.01.24 - 12:34AM (8 Comments)

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