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For In Dreams by Senator of Sorcery starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 120]
Harry had never friends, so he imagined one: a red haired girl he kept forgetting to name. Ginny imagined a shy boy with untidy hair and bright eyes, who knew nothing of magic, so she told him. He dreamt of a world of magic and of a girl who wanted to be his friend. She dreamt of a boy who loved to hear her voice, no matter what. And then, dreams become reality as Harry meets Ginny.

*Nominated for 2014 November/December DSTA for Best New Story and Best Romance*
PG - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Drama, General, Humor, Romance - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Mild Language, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence - Words: 142111
Completed: No - Chapters: 21 - Published: 2014.11.13 - Updated: 2015.10.05 - Hits: 21096

Perilous Journey by potterfan2008 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 286]
** Winner of the March 2014 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Romance **
During Christmas at Grimmauld Place, Harry and Ginny realize they can help each other overcome the memories of their past. Watching them, Sirius finds the courage to forgive himself for his past mistakes and start living again. Umbridge, however has other plans. She expels the couple, starting them on a very perilous journey. *Mentions of child abuse and alcohol/substance use*
R - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Warnings: Death, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use, Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence - Words: 241496
Completed: No - Chapters: 19 - Published: 2012.07.09 - Updated: 2015.10.04 - Hits: 68522

The Hemingway Six Challenge, Part Two (2015-4) by Sir Ollivander starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 10]
Entries for the Hemingway Six Challenge
G - Hemingway Six Challenge Part Two (2015-4) - None - Warnings: None - Words: 1085
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2015.10.03 - Updated: 2015.10.03 - Hits: 576

Sustenance by HPmum2014 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 12]
A story about Harry and Ginny's first time. Yes, I'm talking about sex.
R - Post-DH/PM - Fluff, General, Humor - Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 5774
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2015.09.30 - Updated: 2015.10.02 - Hits: 1211

Not From Others by FloreatCastellum starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 79]
She may not have been able to join Harry, Ron and Hermione, but Ginny refuses to go down without a fight. As war approaches, Ginny returns to Hogwarts to resurrect Dumbledore's Army and face the darkest year the wizarding world has ever seen.

DH from Ginny's POV. Canon.
PG-13 - Post-HBP, Post-DH/AB - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, General - Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use, Violence - Words: 37432
Completed: No - Chapters: 10 - Published: 2015.08.28 - Updated: 2015.10.02 - Hits: 3714

These Cuts I Have by melindaleo starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 247]
** Winner of the May 2015 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best New Story **
The war has been won, yet the aftershocks continue. The scattered survivors are left to pick up the pieces and find ways to move on. Join the various members of the extended Weasley family as they struggle to rebuild and cope with the consequences. And of course there are still Death Eaters left to find.
PG-13 - Post-DH/AB - Drama - Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use - Words: 91657
Completed: No - Chapters: 16 - Published: 2015.06.16 - Updated: 2015.09.29 - Hits: 21625

Splinters by GHL starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 95]

In the secret mists of time, a truth has been shattered. The path to victory has been cursed with despair... and nobody realizes it.

It is 1995 -- the summer of their discontent. Sequestered within the grimy walls of Grimmauld Place, Harry and Ginny begin having strange dreams of an era long past and events yet to come. Are the dreams somehow real? Is fate taunting them with tragic visions of doom, or are they being granted a precious chance to survive... and fall in love?

Note: this story presumes canon until Chapter 4 of OotP... beyond which things begin to go haywire.

PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Drama, Romance - Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence - Words: 53596
Completed: No - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2015.08.01 - Updated: 2015.09.29 - Hits: 5067

A New Normal by CharmHazel starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 25]
Harry has spent much of his life being hunted by Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Now the Dark Lord is dead, it is time for Harry to live the life he has always wanted. It it time for Harry to create for himself a new normal.
PG-13 - Post-DH/AB - General - Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 11493
Completed: No - Chapters: 4 - Published: 2015.07.03 - Updated: 2015.09.29 - Hits: 2902

Raising Albus by JetLaBarge starstarstarstar [Reviews - 47]
Raising Albus is turning out to be a challenge. Raising a child that is extraordinarily magically talented is difficult enough, but when the child is the subject of several prophesies the task can be daunting. Harry feels it may have been easier being a child subject to prophesies than raising one. Teddy wants to be an Auror, not the safest occupation. James and Lily pose their own challenges. This story will take us up to Albus and Rose train ride to Hogwarts.
R - Post-Hogwarts - Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, General - Warnings: Death, Violence - Words: 74949
Completed: No - Chapters: 17 - Published: 2015.03.19 - Updated: 2015.09.29 - Hits: 7650

Unity in Diversity by hgromance starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 16]
Sequel to The Beast Within. Highly reccommend you read that first. Harry and Ginny make new friends, find a few rivals, and generally enjoy themselves until danger is thrust upon Harry once again.
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 35715
Completed: No - Chapters: 3 - Published: 2015.08.20 - Updated: 2015.09.28 - Hits: 2076

Serendipity by HPmum2014 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 10]
In a world where there was no prophecy, no Boy-WHo-Lived and Harry grew up with his parents and a sister, he is now nineteen and his family has decided he needs to meet THE witch. Funnily enough, they all have someone in mind. They can't all be right, can they?
R - Alternate Universe - Fluff, General, Humor, Romance - Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 6574
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2015.09.25 - Updated: 2015.09.28 - Hits: 811

Gods Bless Accidental Magic! by Dopeydo starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 182]
** Winner of the May 2014 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Comedy **
Through a brilliant feat of Accidental Magic, Ginny Weasley finds herself bound up with Harry Potter on a journey that will shatter space and time.

Note: Picks up from halfway through chapter six of PS. Abuse warnings are limited to pre-Hogwarts experiences. Rating is mainly for language.
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - Action/Adventure, Crossover, Humor, Romance - Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence, Violence/Physical Abuse - Words: 238487
Completed: No - Chapters: 29 - Published: 2010.05.23 - Updated: 2015.09.27 - Hits: 57826

Vis Insita by Caleb Nova starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 22]
Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed. The seventh year sequel to That Terrifying Momentum.
R - Alternate Universe, Post-HBP - Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance - Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence - Words: 283262
Completed: No - Chapters: 33 - Published: 2015.07.23 - Updated: 2015.09.27 - Hits: 4809

Comatose by RwriterR starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 131]
** Winner of the February 2015 Dumbledore's Silver Trinket Award for Best Drama **
Harry Potter awakes from a coma into a new world built on foundations of lies and deceit. What happened to him? And why have his friends and family turned on him?

Harry Potter may have won The War, but can he win his life back?
PG-13 - Alternate Universe, Post-DH/AB - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance - Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Mild Language, Negative Alcohol Use - Words: 68245
Completed: No - Chapters: 15 - Published: 2014.08.26 - Updated: 2015.09.27 - Hits: 19660

And then... by Hello123 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 4]
What do you do when a war ends...when the last wand falls to the ground...and the last body is buried six feet below?
How does one pick up the pieces and just start living again?
They needed somebody, anybody, to tell them how.
PG-13 - Post-DH/AB - Angst, Drama, Romance - Warnings: None - Words: 4995
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2015.09.20 - Updated: 2015.09.27 - Hits: 374

When You Didn't Come Back by Akuroku starstarstarstar [Reviews - 15]
When Harry doesn't come back
R - Alternate Universe - General - Warnings: Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Sexual Situations, Violence - Words: 8034
Completed: No - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2015.09.12 - Updated: 2015.09.23 - Hits: 1819

Say-"Cheese!" by HPmum2014 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 7]
It's school photo day at Hogwarts for everyone but Harry Potter. After all, there's no-one who wants a photo of him. Or is there?
G - Pre-OotP - Fluff, General - Warnings: None - Words: 1946
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2015.09.19 - Updated: 2015.09.22 - Hits: 691

The Best Man by HPmum2014 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
All the drunken fun from Harry's Stag nigh and Ginny's Hen night. See what happens when the two collide.
R - Post-Hogwarts - General, Humor, Romance - Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use - Words: 3702
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2015.09.15 - Updated: 2015.09.19 - Hits: 911

Love Enough for Both by Manwe Valarian starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 276]
Harry heard a goblin speaking and he came out of temporary stupor. He was surrounded by witches and wizards all staring at him. The most shocking thing was he had his arms around someone. Who was she and how did they get here?
PG-13 - Alternate Universe - General - Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations - Words: 213211
Completed: No - Chapters: 31 - Published: 2012.10.25 - Updated: 2015.09.17 - Hits: 59365

Difficult Choices by EROD37 starstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 3]
Hermione Granger has been rescued and the G.S.F. has only one horcrux left to recover. The problem is they have no idea what it could be.
PG-13 - Post-HBP - Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Drama, General, Humor, Romance, Tragedy - Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Violence - Words: 11834
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2015.09.13 - Updated: 2015.09.13 - Hits: 811

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